Project #203: The Top 11 Best Anime Worlds to Live In

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. So you guys seemed to like my top 11 worst anime worlds to live in list. Well let’s do it again, only this time let’s take a look at the best anime worlds to live in. Like I said before anime has given us tons of worlds to see and explore and sometimes we would like nothing more than to leave this world and just go off into that world. So today I’m here to count down the top 11 best anime worlds to live in. Why top 11? Because just like someone else I too like to go one step beyond. Once again, I’m going to try and stay away from slice of life animes. With that said let’s get started, these are the top 11 best anime worlds to live in.

#11. Outbreak Company

It’s your typical fantasy world where everything is different from our world. We have various races, different rules and customs, and of course ideas. While we didn’t get much of a chance to explore the world of Outbreak Company that only makes me want to explore it more. I want to see this world, I want to learn how the other kingdoms live and what they’re like. I want to ride that giant fish they showed in the opening and I want to interact and talk to all the various races in this new world. Plus, this world gives you the best job imaginable. Teaching people about anime, manga, and video games. You’re literally getting paid to teach people how to enjoy your hobby. If that’s not the best job in the world than I don’t know what is.

#10. Monster Musume

Does this anime count as a slice of life? If so I don’t care, this world is just too good to ignore. In this world monster girls are real and have come to our world to do a foreign exchange program and learn how to live side by side with humans while we also learn to adapt to them. When I say monsters I don’t mean vampires, werewolves, and mummies. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re in this world but when I say monster girls I mean lamias, centaurs, harpies, slime, mermaids, spiderwomen, and much much more. Monsters you normally wouldn’t think or know about are in this world and each one is unique, cute, and fun to be around. A dull moment is never around in this world and the more you spend time with the monster girls the more you want to learn about them and develop a relationship with them.

#9. Soul Eater

A few years ago my assistant Isis said that the world of Jing: The King of Bandits is like Halloween Town from the Nightmare Before Christmas. While I can respect her opinion this my friends is Halloween Town fully realized. The world of Soul Eater has this great mixture of comedy, horror, and action. In this world you can either become a meister or weapon and fight against evil to maintain a sense of order in the world. It’s hard to explain why this world is so great. It’s dark, gritty, and creepy at times but at the same time it’s fun, exciting, and badass to live in this world and how many worlds allow you to befriend and chat with the Grim Reaper? If you live in a world where you can actually chat and talk with the Grim Reaper than you know this world is cool.

#8. Fairy Tail

It’s a world of magic where you can join a guild and go off on all kinds of adventures while earning money. You have all kinds of magic whether it be the magic of a dragon slayer, celestial magic, equip magic, or creating your own magic the world of Fairy Tail is a place that allows you to use magic however you please and in the way you would like. Use it for good or for your own interest. Either way, you’ll love the world of Fairy Tail.

#7. SAO and Log Horizon

I decided to put these two worlds together because at its core they’re the same world. Both of these two animes take place in a MMORPG setting. While SAO may have the more creative worlds, Log Horizon has the better mechanics as each player serves a particular purpose to the team. Unlike SAO where everyone sort of has the same job, in Log Horizon each player has a role and responsibility to fulfill whether it’s being the attacker, tank, spellcaster, healer, or strategist everyone serves a purpose to the team and how well you utilize your role will determine if your team wins or not. As I said SAO has the better worlds to choose as they’re creative and fun to explore. Whether you want to test your luck and beat all the floor bosses in SAO, cruise through the skies of ALO, or take to the wastelands guns blazing in GGO. Now if we could just combine these two worlds together we would get one incredible MMORPG that nobody would get bored playing. Whatever problems you may have with these worlds you can’t deny that diving into these worlds would be awesome.

