Disneytoon-cember Part 30: Dave the Barbarian

It’s hard to believe that I didn’t like this show when it first came out but now that I’m older I can honestly see how good this was and how underrated it is. Dave the Barbarian is one of the most hilarious shows that Disney has come up with it. If I were to be bold I would honestly say that Dave the Barbarian is Disney’s most hilarious show of all time. This show has so many off the wall humor joles that anyone can get and enjoy.

The premise of the show is set in the middle ages where Dave’s parents the king and queen of Udrogoth leave their kingdom to go off and fight evil. But before leaving they place the kingdom in the hands of their three children. Their oldest daughter Candy, their son Dave, and their youngest daughter Fang who along with their uncle the kingdom’s wizard protects their land from the evil and sinister Chuckles the Silly Piggy. The only problem is the kids are well lousy at their jobs. For starters Candy is your modern age teenage girl who’s obsessed with shopping, Fang is a wild child, and Dave is a huge coward who is easily scared, allergic to many things, and would much rather do peaceful hobbies than fight evil. Yeah we got a slew of crazy characters but despite their faults they do their best to protect the kingdom. Despite Dave’s cowardice whenever his family or kingdom is in trouble he’ll spring into action and save them. As I said before the show became a hit for its off the wall humor. Like in every episode they would break the 4th wall and speak to the narrator or audience or do something nonsensical but at the same time funny. Like there’s this one joke where Dave makes a megaphone using nothing but a squirrel, a piece of string, and a megaphone. That’s funny. It’s hard to explain why it’s funny other than it’s just funny because of how unnecessary it is. The show had funny and lovable characters that made us laugh, easy to follow stories, and some good character development here and there that kept us entertained from beginning to end. Everyone who’s seen this show have praised it for its comedy. While the show may not have been as deep or meaningful as other shows it was a show that gave us pure comedy gold that everyone could enjoy. I may have underestimated it as a kid but looking back on it as an adult I can honestly say this show was both funny and a good watch.

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