Project #205: KonoSuba

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj *sighs*. Sorry, I’m not my usual optimistic self today we had a very heartbreaking event happen here a few days ago. You see S.W.O.R.D’s contract with me ended last week and instead of renewing it they’ve decided to leave and go into the wild. As you can imagine this was quite a shock to me and the others but I respect the choices of my team and understand them. So this past Monday they left and even though we respected their choice it’s still sad to see them go. However, we must continue forward so let’s watch something funny to cheer us up. Let’s watch KonoSuba. Released earlier this year by Studio Deen (Is this a zombie? and Jing: The King of Bandits), KonoSuba is one of those animes that falls on the same lines of Baka and Test and Is this a zombie, it’s a series that’s funnier than it really needed to be. The anime is based off a light novel written by Natsume Akatsuki in 2013 and still continuing to this day with a manga adaption along aside it. With authors using the whole going to another world stick more and more in their stories these days it’s nice to see a series try something different and have fun with the genre to make people laugh. And with the second season set to air at the beginning of next year, I can think of no better time to review it. Let’s laugh and journey to a new world, this is KonoSuba.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening is “fantastic dreamer” by Machico. I’m kinda down the middle with this song. It’s catchy, energetic, exciting, and it gets you pumped for the anime but there are a few parts in the song that just don’t mash up well and it comes off as clunky and poorly put together. Machico’s energy in this song is amazing and even at the parts where the song sounds clunky and poor she does her best to smooth it out and make it sound natural. The ending is “Chiisana Boukensha” by Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, and Ai Kayano. This song is just so comforting. That’s the best way to describe this song, comforting. The women singing are the main heroines of the series and all their voices just put you at ease. It’s like you’re on your way home from a long work day and as you drive home you see all sorts of stuff that just gives you a sense of happiness and when you arrive home you feel like you relax and be at peace. That’s what this song captures. The experience I just described is what this song feels like and I like it.

Episodes 1-5

The anime starts off with our main character Kazuma voiced by Jun Fukushima your average shut-in who has finally left the house in order to get a limited addition game. On his way back home he spots a girl from his school who’s about to be hit by a truck (what is it with animes trying to copy the setup with Yu Yu Hakusho?). Against his nature he uncharacteristically saves the girl and gets it by the truck where he dies on the spot (and the worst part is he’ll never get a chance to play that game). He arrives in the afterlife where’s he greeted by the goddess Aqua voiced by Sora Amamiya (Akame from Akame ga Kill!) who tells him that he died and his death was actually in vain. It turns out that the girl was never in any real danger. There was no truck it was just a tractor and it would have stopped in the nick of time. As for Kazuma’s death, he died from shock. He was never hit nor injured he just died from the shock of being hit by a truck in his mind. His death was so sad and hilarious that even the doctors and his parents laughed at his death (okay, as funny as that is this is a pretty dark and mean joke. A kid just died and you laugh at him? That’s pretty messed up). Aqua pretty much laughs and looks down at Kazuma and gives him two choices. He can either choose to be reincarnated and start life over (hit the restart button) or go to Heaven where he’ll lose his physical form and do nothing but bask all day in the sun (and just like that we get an idea of what the author’s thought on religion are). However, Aqua offers Kazuma a third option and that’s to be reincarnated in a new world where everyone is trying to defeat a demon king and Kazuma will get the chance to play the hero (alright this is no brainer. New world). Kazuma of course chooses the new world and Aqua not wanting him to die right off the bat says she’ll allow him to take one thing with him into the other world. After much thinking Kazuma chooses Aqua (nice~). Why? Because she’s been constantly making fun and looking down on him. What better way to get back at her than by dragging her into your situation (it’s like my grandpa used to say. If you’re gonna suffer, bring everyone down with you). So Kazuma and Aqua (against her will) gets transported into the new world (which looks like something out of Dragon Quest or the Tales series) where she immediately begins to panic at her situation. Kazuma on the other hand is okay with his situation and instead does the things every gamer should do in these type of situations (explore every house and see what you can loot. Okay he doesn’t do that but wouldn’t it be funny if he did?). They go to the local guild where they apply for jobs. Using a sphere we find out that Kazuma has amazing luck and average skills making him best suited to be a merchant however he wants to be an adventurer. Aqua on the other hand has low intelligence, bad luck, but everything else is high making her the perfect candidate for whatever she chooses and she chooses to be an arch priest since she’s already a healer. After that they just spend time in town and join the labor force where they enjoy life day by day living in a manger until Kazuma realizes (what we the audience realize) that this isn’t what he should be doing. The episode ends with the two deciding that tomorrow they’ll set out on their quest to be heroes.

