Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Hey guys, Justin here, and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Today I’m going to be giving my thoughts on the recent Ghost in the Shell movie. I know, I know, I’m late but I like to let my thoughts sit for a day and I was catching up with a friend this weekend. Now, before […]

The Birds, The Bees, and The Deres

Hello everyone. Justin here, and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there, thank you for taking time to join me on this love-filled day where we’re talking about deres. As we know love is strange and over the years people have come to embrace this saying. But Japan has been […]

Anime Goes Hollywood

Hello everyone, Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind where we discuss anime/manga topics going on in the world today and today we’re talking about anime and Hollywood. With the Ghost in the Shell movie set to come out this Friday and Netflix announcing a live action adaptation of Death Note set to premiere […]

The Importance of Execution

Hello, and welcome to the first Otaku Mind of 2017. 2016 was an alright year for anime but if you’re like me you noticed that a lot of anime that you were expecting to be great turned out to be meh and anime that you thought were going to be meh turned out to be […]

Miyazaki’s Perfectionism

Seasons greetings everyone and welcome to the Otaku Mind. If you haven’t heard already Miyazaki the man himself is coming out of retirement one more time to do another movie. This time CGI. While everyone including myself is excited about this, the people who are probably worried the most is the crew who will be […]

90’s Anime vs Today’s Anime

Hello everyone, Justin here, and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Today’s subject is one I’m sure will spark a lot of tension. If you’re like me, you started watching anime in the 90s. You grew up with the classics like Tenchi Muyo, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Outlaw Star, Yu Yu Hakusho the list […]

My Top 11 Favorite Reviews (so far)

Hello everyone, Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind. As you all know I’ve written 200 blogs, yeah~ buddy. While it’s true I technically haven’t reviewed 200 animes that still doesn’t take away from the fact that I’ve written 200 reviews which is quite impressive. Just like you guys have become fans of my […]

Will I grow out of anime?

Hello guys, Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind where today we’re talking about anime and your life. Last month an anime fan youtuber named Gigguk (if you like anime please subscribe to his channel) released a video talking about growing up with anime in his life and how he often wondered if he […]

The Expendables (Female edition)

Hey guys, Justin here and welcome to an another edition of the Otaku Mind. Most of you might remember a few years back a made an Expendables team using some of the greatest male characters in anime. It was one of the first Otaku Minds and one of my favorite. But what about the female […]

The Top 11 Gakupo Kamui songs

Hello everyone, welcome to the Otaku Mind. Man three Otaku Minds in one month, it has been a busy month folks but at the same time it’s been an enjoyable month nonetheless. So once again we are here to celebrate the birthday of another Vocaloid, Gakupo Kamui. Considered by many to have the best voice […]