About Project Nitsuj

Hello everyone, my name is Nitsuj and welcome to Project Nitsuj. For those of you who are new to the show I am an anime blogger, I’ve been blogging since 2013 and after much contemplation I decided to take the leap and create my own website in the hopes of expanding my audience and if possible make some money from it. In truth, my dream is to one day get to a point where this becomes my actual job but one step at a time. For now, I’m a man who enjoys blogging, watching anime, and writing blogs about anime for everyone to enjoy and I’m going to give you guys a little backstory into how I got into anime, what you can expect from me in the future, introduce my many characters, and the various aspects of my show.

How I got into anime

The story of how I got into anime spans through a majority of my life. I first saw anime when I was in preschool. I would wake up early in the morning for school and watch Sailor Moon on the WB64. Back then I didn’t know what anime was, I thought it was just an American animated show. As time went on I began to watch anime on Toonami during most of my school life. I remember rushing home after school and finishing my homework just so I could watch Toonami. The shows presented on Toonami were awesome, they were creative, funny, and had action that I had only dream about and I loved every minute of it. Around high school I finally got the idea of what anime was and where it came from and at the beginning of college I began to start tracking down anime online and watch some on youtube and on anime sites. Around this time I also started to read manga. If I had to name the one thing that got me into anime it was the fact that it was more creative and imaginative than the stuff that America was making at the time and I couldn’t turn away from it.

My username

The name Nitsuj is actually my name spelled backwards, Justin. The idea came from Dj Nujabes (aka Jun Seba) a musician who did most of the music for Samurai Champloo one of my all-time favorite animes. For those of you don’t know Seba unfortunately died in a car accident in February 2010 the same day that Japan experienced a 7.3 earthquake. I was a fan of his music and enjoyed the peaceful style he bought with it.

What is Project Nitsuj

Well for starters I’m a reviewer. I am a huge fan of anime and enjoy watching and reviewing it. My hope is for Project Nitsuj to offer you a second opinion of an anime you have watched it or give a complete summary of the anime while offering my own opinions for those who are looking for anime or are unsure if they should watch the anime. I also look at some American and Canadian animated shows but for the most part I primarily look at anime. Also, while on this subject I will NOT review hentais. I know there are some people out there who will make that request so I’m going to get that out there right now and say that I will not review hentais. You can ask me all you want but I will simply say no each time. As of right now I have been blogging for almost 5 years now so I have some experience under my belt. I like to make my reviews feel as if you’re reading a manga or light novel while also entertaining you and giving you a good laugh as you read my blog. I plan on posting a review every Wednesday so look forward to that and fill free to send me in request or feedback. If there is a change in the schedule I will be sure to let you know ahead of time. As far as cutoff dates I really don’t have one. I review any and all animes. My only rule is that the anime must be completed in order for me to review it and a month or two must past after the final episode airs.

The scoring system

At the end of my reviews I give a score on a 1 to 10 scale. Each anime starts off at 5 which is the neutral zone and either go up or down depending on what I like or dislike and what I thought about the anime overall. I approach an anime from two different perspectives. The normal perspective, someone who’s new to watching anime and has no idea what to expect from the series and the otaku perspective, someone who has a good knowledge of watching anime and gets the jest of what to expect from it. The scores can be split into 3 categories. 1-4.5 means the anime isn’t really that good, makes a lot of mistakes, isn’t really engaging, failed to execute what it sets out to do, not really worth your time, and should be watched only if you’re bored, just looking to kill time, or just looking to pass time. 5-7.5 means the anime is good; I liked it, good story, graphics, well-written characters and is worth watching at least once. 8-10 means I really liked it, would highly recommend you watch it, and worth watching multiple times.

Favorite Anime

FMA: Brotherhood

Favorite Movie

Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro and Spirited Away

Favorite Manga

One Piece

Meet the Cast

Here on Project Nitsuj in keeping with the idea of making you feel as if you’re reading a manga or light novel I have created several characters that help Nitsuj out in his blogs and keep him company as well as represent a few aspects of my personality.


