Project #158: Attack on Titan vs Kill la Kill

*Isis and Shizuku are fighting in the house*

(Isis): You will admit defeat!

(Shizuku): Only when I’m buried 6 feet underground!

*The two clash swords with each other with Shizuku winning because of her power but Isis gets the advantage by using her speed to get behind her and kicks Shizuku into the wall. Shizuku than takes out her shotgun gauntlets and Isis pulls out her AI pistols. They have CQC with each other dodging each other’s moves flawlessly. *

(Shizuku): *Breathing heavily* You truly are an annoying opponent.

(Isis): *Breathing heavily* And you are a stubborn opponent.

(Isis and Shizuku): But I will not back down from this fight!

*They put distance between each other and get ready to clash with each other.*

(Isis): *Pulls out sword* Last chance to surrender.

(Shizuku): *Loads shotgun gauntlet* I was just about to say that to you.

*As the two run towards each other they get stopped by having water poured on them by Nitsuj.*

(Nitsuj): What have I told you girls about fighting? If you’re gonna fight please tell me and do it in the mud pit that I’ve prepared for you. It’s that simple.

(Shizuku): Don’t interfere boss this is personal.

(Isis): She’s right we’re having a very important argument here.

(Nitsuj): And that would be.

(Isis): Which anime is better Kill La Kill or Attack on Titan?

(Shizuku): It’s obvious that these two animes were the best of 2013 but the question remains which one is the overall enjoyable anime?

(Isis): It’s obviously Attack on Titan. Everyone still talks about how great that anime is.

(Shizuku): Get your head out of the clouds Kill La Kill was obviously better.

(Nitsuj): Okay. Okay, I get it now. It’s clear to me that you two refuse to yield to each other. So let’s decide this fairly. It’s time once again for another vs blog. Two animes going at it in a match to decide which one is better and this week we have guest reviewers Isis and Shizuku each representing their respected anime. Here’s how it’s going to work out. I’ll pick a category and you girls will each present your argument on why your anime is better and I’ll be the tie breaker. How’s that sound?

(Isis): Sounds good to me. You have reviewed both animes so we know you won’t be bias towards any side.

(Shizuku): And hearing the opinion from a neutral party will make things fair.

(Nitsuj): I’m glad you girls agree with this now let’s get ready to rumble this is Attack on Titan vs Kill La Kill.

Main Character

(Nitsuj): The first category is of course the main character and since I’ve reviewed Kill La Kill first we’ll start with that. Shizuku present your case.

(Shizuku): Gladly. The main character for Kill La Kill is Ryuko. She’s a rebellious badass girl on a mission to find out who killed her father. Her quest takes her to an academy run by Satsuki and her elite students. Once there she finds the godrobe Senketsu and the two fight through the academy to find the answers to Ryuko’s past. What makes this character so great is her realistic character. This girl was a rebel, she backs down from no one no matter how strong they may be, her determination is amazing at how far she’s willing to go to find the truth about her father, and her fighting is on a level of her own. She can be reckless and stubborn which often gets her into trouble but she won’t make any excuses about her choices. Whatever choice she makes she sticks with it whether it’s good or bad. Despite being powerful she’s not too overconfident in her skills and while she’s a troublemaker at school deep down she does care about the people around her. Her interactions with Mako and her family are quite touching as it shows that deep down she does understand what a family is and has longed to have one despite not being on the best of terms with her father. Stubborn, fierce, determined, and beautiful Ryuko is one badass girl who knows how to get the job done and isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone.

(Nitsuj): Alright nice. Isis your turn.

(Isis): The main character for Attack on Titan is Eren a young boy who lives in a world where people constantly live in fear of the titans. One day Eren’s life is changed forever when the titans break through the wall, destroy his home, and eat his own mother right in front of him. Eren escapes but vows revenge against the titans saying that he’ll kill them all one day. Years later Eren is all grown up and has joined the military to fight the titans. During another titan attack Eren gets eaten by a titan where he discovers that he has the power to transform into a titan. After discovering this power Eren is soon put into the hands of the Recon Corps. who want to train him and wish to use him on their missions to fight titans outside the wall. Eren can best be described as stubborn, passionate, impulsive, and caring. He doesn’t want to live his life inside the walls and instead wants to go out and see the world. He refuses to live as livestock for the titans and isn’t afraid to face them even if he has to do it alone. He cares deeply for his comrades and friends. He actually sacrificed his life just to save his best friend Armin. He places a good amount of trust in his comrades on the battlefield and knows that even though his powers are dangerous and is something he himself doesn’t know all too well he embraces these powers and sees them as a tool to help him fight against the titans. He can be quite reckless when fighting whenever he sees his friends or comrades in danger but that goes to show you how much he values the lives of humans.

