Project #157: Attack on Titan Part 2

(Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well I’m back in my original location. (Isis): And I got done teaching the Jack Brothers a lesson. (Nitsuj): Let’s continue the review and return to the terrifying world of Attack on Titan.

Opening and Ending Theme

(Isis): For the second half of the anime we get a new opening called “Jiyuu no Tsubasa” by Linked Horizon. Personally I prefer the first opening over this one. While the song is intense and gets you pumped up I can barely understand what the singer is saying. If it wasn’t for the subtitles, I be lost. (Nitsuj): The singer also being drowned out by the instrumental. Turn it down a little bit and slow down the images a little more. (Isis): The ending this time is “great escape” by cinema staff and I have to admit I like this ending a lot more than the first one. (Nitsuj): Most endings try to calm you down and go slow but no this ending continues the same little of intensity as the opening and it works espically for a series like this where you don’t want to calm down you want to know what happens next. If anything you could argue that this would make a better opening then Jiyuu no Tsubasa.

Episodes 14-18

(Nitsuj): In episode 14 news spreads about the military having a titan on their side and the populace is divided on what to do about Eren. The Recon want to use Eren to reclaim Wall Maria (which would be the smart and reasonable thing to do. Plus this’ll give you a chance to expand human territory) while the Military Police see Eren as a threat to humanity and want to kill him (this would be the stupid and unreasonable thing to do. You literally have a Hulk on your side and you want to get rid of it?). Eren is finally taken out of the dungeon where he’s taken to the chief of command Dhalis Zachary who will decide Eren’s fate in court. Mikasa and Armin are also summoned to the court as well to act as witnesses. On his way to the court he meets one of the members of Recon and one of my favorite characters in the series Hangi a woman obsessed with titans, studies them, and treats them like humans. Now there’s been a lot of ambiguity concerning Hangi’s gender. The author of the series has gone on record saying that Hangi’s gender is left up to the viewer so a lot of people say Hangi is a woman (mostly because they want to ship her with Levi). Anyway, the trail of Eren begins (where he has no lawyer representing him. (Isis): They were the first to be eaten by the titans) where it doesn’t look good for him as the Military Police and these crazy wall worshipers (I’m not kidding. The priests in this anime worship the walls like they’re gods or something) present their case on fear and say that Eren is a threat to them with the fact that he almost tried to kill Mikasa. They even accuse Mikasa of being a titan (scene here: //, I do like how everyone just sits there in silence watching Levi beat the crap out of Eren and its ironically the Military Police who ask him to stop). So Eren is placed in the custody of Levi and put in his squad where Levi is under direct orders to kill Eren should he turn on the humans and we see how titan powers are proving beneficial to Eren (scene here: //

(Isis): In episode 15 Eren is taken to a castle with Levi’s team. There, he will undergo training for one month to control his titan powers in time for the next scouting mission to reach his home. His first task at the castle cleaning it up (scene here: // (Nitsuj): Something tells me Levi is a neat freak. (Isis): You’re one to talk. (Nitsuj): Hey I’m not a neat freak. I just favor organization over chaos). Hangi shows up at night saying she’s here to research Eren as leader of the titan research division and tells Eren about her research with the two recent titans the military caught (scene here: // She continues her lecture by saying she actually inflicted bodily pain on them to see if they had any weaknesses besides their necks. Bean reacted to the pain by screaming while Sawney didn’t react to the pain at all or at least didn’t want to show it to them (Nitsuj: Because he’s a man. Or titan in this case. Unlike Bean who gave up like France). After hearing all of this Eren asks her why she cares for them so much despite knowing everything they’ve done. She says it’s because fighting out of anger doesn’t always work. If they want to defeat the titans once and for all they must use knowledge to defeat them and in her studies she’s discovered that the bodies of the titans are as light as a feather. Hangi’s talk goes on until the morning until a scout shows up to tell her some bad news involving Sawney and Bean (scene here: //

Episode 16 focuses on the cadets. It’s time to decide which regiment they want to be a part of and shockingly Jean wants to join the Recon Corps (Nitsuj: That’s shocking) to honor Marco (//, I’m kidding. This decision really has shown how Jean has changed as a character. He’s gone from this arrogant prick who we all hated to someone who’s actually willing to lay down his life for humanity. That really speaks volume to his character growth). When it’s decision time we see Annie leave and join the Military Police (Nitsuj: Cowardly bitch) and as for the others (scene here: //, *Isis and Nitsuj salute the characters* (Nitsuj): Welcome to hell kids). Just as the Recon Corps are preparing for their mission Eren sees everyone and goes to meet them where he finds out Marco died (in the great off camera massacre of episode 13) and Jean questions Eren if he can completely control his powers since he and the others will be risking their lives for him. Eren says he will control his powers and the next day they all head out to Wall Maria.

