Nitsujcember Part 26: Rosario + Vampire

Welcome to the month of Aniween. Going into October I wanted to make the month special and memorable for everyone so I figured why not review animes with a horror theme. That was a good start but also wanted to make sure I got a laugh out of everyone so I thought how about at the end of each review something would wind up hurting me. Originally I was just going to do it for like two reviews but I saw how it kept getting a laugh out of people so I figured I should roll with this and make October a curse month where I get hurt at the end of every review. It’s now become a stable of Aniween with some people actually giving me suggestions on how I should get hurt at the end of every review and everyone always looking forward to seeing how I get hurt.

Moving on to the anime I decided to take a look at Rosario + Vampire first. Truth be told, I’m not really a big fan of horror so I decided to play it safe this month and instead look at animes that had horror themes and that I was familiar with. Enter Rosario + Vampire the story about a boy named Tsukune who gets accepted into a school for monsters and once there falls in love with a vampire girl named Moka who has split personalities. One being the adorable girl you want to date and the other being her demonic vampire side who has a thirst for blood and battle. Since monsters and humans don’t get along with each other Tsukune keeps the fact that he’s human a secret from everyone except Moka who knows about his identity. He doesn’t even tell his other friends which is busty succubus, a loli witch, and a stalker snowwoman who all have the hots for Tsukune. Yep, this is a harem/comedy horror series where we get a lot of laughs but at the same time we get some pretty terrifying moments as well. Like there’s this one time Tsukune was about to get eaten by mermaids or near the end of the season when he was about to get lynched in front of the entire school because the discipline committee found out he was human. One of the major ups of this series is the variety of monsters they show us. We got your classic monsters but we also have new and not very well known monsters from Japanese mythology which is interesting and offers us something new to look at. Unfortunately, the anime has a number of downs that stops it from being great. The fight scenes are quick and usually last only a few seconds. Plus it’s always Moka who fights, why not the others? Let them have some fight scenes to show us where they stand on the totem pole. We get the cliché of our two main leads liking each other but never confessing their feelings to each other which gets annoying at times especially if you’re not shipping them. That’s not to say Tsukune and Moka are bad and I have no problem with the couple but just them constantly making googling eyes at other and everyone stopping them from having their first kiss can get annoying. But my biggest complaint with this series and the one that pisses me off the most is everyone trying to kill Tsukune even though he’s a human. We’re told that the whole point of the school is to help young monsters adapt to human society so wouldn’t having an actual human who’s actually agreeing to stay of his own free will be beneficial for you guys? Come on people let’s use common sense here. But other than that it’s an okay anime and still deserves a 6/10. It’s enjoyable for the casual viewer and will get you interested in the manga which is way better and darker than the anime.

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