In episode 2 Kazuma and Aqua take on a quest to kill 5 giant toads within 3 days. The quest doesn’t go so well because Kazuma has low physical stats and Aqua is pretty much useless and can’t hurt them at all so she keeps getting eaten by them (scene here:, useless goddess and hero). They somehow manage to beat 2 toads and realize that they suck so they decide to recruit other adventurers in the area in the hopes that someone will join their party. Their request gets answered by a girl named Megumin an arch-mage who specializes in explosion magic the strongest magic in the world. She’s voiced by Rie Takahashi (Kobayashi from Rampo Kitan). They go out and fight the toads where we see that true to her word Megumin is a powerful arch-mage who knows how to use the explosion spell and that’s the problem. Explosion is the only spell she knows how to use, she can only use it once a day, and she refuses to learn any other spells because of her burning passion for explosions. After using it she loses all of her strength and becomes useless in battle (now Kazuma has two useless characters on his team. Starting to think he should have gone with the super power over the goddess). Once again they somehow managed to defeat three more toads and complete their mission (as well as get bukkake with toad slime. Go doujin writers! Go) earning them 110,000 coins. Kazuma realizing how useless Megumin is tries to get rid of her but he doesn’t have any luck on that front and gets stuck with her. While getting his reward Kazuma gets approached by a female knight named Darkness voiced by Ai Kayano (Shiro from No Game No Life) who wants to join his party (and what’s your catch?).

Episode 3 opens up where episode 2 left off. Darkness tells Kazuma that she wants to join his party. At first glance she seems like an ideal candidate. She’s a crusader a high-class knight, one of the best classes and pretty but Kazuma senses something off about her and tries to turn her down (trust me lady, there are better teams out there for you). The next day at the guild Kazuma learns about skills. Just like in RPGs, skills in this world are powers that you can learn and use however there are a few conditions. One, you need skill points and you get those by doing request and second the skill has to be taught to you by someone else and once it’s been taught you use your skill points to officially learn it (that seems fair). Kazuma learns the skill Steal from Chris a female thief who’s a friend of Darkness (don’t worry, she’s normal. . .for now) and when he goes to test it out instead of stealing money, medicine, or weapons he instead steals her panties and later steals Megumin’s panties (scenes here: and In his defense, the skill steal things at random. (Seras): In his defense, he should be going to jail for sexual harassment). After that an emergency announcement goes out calling for all adventurers to gather outside the town’s front gates. So what is it you ask? Is the demon lord’s army finally attacking the town? Is the demon lord himself going to show up and fight? Are we about to see an epic battle unfold before are very eyes? The answer is cabbages. No seriously, flying cabbages are attacking the town. It’s a yearly event where the cabbages come alive right before harvest and fly off and it’s up to the adventurers to kill and capture as many as possible to feed the town. Darkness decides to use this opportunity to show off her skills to Kazuma. In the great battle of cabbages (49 souls lost their lives that day and 15 of them became traumatized by the experience. You laugh because they’re just cabbages but you weren’t there. You. Weren’t. There) we see that Darkness can’t hit anything and is clumsy (which makes her another useless party member). But that’s not her defining characteristic. Her defining characteristic is that she’s a straight up masochist. She loves getting attacked by monsters and having her armor torn apart for everyone to see her bare body and look at her with arousal (can no girl be normal in this anime?). At the end of the battle the town manages to rank in a big haul of cabbages (too much if you ask me) and against Kazuma’s plead Darkness winds up joining the party (so we have a useless goddess who has no strength and can’t defeat even the simplest of enemies, a mage who only knows one spell and can only use it once a day, a knight who can’t hit anything and a major masochist, and finally a hero who has no stats and is a panty thief. Yep, this is the worst party I have ever seen).

