Nicktoon-cember Part 27: Planet Sheen

Alright guys Nicktoon-cember may be over but we’ve got a few request left over and one important show I wanted to talk about so get ready for a little extra Nicktoon-cember. First up on the chopping block is Planet Sheen. Oh man was this a show doomed to fail. This was a spin-off show from the Jimmy Neutron show. In the series Sheen sneaks into Jimmy’s lab and finds Jimmy’s secret rocket. Ignoring all the warning notes Sheen gets into the rocket and blasts off into outer space where he crash lands on a planet called Zeenu which is four million and one light years away from Earth. Like I said before this show was doomed to fail from very beginning because the main character is Sheen. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Sheen he’s a funny character but as a main character for a show he’s no good. Why? Because Sheen is a comic relief character. You never and I mean never put a comic relief character in the main spotlight it never works. The comic relief works best as a side character, someone for the main character to work off of because their reactions to the comic relief character are funny but when the comic relief character has to react to the world and the people in it the reactions are always the same and Sheen in this series is no exception.

The show only had 26 episodes and just focuses on Sheen trying to get the rocket fixed but surprisingly Sheen really doesn’t seem to be all that scared, worried, or in hurry to get home. The guy just crash landed on an alien planet, is lost in space, and there’s a possibility that he won’t be able to return home or see his friends and family again. Yet despite knowing all of this Sheen doesn’t seem to care all that much. Luckily for Sheen the planet is inhabited by friendly aliens known as Zeenunians with the king taking a liking to Sheen believing that he will spread joy throughout the kingdom. A few other characters are an intelligent monkey who’s helping Sheen fix the rocket, a slug creature who looks like Carl, and a warrior girl who Sheen has a crush on (wasn’t he dating Libby back on Earth when this series got started?). The villain (or victim if you will) of this series is guy named Dorkus an adviser of the king who wants to destroy Sheen because his rocket destroyed his house. Normally I would think this character is going overboard but Sheen keeps constantly annoying this guy and making his life miserable with his wild and destructive antics with Sheen having no remorse for his actions. That’s pretty much the whole show right there. Sheen does something destructive and reckless, everyone joins him, Dorkus tries to kill him but fails, Sheen is oblivious to his actions and what’s going on around him, and everyone (besides the audience) laughs at the end. Boring. Boring and lazy. On top of that Sheen almost has no character in this show outside of being an amazing idiot in fact I think he’s stupider in this show than he was in the original show and the animation style of this show is a huge step backwards with 5 second cutaway gags that aren’t funny and a waste time. Planet Sheen was dumb and was one of the worst shows to ever to be shown on Nickelodeon and if you think this show was bad oh trust me it gets worst much much worst.

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