Proejct #131: Cowboy Bebop Part 2

*It’s raining outside once again. Nitsuj’s house is still setup like a bar. As you enter the bar you see that the bartender this this time is Isis. Shizuku and Seras are waitresses while Mira, Chibi Isis, and Yin-Yang are on stage playing some jazz music to set the mood. Mira on the piano, Yin-Yang […]

Project #130: Cowboy Bebop Part 1

*It’s raining outside and Nitsuj’s house has been transformed by the AI girls to look like a bar. You see Shizuku as a bartender, Isis singing Adieu by The Seatbelts on a stage with musical accompaniment from Yin-Yang on the piano, Mira and Chibi Isis are waitress, and the Jack Brothers are having drinks and […]

Project #129: Samurai Champloo Part 2

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Last week we started reviewing Samurai Champloo as a part of the Summer of Watanabe. In the review we saw how different the characters were and how tough life was back then. Today we continue Mugen, Jin, and Fuu’s journey in search of the sunflower samurai. Will they find […]

Project #128: Samurai Champloo Part 1

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Last week I did a top 11 list naming the anime I would recommend to viewers and left out the number one pick on purpose because it deserved its own review. So what’s the number one anime I recommend to viewers well the answer is quite simple. Any anime […]

Project #127: The Top 11 Anime I Recommend

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Anime has a wide variety. There’s an anime out there for everyone to watch and like. From action to romance, sports to mecha, magic to science, horror to comedy, and fanservice to fanservice I’m sure you’ll more than likely find an anime to your liking. But still with so […]

Project #126: Mushibugyo Part 2

*Nitsuj arrives back at the Jack Bros. house after checking his house*   (Nitsuj): Hey guys I’m back.   (Jack Frost): Took you long enough what kept you.   (Nitsuj): I was only out for like 5 minutes.   (Jack Frost): Really? It felt like a week.   (Pyro Jack): No that’s just your imagination. […]

Project #125: Mushibugyo Part 1

(Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj.   (Jack Frost): Where bad anime burns.   (Nitsuj): That’s not me.   (Pyro Jack): He watches it so you don’t have to.   (Nitsuj): That’s not me either.   (Jack Frost): Than what the hell do you do you lazy bum?   (Nitsuj): I review and watch […]

Project #124: Batman: Assault on Arkham

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. It’s Animation Bang time again and this time around we’re talking about the Batman Arkham games. There’s no doubt that the Arkham games are the best Batman games out there adding a new and darker spin to the Batman series with great storylines and re-inventing characters to make them […]

Project #123: The Top 11 Wimpiest Anime Characters

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s talk about anime characters. Anime has provided us with a lot of cool, badass, ecchi, bland, and scary characters that we all enjoy. But for some anime out there there’s always one character in particular that you just can’t stand who gets on your nerves and drags the […]

Project #122: Outbreak Company

(Nitsuj): Yin-Yang are you finish dressing yet?   (Yin-Yang): Almost.   (Nitsuj): Good, when you finish be a good maid and bring me a glass of water as I get ready for the review. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s talk about the otaku culture. Here in America the otaku culture is widely accepted […]