Year 3

One of my best years in terms of reviews

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Otaku Mind

Get inside the mind of an otaku

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Justin takes a look back at his year 1 reviews and sees if his opinion has changed

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Youtube Spotlight

It is with great pride and honor that I introduce the first official Youtube Spotlighter on the site, Rukunetsu. Rukunetsu is a man who I have the utmost respect and admiration for. He is hands down one of the best and most passionate musicians I have ever seen. He creates his own music or makes remixes from classic games, animes and does his own artwork which is also impressive. Every time he uploads a new video, I always get excited. He always blows me away with his songs and I always look forward to what he’ll do next. There is a great amount of love and passion in what he does and once again I am happy to shine the spotlight on him and his channel. If you’re looking for good music definitely check out Ruku’s channel, you won’t be disappointed and support him and his work on Patreon.