Project #130: Cowboy Bebop Part 1

*It’s raining outside and Nitsuj’s house has been transformed by the AI girls to look like a bar. You see Shizuku as a bartender, Isis singing Adieu by The Seatbelts on a stage with musical accompaniment from Yin-Yang on the piano, Mira and Chibi Isis are waitress, and the Jack Brothers are having drinks and talking with each other. As you walk through the bar you are stopped by Nitsuj who calls out to you*


(Nitsuj): Hey kid. Have a seat.


*You take a seat right across from Nitsuj who has a fake cigarette in his mouth and drinking cola*


(Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. As you can see the place has changed drastically from last week to match this week’s discussion. You see I got the blues. Not just any kind of blues the space blues and they come from the story of a cowboy not just any cowboy a space cowboy from a little number I like to call Cowboy Bebop. Watanabe’s first anime and the one anime everyone considers to be his best work. Released in 1998 under the studio Sunrise (Code Geass) this was the anime that opened up the eyes of Americans to anime and has since then go on to be called one of the greatest animes of all-time. The show mixes the beauty of space, jazz music, bounty hunting and New York all in a noir space setting. So wanna hear the story of the greatest space cowboy that ever lived?Well grab me another drink. What do I want? That son of a bitch bartender knows what I want. Cola! On the rocks! Let’s take a look at Cowboy Bebop. Also, we’re looking at the dub.


Opening and Ending Theme


The opening for this anime is “Tank!” by Seatbelts. This song is the definition of cool. The fast-pace jazz (bebop if you wanna get technical) music is great matching up perfectly with the stylist animation in the opening. A lot of people were mad that I didn’t put this on my top 11 anime openings list years ago and yeah I can understand why. It’s a great opening and definitely one of the best openings in anime history it’s just that this is one of those songs I don’t see myself listening to a lot. The main ending theme for this anime is “The Real Folk Blues” by Seatbelts featuring Mai Yamane. The most opening was fast, happy, and energetic. The ending shows the sad face of jazz music as the song conveys a sense of sadness, suffering, struggle and loneliness on the part of our main character. It’s beautiful to listen to, the singer Mai is great, and instrumental to this song is just amazing to listen to.


Episodes 1-4


The anime starts us off in space (where no one can hear you scream and smooth jazz plays throughout the galaxy). We get some excellent shots of space and Mars and quickly meet 2 of our main characters Spike voiced by Steven Blum (Jamie from Megas XLR) and his partner Jet voiced by Beau Billingslea (the narrator from Outlaw Star). These two are bounty hunters and they’re after a man by the name of Asimov a major player in the syndicate worth 2.5 million woolongs (I’m not entirely sure how much that is in American dollars but if it’s like yen it’s worth a lot and I mean a lot) who killed his own members and took off with his girlfriend and a drug known as Bloody-Eye which he intends to sell. They get a tip that he and his girlfriend are hiding out on the asteroid colony Tijuana (which while smaller than the Tijuana here on Earth it’s actually a lot cleaner but still has that underground crime). We go there and see Asimov and his latino girlfriend at a bar trying to sell the Bloody-Eye but before the deal can go down the place gets shot up by his syndicate who sent hitman to take him out. However, Asimov takes a bit of the Bloody-Eye by spraying it in his eyes (interesting way to inject a drug into the body) and his senses heighten greatly so greatly that he’s able dodge bullets and move faster taking out all the hitman with ease. Asimov and the girl escape and hideout in the country where they run into Spike who befriends the girl but gets attacked from behind by Asimov who tries to choke him to death (a boring method but effective). The girl stops him of course and they escape to go make another deal only this time Spike is there posing as the buyer and we see just what Spike is made of (scene here: //, man what a great series of events. First off the fighting is great in this scene. One of many aspects of the anime I like is Spike’s fighting style. His moves are smooth, effective, and there’s no wasted motion in his attacks. Watanabe goes on record saying that Spike’s fighting style is based off of Bruce Lee’s fighting style Jeet Kune Do a martial arts that borrows moves from all aspects of different martial arts and wastes no motion, movements, or actions. Second that ending scene with the girl realizing that it’s the end for them she knows she and Asimov are gonna die no matter what. Rather than fight her fate she instead decides to put Asimov out of his misery herself and then die. That shock look on Spike’s face when he catches up to them is great. As if he was conveying the feelings of what the audience was feeling when they watched this scene the first time). In the end the two don’t get their money and they continue their travel through space (space is a cruel dame kid. Remember that).