The AI assistant of Nitsuj. I really don’t know what inspired me to create Isis in the first place. I just woke up one morning and decided Nitsuj needs an assistant, someone he can work off of, bounce ideas off of, and vice-versa but I wanted to make sure the assistant wasn’t just some yes man but was someone who Nitsuj could respect, not look down upon, had their own opinion, and could stand up to Nitsuj from time to time while still having their own personality. At first, I was thinking about making Isis into an actual female and making her be Nitsuj’s next door neighbor and childhood friend but I decided I wanted to be different and instead make her stand out more as well as show that despite Nitsuj’s somewhat insanity he’s actually quite smart. As I was deciding what to make Isis I began to remember Toonami and how Tom had the ship’s AI as his assistant (I believe her name was Sera) and just liking that idea so I decided to turn her into an AI girl who had her own way of thinking, liked anime just as much as Nitsuj, and had a lot to say. She represents my more casual anime watching self, the me who watches anime hen I’m not in reviewer mode and just watching anime like a normal person. Isis helps me see anime from the perspective of a regular or newcomer to anime and makes me ask is this an anime I would recommend to people who have just started watching anime so for her she’s open to all kinds of anime and willing to give them a try. She is straightforward with her thinking, speaks what’s on her mind, does things her way, and isn’t afraid to go against anyone or anything. She maintains a level-head most of the time and just like Nitsuj she can be cynical. She’s also quite tsundere hiding her true feelings for Nitsuj. I do make subtle hints she has a thing for Nitsuj but whether it’s romantic or not I’m still in the air with but Isis does recognize Nitsuj as a reliable man who she can count on and knows that she can trust her back to him.

Isis has been programmed with three fighting styles. Her first fighting style is rapier swordplay. Fast, elegant, precise, and beautiful. In the beginning her swordplay was more eastern style but wanting to develop a fighting style of her own she decided to study European swordplay as a way to help balance the team out. Her second weapon is guns. She can handle any kind of gun give to her but she prefers her trademark handguns. Her final fighting style is Chinese sabers. Much like her rapier swordplay only more sinister, tricky, and unpredictable.

Chibi Isis

Based off my niece and nephew, Chibi Isis is a chibi form of Isis who represents my inner child and helps me view anime from the perspective of a child. She acts like a child and has the energy of one but at the same time she’s quite smart for her age and can say things that others find wise and helpful. She’s very friendly with everyone she meets, referring to Nitsuj as Nii-chan showing that she thinks of Nitsuj like an older brother and she looks up to Isis and the others like her older sisters. Because of her child-like nature she can be easily influenced by those around her and follows them easily doing what they ask her to do and she can be a little mean and scary when someone’s bullying her or when someone does something she doesn’t like.

Chibi Isis uses dual swords as her first fighting style. Following in the footsteps of Nitsuj and going with a more eastern style of swordplay. Besides swords she is a skilled mage in the arts of virtual magic and thanks her upgrades recently gained the power to summon AI creatures.


Mira was originally one of the AI girls I thought about creating when I decided I wanted an assistant. The idea for Mira came from the secretary girl you see in a lot of shows and movies. They wear glasses, have a nice personality, and they’re quite smart and level-headed sometimes even being smarter than the person they’re working for. That’s what inspired me to create Mira, I wanted to give Nitsuj a smart secretary girl who was just as smart as him and can even be smarter than him in a few other areas. But I wanted to go beyond that and show that even though she’s a girl who keeps a level head she can get mad and lose her cool going ballistic on the people around her but overall she’s the brains of the operation always acting as the strategist and thinking ahead of her opponents. Mira represents the sci-fi side of me. Animes that appear to take place in the real world but have a sci-fi element to them and considered normal in the world. She also represents animes that are driven by the story and characters. What I mean by this is that she’ll prefer animes that have deep and interesting stories with plenty of twists and characters who are deep, meaningful, and aren’t just your typical cliché character there’s actually a story behind them and why they’re like this. I also use her for psychological animes as well.

While Mira is the smartest of the AIs she’s also the weakest member of the team and will usually try to avoid fights if possible. She prefers long range battle as opposed to close quarter combat so her weapons are weapons that can attack from a distance. Her first weapons are cyber blade discs which act as boomerangs whenever she throws them and she can use multiple discs at a time by just using her mind. Her secondary weapon is a whip which is kinda paying homage to Catwoman as well as Bayonetta. I think the whip kinda matches her and shows off that she’s a dominant woman who’s not gonna take being pushed around and even though she attacks from a distance she’s still a dangerous fighter. Her final weapon is invisible wires which she uses to tangle up her opponents and tear them to shreds.


