Journey to the East Part 8

*After a few days of resting in Kurashiki, Nitsuj and Yume are now in Fukuyama taking in the sights and enjoying the Rose Festival* (Yume): So our plan is to hangout in Fukuyama for the day until our train for Osaka arrives tonight. (Nitsuj): Yep, I’ve always wanted to visit Osaka. It’s a tourist hotspot […]

Journey to the East Part 7

*Few days have gone by and Nitsuj is now in the Chugoku region in the city of Kurashiki with his new companion. Nitsuj is staying at another inn where he is about to wake up* (Nitsuj): *Yawns* Boy I slept good last night. *As Nitsuj stretches out pops two traps from underneath the sheets* (???): […]

Journey to the East Part 6

*In an interrogation room Nitsuj is being interrogated by the weeaboos* (Nitsuj): *Laughs* You’ll never get me to talk. (Security guard): Oh yes I will baka. Now tell us who sent you, who are you working for? (Nitsuj): Like I told you I have no idea what you’re talking about, I didn’t even know this […]

Journey to the East Part 5

*Nitsuj has arrived in Awa. The first thing he does upon his arrival is head straight for the Kirihata-ji temple. Upon arriving at the temple Nitsuj looks around for any signs or hints of a fox girl but finds nothing and leaves the temple disappointed and sad* (Nitsuj): *Takes a deep sigh* Another dead end. […]

Journey to the East Part 4

*It is now 9:30am. Nitsuj is touring the temples starting at the Jizo-ji temple* (Nitsuj): Wow. I can see why people take this pilgrimage. It’s quite spiritual. *He then heads towards the Dainichi-ji temple but his stay was short as the temple became crowded with monks and tourists. He decides to go check out the […]

Journey to the East Part 3

*Nitsuj is riding a bus while dreaming. In his dream he’s in a luxurious forest surrounded by nature. As Nitsuj explores taking in the scenery he spots a girl with fox ears and tail* (Nitsuj): Hey. *Nitsuj calls out to her but she instead runs away. Nitsuj quickly chases after her* (Nitsuj): Wait! Come back! […]

Journey to the East Part 2

*It’s morning time in Japan and Nitsuj has just arrived. But not in the city he wished* (Nitsuj): Traveler’s log, morning. I have successfully made it to Japan but not in Tokyo. One of the passengers was pregnant and her water broke so we had to make an emergency landing in India. The next flight […]

Journey to the East Part 1

*While Yin-Yang is doing her review of FMP Nitsuj comes face to face with the one man who can help him* (Nitsuj): Surprised to see me? (Justin): A little. You could have told me you were dropping by. How long has it been? (Nitsuj): Pretty long. The last time we met was when we or […]