(Nitsuj): Good job Isis. Now my thoughts. Both of these characters have similar qualities. They’re both stubborn, have a caring heart for the people close to them, reckless, and they both lost someone they care about and wish to avenge them. But there are a few differences. Ryuko is a lot more stubborn than Eren in my opinion. While Eren will back down when his friends talk to him Ryuko won’t she’ll keep going no matter what. Eren seems to be more short-tempered than Ryuko and will fight anyone at the drop of a hat while Ryuko can be short-tempered at time it almost seems like she’s more in control of her emotions. As the anime goes on she does become somewhat calmer and more mature in her fighting while Eren seems to remain the same. Actually, in the second half of the anime he does become somewhat of a wuss by not transforming into a titan when his comrades are in danger. Probably the biggest thing that separates these two are their motives. Eren’s motive is to kill all titans to avenge the death of his mother as well as the death of others while Ryuko is doing this to avenge the death of her father but with her it’s much more than that. She’s not doing this to satisfy her vengeance but instead is doing this to better understand the person who raised her but who she never got the chance to really know because of her own stubbornness. So which do I think is better? I have to go with Ryuko. She has a better understanding of what she’s doing, knows why she’s doing it, and has better character development. Point goes to Kill La Kill.

(Isis): Crap!

(Shizuku): Suck it!

Attack on Titan: 0 Kill La Kill: 1

Secondary Characters

As always the second category in these blogs are the secondary characters the characters who are there to serve as people for the main character to work off up and provide support for them. Both of these animes have a large and impressive cast so judging them is gonna be hard. Since you won the last round Shizuku you go first.

(Shizuku): The cast of Kill La Kill all have one thing in common. They’re all a little insane. Two of the most well-known side characters are Satsuki and Senketsu. Satsuki is in truth Ryuko’s big sister who just like their mother also has a superiority complex but she doesn’t take it up to the degree as their mother. Despite her superiority complex she does have a soft spot for those who serve her and is willing to work with anyone as long as they share the same goals and she’s a natural leader as everyone seems drawn to her. Just like Ryuko she’s a fierce fighter as well in fact one could argue that she’s a better fighter than Ryuko as she’s never lost to Ryuko in a one-on-one fight. As far as her relationship with Ryuko goes the two really didn’t see eye to eye with each other but by the end of the series the two do become close and develop a sisterly relationship. Senketsu was kind of like a mentor to Ryuko in the series. In a way he somewhat takes the spot on Ryuko’s father. Always caring for Ryuko, looking out for her, and even willing to put his life on the line just to make sure she’s safe. Despite being an article of clothing he does display human characteristics such as love, sadness, and loneliness and can be seen as the tactical force of the team as he’s always giving Ryuko advice in battle. As far as other characters we have the Elite 4 Satsuki’s closest allies and friends who loyally follow her and each have their own unique quirk that separates from each other. Ira is the most loyalist and serves as Satsuki’s shield but he also has a strong sense of justice. Uzu is a fighting maniac who at first just wants to fight people but after losing to Ryuko he becomes humble and hones his fighting skills to become one of the toughest fighters Ryuko had to face in the series. Nonon, Satsuki’s childhood friend and considers herself the closest to Satsuki. Despite her sweet and innocent look she’s quite bitchy when it comes to people outside of Satsuki. The final member of the Elite 4 is Inumuta who is the cold and calculating type who cares more for his data than people. The Nudist Beach people are quite funny and do provide plot advancement in the show as they pretty much explain everything to Ryuko and finally we have Mako and her family who represent the amount of insanity this anime has. Mako is Ryuko’s best friend who despite having no powers or combat abilities continues to stay close and follow Ryuko even becoming somewhat of a second sister to Ryuko. Her family is also quite crazy but at the same time loving and caring. They welcome to Ryuko into their house with open arms and treat her as a member of the family giving Ryuko that family life she never had when she was growing up. End of discussion.