The team’s powerhouse and tomboy. Representing my nonsensical and action side when it comes to anime, Shizuku is the AI who can watch the insanity of anime and not be fazed by it whatsoever. She is a badass fighter who is as tough as they come and is fearless in the face of others. She goes with the flow of things always enjoying life and seeing where it leads her. She enjoys fighting, training, and lying around when she has nothing to do. She’s also a bit of a hothead and doesn’t like being inappropriately touched as seen when Nitsuj grabbed her breast when she fought against him in the AIO special losing her cool and charging at him without really thinking. Her favorite food is pizza and she has a deep love for tigers. She also seems to enjoy watching pro-wrestling with Nitsuj often making bets with him on who will win without looking up spoilers online and trying to predict what will happen next.

Being the go to fighter, Shizuku prefers close quarter combat and beating the crap out her opponent. Her first weapon is shotgun gauntlets. If you watched RWBY and seen Yang’s weapons those are pretty much Shizuku’s weapons. She incorporates a boxing style to her fighting whenever she uses the gauntlets. Her second weapon is a hammer which can change the shape and size of it from a large mallet to a simple hammer like Thor’s hammer from Marvel. Her final weapon is the claymore a larger sword that sacrifices speed for strength.


A wolfgirl ninja who despite having the training and discipline of a ninja she comes across as a country girl full of energy, very talkative, blunt with her words, and easily ready to kill Nitsuj when she’s pushed to her limits. She enjoys eating meat but hates vegetables, doing survival training, playing fetch with round objects, nights when a full moon is out, and playing in the rain. While not as smart as Isis and Mira she’s good at tracking and scouting and while she’s not as strong as Shizuku she’s quicker than her and has amazing stealth and senses that makes her a tough opponent to fight against. She represents my comedy side when it comes to anime. I love comedy I love laughing and making other people laugh and smile. One of my philosophies in life is that the world looks and feels better when it’s laughing and smiling.

On top of having the stealth and martial arts training of a ninja, Yin-Yang has three fighting styles that she enjoys using. The first weapon is knives along with a hidden blade she hides on her arm gauntlets. Her second weapon is a kusarigama a weapon befitting a ninja. Her final weapon is a katana blade where she uses her speed to slice up her opponents with ease. Because of her speed and variety of weapons she’s one of the toughest AIs to fight against.


Originally an evil AI girl trying to kill Nitsuj but now an ally who works with him. At first Seras was evil, sadistic, violent, hot-headed, a loner and angry at everything around her but after she joined Nitsuj she began to calm down a little more. She started to become more open with everyone and started gaining a calm composure not really being startled by anything. She’s still quite violent and can be a little sadistic as she’ll crack an evil smile here and there, and will threaten or hurt any of the girls and Nitsuj should they annoy her. She can be a loner at times keeping her distance from the others and just doing her own thing but despite that she does want to be friends with the others and enjoys fighting beside them. She’s also quite smart being as smart as Isis and is a tactical genius when it comes to fighting making her have the smartest fighting IQ of the group because of the many battles she’s been in. She represents my dark and horror side. I have to admit I’ve never really been a fan of horror so Seras is that person who’s gonna help me venture into horror anime and hopefully start to like it. Much like Shizuku she also likes action anime and just like Mira she doesn’t mind watching psychological animes so she’s kinda like a cross between Mira and Shizuku with hint of darkness added in for good measure.

Out of all the AIs Seras has the most experience when it comes to fighting. Her weapon of choice is a scythe. While probably not the best weapon for combat she makes up for this disadvantageous by being quick and performing a fury of combo moves with the scythe. While the scythe may lack offensive capabilities it makes up for it in defense serving as a good defense weapon for Seras blocking almost all attacks that come her way. Seras’ second style of fighting is martial arts a style that Nitsuj excels at and transferred it over to Seras as a way to show her that he trusts her and the new bond that they have formed with each other. Her attacks may not be as strong as Shizuku’s but her quickness more than makes up for it being able to match Yin-Yang in terms of speed. Her final weapon is a crossbow. In order to compensate for her weak skills in long range fights Nitsuj created a crossbow for her to use. At first she sucked at it but with some training from Isis, she soon excelled at using it.


