Dawn of the Broken

*It’s Halloween Night in the Principality of Jack and the entire kingdom is partying in the streets as music plays, people dance and drink, kids get treats and play games. There’s excitement in the air as everyone prepares for the big magic tournament. We see that the AI girls are taking in the festivities with Souji and Jenna dressed up as the Phantom Thieves from Persona 5. Isis is Noir, Shizuku is Skull, Yume is Fox, Yin-Yang is Panther, Mira is Oracle, Seras is Queen, and Chibi Isis is Mona*

(Mira): What a joyous occasion.

(Souji): *Chuckles* Yes, nobody parties harder than a Jack on Founder’s Day.

(Shizuku): You’re telling me. I still can’t believe Halloween Night falls on the same day as the founding of the principality.

(Jenna): Indeed. For us this is the equivalent of Independence Day in your world. It was thousands of years ago that our forefathers came to this land and fought each other only to finally come to peace and live together. It was on this day that they established the Principality of Jack and created a home for all Jacks.

(Seras): So, what exactly were you guys fighting over?

(Souji): A good question and one I wish I had an answer too?

(Yume): What do you mean?

(Souji): Nobody really knows what the whole war was about. You see, that’s how long the war was. The war was started by our ancestors so long ago that those who originally started the war died in it or passed away. The next generation never thought to ask why they were fighting in the first place so they kept fighting for generations until finally one brave soldier spoke up and asked what they were fighting about. Neither side came up with an answer so they decide to lay down their weapons and talk. The more they talked the more they realized that they weren’t so different from each other and soon came to peace.

(Isis): So nobody ever tried to figure out why they started fighting?

(Souji): Oh we tried. Believe me, we tried. I was part of one of the research teams back in my young days and we spent hours on end trying to figure this out but came up with nothing. You guys ever go 90 hours without sleep? Forget mole people, we actually thought we saw the Egyptian god Horus. Turned out it was just our assistant Reggie. Gave the kid quite the ego boast, he was riding that compliment for days. Anyway, we came up with nothing and decided to just abandon the project all together. Personally, I don’t think it matters what they were fighting about. In the end, everything turned out alright so why open up old wounds?

(Heinz): I couldn’t agree more pops.

*Heinz shows up escorted by his assistant Faye*

(Heinz): A good night to all of you. Happy Founder’s Day!

(Jenna): Heinz sweety. So good to see you.

(Heinz): It is good to see you too mom. As well as all of you. Particularly you Seras.

*Heinz approaches Seras to get a better view of her costume*

(Seras): If you try and touch me I will hurt you.

(Heinz): Worry not my dear Seras. I simply wish to get a better look at your costume. I must say this costume truly does emphasize your beauty. Your well-toned arms, your seductive legs, and most importantly *Heinz grabs Seras’s butt and squeezes it* the subtlety of your butt. Not too firm but not too soft. Just right.

*Seras in a fit of rage punches Heinz right in the face and he falls to the ground barely conscious*

(Yin-Yang): Wow, right between the eyes.

(Seras): And I was enjoying my night until he showed up.

(Faye): I sincerely apologize for the rude behavior of Lord Heinz. Once he sees a woman he has interest in, he won’t leave them alone. You wouldn’t believe the amount of trouble it causes us at the office.

(Chibi Isis): Sounds like you have it tough.

(Faye): You have no idea.

(Heinz): Hey wait, where’s Nitsuj and my brothers? I wanted to talk to them about something important.

(Isis): Good question. I haven’t seen Nitsuj or your brothers all day. I just assumed they’d meet us here at the festival.

(Mira): Well I hope he shows up. He’s our Joker, without him the image that we’re trying to create will be broken.

(Broken Nitsuj): Did somebody say broken?

*Nitsuj shows up dressed on Joker while Baron and Corbin are dressed up as Caroline and Justine*

(Shizuku): Uh boss is that you?

(Broken Nitsuj): Yessssssssss~! It is I, the follower of brokenness, Broken Nitsuj. Along with my comrades for centuries the nefarious ones themselves, Brother Baron and Brother Corbin.