Not a whole lot happens in episode 4. Kazuma actually got rich after the cabbage battle and raked in a million. . . I don’t know gold coins I’m assuming. He uses it to pay off Aqua’s bar tab and buys new clothes to look and feel more like an adventurer. They try to do a request but a general of the Demon King’s army is in the area and is scaring all the low level creatures away so Kazuma and the others can’t do requests. With nothing to do Kazuma decides to help Megumin with her training which consist of her going to an abandoned castle and just using her magic on it and Kazuma carrying her back (scenes here: // and //, this is going to come back and hurt them). They do this for days until finally the Demon king’s general (which is a dullahan. Even the horse is missing a head) arrives at the town demanding to know who keeps firing on his castle (knew it). Megumin steps forward and tells her not to do it anymore but she says no because she wants to act tough in front of everyone (go ahead, and he’ll add your head with the others in his collection). He decides to make her suffer by planting the curse of death on her however Darkness takes the hit for her and gets cursed instead (she wanted this). It’s a slow curse where within a week Darkness will die a slow and painful death however he says he’ll remove the spell if Megumin manages to reach his castle in one piece. Darkness’s switch gets turned on and she instead tries to go with the dullahan to be his slave much to his surprise and discomfort (she is a freak among freaks) and he leaves. Once gone Megumin decides to take responsibility for her actions and go to the castle much to her fear and Kazuma decides to go with her (you will both die a hilarious death). But before they can go Aqua uses her magic to remove the curse of death from Darkness saving her life and everything (way to dodge that cliché).

Episode 5 is a rather funny episode. Because of the dullahan still in the area the quests are still high and dangerous so the group really can’t do anything. However, Aqua manages to find a quest perfect for her which is purifying a lake that’s turned into a swamp and is filled with alligators (I didn’t know we were in Louisiana). This worries Aqua a little bit since it’ll take sometime to purify the water but Kazuma has a plan to keep her safe. He throws her into a cage (no offence but this sounds like the setup to a very disturbing doujin) and drops her into the water to keep her safe while she purifies the water. In the first few hours things seem to be going well until Megumin jinxes the situation and alligators show up (ahh~, save her banjo man). The cage protects her as she quickly tries to purify the lake while the others just sit there and watch (trust me they would make the situation worse). After 7 hours Aqua manages to purify the lake however she becomes traumatized by the whole experience and refuses to leave the cage (hey look on the bright side Aqua. You didn’t get covered in slime this time). While that’s going on we focus on another adventurer named Kyouya who’s in a similar spot just like Kazuma. He was killed in an accident and rather than go to Heaven he chose to be reincarnated in the fantasy word. However, unlike Kazuma he’s a very capable hero. He’s got a cursed sword, he goes off on adventures and fights against demons, and he has two pretty and reliable female party members who are in love with him (and there it is folks. This is the character Kazuma wants to be, should be, but can’t be because of who he hangs out with). While in the town Kyouya spots Aqua in the cage singing a rather disturbing song (man she looks dead. More dead than usual). He frees her from the cage calling her a goddess since Aqua was the one who sent him here and this restores Aqua to her normal self. Kyouya than turns his attention to Kazuma who doesn’t like the way Kazuma treats Aqua and feels that he’s undeserving of such amazing party members (scene here: //, dude just stop right now. If you knew what he had to deal with on a regular basis you would be calling this guy a saint among men). He tries to recruit the girls to join his party but they all say no because he’s an annoying guy (which is true. This is why I can’t stand the holy hero) so he challenges Kazuma to a duel to see who gets Aqua. Kazuma surprisingly accepts and beats him using his stealing ability which he uses to steal Kyouya’s sword and knock him out. The next day Kyouya begs to have his sword back (you challenged him to a duel, lost, and now you come begging to have your sword back. Get out of my sight! You are no hero! You disgust me) but he’s too late as Kazuma sold the sword since he can’t use it (no sense in carrying around useless equipment). The episode ends with the return of the dullahan who’s pissed that they haven’t come to his castle yet (oh yeah he was expecting you wasn’t he?).

Episodes 6-10 and OVA

So in episode 6 the dullahan named Verdia is pissed. Not just because they didn’t show up to his castle (that was kind of a dick move on their part) but also because Megumin continues to fire explosion magic on his castle with the help of Aqua (are you girls idiots!?). Verdia fights everyone where we get a pretty silly and entertaining fight between Kazuma’s party and Verdia where Darkness takes him on one on one and makes him uncomfortable with her perverted nature and they find out his weakness is water so Aqua summons a giant flood to weaken him and Kazuma uses his stealing ability to steal his head allowing Aqua to use her strongest purifying spell to destroy him once and for all (I’m gonna miss him. I got an amazing amount of laughs from this guy). The next day as a reward for defeating Verdia, Kazuma gets 300 million coins (oh yeah~) but has to use that money to pay for the damages caused by Aqua’s flood to the town (oh no~). This finally makes Kazuma vow to destroy the Devil King and get out of debt once and for all.