(Isis): The cast of Attack of Titan also consist of a number of characters. We have the amazing Mikasa who is in a league of her own as one of the strongest fighters in the show. She has a deep affection for Eren and wants to protect him at all times. Even when someone so much as hurts him she’s ready to destroy them. Armin is the typical shy boy who isn’t really good at fighting but when it comes to planning strategies he’s the man for the job. The guy is a tactical genius even solving who the female titan is as well as coming up with plans to save the lives of the group when it seems they’re stuck. Outside of these two characters we have the other cadets who each have their own personalities and characters such as the glutton Sasha, the goddess Krista, Connie, the tough but loyal Reiner, and probably the best cadet and one of the most developed characters in the series so far Jean. Outside of the cadets we have Levi who is awesome in his own right as being the best titan killer out there. Despite his cold exterior he’s actually a guy who’s very loyal to the cause and cares deeply for his comrades. He’s almost like Zoro from One Piece. The two characters don’t show their emotions all that much because they want to stay the strong, silent, and mature older brother but in truth they really do care about everyone around them. We also have Hangi the titan lover who is both smart and crazy at the same time. She has a fascination with titans and enjoys studying them. While they’re her enemy she believes that in order to really defeat the titans we have to understand them. She raises a good point. In order to defeat your enemy in combat you must first understand and think like your enemy. She’s approaching the battle from a different perspective. A perspective which no one had thought about until she bought it up. End of discussion.

(Nitsuj): Okay nice work ladies you both did a good job explaining each anime’s secondary characters now here are my thoughts. The characters of Kill La Kill are a lot more cartooney and over the top than the characters of Attack of Titan. Because of this they can get away with a lot more crazy stuff and it won’t seem out of character for them. I do enjoy the littler interactions the characters have off each other and for the most part the anime does a good job showing the backstory of it’s characters. Attack on Titans cast is a bit more realistic. All of these characters in some way have been hurt by the titans and they all want to get revenge against them or just be as far away from them as possible. The cast is more grounded such as the badass girl who has an emotionless look in her eyes because of a past trauma but still fights on for one person left in this world who she still cares about, the tactical genius who’s weak physically but strong mentally, the overpowered badass killer who secretly cares about those who he works with, the eccentric researcher, and a bunch of other good, interesting and sometimes funny characters who you can’t help but like. The one thing Attack on Titan’s cast has over the Kill La Kill cast is some good character development. For example, Jean starts off as being one of the most hated characters in this series but by the end of the series everybody was saying how much they loved this guy. He goes from this selfish prick who only cared about and wanted to join the MP just to live the lazy life and be away from the titans once and for all to a guy who abandons that dream, joins the Recon Corps. and becomes a guy ready to lay down his life to defeat the titans. He’s also the most human in the series as he’s scared out of wits and doesn’t try to hide it. He’s scared and wants nothing more than to live but he still continues to fight because he doesn’t want to die without a fight. So if I had to pick which cast I like the most I would have to say the cast of Attack on Titan. They’re a lot more realistic and developed as far as characters go and they have complex personalities. While the cast in Kill La Kill is great as well these characters really don’t develop all that much and their personalities can be one trait only so their actions can be pretty predictable at times. The cast from Attack on Titan did surprise me a few times and I enjoyed it. It was a tough choice but in my eyes the cast of Attack on Titan is the overall better cast. Point goes to Attack on Titan.

(Shizuku): Damn it boss!

(Isis): He called it right.

Attack on Titan: 1 Kill La Kill: 1

(Nitsuj): But as you all known characters need a strong villain to face. The next category: The villain. Since you won the last round Isis you start.

The Villain

(Isis): The villains for Attack on Titan are the titans. These giant human-like creatures who come in different shapes and have an appetite for humans. Not much is known about them outside of the fact that they don’t speak and in truth don’t get hungry, they’re just hunting humans to hunt them. So far the show hasn’t revealed their origins, where they came from, and what they’re ultimate goal is. All we known is that they’re the enemies of humans and must be destroyed. The other villain in this anime is Annie a cadet who trained with Eren and the others and is secretly a titan in disguise. Annie for the most part was a lone wolf. A fighter who kept to herself and saw everything as one bad joke. She did seem to have a soft spot for Eren as she admired his bravery and determination and she might have had feelings for Armin as she spared his life when she fought him outside the wall as well as the other cadets she trained so it’s clear she came to see everyone as friends who she cared about even if she doesn’t want to admit it. End of discussion.