(Yin-Yang): Why the hell is he speaking with that fake accent?

(Seras): Oh God he’s gone broken on us.

(Yume): Broken? As in Broken Matt Hardy?

(Shizuku): The same kind.

(Broken Nitsuj): Right you are Sister Shizuku. Rest assured, my broken brilliance is but temporary. I shall return to my whole self before the night is obsolete.

(Mira): So we’re going to be dealing with this all night huh?

(Heinz): I like it. It’s funny, creative, and entertaining. Which is perfect for tonight. Nitsuj, I have a favor to ask of you and my nefarious brothers tonight.

(Broken Nitsuj): State your wish Jacks of Duke.

(Heinz): Jacks of Duke? Hmm~, I like that. Faye, write that down. Anyway, a 3-on-3 magic tournament is being held tonight. I want you guys to enter in order to increase ratings. These last few years the tournament has been won by the Juck Brothers a bunch of cold-hearted individuals who severely hurt those participating in the tournament and I won’t stand for it anymore. Normally, I would handle them myself but due to my position I’m not allowed to enter the tournament. That’s why I require your broken brilliance. If you guys win not only will you receive a cash prize but the winners will be granted anything they wish for from our king. What do you say Nitsuj?

(Broken Nitsuj): Wonderful! We had wanted to talk to you about entering the tournament as well. I accept your offer. Is there still time?

(Heinz): Yeah plenty! The tournament starts within an hour. Head towards that tent and sign up.

(Broken Nitsuj): Excellent! Me and the nefarious ones shall enter and shall delete all those who oppose us. Delete! Delete! Delete!

(Baron and Corbin): Delete! Delete! Delete!

*Broken Nitsuj and the Jack Bros. go to sign up leaving everyone behind*

(Souji): What a great kid.

(Jenna): It’s good to see my boys have such a positive influence in their lives.

(Isis): None of this seems strange to you?

(Jenna): Strange? How?

(Isis): Nevermind.

(Mira): Guys I think you should enter as well.

(Yin-Yang): Us, why and why aren’t you participating?

(Mira): To answer the second question first it’s because I’m the weakest when it comes to fighting, I’ll only hold you back. This is Chibi’s field of expertise, she’ll be a better partner than me. Now to answer your first question it’s because of the wish. You heard Heinz, the winner gets to have one wish granted, who knows what those three will wish for in their broken state.

(Seras): She’s right. The Jacks could wish to star in a hentai with us.

(Yume): Or turn us into sex slaves for a day. *Whispers* Although if it was Nitsuj I think I be okay with it.

(Shizuku): Force us to bathe with them.

(Mira): Exactly! The list goes on? We have to enter that tournament and win.

*The AI girls race off to the tent and go to sign up as well. Isis, Chibi Isis, and Shizuku form a team calling themselves The Crossbones. Yin-Yang, Seras, and Yume form the second team calling themselves the Queen’s Law. About an hour passes and the tournament is about to begin*

(Jango): Welcome one and all to the annual magic tournament! I’m your host this evening the Principality’s number one MC, Jango. And joining me on color commentary is Boris the head of Pyro studies at Jack University and known for his famous catchphrase: Burn my soul!

(Boris): Thank you Jango. I look forward to providing insight.

(Jango): Now let’s cut to our camera crew in the balcony as we open this tournament with a word from our glorious king, King Frosticus V.

*The crowd gets on their feet and cheers for Frosticus V who is a tall and chubby King Frost with a long and rugged beard*

(Frosticus V): Welcome! Welcome! Well, let’s not waste anytime. Let the tournament begin!

*Frosticus V rings a gong signaling the start of the tournament as fireworks go off and the crowd cheers*

(Jango): Our first match is the wily veterans the team of Tama, Kama, and Rama The Warriors of Doom aka W.O.D. And their opponents an all-girl group from out of town the team of Isis, Chibi Isis, and Shizuku The Crossbones. Remember, in order to win all members of the opposite team must be incapacitated or knocked out of the ring. Aside from the use of unregistered weapons or forbidden magic anything goes in these matches.

