Project #184: Kampfer

Greetings to everyone out there. I am Pandora Chaos Reaper but you may call me Reaper. Two years ago my master the one you call Nitsuj wrote a blog about a certain anime which he had intended to post but a virus attacked his system and the blog was lost due to infection. I am […]

Project #183: Kekkai Sensen

Hello there, Shizuku here and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s talk about my favorite city in the whole wide world, New York City. The NYC is one of the most popular cities not only in the United States but the world. There’s ton of sights to see and visit and it’s a hotspot for just […]

Project #182: K: The Missing Kings

Good day to you. I am Mira and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Today I will be doing a solo review of a movie and that movie is K: Missing Kings. As you all know I’m a big fan of the K series and after the completion of the first season fans were on the edge […]

Project #181: Prison School

(Seras): Hello. My name is Seras. (Yin-Yang): And I’m Yin-Yang. Welcome to Project Nitsuj. School is tough. Whether you’re an adult, teen, boy or girl school is tough. You have to do homework, study, maintain a good image in the hopes of attracting opposite. But I think the boys in Prison School had it much […]

Project #180: Castle in the Sky

Hi! I’m Chibi Isis, and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well, after months of training and mentoring I have finally been given the greenlight to start doing reviews on my own. So what better way to celebrate than by reviewing something from my favorite animation studio, Studio Ghibli and their first official film Castle in the […]

Project #179: Death Parade

(Seras): Hello, I’m Seras. (Mira): And I’m Mira. Welcome to Project Nitsuj. (Seras): Today me and Mira are going to be doing a joint review of the very popular and great anime known as Death Parade. (Mira): Consider by many to be one of the best animes of 2015. Death Parade offers us a unique […]

Project #177: Spice and Wolf II

Greetings and welcome to Project Nitusj, I am Isis. As you are all aware my master has left on a journey to the east to reclaim the Anime Force and has left us in charge of the show during his absence. We’ll be switching in and out each week so please take care of me […]

Project #176: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

(Yin-Yang): Yo. *Yin-Yang drops down from the ceiling and lands in a chair* Welcome to Project Nitsuj. I am Yin-Yang wolf ninja at your service. Normally my master would be here to greet you but he’s away on business at the moment and I volunteered to do a review this week. Lucky you. A while […]

Project #175.5: Koihime Musou OVAs

(Chibi Isis): Hi~! I’m Chibi Isis and welcome to another side blog the blogs between the blogs. Nii-chan is busy getting a check-up done on him so he asks me to talk about the Koihime Musou OVAs. That’s right. Between each season there was an OVA of the series that took place in an alternate […]