(Nitsuj): Balls in your court Shizuku.

(Shizuku): The villain for Kill La Kill is Ragyou the mother of both Ryuko and Satsuki. Much like Satsuki she too has a superiority complex but she takes it up to a whole new level. The woman is downright insane. She believes that the world is nothing more than livestock for the life fiber to eat. She is dedicated whole-heartedly to the life fiber and doesn’t give a damn about human life. She doesn’t care about her own daughters and is even ready to kill them just because they got in her way and didn’t agree with her. She even sexually assaulted both of them. That’s just disgusting. Another villain in the anime is Nui who comes across as Ragyou’s third daughter made entirely out of life fiber. While she has a smile on her face constantly she’s almost as evil and sadistic as Ragyou. There’s just something about the way she speaks and acts that just agitates you and you just wanna see this bitch suffer because of it. End of discussion.

(Nitsuj): Yeah both of these animes are pretty straightforward when it comes to their villains. The titans from Attack on Titan are very ruthless when it comes to killing humans. Hell, they even forced me to put up a viewer discretion warning. These things don’t hold back. Having Annie as the female titan wasn’t as a big a shock as you think. Once you really sit down and think about it it does make sense how she could be the female titan and while she’s good at it we never know her motive or reason behind her actions. The same can be said for the other titans. What’s there motive? Why are they doing the things they’re doing? The villains from Kill La Kill had a lot to cover. Unlike Attack on Titan where the villains make an appearance in the first episode the villains of Kill La Kill didn’t appear until the halfway point in the series. For a majority of the series we all thought Satsuki was the villain but then she pulls a face turn on us and is actually the good guy fighting against the corrupt ideas of Ragyou and if you’ve read my top 11 evilest anime characters list than you’ll know how I feel about this character. Nui is also a character I agree with Shizuku about. The girl may smile but she’s downright evil and sadistic and yeah there is something about her that just makes you wanna punch her. I think it’s just her overall voice and attitude. The fact that there’s no remorse or regret when she speaks. Whenever she’s fighting or just talking with someone she maintains that calm and sweet innocent voice while smiling. It’s enough to get on anyone’s nerves. In the end I have to say that the villains of Kill La Kill are a lot better than the villains from Attack on Titan. We get a lot more character with Ragyou and Nui, a motive into what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, and they’re just evil all the way from beginning to end with no remorse for their actions. These two may have shown up late but they left a powerful impact on us which more than makes up for it. Point goes to Kill La Kill.

Attack on Titan: 1 Kill La Kill: 2

Now that we’ve finished the main categories it’s time for the wild card round and this time it’s action. Both of these anime are action animes and when it came to the action they delivered. Let’s see which one had the best action.

Action scenes/sequences

(Shizuku): When it comes to action Kill La Kill wins by a landslide. The animation for these action scenes are amazing thanks to the animation style and the insane atmosphere the anime creates for us. The fight scenes are creative and over the top that you can’t help but love them. There’s plenty of action in them. Each character has their own fighting style such as sword fighting, hand to hand fighting, using the elements, guns, or machines. We pretty much get every kind of fighting imaginable in this series and their each done in an impressive way. Even things you wouldn’t expect to see fight the creators of this anime found a way to make them fight and it’s done in a way that’s both fun to watch and creative. End of discussion.

(Isis): While I admit the fights of Kill La Kill are creative and fun to watch they’re all predictable. In all the fights you pretty much know what’s going to happen and some of them are resolved via deus ex machina. (Shizuku): But they’re cool deus ex machinas that blow you away. (Isis): It doesn’t matter a deus ex machina is still a deus ex machina. The action scenes for Attack on Titan are a little simpler but they’re amazing to watch. The titans trump the humans in all categories but they do have one weakness the nape of their necks. In order to reach the nape they use swords and the ODM gear which allows the humans to fly through the air and fight in a 3D space as opposed to a 2D space. While the gear doesn’t provide much usage in a wide open area such as an open field in a closed environment such as a city and the woods with large trees the gear becomes quite handing and reliable when fighting against titans as you move at high speed and grapple onto the titans to slice their nape and kill them instantly. We also get to see titans fighting titans where they fight hand to hand and the fights can get somewhat brutal because they’re tearing each other apart. In the end the fights in Attack on Titan are a lot simpler but at the same time they lack predictability, require more tactical and strategic thinking, and provide more intriguing fights. End of discussion.

