Project #117: Kamigami no Asobi

Happy early White Day. A gift for all the ladies out there:




Greetings, and welcome to Project Nitsuj, I am Isis. This week is White Day week a holiday in Japan which is a follow-up to Valentine’s Day. On this day boys give girls who gave them chocolate, white chocolate as a way to say thank you and since White Day is about us girls I’ve been given permission to do a review this week and the anime I’ve decided to review is a treat for us girls. As you all know last year my master did a review of Diabolik Lovers an anime based off an otome game. It was a bad anime and a poor representation of the otome game genre so that’s why I’ve decided to review a good otome game this year and the otome game I’ve decided on is Kamigami no Asobi. Based off the otome game under the same name and developed by Nippon Ichi Software (The Disgea games), Kamigami no Asobi is a game that ask question what happens when gods fall in love with a regular high school girl? The came out in 2013 for the PSP and like most otome games the player takes the role of a female who gets whisked away into a school full of gods from different mythologies where you develop a bond with them and depending on your choices develop a love interest with them. In 2014 the anime studio Brain’s Base (Princess Jellyfish and Kamisama Dolls) decided to adapt the game into a 12 episode anime following the story of the game while making its own spin on the series. Originally the master was supposed to be my guest host this week but when I told him about the anime he simply laughed and walked away. I followed him and kicked him in the shins. But not to worry as I have found a more suitable host to help me review this anime, Mira. (Mira): Thank you Isis, as a fan of otome games I’m looking forward to seeing what this anime has to offer. (Isis): Let’s get the White Day celebration started and take a look at Kamigami no Asobi.


Opening and Ending Theme


(Isis): The opening for this anime is “TILL THE END” by Miyu Irino, Daisuke Ono, Yuuto Uemura, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Hiroshi Kamiya, & Yoshimasa Hosoya. It’s a very catchy song. All of the voice actors sound great and work each other well. They each sing their parts well and when they all sing together you can easily recognize who’s who. (Mira): I also like the opening. Just like you said it’s catchy and all the voice actors sound great. I also like the animation for the opening as it shows all the gods and each of them sharing a special moment with the main character. (Isis): The ending for this anime is “Reason For…” by Miyu Irino, Daisuke Ono, Yuuto Uemura, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Hiroshi Kamiya, & Yoshimasa Hosoya once again. Just like the opening this song is catchy with each of the voice actors working off each other so well. The one person who really stands out in this song for is Daisuke Ono, his voice is just so great to listen to. (Mira): I prefer Toyonaga and Kamiya’s voice in this song. Their voices are just so soothing to listen to. I also like how the ending is being shot like a music video.


Episodes 1-4


(Isis): So the anime begins with our main character Yui voiced by Saori Hayami (Haqua from TWGOK) practicing her swordsmanship just before her school closing ceremony. After the ceremony she goes home talking to her friends about the future and their love life where at her family shrine she realizes that she’s never really thought about any of this stuff before (Mira: Of course not. She’s a high school girl when do they have time for love?). As she gets ready to help out around the family shrine she hears a mysterious voice and sees a glowing green light coming from the family shed (Yui, head towards the light, we have cookies). She goes to the shed and finds out that the glowing light is actually a sword that she grabs and gets teleported to Heaven. She wakes up in a building not knowing where she is (I don’t think we’re in Japan anymore~) and she tries to find others hoping they can answer her questions. As she travels the building she meets a few of the gods (well praise be to them. (Mira): You are preaching to the choir sister) but they don’t know where they are either in fact some of them are rather mean and rude to her (that only makes us want you more). She gets teleported to the top floor where she meets Zeus the one responsible for bringing her to Heaven. He tells her the reason she’s been bought up to Heaven is to help him in his master scheme (Mira: I have to give her credit she’s taking the whole meeting Zeus thing rather well. She doesn’t even question the guy or seem at all shocked after hearing this information) which is to help rebuild the human and deity bond between the gods that are currently in his school and he has summoned her here to teach these gods humanity and attend classes with them about love (can I join?). Naturally Yui rejects this idea and just wants to go home (Mira: Why!? You’re in a school surrounded by hot boys what more could you ask for) but Zeus said he won’t return her until she completes her mission so she runs out into the school gate where she meets the god version of Tameki if he got rid of that narcissistic personality (//, (Isis & Mira): Humana humana humana humana humana. . .humana). This is Apollon voiced by Miyu Irino (Haku from Spirited Away) the Greek God of the Sun (Mira: Oh no wonder he’s so hot. (Isis): I was just about to say that) and he immediately takes active interest in her even going in right away for a kiss to end the episode (get inside me you blazing bastard).


