The Top 11 IA Songs

Hello, Justin here and welcome to the first Otaku Mind of 2016. Today my friends we are celebrating a birthday of one of my favorite vocaloids. The vocaloid I am talking about is IA. One of the newest vocaloids to come out in recent years and definitely one of the most popular vocaloids at the […]

The Top 12 Rin/Len Kagamine songs

Hey guys Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Today we’re celebrating another Vocaloid birthday. Today happens to be the birthday of Rin and Len Kagamine aka The Kagamines hands down my favorite Vocaloids. The Kagamines made their debut in 2007 the same year as Miku. From what I’ve heard it was originally supposed […]

The Top 11 Meiko Songs

Hello everyone welcome to the Otaku Corner. So it turns out people like my Top 11 Miku Hatsune songs list. Well, let’s make it a thing now. From now on if its vocaloid’s birthday I’ll do a top 11 song list for them however it has to be an official vocaloid (I won’t do fanmade […]

7 summer animes and IGN

Hey guys Justin here, welcome to another edition of the Otaku Corner. Today’s OC is gonna be a quick one and we’re talking about the summer anime of this year. As I was cruising the internet I stumbled upon an article from IGN where editors named their 7 best anime of the summer. Out of […]

Memories of One Piece Part 2

Hello guys Justin here welcome to another edition of the Otaku corner and this month it’s another Memories of One Piece. This is where I take a look back on an event or arc of One Piece and give my thoughts on it. As we all know One Piece is one of the longest animes […]

The Top 11 Miku Hatsune Songs

Hey guys Justin here welcome to another edition of the Otaku Corner. Today, we’re celebrating the birthday of the #1 Virtual Idol in the world Miku Hatsune. It’s pretty funny how she and I were born one day apart from each other (I was born on September 1st) but at the same time it’s a […]

Why I prefer Samurai Champloo over Cowboy Bebop

Welcome everyone to another edition of the Otaku Mind. I’m your host Justin aka Nitsuj. I’m just gonna come all and say it, I like Samurai Champloo more than Cowboy Bebop. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. Now that doesn’t mean I hate Cowboy Bebop both Bebop and Champloo are amazing masterpieces of anime I […]

Responding to Hideaki Anno

Hey guys Justin here welcome to another edition of the Otaku Mind. I apologize for the late post I originally meant to post this earlier in the week but it got sidelined to handle some other issues going on in my life. Anyway this I’m going to be responding to the recent of Hideaki Anno. […]

Memories of One Piece Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome to another Otaku Mind. First off happy Memorial Day to everyone out there. Have a BBQ with your family and just have a good day. Since today is Memorial Day I’m going to take a look at one of the most memorable and often debated scenes from One Piece. The scene […]

A look at Black Clover

Hey everyone welcome to another edition of the Otaku Corner. This month we’re talking about a manga and not just any manga the newest manga to appear in Shonen Jump, Black Clover. Making its debut this past February as the newest manga to replace Naruto, Black Clover has made quite a stir on the internet […]