Nitsujcember Part 31: The Flashpoint Paradox

When I first released this review it was one of my lowest ranking reviews at the time. I couldn’t figure out why everyone didn’t like it but as time went on it started warming up to people. I guess it’s because I was doing a comic book movie and from my personal experience people in the comic book community can be rather critical and nitpicky about movies based off of comics. This review was also the second animation bang blog that I did so I really wanted to tackle something new and fresh and since I’m huge fan of the DC universe I decided to take a look at the Flashpoint Paradox the story that help start the new 52 series.

Now the story of the Flashpoint focuses on Barry Allen aka The Flash who goes back in time to stop his mother from being killed. As a result, Flash changes up the space time continuum big time. He now lives in a world where The Flash doesn’t exist, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are starting WWIII, and Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman but instead his father is and his mother is The Joker. Now Barry has to find a way to regain his powers and stop himself from changing the past in order to set everything right with the world. This movie if you can believe it is actually a lot more violent than the comic. I mean seriously, Batman actually headshots Dr. Zoom, Barry catches on fire, and Wonder Woman actually slaughters a child off screen. Jesus, how did this not get an R-rating and yet The Killing Joke got one? While the action is good and the characters as well the movie asks you to buy into its story a lot. We’re expected to believe that because of the Flash’s mother being alive the events of the Flashpoint are happening because of her. That’s ridiculous. While they try to cover this up by saying Barry created a time boom as he traveled back in time which threw everything off that still raises a lot of questions as to why a lot of this stuff is happening and it all goes back to the idea that because of The Flash’s being alive the world is now going into WWIII. That was pretty much my major gripe with this movie and if there were any other changes they were all nitpicks I felt didn’t need to talked about. Looking at it today I would give it a 7/10 instead of an 8/10. I thought the movie was overall good. A lot to buy into but still good and I hope to see DC make movies exploring other DC superheroes outside of Batman and Superman.

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