We start episode 2 with Apollon kissing Yui on the cheek as a typical Greek greeting (oh would you greet me as well Apollon-sama) and even gives her the nickname Fairy because she’s as pretty as one (oh God, I swear if he gets anymore charming I’m gonna attack him in his sleep). He decides to help Yui figure out where she is (Mira: You’re in Heaven obviously. Where else could you find such hot and charming guys?) and he summons his Pegasus where they fly above the school and see that it’s a floating island. They return to school where we formally meet all of the other gods. Representing Japan we have Takeru god of the sea voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga and his brother Tsukito god of the moon voiced by Yuuto Uemura. Representing the Norse we have Balder the god of light voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya (Law from One Piece), Loki the god of fire voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya (Kojou from Strike the Blood), and Thor the god of thunder. Representing the Greeks we have Apollon, Hades god of the underworld voiced by Daisuke Ono (Sinbad from Magi), and Dionysos the god of fertility (I call the Greeks. (Mira): I call the Norse. (Isis): I call Tsukito. (Mira): And I call Takeru. I can’t wait to start teaching that boy some manners). Zeus comes in and tells them that for the next year that’ll be living in this school where they’ll learn about humanity and love and if they should fail within that year they will be stuck in the island forever (stuck on an island full of hot guys? I fail to see the punishment here). He also gives the gods jewelry which seal away their powers so now they have to do what he says and even fills the school with students to make it feel like a real school (he just thinks of everything huh). After his speech we then meet their instructor Thoth voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa (Naraku from Inuyasha) the Egyptian god of knowledge (just throw in the Hindu gods and Jesus and they’ll have representative all the religions in the world) who takes Yui to her dorm room where she meets Melissa a talking doll (who really plays no huge factor in this anime) made by Zeus to look after her. That night Yui is still scared and worried about returning home (what’s the big deal just do what Zeus said, indulge yourself in the lovely buffet of boys, and then leave after one year. (Mira): And Zeus said he’ll return her back to a time where it’ll be like she never left so I fail to see what she’s worried about). While she’s worrying the boys are adjusting to the situation and settling end (scene here: // The next morning at the entrance ceremony only Yui, Apollo, Tsukito, and Balder show up so they split up in the hopes that they can convince the others to join them. Their attempts fail but Apollon did manage to convince Dionyos to join them. The entrance ceremony begins and we end with Apollon being named the student representative and pledging to do his best not only as a god but as a human.


(Mira): In episode 3 Zeus makes it summer and Thoth tells Yui to get all the boys into class by the end of summer vacation. In order to do this Yui and Apollon prepare a seaside school (Isis and Mira: YES) for everyone to relax and have fun. They arrive at the beach by foot where the boys change into their swim trunks (*Isis gets a nosebleed* (Mira): Isis your nose! (Isis): I know) but Zeus changes up the weather and makes it fall (what. The. Hell?). With swimming in the ocean out of the question (*Isis begins crying*) Apollon goes to a fountain outside to receive a prophecy into how he can make the trip fun again and the only hint he gets is flowers (do you get it?). With this hint Yui and Apollon fly back to the academy (Isis: They had a flying horse? Why didn’t they fly in the first place?) and get their secret weapon which is fireworks (get it now? Flowers as in the flowers that light up the night sky). Since none of them have seen fireworks they’re all amazed by this spectacle of human creation (Isis: God may have created the stars but humans created the light that outshines them) and begin to have fun playing with sparklers and all agreeing to start attending class. With this the seaside trip is a success (or it would have been if we got to see hot boys shirtless and swimming in the ocean) and Yui nominates Apollon to be student council president. Also, Apollon and Dionyos are brothers, Hades is their uncle (boy how odd is that, attending school with your nephews?), and Zeus is Apollon’s father (//