It’s winter in episode 7 and in order to survive the cold kiss of winter (no pun intended) Kazuma and the others go to hunt snow sprites where the reward is 100,000 coins for each one killed. They find a lot of sprites (which are adorable) and begin killing them where the sprites don’t seem to be threatening at all (what’s the catch?). As Kazuma wonders why nobody takes on such an easy quest he finally gets his answer with the arrival of the Winter Shogun (the Japanese version of the winter soldier from Captain America). Apparently when the sprites are harmed it summons the Winter Shogun who seeks revenge for them (avenge their cute fluffiness Winter Shogun). The Winter Shogun beheads Kazuma (scene here: //, he died again) and he goes to the afterlife once again where he’s greeted by the goddess Eris who shows sympathy for him (kindness and sympathy for the MC? That’s a first for this anime). She says she can reincarnate him back to Japan but surprisingly Kazuma actually feels bad about being reincarnated as he’s grown attach to that good for nothing world and his good for nothing allies (I guess he’s found the charm in all of his troubles. That or he’s seriously crazy). Before he can be reincarnated Aqua speaks to him saying she casted revival magic on him meaning he can return. Eris says that’s impossible since he’s already been incarnated but when Aqua threatens to expose her padding (and I was really liking her) Eris overlooks Kazuma’s death and allows him to return to the good for nothing world. After returning they abandon the quest and return to town where they get some money for their efforts however the girls all spend it on food (he gave up his chance to be reincarnated for this folks).

In the first half of episode 8 we meet Wiz a lovely, friendly, and beautiful lich who is one of the Demon King’s generals however she’s rather weak and doesn’t want to cause trouble for anyone. She runs her own potions shop in the town and Aqua doesn’t like her because of the whole light vs darkness thing (one’s a goddess the other’s a lich. Put them in the same room and you’ve got trouble). Kazuma learns Life Drain from her and a nobleman comes in to offer her a job but she passes it onto Kazuma and his party. In the second half Kazuma and his party take on the job of exorcising the nobleman’s mansion offering the mansion as a reward (alright no more cold nights in the stalls). Aqua quickly gets to work exorcising all the spirits but some of them decide to possess dolls and chase Kazuma and Megumin around the mansion (not gonna lie this actually is pretty scary). Aqua eventually exorcises all of them and receive a special reward for their services however they don’t accept it because it turns out this whole mess was Aqua’s fault (the goddess of misfortune continues to curse herself and those she cares about). In the end they still get the mansion and finally have a place to call their own (how long until they burn it down?).

Episode 9 has to be some of the best display of fanservice I have seen in a very long time. In the episode we find out that there’s a succubus shop where male adventurers can go to, write down their fantasy, and a succubus will come to their house that night to have them dream up their fantasy and as payment all they take is a little vitality and money (this is actually a pretty good business venture. Guys get to have their sexual fantasies which keeps them in check and the succubus get their life source without going on a killing spree draining the life out of guys and endangering themselves while making a little money on the side. Everybody wins. These guys need to be in every city around every corner. If this was a real thing they would make so much money. *In another part of the house the Jack Bros. are with Yume* (Pyro Jack): Alright, here’s our fantasy for tonight. (Yume): Very good. And your payment? (Jack Frost): Same as always. Put it on our card. (Yume): Alright. *Yume hands the Jack Bros. two talismans and tells them to wear it as they sleep* Thank you once again for using Yume’s Dream Service. No questions. Only wishes granted). Kazuma goes to this shop and writes down his fantasy (scene here: //, he lives with three girls who despite being idiotic are somewhat attractive and since he’s lived in a barn until recently he hasn’t had any chance to “relieve” himself. He needs this) where he’s told not to drink otherwise he won’t be able to see his dream. That night Darkness’ parents send Kazuma and the others delectable crabs and wine as a way to congratulate them for their new home. Kazuma manages to fight off the temptation of getting drunk and goes to bed early but becomes restless so he goes to take a bath where he falls asleep and wakes up to the sight of a naked Darkness right in front of him (I knew you liked her). Kazuma thinking this is a dream plays it cool and orders Darkness to wash his back much to her discomfort and confusion (and yet she does it anyway. In truth, I’m surprised she isn’t going along with Kazuma’s orders given her personality. Scenes here: //, //, and // Before they can go any further Aqua calls for Kazuma and the others because apparently she and Megumin caught the succubus (yep, Kazuma wasn’t dreaming. It was real. It’s damn real). Kazuma realizing the situation stands between the girls and the succubus and tells the succubus to runaway (good man). Kazuma pretends to be under the succubus’ control and gets pummeled by the girls (really, those 3 managed to beat you?) while the succubus escapes. The next day Darkness is still embarrassed about what happened last night but Kazuma sticks to his story about being under the succubus’ control and not remembering anything from last night. At the end of the episode panic ensues the city because the Destroyer is coming.

