Cartoon Cartoon-cember

Come see Justin's thoughts on some of Cartoon Network's most memorable shows

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Justin takes a look at the Nickelodeon's past, present, and future

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Justin looks to the past to review the Disney shows he use to watch as a kid and see how they hold up

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Youtube Spotlight

This month we shine the spotlight on Chibi Reviews. Chibi is your classic crazy otaku like yours truly who reviews anime and manga. However, unlike me he reviews each manga chapter and anime episode one at a time. If your looking to hear a fair review and thoughts of an anime episode after it gets done airing, then definitely check out his channel. I personally like how passionate he is as he talks about a particular chapter or episode. You can tell he’s very invested in the story, characters, and everything else. You honestly do believe that this is how he feels about what he just saw and I respect that. I can’t help but feel that if I ever did videos, I could see myself studying his style to create my own style.