In episode 4 we focus on Hades lord of the underworld and all-around nice person who enjoys stargazing (Isis: Well that’s an interesting side to such a dark character. (Mira): Well in truth Hades is one of the nicest god from Greek mythology. The media just makes him act evil but in truth Hades was consider one of the most caring of the Greek gods). We see in this episode that Hades likes to keep his distance from people not because he hates them but because it’s for their own protection. It turns out that whenever Hades gets close to others misfortune befalls them because Hades carries the grudge of the souls of people who have died. Throughout the episode Yui does her best to get close to Hades and get him to join the group and feel happy even going as far as giving him his two favorite foods strawberries and rice bakes (Isis: With a side of Isis). All of her attempts fail until near the end of the episode when Hades is about to go out for stargazing and Yui shows up along with Apollon, Dionyos, Balder, and Tsukito and they all decide to go stargazing with him. At first things seem to be going well but then it begins to rain (I feel so bad for Hades) and the boys decide to strip into their swimsuits and play in the rain (*Mira gets a nosebleed along with Isis* I. . .was not expecting that. (Isis): Me neither. But I’m glad it happened). With everyone enjoying themselves Hades begins to see that even though he brings misfortune there are still those who care about him and want him to be happy. With this realization the rain stops and the sky becomes clear again allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of the universe.


Episodes 5-8


(Isis): Episode 5 is all about Takeru (Mira: Oh, currently one of my favorite subjects). Thoth wants Yui to get Takeru to join a club or else so she approaches him where she sees he practices swordsmanship (now he’s entering my territory. Perhaps I should have chosen him over Tsukito. (Mira): No take backs). Yui challenges him to a dual since she also practices swordsmanship where if she wins Takeru has to join a club but if he wins Yui will stop bothering him (and if I win I get his body for one night. (Mira): Over my dead program). They have their dual where Takeru has a clear shot at her but he hesitates saying she’s weak and needs to train some more so he invites her to do morning running with him. Through this experience the two become close developing a friendship with each other (this reminds me of my early days when the master trained me in swordsmanship). Everything seems to be going well but one day when it rains and Takeru goes on his morning run Yui follows him hoping to catch up but a mudslide occurs (I blame Zeus for this) and she falls off a cliff. Takeru leaps trying to save her where he breaks the seal Zeus put on him and gets back his divine powers saving Yui (Mira: And that’s one of my men). After saving Yui, Zeus teleports them back to the school where he berates Takeru for breaking his seal and unleashing his powers (yes. To save the human girl who was falling to her death because YOU allowed it to rain. So who’s at fault here?). Zeus reseals Takeru’s power and threatens to turn him into stone unless he apologizes for his actions (okay Zeus is being a prick this episode). Takeru refuses to apologize to Zeus and believes he’s better off not being in the school because nobody trusts him. Tsukito tells Yui about a goddess that Takeru cared deeply about when he was young but one day she fell off a cliff to her doom and everyone believed that Takeru pushed her off the cliff with no one believing him (Mira: Tell me who and where these bastards are who dare doubt my Takeru. I’ll give them a punishment so fierce that even the devil would cry about it). As Takeru is about to swallow his pride and apologize to Zeus (// Yui shows up and an act of badass berates Zeus for his actions saying that Takeru saved her because he cared for her like a human being would. She then proceeds to tell Zeus that he’s the one who doesn’t understand humans and needs to check himself (you tell him sister). The rest of the boys come in to back her up and Zeus let’s Takeru off the hook (you just didn’t want to embarrass yourself anymore).