In the final episode of the season the Destroyer this impenetrable moving fortress that went berserk on its own is heading towards the city. Unless they stop it the city will be destroyed and everything that Kazuma has worked so hard to get will be lost (he’s going to risk his life to protect a haunted mansion). As the Destroyer approaches the city we get a pretty funny moment between Kazuma and Darkness where we learn she’s a rich girl as well as learn her real name. Kazuma comes up with a pretty decent plan to stop the Destroyer. First, Aqua will use her powers to destroy its defenses and then have Megumin and Wiz hit it with explosion magic thus destroying it. Aqua manages to destroy its defenses and Megumin and Wiz unleash their explosion magic stopping the Destroyer in its tracks (Yin-Yang: Holy shit they actually did it) however because of the excessive damage the Destroyer goes into self-destruction mode (Seras: Way to raise that death flag Yin-Yang). Everyone begins to panic except for Darkness who wants to experience the explosion close up (at least she’s gonna die reaching the biggest climax imaginable) which inspires everyone to charge in and find a way to stop the self-destruction (we must protect the succubus house). They manage to find the dead body of the creator and his diary where they hope they can find some way to stop it (but if you know this anime you’ll know that nothing is ever simple or straightforward). They read the diary and find out that there’s no way to stop the self-destruction however they can remove the power source which is causing it to explode. Wiz can use teleportation to teleport the power source somewhere else but the problems are she’s out of magic and there’s no telling where the power source will be teleported. Kazuma tells her to do it and to trust his luck and she uses drain leech on Kazuma to restore her magic and she teleports the power source away stopping the self-destruction sequence saving the city right? Nope. Just like a boss has a third form so too does the Destroyer. The contained air pressure is rising quickly and it’s released will cost the Destroyer to self-destruct. The only thing they can do is hit it with another explosion but Kazmua is out of magic and Aqua’s magic doesn’t mix well with creatures of darkness so this leaves the crazy one (so it all comes down this, betting our lives on the crazy girl, Megumin). Kazuma uses drain leech to transfer Aqua’s magic to Megumin and she unleashes an explosion which destroys the Destroyer and saves the city (the nutjobs managed to pull it off). With the city saved Kazuma expects award the next day but instead gets hit with a warrant for his arrest. It turns out the power source from the Destroyer got teleported to some overlord’s mansion and destroyed the whole thing. He’s going to jail (and that in itself will be an adventure).

An OVA of the series came out in the summer of the same year. In this OVA, we meet Yunyun another crimson mage who considers herself to be Megumin’s rival. Even though she has a nice body and good skills she’s a loner because of her shy nature. While in Wiz’s store everybody causes trouble. Megumin and Yunyun argue with each other, Aqua picks on Wiz, and Darkness is Darkness. During all this chaos Kazuma puts on a choker where the only way to get it off is to grant the wish of the wearer and if it isn’t granted within 4 days Kazuma will be strangled to death by the choker (// Since the girls feel responsible for what happened to Kazuma they all agree to grant whatever wish he wants so for the duration of 3 days Kazuma has the girls satisfy his lust. He uses Wiz as a lap pillow, has Megumin and Yunyun play strip rock paper scissors, makes Darkness do pushups and sit ups without her armor giving Kazuma a good sight of her breast, makes Aqua go on errands for him, and forces the girls to wash his body. On the final day Kazuma is burned out and accepts his death saying he’s at peace and confesses some of his past deeds. For Megumin he confesses that he rubs her breast against his back whenever he carries her, he admits that he always stared at Wiz and Yunyun’s breast whenever they talked, he says that Darkness is just boobs, and tells Aqua that he never saw her as a heroine (despite trying desperately to do it). He apologizes to everyone for putting them through all of that and even thanks them for being his friend. Everyone hugs him when the choker comes off because Kazuma’s wish had been granted. All this time his wish was to have one moment of peace amongst the chaos of his life and he finally got it. The girls as you can imagine are pissed and it ends with him getting killed again and appearing before Eris who’s also embarrassed at the way he died.

