00 Otaku

Experience the epic tale of how Nitsuj and the others saved a con

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Journey to the East

Join Nitsuj on his journey through Japan to reclaim the anime force

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The Entity

Enjoy the AI girls are first outing into the unknown of the virtual world

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Youtube Spotlight

Mitchie M is on the Youtube Spotlight this month. Mitchie M is a Vocaloid producer and in my opinion one of the best producers out there. Mitchie’s primarily focuses on Miku and specializes in making Miku sound as realistic as possible. When I first started getting into Vocaloid, Mitche’s songs were some of the first songs I came across with some of them easily becoming my favorites such as Freely Tomorrow, House of Songs, and Ohedo Julia-Night. If you like Vocaloid or looking for a good starting point than check out the work of Mitchie, you’ll be amazed at how realistic Miku sounds.