Project #223: Akame ga Kill Part 2

(Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Me, Shizuku, and Seras aka The Legion of Insanity are back and we’re here to review the second half of Akame ga Kill. In the first half we saw the death of two of our main characters, one main character earn the affection of an insane general, and […]

Project #222: Akame ga Kill Part 1

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Today I’m taking a look at one of my most requested animes to review Akame ga Kill. I’ve been waiting forever to review this anime and with the series ending this past month now’s as good as time as ever to review the anime. (Shizuku): And since me and […]

Project #221: The Boy and The Beast

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s talk about Mamoru Hosoda. As much I praise Miyazaki on this show I also have to give Hosoda credit as well. He’s made a lot of great films these last few years that have been creative, touching, and a joy to watch. Such as his latest film The […]

Project #220: Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta

(Yume): Hello everyone out there and welcome to Project Nitsuj. I’m Yume. (Yin-Yang): And I’m Yin-Yang. Nitsuj is taking a vacation this week so he asked us to handle this week’s review and we’ve got a good one for you this week. (Yume): Indeed. In today’s world, the internet has been used for a number […]

Project #219: The Top 11 Samurai Jack Episodes

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Hey, did you hear Samurai Jack is coming back! YEAAAAAAAHHHHH! Samurai Jack is hands down the best show to ever appear on Cartoon Network. While Ed, Edd, n Eddy may be my favorite show from the channel there’s no denying that Samurai Jack was Cartoon Network’s best show. It […]

Project #218: Mayo Chiki

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys, we’re entering the final week of February and since I’ve been reviewing romcoms all month we don’t we finish up with the classic romcom Mayo Chiki. Mayo Chiki is a light novel written by Hajime Asano from 2009-2012 with a manga adaption from 2010-2013. The series is […]

Project #217: The Top 11 Hottest Anime Girls (2017 ed.)

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well this is coming out a day late but better late than never so let’s get right in to it and keep the tradition alive. These are the top 11 hottest anime girls 2017 edition. #11. Blair from Soul Eater // // // In an anime about weapons, witches, […]

Project #216: Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii

*Nitsuj is relaxing while reading Fairy Tail* (Nitsuj): We seriously need to have an intervention with Hiro Mashima. Mira, what’s on the schedule today? (Mira): You have a let’s play session with the Jack Brothers at 3 and martial arts training with Seras at 6. (Nitsuj): Yeah we’ve been getting a little rusty. Anything else? […]

Project #215: Cupid’s Chocolates

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys we have a first this time on the show because the anime I’m reviewing today doesn’t come from Japan but from China. Like I said before in the past other Asian countries are starting up their own animation studios and are dishing out their own animated shows […]

Project #214: Masou Gakuen HxH

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Today we- (Jack Bros.): Nitsuj~! *The Jack Bros. come barging in* (Pyro Jack): Please Nitsuj we need your help. (Jack Frost): You’re our only hope. (Isis): Sorry Nitsuj. We tried to stop them but they wouldn’t give up. (Nitsuj): What’s going on? You guys got caught peeping in the […]