00 Otaku

Experience the epic tale of how Nitsuj and the others saved a con

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Journey to the East

Join Nitsuj on his journey through Japan to reclaim the anime force

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The Entity

Enjoy the AI girls are first outing into the unknown of the virtual world

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Youtube Spotlight

Hey guys, I do apologize for not updating the Youtube Spotlight in the last month or so. I’ve been busy with work and stuff. I know it’s not the best excuse but that’s the reason why. Anyway, the spotlight is being shined on Mike Korzemba. As you all know I love basketball, it’s my favorite sport in the world and thus I like to watch the NBA. Mike is also a fan of basketball and makes videos discussing events, players, and giving his thoughts on what’s going on the league. His videos are very well done and discussions are interesting to listen to. If you’re looking a solid basketball channel with a guy who doesn’t BS his thoughts or opinions check this guy out.