In episode 6 we focus on Tsukito who comes off as kind of the Spock in this series (//, rest in peace Mr. Spock. Live long and prosper). He views everything as a mission and once he focuses on that mission he’s determined to complete it. Because of this he comes off as a very socially awkward man (still hot and good looking but still awkward) and blocking off all of his emotions not really caring about things. In the episode the school is getting ready for the moon-viewing festival (we talking about the actual moon or viewing Tsukito because I am all for that) and Tsukito is in charge of setting up for it. While feeling worried about whether or not he can graduate, Loki decides to pull a prank and gives him and Yui love rings which bind the two at the hand with the only way to remove them is for the two to understand each other (Mira: Maybe we should use those rings with master. (Isis): I wouldn’t. We could be stuck to that man for years and we still wouldn’t understand him). For the rest of the episode the two work together on setting up for the festival with Thoth not helping them at all even though he could easily remove the ring (okay Thoth is a lousy teacher. (Mira): Yeah I’ll say, we would pass as better teachers than this guy) and Yui telling Tsukito that it’s okay to stay focus on the mission at hand but at times he should have fun with everyone, enjoy life, laugh with friends, just basically enjoy life. At first Tsukito has no idea what she’s talking about (feelings of human nature are illogical to this man) but as he’s viewing the moon with Yui he begins to understand what she’s talking about and says this moon viewing event was the best one he’s ever done. With this the two finally reach an understanding of each other and the rings come off just in time because Apollon, Takeru, and Balder have been so jealous of Tsukito this whole episode.


(Mira): In episode 7 Zeus has changed the whether to winter (this weather pattern is more fickle than Cincinnati’s weather) and the students decide to hold a Christmas theme culture festival by having lights and stalls showing off each country’s respected mythology (so even all the cultures come together to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Well played Japan). In this episode we focus on Balder and Loki. We see that Balder is really in love with Yui so in love with her that he’s determined to keep her all to himself (if it doesn’t work out with her you can always have me Balder-sama). This of course upsets Loki because when he was a kid he was ostracized for his pranks and tricks by the other gods (Isis: Just like his Marvel counterpart. Hey Mira who would you choose? The Marvel Loki or the Anime Loki? (Mira): Oh man that’s a tough choice. Let me get back to you on that) but Balder befriended him and the two became close friends with Loki developing a man crush on Balder and wanting to keep Boulder all to himself (YES! Let the fan fiction and doujins begin of Balder and Loki). Loki doesn’t like Yui hanging out with Balder all the time and tries to come between the two every chance he gets. Oh and a real funny part in this episode is that all this time Loki thought Yui was a Japanese goddess. He didn’t know Yui was a human girl (scene here: //, where has he been this whole anime? This was made very clear by Zeus at the beginning of the anime. Was he not paying attention?). As Yui is setting up for the festival Loki approaches Yui and tries to use his powers to hypnotize her but it has no effect on her shocking Loki big time (I’m with him I didn’t see that coming. Who can resist that red-haired devilish trickster who dresses like an emo kid?). Balder oversees this from the school building and gets the idea in his head that Yui likes Loki and not him. He decides he’ll use his powers to make Yui only see him and no one else (this isn’t love Balder this is lust and not the good kind) but before he can do it Loki comes in to stop him to end the episode.