Episode 2 has are 2 bounty hunters go to Mars to catch a guy by the name of Abdul Hakim worth 8 million woolongs. Abdul has stolen has stolen a valuable lab animal (and yet PETA or any other animal rights groups aren’t assisting him at all) and has gone through plastic surgery to avoid being caught. At a bar Abdul gets the lab animal stolen from him (a thief stealing from a thief. Thief-ception) and takes the lab animal to the black market pet shop where we see that the lab animal is a Welsh corgi. Spike mistakes the thief for Abdul but once he sees the dog he realizes he’s made a mistake and leaves. As he’s leaving the real Abdul (please stand up please stand up) comes in and takes the dog back only to have the dog escape him and we get a funky chase scene (scene here: // Spike takes the dog back to the ship where Jet tells Spike to use the dog as bait to lure Abdul however the scientist who are also looking for the dog activate a dog whistle and get the dog back (yeah why didn’t they do this from the beginning again?). But before they can capture the dog Abdul shows up in a stolen wedding car and gets the dog resulting in another car chase scene between Abdul, Spike and the scientist which ends with Spike saving the dog and Abdul and the scientist crashing into the police station and getting arrested. As the episode is finishing up we find out that the dog is a data dog a rare dog that has heightened intelligence (basically the dog is a genius). The dog gets taken in by Jet and Spike and given the name Ein (welcome aboard mutt).


Episode 3 introduces us to our third bounty hunter Faye Valentine voiced by Wendee Lee (Kiva from Megas XLR) a beautiful little number who owes a mountain of debt money to people all over the galaxy (man you must of pissed off a lot of people). She captures by a casino owner named Gordon who wants her to be the middle man (or woman in this case) for a trade going on in his casino. Gordon says that if Faye does this he’ll pay off all her debt so naturally she agrees to it. But they plan the trade on the worst day since Spike and Jet are also in the casino looking to earn some money (they say black cats are bad luck well these two are gods of misfortune). Faye mistakes Spike as the person she’s to make the trade with and cheats him out of all his money until he has one last chip which she was supposed to receive. Spike takes his leave with the chip where he bumps into the real guy Faye was to make the trade with where they drop their two chips and Spike gets his by mistake. As Spike is leaving Faye stops him (play your cards right Spike and she’ll be all yours) and security attacks him as well (you know you guys could of just invited him to the VIP room right?). So a fight breaks out with Faye trying to make a run for it on her ship but she gets hijacked by Spike and Jet who capture her and bring her back to their ship and handcuffing her to the bathroom (in any other anime this would be seen as dirty but in this anime it actually works). Jet analyzes the chip where he discovers a microchip that has one-half of an AI program hidden within it that can hack any security system (well looks like the jobs of hackers will be obsolete in 56 years. We’re almost there folks). Gordon has the other half of the program and needs the half Spike and Jet have in order for the program to work and since he thinks Faye betrayed him he sends out a bounty on her head (scene here: // Spike and Jet get in contact with Gordon where they agree to give the chip to Gordon if he pays them 30 million woolongs. Gordon agrees to do this but of course he tries to double cross at the trade which results in Faye getting away, stealing his money and getting killed in the end (like I said gods of misfortune).


