Cartoon Cartoon-cember

Come see Justin's thoughts on some of Cartoon Network's most memorable shows

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Justin takes a look at the Nickelodeon's past, present, and future

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Justin looks to the past to review the Disney shows he use to watch as a kid and see how they hold up

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Youtube Spotlight

As the year closes out I shine the spotlight on one channel I’ve been enjoying over the last few months Reaction Mashup Lover. I love reaction videos. Just like I’m excited for something new so too are other people and seeing their reactions to something is always enjoyable. The Reaction Mashup Lover channel is a hub for finding and seeing some of Youtube’s best reactors react to all sorts of videos and trailers. If you like reaction videos and want to find new reactors than this channel is for you as them react to all kinds of things (death battles, movie trailers, spoofs, etc.).