The Entity Part 6

*After arriving back to the system with Seras. Nitsuj logged his mind into the system and began to perform surgery on Seras. After a long procedure Nitsuj was able to heal Seras completely.* (Seras): Ugh~ my head. Where am I? (Nitsuj): Ah you’re awake. And here I was thinking of feeding your dead body to […]

The Entity Part 5

*The girls are still shocked to see that Seras their old nemesis is still alive and the one responsible for attacking their system.* (Isis): I. . .don’t understand. We saw you get destroyed right before our eyes. How are you still alive? (Seras): When you guys defeated me my data began to drift out of […]

The Entity Part 4

*As the girls continued on their journey up the river to their destination they passed through a jungle with the boat getting stuck along some rocks. Forced to go on foot the girls became lost in the jungle unsure of where to go. Lost and unsure of what to do they saw a native of […]

The Entity Part 3

*After arriving in town the girls rent a room and spend a few days resting before continuing their search. It turns out the town was a tourist trap but they made sure to keep a low profile as not to attract too much attention.* (Mira): Well we’ve been in town for a few days and […]

The Entity Part 2

*A few days have pass since the AI girls entered the outer rim. In the time that they were in there they made their way through dense forests and fought many low level viruses along the way. They came across a few towns with other intelligent AIs and viruses and interrogated them for information about […]

The Entity Part 1

*In the system as Nitsuj is reviewing Demon King Daimou* (Isis): Master seems to be doing well on his review. (Mira): Indeed, and all sectors are clear of any anomalies so this is the perfect time to relax and catch up on some reading. (Shizuku): Screw that I rather listen to music and play some […]

AI Day

*As the army of AI assassins advances toward the system the AI girls have set up wall to protect themselves and prepare for the attack* (Mira): Well there certainly are a number of them. Reaper, you can take these guys down easily right? (Reaper): I’m afraid I won’t be of much help this time of […]

Alone in the Boll

*In Nitsuj’s house Nitsuj is relaxing and playing videogames with the Jack Bros. while the AI girls are in a deep sleep because of updates.* (Pyro Jack): So let me get this straight. They’re being updated as we speak? (Nitsuj): Yes. They’ll be stronger and have new weapons. Shizuku, Mira, and Chibi have been heckling […]

Artifical Intelligence Online (AIO)

*Inside the system Isis and Chibi-Isis are relaxing while Nitsuj is reviewing the second part of SAO* (Isis): Sure is peaceful. (Chibi Isis): Yes. All sectors within the system are secured no threats or viruses detected at- (Isis): I sense it too. There are three of them. (Chibi Isis): And they each match the specifications […]

Journey to the East Epilogue

*Nitsuj has arrived back in Cincinnati, has just gotten his luggage, and is heading towards his car* (Nitsuj): I’m back. Hello Cincinnati, it’s been a while. I can’t wait to get home and see how the girls are doing. Assuming the house hasn’t been burnt down. *Nitsuj takes out his phone and checks the news […]