Episode 4 is an environmental awareness episode. While Spike and Jet are closing end on a bounty at a restaurant the bounty gets taken out by the Space Warriors a group of eco-terrorists who use violence and acts of terrorism to save wildlife (and shockingly I like these guys a lot more than PETA. Yeah I know they’re terrorist who are using violence and threats to get what they want but give them credit they are protecting wildlife and endangered species. They’re acts don’t justify their means but their hearts are in the right place. PETA on the other, is attacking Nintendo just because their mascot wears a tanuki suit which they claim with no evidence that Nintendo supports the murder of tanukis). Spike captures the leader of the group which is an old lady named Twinkle Maria Murdock (wow all of the fear of this character left as soon as they announced her first name) who has a 25 million woolong bounty on her head. She willingly goes with them saying her getting captured will do nothing and she backs it up. It turns out her group has created a virus called Monkey Business a virus that solely attacks humans and turns them into monkeys. The Space Warriors are threatening to unleash the virus on the planet that issued the bounty on Twinkle unless they cancel the bounty and give Twinkle back to them (not gonna lie this actually is a pretty good strategy). The planet stops all ships from coming to the planet and tries to locate Spike and Jet. While that’s going on we cut to Faye who is stranded in space, lost all the money she stole from gambling, and was given a small vase containing what I believe to be a deadly virus (they don’t come out and say it’s a virus in fact they never tell us what the vase is but when Twinkle sees it she’s very scared of it giving us the hint that it’s possibly a virus). Faye gets picked up by Spike and Jet where they handcuff her to a pole (either Spike and Jet are into bondage or the animators just like seeing Faye tied up). Spike and Jet are told to hand Twinkle back to the Space Warriors but before Twinkle leaves she steals the vase from Spike secretly. After safely reunited with the Space Warriors she launches the Monkey Business virus on the planet using the hyperspace rings. Spike and Faye try to stop the virus in hyperspace but there are too many of them so the planet closes the rings and traps the Space Warriors and the virus in hyperspace where the vase breaks and presumably kills everyone on the ship. The episode ends with Faye officially joining the Bebop gang and sticking with them.


Episode 5 gives us a little backstory into Spike’s past. Spike used to belong to this crime syndicate known as the Red Dragon but through a series of events left. The leader of the syndicate Mao has a bounty of 28 million woolongs on his head and has been assassinated by one of his men named Vicious voiced by Skip Stellrecht (Guy from Naruto) who while only in a few episodes is considered to be the main antagonist of the series. Vicious is a ruthless, cunning, and ambitious fellow who has a history with Spike in fact some consider him to be Spike’s darker half since the two are alike in some ways. When Spike hears about the death of Mao he sets out to avenge him not telling Jet or Faye the whole story about his past or his connection to Mao. When Faye sees the bounty on Mao she goes after him herself only to fall into a trap (and at the opera house no less. Scene here: //, gotta love how the crowd cheers when Vicious introduces himself). So Faye gets kidnapped and tied up again (I’m seriously thinking about starting a counter with Faye getting kidnapped and tied up) and Spike has to go and save her at an abandoned church where he saves Faye, guns down a few baddies, and has his fight with Vicious (just an average day for a space cowboy. Scene here: //