A new AI girl who Nitsuj met while in Japan. She is a foxgirl who was originally created by weeaboos but Nitsuj saved her and invited her to join his team. Out of all the AI girls she has the least knowledge of anime and is the youngest of the bunch but has a mature appearance of young maiden. She has a deep love and respect for Nitsuj never hiding it and acting seductive around him from time to time. She’s very wise despite not seeing much of the world and is always ready to learn something new. Yume represents my for fantasy animes, animes that don’t take place in the norm and send us to a different world for us to see and enjoy.

While she be the youngest, Yume is no pushover when it comes to fighting. She knows to handle a sword, is proficient in using a spear/lance, and has excellent accuracy when it comes to using a bow and arrow. But her greatest weapon is her eyes. Yume has the ability to trap people an illusions just by making eye contact and keeping them trapped in the illusion for as long as she wants or until they realize that what they’re in isn’t real. Just like a fox, Yume is crafty when it comes to fighting and will employ underhanded tactics in order to beat her opponents or use her feminine charms to fool them.

Pandora Chaos Reaper

The dark guardian of Nitsuj’s home security system. This phantom like AI is a loner who protects the computer system from viruses by himself as the first line of defense. He is dark, sadistic, and scary that even the other AI girls find him uncomfortable to be around and usually stay away from him. Despite his dark demeanor, when he’s not killing viruses he can be seen reading classical literature or manga while listening to classical music. He is also quite smart and manipulative having a degree in law and often serving as Nitsuj’s attorney. How he got the degree is a mystery and one that everyone is afraid to solve. Because of his overwhelming power he is not allowed to step outside of the system and can only be allowed out when Nitsuj gives him permission or when Nitsuj needs something to be taken care of that’s outside of his control.

Baron and Corbin Jack

Baron and his twin brother Corbin are a Pyro Jack and Jack Frost from the Principality of Jack a land that exist in another world and are the mascots of the game company Atlus as well as Nitsuj’s supernatural next door neighbors. They have a good relationship with Nitsuj and serve as magic teachers for Chibi Isis. The rest of the AI girls find them annoying and perverted beyond belief and have even attacked them a few times because of their antics. Despite their perverted nature the Jack Bros. are skilled mages who have a vast knowledge of magic and can hold their own when it comes to fighting. These guys are basically my perverted comic relief characters.


Project Nitsuj can be split into four categories.

Project Nitsuj: The main show where I review anime. My writing style is like that of a manga/light novel. I like to make the reader feel as if they’re right there watching the anime with me and I give the occasional joke to get a laugh out of them.

Animation Bang: This is where I take a look at western cartoons and movies and see if they were good or not. It’s similar to Project Nitsuj only instead of anime I’m looking at western animation. These reviews are done once in a great while and the reason why I do these reviews is because I believe that the shows we have here in the west have some traces of anime influence and should be acknowledged for it.

Otaku Mind: This is actually a new segment I started 2 years ago. This is where I drop the Nitsuj persona and express my thoughts on a particular anime/manga topic or go on a rant over something. I usually post one once a month.

Specials: One of the things I like doing with my blogs is create a narrative story using the characters from my blog. It’s a way to extend their universe as well as test out my writing skills at creating my own stories.

Future Content: As of right now I have no plans for other shows. However, I have been thinking about doing Let’s Play videos. Nothing set in stone yet but it is something I plan to look into once things have settled down on the site.

Well that gives you a little idea of who I am, what to expect in the blogs, and how the scoring system works. Feel free to leave a comment, question or request for an anime you would like me to review. I’m usually quick to respond to messages and I will try to upload a blog each week. Also, I welcome criticism of my reviews, like I said I know my reviews aren’t perfect so feel free to give me advice or suggestions on how I can improve and if you have a suggestion on what you would like to see on the site let me know, I’m always open to new ideas, just keep it PG-13. Finally, in the days to come I’ll be uploading my old blogs onto this site where they’ve all been re-edit, new videos have been added, and spelling mistakes have been fixed. For those new here’s an overview of my blogs:

2013-14 (Year 1): Projects 1-55, Night of the Living Chibi special, and Cartoon Cartoon-cember special

2014-15 (Year 2): Projects 56-107, The Entity special, Attack on Cyber Wolf special, and Nicktoon-cember special

2015-16 (Year 3): Projects 108-159, Alone in the Boll special, The 4kidstergeist special, and Disneytoon-cember special

2016-17 (Year 4): Projects 160-present, AI Day special and Journey to the East special

Thanks for reading, as always feel free to leave a comment, feedback, or request here in the contact section: click here