In episode 8 after Loki steps in between Yui and Balder (the cockblocker) he tells Yui to leave which she does (good. let them fight for your love). At the festival Yui tries to avoid both Loki and Balder (what woman in her right mind would do that? That’s like asking the master to avoid an ecchi anime) but somehow whines up helping Loki in his stand (scene here: // where he tells Yui once again to stay away from Balder and wouldn’t you expect it Balder comes in and sees the whole thing making the misunderstanding bigger. Balder finally snaps and drags Yui away (Isis: I’m liking the forceful Balder. It shows his wild and manly side that makes a girl’s heart pump) where Loki comes in and Balder’s powers go berserk because he loses control of his emotions and begins attacking everything around him (Isis: Oh wait. Even though the master said he didn’t want to do this review he said that he prepared this joke just for this particular scene. *Pulls out a sheet of paper and clears throat* Just like a woman. (Mira): Well that was nice of him. Where is he? (Isis): Living room. (Mira): Thank you. *Materializes a remote controlled disc blade and throws it through the house aiming at Nitsuj. The blade reaches the living room but Nitsuj ducks out of the way to avoid the blade and the blade gets stuck in the wall*. (Nitsuj): Worth it) until Loki calms him down and he passes out. Yui and Loki take him back to the infirmary where Loki finally opens up to Yui and tells her everything. Loki explains that whenever Balder loses control of his emotions his powers run rampant and attack everyone around him (yeah I think we picked that part up) with him forgetting everything about what he does (Isis: Now that part we didn’t pick up). He tells Yui that Balder has always been lonely because even though his powers attract people to him it’s not real love it’s fake love (not true I’m attracted to him and my feelings for him are real) and the reason why Balder loves Yui so much is because she’s the only person who isn’t affected by Balder’s powers. He ends with telling Yui how when he was a child he was always despised by the gods and looked down upon by them which caused Loki to harden his heart and become distant from everyone that is until he met Balder who became Loki’s friend which is why Loki is so loyal, protected, and possessive when it comes to him (someone seriously needs to start writing a doujin of these two characters). After hearing all of this Balder wakes up and admits that he was rushing into things (Mira and Isis: You think?) and agrees to slow things down and be considerate of Yui’s feelings. We end the episode with all the students gathering in boats and launching flying lanterns in the sky. Also Loki admits that he may have feelings for Yui.


Episodes 9-12


(Isis): Episode 9 is all about my sweet Apollon. (Mira): And midterms. (Isis): Who cares about those? You can always make those up in the finals. Throughout the episode Yui keeps having visions of a woman who she’s never seen before but has some relationship to Apollon (not for long *grabs AI pistol*). Apollon also seems to be suffering as he keeps having nightmares which cause him to have a lack asleep (you know what you need Apollon? A human-size Isis pillow to make you comfortable at night). One night the woman from Yui’s dream calls Apollon to the lake where he tries to go to her (no Apollon don’t go into the light) but Yui stops him and he passes out. Hades and Dionysos tell Yui that Apollon once fell in love with a mortal woman named Cassandra and how he gave her a divine gift that would allow her to see into the future (bad idea). Cassandra uses this ability and sees the future only to minutes later kill herself (Mira: And this is why mortals shouldn’t be allowed divine power). Apollon was so broken up by this that he wept for days and blamed himself for Cassandra’s death vowing never to be a happy again (Mira: Really? Than what do you call everything you’ve been doing up until now?). Apollon’s powers begin to go berserk so Yui goes to Zeus and begs him to save Apollon but he says he can’t, Apollon must overcome this issue himself. In fact, Zeus even says that’s the whole reason he sent Apollon to this school in the first place. Yui leaves his room and runs into Cassandra where Cassandra possesses her and she goes to talk to Apollon. She tells Apollon how she saw the future where she died and Apollon continued living forever which made her feel sad so she killed herself in grief because of it (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! (Mira): BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! (Isis): You’re a disgrace to women everywhere) but now she realized she should have treasured the time she had with Apollon and just wanted to come back and tell him that she doesn’t blame him for her death (Mira: Yes, the whole blame falls on the creators for giving her a weak motive) and that he should live his life happily (and the first step to doing that is letting me touch your sweet abs). With this Cassandra is able to pass on and Apollon is able to move on with his life which results in his seal being broken and him getting his powers back.


