Year 2

The rise of Nitsuj

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Otaku Mind

Get inside the mind of an otaku

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00 Otaku

Join Nitsuj and his friends as they fight weeaboos and save the con

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Youtube Spotlight

Welcome to the site and welcome to what I hope to be an ongoing activity on the site the Youtube Spotlight. This is where I show a video from a Youtuber and encourage you to check them out. For now the spotlight is on yours truly. Now as you all know I love music and Youtube is my spot to go when I want to listen to some good music and over the years I’ve created many playlists to spread my joy of music. We’ve got music from anime, video games, old school, and more so be sure to check it out. If you’re interested in being in the Youtube Spotlight send me a message. In order to be considered for the spotlight you must produce your own videos and of course it must be devoid of any racial or religious slandering.