#6. Danmachi

I was honestly going to add this anime with SAO and Log Horizon but I have to admit I did find this world more fun to live in. Why, because this world has the aspects of SAO and Log Horizon into one. You serve under a god who grants you blessings to journey into a dungeon which goes God knows how deep testing your skills against the various foes you come across. Along the way you can join up and befriend other adventurers from your familia or other familia and earn money to buy better weapons and better armor. Personally, I would join the familia of a certain big-breasted loli but that’s just me. In this world the strongest adventurer isn’t the guy who has the best weapon and armor or even the guy who’s in the best familia, it’s the guy with the most heart and soul to push themselves past their limits and take that the next step to better themselves. In the world of Danmachi everyone has the power to go on an adventure and become the hero of their own tale.

#5. Space Dandy

If you’re looking for a more fun and goofier side of space than Space Dandy is for you. The shots of space are so amazing and beautiful to look that. On top of that you have so many creative planets and creatures to explore and see. Plus, they have Boobies. If you need one reason why to live in this world than let it be Boobies and nothing else.

#4. Dog Days

Tell me, how did you spend your summer vacation? Me, I went to an alternate world where I became the hero of an animal girl princess, fought in the war games which were fun and play out like a game of C.O.D where no one really gets hurt, and not once did I feel my life was in any danger. That’s what Dog Days is like. There’s really no danger or evil force that needs to be vanquished it’s just you relaxing and spending time in a fantasy world where you have fun in these war games. Everyone in this world is friendly and welcoming, the nations are on good terms with each other, and it’s a fun world to explore and see. So what are you waiting for, bring your friends and get ready to enjoy a relaxing vacation where you’re surrounded by cute animal girls and be treated as a guest of honor.

#3. One Piece

You knew this was going to make the list. Come on, you should know me by now. The world is just amazing. Every island offers something new and creative. Plus, who doesn’t want to sail the world, have their own devil fruit power, and command their own pirate crew. In One Piece you really do feel like you’re the main character of your own story and wherever you decide to go or do is all on you. No one controls your path only you do. While it’s true there’s danger in this world you won’t mind it all that much because one you’ll be having too much exploring and fulfilling dreams and two, whatever challenges you face you won’t be facing them alone because you’ll have your nakama by your side. One Piece, it’s a world that I’ll never get tired of and I’ll always want to sail the high seas.

#2. No Game No Life

Yeah we all knew this world was coming. Sort of like Dog Days only 10 if not 100 times better. In this world everything is decided by a game. Political problems? Solve it with a game. Going to war with another country? Solve it with a game. There’s no bloodshed, people dying needlessly, and at the end of it all the purpose of these games is for everyone of all races to have fun together. No matter how different people are the one thing that always breaks the ice between people is a good fun game and that’s what this anime is trying to accomplish. Break the ice between everyone and let’s all be friends. This ideal world might not fit and be unfair to some but if you put your mind to it I think you can overcome all obstacles in this world.

And the number 1 best anime world to live in is. . .

















#1. Pokémon

Since 1996 the world was issued a challenge that to this day we are still trying to accomplish. To capture and train every Pokémon in the world. In other words, Gotta catch ‘em all. At the age of 10 we are allowed to leave our homes and go on an adventure around to capture every Pokemon out there. The challenge, the adventure, the fun, this world has it all. As far as threats go the only major threat is Team Rocket or whatever evil organization pops up in what region your in that you can easily take out by yourself. With virtual reality starting to be implemented into videogames this is the game that I vote deserves top priority. This is the game that everyone should be making right now. Forget about SAO, space, and whatever horror world you would like to see. Hell, you can even forget about creating a studio Ghibli inspired world. For now, just give me a virtual reality where I get to explore the Pokémon world. I want to raise my own Squirtle, I want to take down gym leaders, I want to kick Giovanni’s smug little ass, I want to use a master ball to capture a Mew, I want to sail the seas while riding a Lapras, and I want to pet and hug a Pikachu. Nintendo, make this game now and you will make millions if not billions worldwide as well as reclaim your spot as the king of consoles.

Well guys that’s my list, I hope you enjoyed. Did I miss any worlds, let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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