In episode 10 I think the cast of this show decided to take a week off because this episode is pretty bad. We find out that everyone did well on their midterms so Zeus rewards them by having them put on a play in 3 days (I think Zeus has forgotten what a reward is). They decide to do Cinderella (Mira: Disney or actual story? (Isis): Disney. (Mira): Nobody ever wants to do the actual version of the story) with Yui as Cinderella, Apollon as the prince, Takeru and Tsukito the evil stepsisters (where’s the camera, I must preserve this cross-dressing moment), Balder the fairy godmother, and everyone else various characters. At first the play seems to be going well (despite the lifeless performance that would make drama teachers cringe), that is until Loki upset that he didn’t get chosen as the star of the play and plans a coup d’état to take over the play and get Yui in the end (// This of course causes a fight to breakout on stage but before the boys can get down and dirty our secret side character Anubis who has the mind of a cat apparently shows up and disrupts the play knocking everyone out and making Yui slip which causes her to break the glass slipper. However, despite all of this the crowd still loves the play and it becomes a success (scene here: // We end the episode on a cliffhanger with Balder passing out in front of everyone.


(Mira): Not much happens in episode 11. Other than finding out that my Balder is also the god of destruction and will soon destroy all existence in the world (why him? Why not Apollon? (Isis): How dare you put my darling Apollon in danger! Do I need to get out Icecalibur?). Loki tells them that the only way to stop Balder is to stab him with a knife crafted out of the mistletoe which is the only thing in existence that didn’t make the promise not to hurt him (Isis: How do you craft a knife out of a mistletoe? (Mira): A very good question? (Isis): Isn’t this the part where you explain how they did it? (Mira): Usually but I honestly have no idea). Yui and Apollon eventually tell the others of Loki’s plan to kill Balder but before they can stop him he takes Balder to the edge of a cliff where he shows him a fantastic sunset. Balder reveals that he knows what’s happening to him and tells Loki to go ahead and do it (no! Don’t kill my sweet Balder! He’s never harmed anyone. (Isis): Um, didn’t he harm Lo- (Mira): Shut up!) but Loki just can’t bring himself to kill his best friend and with this Loki has finally come to understand the human emotions and his seal is lifted from him. But Balder knows that he’s destined to destroy everything so to keep the world safe and save his friends he throws himself off into the ocean below which is the second thing in the world that can harm him (so he can’t swim. Talk about an Achilles’ heel. (Isis): First Sonic the Hedgehog and now Balder. Who will water claim as its next victim?).


In the final episode Balder throws himself off the cliff and into the ocean to drown himself (nooo~! My Balder!). But before he dies from drowning he awakes as the god of destruction creates a giant tree of light and begins destroying everything. Loki and Thor transform into their god forms (Isis: Where they get hotter because they’re wearing no shirts) and try to penetrate the tree and reach Balder. Eventually the others join the fight as well because they understand the human heart now and have gotten their seals broken (yay more shirtless boys). Yui goes to the glass container that holds the feelings of everyone and uses her necklace to absorb it all (this is quite symbolic) and rushes off to the others where her, Apollon, and Loki go into the tree of light (Isis: Head towards the light. (Mira): Like they have a choice in the matter). They reach Balder where Yui gives her necklace to Loki which takes the shape of a sword and Loki drives it into the heart of Balder which wakes him up, brings him back to normal and he stops destroying stuff. But they’re not out of the woods yet because the garden island is beginning to fall apart around them and Zeus can’t maintain control over it because of Balder’s power of destruction. Realizing the danger they’re in they all combine their power to send Yui back to her world against her will because she wants to stay (and me and Isis want to go). They teleport her back to her world where she’s safe and everything but she feels sad because she can’t see the guys again and believes they’re dead (Isis: Why would she believe that? They’re gods. Hot smexy gods. They’re immortal). As she’s walking up the stairs to her family shrine she hears familiar voices and runs to the top where she sees her harem of boys (I wish we could see the parent’s face) who want her to be their teach again (Isis: Well now that they know about love mentally let’s move on to love physically. Mira and I shall be your test subjects).