(Nitsuj): Boy this is a tough one. The action scenes in both these animes provide unique variations. Kill La Kill has more creative and over the top fights but it’s still well animated and fun to watch. But just like Isis said the matches for the most part are predictable. Like for the first half of the anime the fights followed a pretty basic formula. Ryuko fights someone, beats them, and destroys their clothes absorbing the life fibers. It’s only near the end that the fights start to get less predictable and more intriguing. The fights in Attack on Titan are simpler but I have to admit it is cool to see how they fight against the titans. The ODM gear is cool and the fights do require a bit more strategy and thinking. They can’t go in there and just slash away at the titans. The titans only have one weakness the nape so it’s interesting to see the maneuvers they pull in order to slice the nape. The angles and shots they show with the ODM gear is so cool to watch and I do like how the characters use their surroundings to their advantage. As for titan on titan fights. While we didn’t get as many as I would of liked to see the fights are brutal and violent adding their own style of gore to an already gory anime. So which one do I like the most? I like the fights in Attack on Titan the most. While the fights may be simpler and lack the creativity and over the top action as Kill La Kill I am fan of fight scenes that require you to think outside the box and use what you got to your advantage no matter how overwhelming your opponent may be. Point goes to Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan: 2 Kill La Kill: 2

(Isis): Checkmate.

(Shizuku): It’s not over yet little lady.

(Nitsuj): Right you are Shizuku. Once again we are tied and all comes down to the final category which is story. Which anime gives us the best story?

Story and Themes

(Isis): The story of Attack on Titan follows a young boy named Eren whose life gets changed when the titans break through the wall, destroy his home, and take his mother’s life. Angry by this and wanting revenge Eren vows to destroy all the titans one day and reclaim the world for humanity. In his fight he discovers that he has the power to turn into a titan thanks to his dad and uses that power as humanity’s new secret weapon against the titans. The anime gives us a feeling of suspense and excitement as we have no idea what the titans are after and where they come from but we know there’s someone or something controlling them. The anime does an amazing job pulling you in with its story and characters. In a way it’s kind of a reflection of society as there are people who do feel like they live in a cage and are just waiting to be eaten by others. A lot of teenagers out there have said that they can relate to this show quite a bit. They feel that society is breathing down on them and waiting to gobble them up for no specific reason other than to simply do it. Another thing the anime brings along with it is it’s many other dark themes are what’s the best way to defeat a monster. Do we become the monsters ourselves and become something more dangerous and evil than them or do we keep our humanity and try to defeat them by our terms. Both sides are neither right nor wrong and the anime doesn’t say one is better than the other. It all comes down to what you think is the right choice and if you believe the choice isn’t right than find a way to get to the right choice. End of discussion.

(Shizuku): The story of Kill La Kill follows the story of a teenage girl and her quest for revenge in trying to find her father’s killer but at the same time she’s doing this as a way to get a better idea of who her father was since she herself never got the chance to really know him and now that he’s dead she’ll never get that chance and even though she doesn’t show it it really makes her sad deep down. In her journey she discovers a whole conspiracy that threatens to end all life on Earth and discovers that her family is a lot bigger and more complicated than she could have ever imagined. The anime is a mixture of both comedy, action, drama, suspense, and discovering who one really is. As far as themes go a lot of the themes can be related to the creator’s earlier work. For example, following the struggles and ideas of our parents. For Satsuki her mother Ragyou was a maniac who wanted to use the world as food for the life fiber and wanted her daughter to follow in her footsteps and dedicate her life to the life fiber just like she did. However, Satsuki goes against the ideas of her mother and literally stabs her in the back saying she doesn’t share the same views and ideas of her mother and is rebelling against her. Ryuko through a majority of the show really didn’t care about what her father was fighting against she just wanted to know what he was like and why he did the things he did. However, after finally hearing the full story she decides to embrace the struggles of her father and make them her own. So one of the daughters rebelled against her parent while the other embraced them showing us that sometimes the ideas and logic of our parents can be wrong and that it’s okay to break away from them. Another major theme in the anime is tyranny and whether or not tyranny can beat tyranny. Satsuki ruled her school through tyranny believing that controlling society through fear and subjugation was the best thing to do in order to give people freedom and liberation. Ryuko opposes this line of thinking in one episode by creating her fight club and helping Mako’s family status rise up in the city but at the same time almost tore them all apart. However, they learn that family is more important than one’s status and rebel against Satsuki’s system proving that with the right amount of effort people can break Satsuki’s system. There’s also a theme of tyranny against tyranny in Satsuki’s fight against her mother. Satsuki knows that talking to her mother and trying to convince her that what she’s doing is wrong won’t work so instead she decides to create an army herself and use that army to destroy her mother’s ambitions as well as her mother. Again, Satsuki believes in using fear, relying on herself, and using everyone as stepping stones in order to achieve her victory. While Ryuko on the underhand believes that the only way to bring down a tyrant is to work together. No one can do it alone it’s a group effort. At first Satsuki is against this but she comes around near the end after all the allies and friends Ryuko has made in her quest show up, and she becomes Ryuko’s partner fighting side by side to defeat their mother. End of discussion.