In episode 6 Spike and Jet are in a nightclub listening to a kid named Wen on stage play a mean harmonica (a plus for this episode is the music is really spot on). The two are after a guy named Giraffe who has 3 million woolong bounty on his head and in the nightclub is another bounty hunter gunning for Giraffe. Jet stalls the bounty hunter while Spike chases after Giraffe who is secretly following Wen and some guy in a wheelchair. After reaching a hotel Giraffe breaks into their room and tries to kill them but gets shot himself and tossed out the window like Bill from accounting (// Spike saves him but he dies unfortunately (3 million woolongs gone like that). However, before dying Giraffe gives Spike a ring (I don’t think Spike swings that way Giraffe). Spike takes the ring back to Jet who analyzes it but can’t find anything weird about it but they both know something strange is going on here. Jet finds out that the man Giraffe was chasing with Wen is a guy named Zebra (what’s with all the animal names this episode?) an old teammate of Giraffe who used to be in the defense force together (Task Force Animal was their squad name). The two were captains of their squad but Zebra double-crossed Giraffe and left him to die. 10 years later Zebra shows back up in a wheelchair with a kid (and the rest of the story is lost in space. The end). Spike goes back to the nightclub and follows Wen and Zebra after the performance to a warehouse where Wen gets the jump on Spike and fires a gun at him (woah the kid is packin’ heat). We get a flashback of Wen’s childhood showing us how his family got killed due to a hyperspace gate crashing. The gate destroys the environment and everyone in it except for Wen who emerged unharmed (talk about lucky). Wen explains to Spike that he’s actually 80 years old and due to the accident he stopped aging entirely (no wonder he plays the blues). Wen wants the ring Spike has but he plays dumb, manages to kick Wen down a floor of stairs and brings Zebra back to the ship where we see he’s completely paralyzed (*giggles* okay this might be a little mean and inappropriate but can we take him to a strip club and just have a bunch of girls dance in front of him?). After using a machine to read Zebra’s mind (yeah this pretty much comes out of nowhere) they find out that the ring has the power to return age to Wen so Jet melts the ring down into a bullet and gives it to Spike so that he can go and take down Wen. He finds Wen and the two fight where Spike fires the bullet at Wen (who takes the bullet thinking he won’t die. Just because you have eternal youth doesn’t mean you’re immortal) returning age to him and he dies (Wen: *Gets shot by bullet* Ha! It’ll take more than that to-oh wait I’m aging. Good job *dies*).


Not much to say about episode 7. The gang is after a guy named Decker (who looks strangely like Woody Allen) a man in possession of dangerous explosives. In order to catch him Spike teams up with a space trucker named V.T whose real name is unknown by the other truckers and they all take bets trying to figure out what her real name is. If they fail they have to pay her but if they guess right she’ll give them the whole pot of money she’s collected. V.T has a hatred for bounty hunters but she helps out Spike anyway since he reminds her of her late husband. The two work together but unfortunately Decker dies in a space mine after a crash. V.T gets trapped in the mines forcing Spike and Faye to come to her rescue where they use one of Decker’s bombs to blow their way out and blow up the space mine as well (well that’s a fine heading their way). At the end of the episode Spike figures out that V.T’s real name is Vitoria Terpsichore the wife of the legendary bounty hunter Ural Terpsichore who died.