Final Thoughts


(Isis): So that was Kamigami no Asobi. It’s the anime that we’ve girls always wanted. This anime is pretty much the female equivalent of harem animes for boys minus the ecchi fanservice and instead plays it in a way that’s both respectful to girls and guys for that matter. This anime takes every girl’s dream and makes it a reality. Yui is a great lead. I love her character, she’s not bland like a lot of other reverse-harem characters. She’s smart, beautiful, thoughtful, and I like how she’s not afraid to stand up to Zeus when she thinks or knows he’s wrong and I like how her relationship with each of the boys is different and unique from each other making each bond she develops with them special to her. (Mira): While the boys are good each one being breathtaking hot, smexy, and having a character they’re archetypes are cliché anime boys that we’ve all seen a hundred times in the past. Apollon and Balder are the handsome prince, Takeru the tsundere, Loki the troublemaker, Hades the loner who doesn’t want to get near others because he’s afraid to hurt them, and Tsukito is the mission focused guy who shows no emotions whatsoever. The other gods have basic characters which while not bad we never get the chance to explore them fully as the others. (Isis): Yeah that’s one of the faults of the anime. They don’t even have the characters acknowledge Anubis who just hangs around in the background all anime. I was hoping they would use him for something but no he’s just there to be there. Same with Melissa, really contributes nothing to the anime. You could honestly pull these two out of the anime entirely as well as Thor and Dionyos and nothing would really change in the anime.


(Mira): The animation is beautiful. From the character designs to the buildings to the skies and to nature. All the character designs match the personalities and attitudes of all the characters, the island where the anime takes place is beautiful to look at with scenery of nature looking gorgeous. But for me the best designs were the night skies. I don’t know what colors they used but the night skies in this anime are just beautiful to look at. Like something out of a Miyazaki movie. (Isis): The music unfortunately doesn’t leave much of an impact on you. It’s fairly normal not really standing out or sounding bad but not leaving all that much for you to enjoy. Kind of a shame considering that the opening and ending theme were both catchy and upbeat songs. If we had to name the faults of this anime it would be that there’s really not that much romance in the anime. We get a little bit of it but not really that much of it and considering that one of the major themes of this series is love you think that would be a major focus of the series. Second, the show has pretty normal concepts with Yui teaching the gods about being human. While it’s fun to see their reactions to them it just feels normal and not extraordinary or new. (Mira): There also doesn’t seem to be a real sense of urgency with the whole being stuck there if they fail storyline as it never gets bought up again after the second episode so it feels like a totally pointless plot device that failed to raise the urgency of the show. A personal problem I also have with this show is that it shows a lot of favoritism to Apollon as he’s pretty much the dominant god we see throughout the anime and whenever he shows up he steals the spotlight from the other gods even when it’s there episode. A personal complaint on my part but I just feel that each god should be represented equally and no one should stand out from the other. Another fault with this anime is a few of the backstories aren’t really worth getting invested in. This show really does rely on emotional investment in its characters and while some of the backstories are touching and good such as Takeru, Hades, and Loki the others like Apollon, Tsukito, and Balder aren’t really all that interesting and really doesn’t expand on the character. (Isis): Agreed. I did find myself being disappointed in the backstory of a few gods.


Final Score


For me the final score for Kamigami no Asobi is a 7/10. This coming from the standpoint of an anime fan who hasn’t played the game. (Mira): From a crictical standpoint and from someone who has played the game and a huge fan of otome games I give the anime a 6/10. Making the final score for the anime a 6.5/10. (Isis): Kamigami no Asobi is by no means a spectacular anime but at same time it’s not bad  either as there are many good aspects in it that make it worth checking out. (Mira): The main characters are great, the art is beautiful, and it’s a good adaptation of the game. Compared to a lot of other animes out there that try to adapt otome games or reverse harems this show does a good job at it I just wished they took a little more risk and try to do something outside the norm. (Isis): If you’re a girl who loves anime as well as video games and looking for a good and lighthearted anime to watch we recommend checking this anime out. This anime was definitely a treat for us and I’m sure it’ll be a treat for all the ladies out there. Thanks for reading. Happy early White Day. (Mira): We’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.


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