(Nitsuj): Well ladies both of you did a good job delivery your stories and themes. But you know what I don’t think it matters which anime had the best story or theme. In the end both animes were amazing and a joy to watch. These two animes changed the way we view anime and showed us that anime can be something much more than just hobby it can be something even greater and more inspiring than we could imagine. So I say it’s a tie for this category and say that both animes are great and neither one is better than the other.

*Isis and Shizuku sit in silence for a second*

(Isis): You buying this Shizuku?

(Shizuku): No. Let’s beat him up until he talks.

(Nitsuj): Okay fine, I was trying to be nice and considerate of both your feelings. In the end Attack on Titan has the better story and theme in my eyes.

(Shizuku): WHAT!

(Nitsuj): While it’s true that the themes and story in Kill La Kill are great in truth they were already address in Gurren Lagann. The only difference is they hit more at home this time around than they did in Gurren Lagann. While they’re not bad themes I would have liked to see the creator and writer tackle new themes and see their thoughts on something else. Attack on Titan gives us something fresh and new from its story to its dark themes and how they show both sides of the issue. They don’t chose a side nor do they say one is better than the other. They leave it up for you the viewer to decide which the right choice is. They don’t hold our hand nor do they talk down to us. This is what the show is and what it’s about. We’re going to treat you like an adult and talk to you like one. If it’s too much for you to handle then leave. Point and victory goes to Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan: 3 Kill La Kill: 2

So in the end Attack on Titan was the more groundbreaking anime with its great side characters, amazing fight scenes, and addicting story and themes. Now this doesn’t mean Kill La Kill isn’t groundbreaking either. This anime was also a marvel to watch with a badass main character who you really do come to like and respect, to one of the best villains in anime, and of course it also has a good story and themes but they’re just not as good or innovative as the ones presented in Attack on Titan. Personally, I love both of these animes and think they’ve established new ground into what an anime can do and should do for this generation. Thanks for reading, happy new year, and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

*Nitsuj gets up and leaves leaving Isis and a defeated Shizuku alone*

(Isis): Hey, good debate.

(Shizuku): Don’t patronize me.

(Isis): No serious, this could have gone either way. You really showed me things I overlook or didn’t think about when I watched Kill La Kill. I now have a new appreciation for it thanks to you. I can see why you like it so much. And if I did or said anything that might have offended you about it I apologize.

*Shizuku smiles a little bit*

(Shizuku): Yeah, I apologize as well if I did or said anything that might have offended you about Attack on Titan. You also opened my eyes to how good the anime is. The boss made some valid points about both animes that I might have missed and made the right call on all of them. So I admit defeat this time but next time it’ll my anime that wins.

(Isis): *Chuckles* Well see about that.

*Isis and Shizuku shake hands out of respect for each other and for a good debate. As Shizuku is walking away Isis calls out to her.*

(Isis): Hey. Attack on Titan has a second season coming out next year. The master and I are planning on watching it. I be more than happy if you joined us.

(Shizuku): Sure. I’ll check it out, see what all the hype is about, and I’ll point out all their mistakes along the way.

(Isis): Oh now you’re just trying to pick a fight with me.

(Shizuku): Maybe.

*Shizuku pulls out her hammer*

(Isis): You see *pulls out sword* that attitude is going to get your butt kicked.

*Isis and Shizuku charge at each other and continue their fight. Only this time it’s in good fun*

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