Episode 8 starts off on a shuttle headed to Venus (wow they colonized Venus? How they do that? I’m no astrologist or planet expert but Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System with 96% of the atmosphere being carbon dioxide and a pressure that’s 92 times that of Earth. Not to mention there are sulfuric acid clouds that cover the planet. In other words this planet’s environment is too hostile for humanity) with Spike and Faye capturing these 3 small time hijackers named Huey, Louie, and Dewey (oh boys why? You used to such good kids. What would your Uncle Donald and Uncle Scrooge say? (Donald): *Bunch of gibberish no one can understand*. (Scrooge): Blow me bagpipes). They collect the bounty (wow, this actually caught a bounty without killing them or destroying property) and Spike gets approached by a guy named Rocco who is on the shuttle and witnessed Spike’s fighting style. Impressed by his fighting style (as well he should be) Rocco begs Spike to teach him how to fight and after enough begging (and the constant come on~) Spike agrees to train him a little bit. As you would expect Rocco isn’t all that good (// but he keeps trying and everything. One of the highlights of this training is that Spike is actually using Bruce Lee’s philosophy to explain his fighting style to Rocco such as telling him to be like water. Stay calm and in control, go with the flow without effort and pound your opponents the next moment (scene here: // As they’re training a couple of thugs show up looking for Rocco (he needs to return to his modern life). He runs away but not before giving Spike a package and asking him to meet at a secret location the next day. Spike shows it to the others and they find out that the package contains a Grey Ash plant a plant that’s worth tens of millions of woolongs and is used as medicine to cure the Venus Sickness a disease that causes blindness. They also find out that Rocco stole the plant from his gang’s leader Piccaro and that there’s a bounty on Rocco and Piccaro’s head because they stole the plant. Faye tries to find Piccaro while Spike goes to look for Rocco only to find Rocco’s sister Stella (STELLA~) who has the Venus Sickness and is completely blind right now. Spike quickly pieces together that Rocco stole the plant to save his sister and flies off to the location specified by Rocco to meet him. Speaking of Rocco we see that Piccaro and his gang have caught, beaten, and torture him trying to get information as to where he hid the plant. Despite getting beaten up Rocco stills makes it to the location to meet Spike and the two get surrounded by Piccaro and his gang and a shootout begins (oh boy death flag on Rocco. I know how this anime works. Whenever there’s a shootout someone other than the main characters are gonna die). Rocco takes the plant and hide while Faye and Jet show up in their ships to help out. Rocco gets into a fight with one of the thugs where he finally becomes water and takes down the thug even impressing Spike a little bit (nice. Alright he’s had his moment kill him now). Unfortunately, this moment of triumph is short lived as Rocco is shot in the back and killed (called it). Faye corners Piccaro and forces him to surrender stopping the shooting and Spike rushes over to Rocco where it’s too late to save him. The next day Spike goes to visit Stella in the hospital where she’s about to undergo surgery to repair her eyesight. She finds out that Rocco is dead (Nickelodeon decided to stop running re-runs of his modern life) but Spike tells her (in his own little way) that Rocco was a terrific guy before leaving.


Episode 9 introduces us to the final member of the Bebop gang Edward voiced by Melissa Fahn (Rika from Digimon Season 3 aka Digimon Tamers) who I have to admit does an amazing job voicing this character. Edward is a girl who is just insane. She’s considered a computer genius who can hack into just about anything and totally unpredictable in what she’ll say or do. Next to Spike, Edward is the most recognizable character in the series and the one character that everyone seems to be split about. You either like this character or don’t like this character. Many people like her because of her unpredictable and wild nature that keeps you guessing while others just found her annoying because of her childish nature. Anyway in the episode the AI of a satellite is lonely so it connects to a bunch of other satellites orbiting Earth which was damaged due to a space gate crashing (most likely the one from episode 6) and begins firing lasers on the planet’s surface carving animals (put the carving of an elephant in my yard please). Police think a hacker has hacked into the satellite and is doing all of this so they issue an 8 million woolong bounty on the hacker. Spike decides to pass on this bounty saying that chasing hackers is boring (and hard work) leaving only Faye and Jet to team up to find the hacker. As they both search with Jet thinking that Edward is behind the hacking Edward hacks into the satellite responsible for the land carvings and calls it MPU because it sounds neater. They chat a little bit but Edward loses contact with MPU after the Earth Police jam the signal. She then contacts the Bebop where she tells Spike that the only way to capture MPU is to manually hack into the satellite and download it’s program (sounds easy). The only problem is the satellite is protected by defense satellites who shoot down anything or anyone when it senses on-board computers (well this got hard and dangerous). Excited about this challenge Spike heads out in his spaceship and connects to a port which allows him to fire lasers with the use of a computer. Spike than drifts toward the satellite with his engine and computer off and tries to fire on the satellite only to have his shot stopped by a defense satellite waking up the other satellites and forcing him to retreat. Faye shows up to save Spike and Edward makes the suggestion that Faye should act like a decoy while Spike flies within 20 meters of MPU keeping him safe because MPU won’t risk attacking the weather satellite (I guess they had something “special” in the past). The plan works and Edward is able to download MPU and hands it over to the Bebop gang where they receive some bad news about the bounty and Edward joins them (scene here: //, except anime).