(Boris): This match should quite interesting. W.O.D has the experience edge but Crossbones has the element of surprise.

*The match begins where W.O.D stays on the defensive waiting for the AI girls to make the first move. Isis and Shizuku leave the ring shocking everyone*

(Jango): What the hell? Isis and Shizuku of team Crossbones has left the ring. Our they giving up?

(Shizuku): No, just getting out of the way.

(Isis): We don’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

(Rama): What crossfire?

*Suddenly a large green rune appears beneath W.O.D*

(Chibi Isis): AI magic arts: Wind Tower!

*Suddenly a tower of wind comes flying up from the runes and sends W.O.D flying out of the ring*

(Jango): Unbelievable! Crossbones managed to defeat W.O.D with with one person who used only one move.

*Chibi Isis leaves the ring and heads to the back with Isis and Shizuku. A few matches later Broken Nitsuj and the Jack Bros. enter the ring for their match*

(Jango): Next up is The Pumpkinheads against the team of Broken Nitsuj and the nefarious Jack Brothers, The Broken Society.

*Both teams enter the ring where the Pumpkinheads try to end the match quickly with their pyro magic but Baron blocks the attacks while Broken Nitsuj and Corbin go on the attack. Corbin uses his ice breath to freeze up one member of the Pumpkinheads while Broken Nitsuj slashes through the other two members knocking them out*

(Broken Nitsuj): The show’s over.

*A few more matches later*

(Jango): It’s now time for the final match in the first round it’s The Queen’s Law vs Icy Falls.

*Seras and Yin-Yang easily take out the two Jack Frosts in the ring by tossing them out. Yume sword fights against the Black Frost and manages to disarm him*

(Black Frost): Wait! Wait! I give!

(Yume): Give? What are you going to give me?

(Black Frost): Uh, 50 credits! How’s that?

(Yume): 50? All out attack everyone!

*Yume, Yin-Yang, and Seras rush the Black Frost with an all-out attack and leave him lying motionless in the ring*

(Seras): They felt that one!

(Yin-Yang): Make sure the next time you try to buy yourself out of trouble, you have at least 500.

*From their all three teams manage to beat everyone they face and make it to the semifinals where the first match is Broken Society vs Queen’s Law*

(Jango): And here we are folks in the semifinals. Our first match is between Broken Society and Queen’s Law.

(Crowd): Delete! Delete! Delete!

(Seras): I don’t believe this.

(Yin-Yang): He’s got everyone in the palm of his insane hands.

(Broken Nitsuj): Yessssssss~! No one can resist my broken brilliance.

(Yume): If you want to be broken than allow me to show you broken.

*Yume’s eyes begin to glow but nothing happens*

(Broken Nitsuj): Nice try fox of illusions but we’ve come prepared for you.

(Baron): You really thought we would just walk in here and let you hypnotize us? I don’t think so.

(Yin-Yang): Alright. We’re doing this the old fashion way.

*Yin-Yang attacks Baron while Seras takes on Corbin and Yume engages Nitsuj in a sword fight. Both sides seem to be in stalemate as they read each other’s moves and dodge them*

(Yume): Give it up Nitsuj. I won’t lose.

(Broken Nitsuj): Oh but you will. For you see I know that deep down you would desire nothing to offer yourself to me.

*Yume blushes*

(Yume): What are you saying!?

(Broken Nitsuj): Don’t try to hide it Yume. I’m sure that in that mind of yours you’ve fantasized about me taking you and making you feel like a woman.

(Yume): That’s. . .that’s not true at all.

(Broken Nitsuj): Rest assured Yume, when this is over and I get my wish I’ll give you so much pleasure. So much that even if you beg me to stop I won’t listen.

(Yume): What. . .what kind of pleasure are you talking about?

(Broken Nitsuj): Use your imagination, I’m sure you have a few of ideas.