Episode 17 starts off with them running through the fields (Nitsuj: *Morgan Freeman impression* Here we see the majestic humans run in a pact. Traveling ever forward while avoiding their predators the titans. Some will live some will die all in the name of humanity) in a tactical formation (scene here: //, this is a nice strategy). The strategy works nicely however they come across a few abnormals but take them down with ease. As things are running smoothly Armin’s group comes across something they have never seen before a female titan (scene here: //, yeah my sister is smart. (Nitsuj): Also, does anybody else find it sad that this is the second titan in the series who refuses to kill Armin? It’s as if the titans have standards on who they want to kill and for some reason Armin doesn’t meet their standards). Armin comes to the conclusion that the female is just like Eren a human who can transform into a titan and she’s after Eren (Nitsuj: Must be mating season. (Isis): Than she’s gonna be disappointed when she finds how smooth he is down there, // Armin meets up with Reiner and Jean who got their parties wiped out as well so they work out a plan to slow her down or immobilize her (scene here: //, (Nitsuj): Oh Reiner you beautiful bastard I thought we lost you there for a second. I’ve been so focus on Mikasa and Levi that I forgot Reiner’s pretty cool too). Despite stopping her momentarily she still proceeds to Eren (Nitsuj: She wants her snu-snu).

(Nitsuj): At the start of episode 18 Jean, Armin, and Reiner escape to safety and are stranded with only one horse meaning one of them will have to be left behind. However they get saved by a goddess (scene here: // The female titan continues her quest to reach Eren by mowing through the scouts showing amazing intelligence (even with a well strategized plan this bitch still wins. Scene here: //, it’s good~). The troops reach a forest of giant trees where the center troops (that’s Eren’s team) enter it while the rest of the troops go around it fighting titans and defending them. Jean thinks something is up as their acting commander doesn’t explain anything to them in fact everyone thinks something is weird as they think the mission should of been deemed a failure and they should have fallen back once the female titan appeared (Isis: What, and miss all the fun? I don’t think so). Titans appear from outside the forest and begin clawing at the troops camping in the trees (you guys do know you could knock those trees down easily? I mean it’s not redwood) and the forest team has their run in with the female titan and I have to admit the scene is well animated. The fear, expressions, voicing, and soundtrack for this scene is amazing. You literally feel as if you’re right there with them experiencing it. You’re on the edge of your seat wondering what’s gonna happen next (scene here: //

Episodes 19-22

In episode 19 Levi fires off a flare telling everyone to move forward. The rearguard continues to get destroyed by the female titan and Eren thinks he should transform and fight it (that’s a great idea. Assuming you have control of that power). As he considers turning himself into a titan Levi tells him to choose to either trust them or rely on his own strength (Isis: Which once again could potentially kill everyone). This causes a flashback to occur in Eren’s mind where he remembers doing an experimental training with Levi’s squad and Hangi where he’s unable to transform. During a break when he goes to reach for a spoon he partially transforms and everyone panics (scene here: // After seeing this Hangi deduced that Eren is able to transform not by solely injuring himself but by also having the desire to fulfill his goal (well that explains why I couldn’t turn into a titan I didn’t have a goal in mind. (Isis): For the last time you can’t turn into a titan it was all just a fever dream). After this the squad apologizes to Eren and they vow to learn to trust each other from now on. We cut to the present where Eren decides not to transform and trust his comrades (scene here: // With this they capture the female titan and makes plans to take her back alive and find out who she really is (Isis: Or we could just kill her right now and see who falls out).

Not much happens in episode 20. Erwin and Levi try to figure who’s inside the female titan but she shows that she has a few tricks on her sleeve (or skin in this case). For starters she can actually harden her skin which prevents them from cutting her and she can actually summon the titans to her killing herself and erasing all evidence of her existence (scene here: //, well on the bright side their kill counts went up big time). Erwin doesn’t believe the controller of the female titan is dead so he tells Levi to restock on supplies and hurry back to his squad who are currently being attacked by the controller of the female titan.