Episode 10 is a Jet episode. Before becoming a bounty hunter Jet used to work for the ISSP (basically the galaxy’s police force) and was nicknamed the Black Dog. This episodes explores a little bit of Jet’s past and shedding some light on his character. In the episode the group has caught a bounty and is heading towards Ganymede (it’s real it’s real. Look up moons of Jupiter) which just so happens to be Jet’s home planet (or moon in this case) to cash him in. Once arriving Jet begins to remember his past and his ex-girlfriend Elisa. After talking to an old friend Jet goes to visit Elisa who owns a bar off the port of Mavis modeled after old-fashioned fishing towns complete with seagulls and wooden boats (and already this place is boring). He finds Elisa’s bar and walks in where he runs into a guy name Rhint who just happens to be Elisa’s boyfriend (she’s taken a real step backwards in the boyfriend department). Elisa tells Jet she’s closing the bar and leaving (the place was crapping anyway) with Rhint (did I mention he’s a lousy boyfriend?). Jet’s friend calls the Bebop and tells Spike that there’s a bounty out on Rhint and that he’s Elisa’s boyfriend. As soon as Spike here’s this he heads to find Elisa’s bar only to find Elisa and Rhint leaving on a hovercraft. He fires warning shots at them and runs into Jet where he tells him the full story. Jet tells Spike to back down saying this his score to settle and no one else’s. He catches them but Elisa pulls a gun out on Jet begging him to let them go (he’s a bounty hunter catching people is what he does lady). He says no and she exclaims that the reason they broke up in the first place is because he always made decisions for the both of them and how she was never allowed do anything for herself (because you make terrible decisions and do things that almost get you killed. Case in point, dating Rhint). When the ISSP ship comes in Rhint and Elisa give themselves up and Rhint is taken away but Jet says that since Rhint’s crime was in self-defense he’ll be release on a plea. He leaves the scene not looking back and throws a watch into a river happy that he can move on with his life and put his past behind him.


Not much to say about episode 11. A strange black creature on the ship has bitten Jet and Faye poisoning them and leaving only Spike, Ed, and Ein to find it. After much suspense and thinking about it Spike remembers that long ago he won a rare lobster and kept it in the back of a fridge for safe keeping but forgot about it until this day. Spike goes to the fridge and is horrified at what he finds that he launches the fridge into space and gets bitten by that black creature as well. At the end of the episode Ed catches the thing and eats it calling it pudding (black pudding is not good for the body). This whole episode is basically a homage to the Alien movie and can be considered the mindfuck episode as it happens and is never mentioned again. In fact, in the next episode everyone is alright and healthy again like this episode never happened, they don’t even talk about it.