*Nitsuj sticks out his tongue and begins to wiggle it around in front of Yume who begins to let her mind drift into sexual thoughts. The stimulation becomes too much for her as she passes out from overthinking*

(Seras and Yin-Yang): Yume!

*Nitsuj comes from behind and kicks Seras and Yin-Yang away from the Jack Bros.*

(Broken Nitsuj): Brothers! Now!

(Baron): Pumpkin bomb!

*Baron throws a bomb at the girls where they jump to avoid the blast but waiting for them in the sky is Corbin riding a large ice falcon. The ice falcon tackles the two in the air and sends them flying. Yin-Yang falls out of the ring but Seras hangs in there by holding on to the edge of the ring. She tries to pull herself up but Nitsuj uses the handle of his sword to bash her hand and force her to fall out of the ring*

(Seras): Damn you to hell, Nitsuj.

(Jango): And moving on to the finals is Broken Society. Wait! I’ve just been informed that The Jucks Brothers will be moving on to the finals. Apparently, The Crossbones drank some water from Lake Lantern.

(Heinz): Oh no!

(Mira): Is that bad?

(Faye): The water in Lake Lantern is contaminated. While drinking it isn’t life threatening, it’ll give you a terrible stomachache that’s similar to food poisoning.

(Mira): How did that water get to them?

(Faye): I don’t know, we made sure that water came from a safe and reliable source.

(Heinz): The Juck Brothers. It had to be them. It’s just like them to pull a stunt like this.

(Mira): Than do something, take action.

(Heinz): I can’t, we have no evidence that points to them. Even if we were to confront them they’d just play stupid. Besides, look in the ring.

*Mira looks and sees that Nitsuj and the Jack Brothers have a look of disgust and anger on their face*

(Heinz): It looks like they’re piecing together what happened as well and I’m sure they want to give them a piece of their mind.

(Mira): Well, then there’s nothing for me to worry about. If I were you, I would have three ambulances on standby. When this is all over the Juck Brothers are going to need to be rushed to the hospital.

(Jango): And now ladies and jacks we move on to the final round, Broken Society vs Dirk, Jeremy, and Nick Juck. The Jucks.

*The Jucks enter the ring. Dirk was a tall and muscular looking Black Frost with a beard while Jeremy and Nick were both Pyro Jacks with matching goatees and short cut hair*

(Dirk): Well, well, well. Didn’t think you three would make it this far.

(Broken Nitsuj): Why did you inflict harm on the clan of Nitsuj?

(Jeremy): We don’t know what you’re talking about.

(Nick): It’s not our fault they drank bad water. I mean it’s not like anyone bought it and paid off one of the staff members to serve the water to the girls. That would just be crazy.

(Corbin): You’ve made a grave error. One that we intend to make you pay for dearly.

(Dirk): It’s now really the time for you to worry about others. You guys just got done with an intense fight and haven’t had time to rest. I’d be more worried about myself than oth-

*Nitsuj punches Dirk in the stomach and the Jack Brothers attack Jeremy and Nick throw punch after punch on them. The Jucks manage to get away and try to regroup but Nitsuj and the Jack Brothers stay on them and continue the attack. Corbin creates a chair made entirely of ice and bashes it over the head of Nick where it shatters into pieces. Baron throws a fireball into Dirk’s face blinding him and causing him pain. Nitsuj uses the backside of his sword to slash away Jeremy. As all of this is going on the crowd cheers with enjoyment knowing full well the Jucks cheated to get to the finals and were getting what they deserved. Nitsuj beats up Jeremy a little more and then goes to help Baron beat up Drik. Corbin takes on Jeremy and Nick where he pummels them with chairs made of ice. After he gets done pummeling them he creates an ice table along with a 15-foot ladder on the side of the table. Nitsuj delivers a twist of fate on Dirk and tells Baron to climb the ladders. Nitsuj tosses Dirk on the table as the crowd chants Delete. Once at the top of the ladder Baron rips off his shirt and jumps. Baron does a leg drop and lands on Dirk smashing through the table. Baron lays there for a few seconds in pain but soon gets back up. Jeremy and Nick see what happen to their older brother and try to escape the ring but get pulled back in by Nitsuj and Corbin. Corbin tosses Jeremy to Baron who whacks him with a flaming kendo stick. Corbin creates another table and begins climbing the ladder as Baron tosses Jeremy on the table. Once at the top, Corbin rips off his shirt and does a swanton bomb off the ladder landing on Jeremy and smashing through the table. Baron makes eye contact with Nitsuj and creates a table made entirely of flames. Nick tries to escape but doesn’t have the energy to get away. Nitsuj picks him up and powerbombs him through the flaming table. Nick screams out in pain as he rows around in the ring on fire. He eventually rows out of the ring where the staff puts him out*

