Nitsujcember Part 28: Is this a Zombie?/Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

Is this a Zombie is an anime that I honestly skipped over. I really don’t know why but for some reason I just didn’t think this series would be good until a friend of mine bought the DVDs, we watched a few episodes and I said this is a very good series. Not only did the series have a good plot but it had likable characters and it was funny as hell. The main plot of the series is that Ayumu is a high school kid who one day gets killed by a serial killer. Luckily, a necromancer named Eu brings him back to life as a zombie and he decides to find this serial killer and bring them justice. In his journey to find the truth he meets and befriends other strange beings such as a magical garnet girl named Haruna and a vampire ninja named Sera.

It’s really hard to explain why this series works out so well. It’s very similar to Baka and Test, the whole idea is just so well done and the characters are just so enjoyable that you can’t help but enjoy watching it and that’s what this series does. Despite being a zombie Ayumu still acts and functions like a regular human. He goes to school, has friends, and deals with his crazy day to day situations the best way he can. Despite the girls making his life hectic not once does Ayumu complain about it, if anything it seems like he enjoys the craziness. We’re never really told or shown what his life was like before he became a zombie but I imagined he must have had a pretty boring life. The girls are also great in that their the opposite of what you would expect them to be like. When a hear a magical girl you expect to be nice, happy, and energetic and when you think of a vampire you expect a noble creature. Haruna and Sera are the exact opposite of these ideas. They’re both sharp-tongued, controlling, a little crazy, and over-confident in their abilities but at the same time loyal and caring of their friends. As for Eu the backstory they give is quite sad, she’s a tragic heroine just looking for a place to belong in the world and Ayumu offering a place for her. Besides the comedy the anime doesn’t forget that it does have a horror based setting and they give us some pretty horrific moments such as Ayumu being sliced up, stabbed, and blown up but they can get away with it because he’s a zombie so what he takes doesn’t come across as inhumane. Overall I thought this was a very good anime that reminded me greatly of Baka and Test. A series that I didn’t think I would enjoy but by the end of the first episode I was hooked onto this series and wanted to do a review of it. If I was reviewing it today I would still give it a 7.5/10. There are a few minor problems with this anime but nothing too distracting or bad just little nitpicks. Definitely check this anime out as well as the review.

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