Nitsujcember Part 14: Love Live! School Idol Project

Man this series caught fire fast in Japan and it’s slowly building momentum here in the states. Based off the popular mobile app Love Live was a series I never really got into. The idea is creative, creating an idol group created by the fans for the fans is a cool concept but as far […]

Nitsujcember Part 13: AKB0048

The idol arc was kind of my first step in bringing Project Nitsuj to the next level. Around this time I started to view the blogs as a light novel or manga. I was bringing people into my world and letting them visualize what I was seeing and saying so I figured all great stories […]

Nitsujcember Part 12: Omamori Himari

This was one of the animes on the list of animes I really wanted to review. I liked the manga which ended sooner than it should of so I knew I would find the anime interesting as well and I have to admit it was somewhat of a letdown. This anime focuses on a guy […]

Nitsujcember Part 11: Infinite Stratos (IS)

IS is a series that got a lot of attention and praise when it first came out but over the years it slowly lost its popularity and for good season. Even when I watched I have to admit I wasn’t all that impressed with it. I didn’t hate it nor did I think it was […]

Nitsujcember Part 9: Hidan no Aria

My Hidan no Aria review is in my opinion one of my best reviews to this day and still remains a personal favorite of mine. Not only do I feel that this is one of best written and funniest reviews but it’s also the review that showed that I can do this. Around this time […]

Nitsujcember Part 8: Ro-Kyu-Bu

After messing up on the Highschool DxD review I decided to take a step back and review something I was passionate about and since I hadn’t reviewed a sports anime yet I decided to take a look at Ro-kyu-bu. As I said before in the past I’m a huge fan of basketball, it’s my favorite […]

Nitsujcember Part 7: Highschool DxD

Highschool DxD in my opinion is the first bad review I ever posted. Now let me make one thing clear. I love this anime. This is one of the best ecchi/harem animes I’ve seen. The story revolves around a boy named Issei your classic high school boy who is a pervert. One day, he gets […]

Nitsujcember Part 6: Okami-san and Her Seven Companions

Okami-san and Her Seven Companions was an anime I really admired for its creative setup. The whole premise of the show is that every character is based off a character from a classic fairytale or a famous Japanese folklore and we follow around a group of characters who do various odd jobs around the city […]

Nitsujcember Part 5: Princess Lover

Princess Lover was a show I went into not sure what I was going to do with it. I’ve watched it before in the past with my friends and even back then all I could say was it’s a good anime and it is a good anime that does the series justice. Based off a […]