00 Otaku Part 23

*As Nitsuj and the others rush to the Mirage, Brian’s plan to infiltrate the VIP room was being set in motion* (Announcer): And now ladies and gentlemen, welcome tonight’s entertainment the handsome and magnificent Majikku the magic player. *Brian walks out on stage wearing sunglasses and looking at himself in his cellphone using his selfie […]

Project #238: Kuroko’s Basketball Part 6

(Reaper): Hello! I’m back! So let’s finish this. *Reaper plays project* (Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys this is it, we’re in the final part of Kuroko’s Basketball. Let’s see what happens. Opening and Ending Theme Now for the second part of the anime we actually get two openings. The first opening […]

00 Otaku Part 22

*A few days have gone by and the group is now in Las Vegas. There’s no con here, it’s just a rest stop before the tours final stop in San Francisco and is a chance for everybody on the tour to relax and have fun. That is unless you’re Nitsuj and the others who are […]

00 Otaku Part 21

*Back in the conference center as everyone was starting to return to their senses, Nitsuj’s team continues to search for McGuinness where they close in on him* (Yin-Yang): Everyone seems to be calming down now. Even I’m starting to feel good. (Ashlyn): Which means Chibi and the others pulled through. (Brian): And it looks like […]

NKA (National Kuroko Association)

Hey guys, Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Well seeing as how the last month or so I’ve been reviewing Kuroko’s Basketball it only seems fitting that I do an Otaku Mind on it. Kuroko’s Basketball is very popular in Japan and during the original run of the series it was everywhere. Posters, […]

00 Otaku Part 20

*While Seras was in the middle of fighting Arthur, Nitsuj’s team was on the hunt for Russel McGuinness* (Nitsuj): McGuinness has to be around here somewhere. (Yin-Yang): If I had something that belonged to him I could catch his scent easily. Otakus incoming. *Otakus show up and attack Nitsuj and the others. They take out […]

00 0taku Part 19

*In another part of the hotel, the Jack Bros., Chibi Isis, and Shizuku were making their way through the air ducts* (Shizuku): So, where exactly is this magic circle? (Corbin): Well, a magic spell like this usually requires a big circle therefore a lot of room is needed to make that circle. (Chibi Isis): If […]

00 Otaku Part 18

*It’s a sunny day in Chicago. Nitsuj and the gang are at the con where Chibi Isis is excited because she’ll get to sing for everyone during Nitsuj’s panel which he’ll be hosting with Seras and Shizuku. While everyone is excited about this the group can’t help but wonder what the weeaboos and Les Renegades […]

Project #237: Kuroko’s Basketball Part 5

*The Reaper is on a couch with a bowel of popcorn in his hands* (Reaper): Hello. Reaper here, and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well we’re finally made it to the last season so let’s what my master has to say about it. *Project begins* (Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. This is it folks, […]

00 Otaku Part 17

*It’s nighttime of the same day. Nitsuj, Baron, Corbin, and Brian are in the AIA base where after covering up the mess earlier that day Nitsuj makes a phone call* (Enzio): Nitsuj! My good friend, how have you have been? (Nitsuj): I’m good. Enzio, I need your help. Do you know anything about the Knight’s […]