Project #268: The Top 11 Hottest Anime Girls (2018 ed.)

Nitsuj. Valentine’s Day. Let’s do this. These are the top 11 hottest anime girls 2018 edition. #11. Tsubaki from Soul Eater Out of all the female characters in Soul Eater I think Tsubaki might be my favorite just for her personality alone. She is very accepting of everyone and everything around her. She […]

Project #267: Trinity 7

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Last week I said I had seven things to take care of and one of those things was taking a look at a series that has a pretty good fanbase despite having faults. No, not SAO. I’m talking about, Trinity 7. Trinity 7 is a serious that has a […]

Project #266: Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s talk about Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association aka MAPPA. Over the years MAPPA has become one of the best anime studios in Japan, producing high quality anime that everyone can’t help but respect and like. The studio was founded in 2011 by Masao Maruyama the same man who […]

Project #265: My Little Pony the Movie

*Nitsuj walks through the house while humming the opening to ACCA 13 when all of a sudden someone throws a DVD through his window. He goes to see the DVD and gets a shocked look in his eyes when he sees the movie is the MLP Movie* (Nitsuj): Oh come on! This isn’t even an […]