(Jango): And the match is over. The winner is The Broken Society!

*The crowd cheers and begins chanting Delete as Baron and Nitsuj help Corbin up*

(Nitsuj): Good work guys.

(Corbin): Yeah, same to you.

(Baron): Hey you stopped speaking in that weird accent.

(Nitsuj): You’re right. I’m thinking more rationally now too. I guess I’m not broken anymore.

(Corbin): That’s cool. Broken Nitsuj was fun but I’ll take the original any day of the week.

(Shizuku): Yeah same here. You’re hard enough to deal with as you are.

*The AI girls come to ring to congratulate Nitsuj and the Jacks*

(Nitsuj): You guys feeling better?

(Chibi Isis): Yep. We drank down a couple of Jites and we’re all better now.

(Isis): Thanks for avenging us.

(Heinz): You guys are more than free to get your shots in if you want.

(Shizuku): Nah we’re good. That ass kicking was more than enough to satisfy me.

*As the group talks King Frosticus V enters the ring to present them each with a trophy and their credits*

(Frosticus V): Impressive match gentlemen. You fought valiantly and violently. Truly enjoyable. As with every win I shall grant you each one wish. If it’s within my powers I shall grant it.

(Baron): Great. Me and my brother only have one wish. We wish to gain access to the royal magic library and be allowed to check out any books we like.

(Frosticus V): Very well. Access is granted. I shall give you keys to the library. And what of you Nitsuj?

(Seras): Here it comes, something perverted.

(Yume): I’m ready for whatever you do to me!

(Nitsuj): What? No, I’m gonna do anything to you guys. I was just saying that stuff to get inside your head Yume.

*Yume begins to blush with embarrassment*

(Nitsuj): As tempting as that sounds, I have a much better wish.

*We then cut to the remains of Nitsuj’s house. A portal opens and out pops Nitsuj with some Jacks*

(Nitsuj): Alright, this is the place. Do it just like I showed you.

*The Jacks gather around the burnt remains of Nitsuj’s house and begin chanting some magic words. Within seconds Nitsuj’s house is restored bigger and better than ever. Nitsuj and the AI girls go inside where despite the house looking small on the outside, inside was a different story. The first floor now had a bigger kitchen complete with the latest technology and cooking equipment. The living room was bigger with surround sound and a 70-inch plasma screen TV. Upstairs was Nitsuj’s room which had a walk-in closet along with his office which was bigger and a place where he could do his reviews in a more spacious area. His bathroom now had a walk-in shower and hot tub. As for the basement it was all cleaned up and neat. It’s now become a hangout area complete with another 70-inch plasma screen TV, a pool table and foosball table*

(Jack Mage): So, what do you think?

(Nitsuj): Perfect! Just the way I designed it.

(Jack Mage): Glad you like it. Now in keeping with your wish you are also receiving lifetime warranty meaning no matter what happens to the house we’ll be here to fix it no matter what. Just sign this form and here’s are card in case you have any problems.

*Nitsuj signs the form and receives the keys to his new home*

(Jack Mage): Thank you. Enjoy your new home.

*The Jack Mage disappears along with the rest of the Jacks. The AI girls continue to explore the house with smiles on their faces as Nitsuj takes a seat on the sofa*

(Nitsuj): Well guys, welcome home.

The End

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