Episodes 12 and 13 are two parts of one big story. It starts off with us finding out that Vicious is still alive and is meeting with the Van the council of elders who run the Red Dragon Syndicate. Vicious is asked by the Van to make a deal on the moon of Callisto and since they don’t trust him, they make Lin a high ranking officer in the syndicate who used to work under Spike go with him and keep an eye on him (so you don’t trust this guy, you know he’s dangerous, and yet you still keep him around. That makes all the sense in the world). Back on the Bebop Faye has left the crew (aww now what are we supposed to fantasize about in private?) and she’s taken all of their money (that bitch! Tonight, S&M fantasy). Ed searches the net trying to track Faye but instead discovers a signal for Codename Julia on Callisto. This catches Spike’s ears because Julia is the name of a woman from Spike’s past. Alright time to dive into this cowboy’s past once again. Remember how I said Spike used to work for the Red Dragon Syndicate but through a series of events left (if you don’t don’t worry about it that’s just the alcohol playing tricks on your mind)? Well Julia is the reason why. Julia was actually Vicious’ girlfriend (they were like Beauty and the Beast) however she and Spike started to have an affair with each other that led to Spike wanting to elope with her even knowing that desertion from the syndicate is punishable by death (what if he sent in a 2 week notice instead?). Vicious found out about the affair and confronted Julia about it telling her she would have to kill Spike or she and him would both be killed on the spot (you were gonna kill her later on anyway). Arranging a meeting in a graveyard (creepy) Spike gets ambushed by the syndicate where he presumably died but escaped. In order to protect herself and Spike, Julia went into hiding never to be seen again. Spike now believes Julia abandoned him, played with his emotions, and now that he’s found a clue to her whereabouts he wants answers from her. Spike prepares to leave where he and Jet get into a fire over their partnership and Spike heads out to Callisto with Jet banning him from the Bebop. On the moon, we see that Faye is staying there with a cold and drunk at a jazz bar watching a guy by name of Gren playing the saxophone (by the way the planet is completely male and Faye is the only woman on the moon. If I was her I would not stick around for very long). After his performance Gren strikes up a conversation with Faye thinking he’s flirting with her but he comes out and says he’s not interested in women (not surprised he’s stuck on an IMOS). Back on Spike’s side of the story he arrives on Callisto and begins looking for Julia where he runs into a transvestite named Julius who tells him to look for Gren at the bar. As Spike makes his way to the bar he gets attacked by a street gang who mistake him for Vicious (// Bebop/spike-vicious.jpg, how do you get those two mixed up?). In a fit of rage Spike beats the street gang and finds out about the deal going on between Gren and Vicious. He later runs into Vicious at night with Lin who shoots Spike and leaves him to die in the snowy streets (let it snow let it snow). Faye gets taken back to Gren’s place where she finds out he’s connected to Vicious and tries to attack him in the shower only to find out he has breast and wide hips (// Jet later arrives on Callisto to look for Faye still mad at Spike.


So Gren’s a transvestite and apparently he knew Vicious back from a war where Vicious saved him from being attacked by a scorpion. Gren wants to meet Vicious and ask him if Vicious framed him for a crime that happened in the past. After hearing the story Faye opens fire on him but he disarms her and handcuffs her to the bed (okay it’s official Watanabe loves to see Faye tied up. I don’t know why he enjoys seeing her tied up but apparently he was going through a phase in his sex life). Jet finds Gren’s apartment and rescues Faye who tells him the whole story (I guess even Jet knows not to eat the poisonous fruit).  Spike wakes up to discover that he wasn’t shot at all but was instead tranquilized. He gets a call from Jet saying that he’ll forgive Spike if he brings Gren since there’s a bounty on his head. Gren goes to the deal disguised as a woman on top of an abandoned skyscraper where he drops a bag of red eye and fires at it causing it to explode and injuring Lin. Gren tells Vicious that he discovered the solar transmitter in the music box Vicious gave him and how Vicious tried to kill him in order to get the music box back (you could of asked him Vicious). Gren begins to tell Vicious about their past, how they fought together, and how Gren looked up to him (and how they had that wonderful night in France). Gren fires on Vicious but Lin gets back up and takes the bullet for Vicious (was he worth it Lin?). Vicious grabs the bag of red eye and takes off in his ship with Gren chasing right behind him and Spike joining in the dog fight. As for Lin he’s left to die (way to show compassion for the guy who spared you’re life Spike). They have a dog fight where Vicious shoots down Gren but Gren left the music box in the bag of red eye which activates the solar transmitter which destroys one of Vicious’ wings almost killing him. Spike goes to check on Gren where we get this scene to bring the episode to a close (scene here: //


Space can be a cruel mistress guys but it can also be beautiful at the same time. Well, the cola is starting to take over and the bartender seems to be giving you the eye since you haven’t bought anything so I think it’s best if we stop this story for time being. If you wanna hear the end of this cowboy’s tale than meet me back here next week. Don’t worry I won’t being going anywhere and next week the drinks are on me. Now go on get out of here, I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.


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