(Isis): In episode 21 the female titan goes into titan form to kill everyone and when Eren is set to turn into a titan the others tell him not to and to trust them to handle the situation (uh no. This has nothing to do with trust this is about surviving. You have a human titan on your side USE HIM. Scene here: // With the Levi squad dead (Nitsuj: And with them humanities best fighters against the titans) Eren transforms into a titan blaming himself for their deaths (don’t be so hard on yourself. It was their faults. Scene here: //, how do you have her pinned down and not land a hit? That’s just bad fighting right there. (Nitsuj): Yep. Pretty sad).

Episode 22 starts off with Levi and Mikasa trying to save Eren (Nitsuj: And when she says that she means Levi showing off how badass he is while Mikasa just stands there and almost screws up everything. Scene here: //, damn Levi a beast. I see why his squad had so much faith in him. He’s a warrior among men). After they rescue Eren they reunite the main squad and we see all the dead corpses they have to carry back (Nitsuj: So same time tomorrow guys?). As they head back to the wall two scouts rescue the body of their dead comrade and bring two titans (who walk like idiots) with them. This forces the squad to dump the dead bodies to lighten their weight (oh that is so messed) and escape the titans (scene here: // They all return where the crowd mocks them for returning early and having nothing to show for it (you could of at least bought us back some mud to show us something). With this return it’s clear the mission was a complete failure (Nitsuj: All because of one giant bitch) and Erwin is summoned to the capital where the final decision on Eren’s custody will be made (and the fact that they have nothing to show from their excursion only helps the Military Police).

Episodes 23-25

Episode 23 opens up with Annie (Nitsuj: Hey long time no see. I see you’re still an emotionless bitch who everyone’s afraid to sleep with). We see her getting prepared to protect the convoy carrying Eren to the capital where we see that the Military Police are nothing but a bunch of cowardice lazy corrupted pigs who don’t have an ounce of goodness in their heart (but you already knew that I’m sure. (Nitsuj): Wow Isis tell us how you really feel. (Isis): I’m sorry but these guys piss me off. Their said to be the best students. The best marks in their grade yet all they do is laze around and do nothing to contribute to society. (Nitsuj): Well that’s politics for ya. It also shows just how flawed the education system can be). The only character of the Military Police I have respect for is Marlow a man just as disgusted with the way things are run as well and wants to climb to the top to change things believing that the Military Police just need discipline to get on the right track again (that and a bullet between the eyes). While the convoy is being escorted through the city Armin approaches Annie begging her for help and getting Eren out of the city for the time being. We see that the one riding in the convoy is Jean disguised as Eren (he looks quite good with black hair) and that this is all a stall tactic by the Scouts to find evidence to support their claim on Eren (Nitsuj: I love how Eren is now seen as an item instead of a person. (Isis): He lost his rights as a person when he transformed into a titan). She agrees to help (Annie: Only because I have a weak spot for Armin’s puppy dog eyes) and make their way pass the checkpoints unnoticed and they reach an underground tunnel while being followed by Scout members because they suspect that Annie is the female titan (let’s review the evidence. Female titan goes directly for Eren when only a few people know Eren is the rogue titan. Fully aware of the military tactics to take down a titan and guards herself at all times. Doesn’t kill Armin on the battlefield despite slaughtering everyone else. Finally, she’s one of the only major female characters who we didn’t see in the battle. Wow, it’s so obviously her. Scene here: //, you bitch. (Nitsuj): By the way her blushing face, //

So in episode 24 Annie transforms into a titan and attacks the Scouts while trying to capture Eren. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin get stuck in the underground tunnel and Eren can’t transform because he still can’t believe Annie is the female titan (Nitsuj: Well believe it kid) and still has doubts in his mind (Nitsuj: What’s there to doubt? She’s the female titan, she killed you’re comrades, and is now loose in the city. Grow a set and fight this bitch). Mikasa and Armin try to lead Annie away from Eren but the tunnel caves in and Eren gets crushed under the debris and is slowly dying. This forces Mikasa to fight her one on one while Armin tries to get Eren back on his feet telling him that this has to be done whether they like it or not. Jean joins in the fight and together with Armin they lead Annie to a trap set up by Hangi (also the Military Police, totally useless in this fight. They’re just standing around scared out of their minds. Best of the best my ass. I’ll take the Recon and the Garrison over these guys any day of the week. Scene here: //, (Nitsuj): Woo~ Hangi got scary us. No doubt she’s still pissed about Sawney and Bean). Back with Eren he as my master would say grows a set, realizes what needs to be done and finally transforms to take Annie down (scene here: //, it’s going down next episode).

(Nitsuj): The final episode opens on a funny note with those wall worshippers getting crushed by Annie (I know it’s wrong but I just find this hilarious. They’re worshipping a bunch of walls created by human engineering which the titans have proven that they can break into. Twice already. Three times if you count this one and this time you let her in. Even cultists would be laughing at how ridiculous these guys are) and then the anime becomes epic beyond human understanding (scene here: // So after the fighting is done Annie freezes herself in a block of what I assume is ice (// meaning they can’t question her for information (Isis: So that means all the deaths, destruction, and property damage was all for nothing? (Nitsuj): Not really we got a cool titan fight out of it. I say that more than covers the cost for property damage). Erwin attends a government inquiry where he explains despite the deaths and causalities (Isis: And property damage) they now have proof that humans who can turn into titans are living within the walls and he plans to find them all and use them to launch a counterattack against the titans (it’s time they learn that war is a combat sport. When they show up at our doorstep we’re gonna have a party waiting for them with a whole lot of people and human titans waiting to kill them). In the end Erwin’s name is cleared (huzzah), Eren is allowed to stay with the Recon, and Annie is placed under the Recon’s watched where she is to be guarded and watch 24/7. We end the anime by finding out a shocking secret concerning the walls (scene here: //, the walls are TITANS~).

Final Thoughts

(Isis): So that was Attack on Titan it’s amazing, incredible, out of this world, and restores your faith in anime. (Nitsuj): Yeah I have to admit this series was impressive from beginning to end. This is great and really pulls you end. The characters are constantly evolving and the story keeps moving forward while making sure you don’t get lost along the way. (Isis): The three main characters Eren, Mikasa, and Armin truly do come together to create one person. Eren has the undying spirit to keep fighting and never give up, Mikasa has the amazing body that’s strong and unyielding and Armin has the brains which keeps everyone safe while also helping him stay ahead of his opponents. The three characters possess a trait that makes them unique and where one person lacks the other makes up for it. (Nitsuj): The side characters are also surprisingly well flushed out. They all get a fair amount of screentime to develop their character and show us that they’re not just there as bodies for the main characters to work off of. While Levi may probably be my favorite character in the series the development and transformation of Jean’s character is amazing and one of the best moments in the anime.

The enemies in this anime the titans are very scary to see. (Isis): They’re like zombies if they were giants and possessed great intelligence. Each one is unique and different from the other one. Everytime you see one you see the fear in the eyes of the characters and they back up that fear by being emotionless beings who only care about eating humans for their own personal goal. (Nitsuj): The only downside I have with the titans is that we never learn that much about them such as where they come and why they do the things they’re doing. Now that I think about it the major problem with the series is that they never really explain their world to us. They just kind of throw us into this kill or be eaten world without explaining how we got here. Granted it’s a scary world and one that I would never want to live in but I would at least like to know how the world got the way it was.

(Isis): The animation is stunning and wonderful to watch. There was careful attention to detail with every scene. When something break it sounds like something has broken. When you hear a sword slash it sounds like a sword slash, and when you see someone get eaten by the titans they make it sound and feel like it’s really happening in front of you. Looking back the animation can be quite threatening at times with how violent and realistic it is when they show dead bodies but at the same time it amazes us for its fight scenes. It’s very clever to see how the humans fight the titans despite being outmatched both size and strength wise. While I would of loved to see more of it the stuff that they show is out of this world and leaves you begging for more.

(Nitsuj): Soundtrack was also amazing. Everybody loves the music for this anime. Hands down one of the best soundtracks to be put in anime. Each piece of music matches up perfectly with each scene conveying the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of what’s going on. After the first episode I spent 5 minutes sitting in awe at how amazing the music for this anime was. If you’re looking to own any anime soundtrack this is the track that I would recommend. Finally, the number of themes presented in this anime are all done amazingly. The themes are handled maturely not feeling forced at all. Each one is given enough time to show how it works in the world and the factors it plays for our characters. Nothing in this series feels meaningless or a waste of time. The series builds off of each episode and leads to a season finale that leaves you satisfied but still wanting more from the series.

(Nitsuj): The final of Attack on Titan for me is a 9/10. If they would of explained the world more and the titans I would of easily given it a 10 but these two factors are just too big to overlook. (Isis): While I understand you’re negatives master I still give the series a 10/10. A masterpiece of animation. Making the final score average of this anime a 9.5/10 with~. (Nitsuj): With a must watch stamp of approval. This anime has quickly become the anime to see in the last few years and will continue to be seen as one of the best animes out there. This series isn’t over yet and I look forward to seeing what happens next. (Isis): Thanks for reading and happy holidays. (Nitsuj and Isis): We’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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