Final Thoughts

This anime was funnier than it needed to be. Honestly, this could have just been your typical guy goes to an alternate world, goes on a quest to defeat the demon lord, and gets a harem at the end but it doesn’t go that route. Everything that you would like or expect to happen to you in a setup like this doesn’t happen for Kazuma. He starts off at the bottom of the chain with no special powers of items, he has honestly the worst party members you could hope to find, and nothing ever seems to go his way. And that’s what makes it so funny. Because yeah, if you were to be transported into a new world chances are this is what would happen to you. Some things in life never go our way and Kazuma is living proof of that.

The characters in this anime are hilarious and the voice acting is really top notch as all of the VAs do an incredible job with their lines. Kazuma plays the perfect straight man to everything that is happening to him. His reactions and inflections are hilarious. Like I said before he’s surrounded by the worst party members who do nothing but cause trouble and he never catches a break in this world. Yet despite all of this he doesn’t complain nor seems to hate his life. Whatever situation he’s in he faces it head on with confidence, despite having bad party members he works with them and cares about them despite them causing him nothing but trouble, and he never once complains about his circumstances. Whenever the world knocks him down he gets back up and keeps moving forward determined to reach the end and say he won. Aqua is cute and quite ungodly despite being a goddess. Even though her character can be a little rotten at times you never find yourself hating her because she provides a lot of funny moments and you know that deep down she’s not really that bad of a person. Megumin’s funny with her one move only explosion spell but all the girls easily get outshined by Darkness. She has one of the funniest concepts for a female character I have seen. In her heart she follows the ideas of a knight, being pure, full of justice, and protecting those in front of her but in her mind she can’t deny her masochist nature of wanting to be degraded and humiliated. We saw these two ideas come to ahead in episode 9 when she was in the bath with Kazuma. The minor characters are alright. Outside of Wiz they really don’t serve much purpose in the anime or have a presence but just like the main cast they are funny and when we do get the chance to see them interact with the main cast it always leads to something funny and enjoyable.

The animation isn’t all that good. It’s not awful but it looks dated for a 2016 anime. The character designs on the females are good, I especially like the hair of Aqua and Darkness, and the animation for Megumin’s explosion magic is always fun to see but other than that the animation wasn’t all that good to me. I found the music to be mediocre. It didn’t leave much of an impact on me and I rarely noticed it. As for the story, while the setup is cliché the direction they decide to go with it more than makes up for it and gives us something fresh, new, and totally unexpected. I do however wish we got to see more of the world they’re in to get a better understanding of it’s state as well as how the fight with the Demon King is going and it would have been nice to see Kazuma and the others venture out to other towns in an attempt to better increase their status and show us that they’re serious about defeating the Demon King instead of just talking big. But other than that I really did enjoy this anime more than I thought I would. I seriously wasn’t expecting this series to be as funny as it was and I’m glad it exceed my expectations comedy wise. This series is on par with Baka and Test and Is this a zombie in my opinion.

Final Score

The final score for KonoSuba is a 7/10. It’s genuinely hilarious from beginning to end. If you like comedy and fantasy or just looking for something to make you laugh definitely check this series out. It’s honestly one of the best animes of the year and I can’t wait for the second season. It’s gonna be great and make you feel good just like the first season did for me. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project-

(Shizuku): Hey boss! You gotta see this.

*Nitsuj gets up and goes to meet Shizuku in the living room*

(Nitsuj): What’s up Shizuku?

(Shizuku): Well I was cleaning the windows with Chibi when all of a sudden this random car drives by and throws this envelope destroying one of our windows.

*Shizuku hands Nitsuj the envelope*

(Nitsuj): Did you get a license number?

(Chibi Isis): No. They drove away before we could memorize it. We inspected the package and it doesn’t seem to be a dangerous.

(Shizuku): It feels like a DVDs inside.

(Nitsuj): A DVD? Who would send me a DVD and why?

*Nitsuj opens the envelope and as soon as he sees what the DVD is his eyes widen in terror*

(Nitsuj): Oh no!

*Nitsuj drops the DVD for Shizuku and Chibi Isis to see. It the latest MLP: Equestria movie, Legend of Everfree. Later that night the Jack Bros. are deep in sleep with Yume’s dream talismans on their foreheads having their erotic dream*

(Jack Frost): Oh yeah Stacy, bend those legs more. Show that sweet ass in those short shorts.

(Pyro Jack): You volleyball girls have well-toned bodies. Both in the front and back. Alright ladies, time to hit the showers.

(Jack Frost): Oh what you’re hot moms would like to join us too? Of course they can join us. After you ladies.

*The hot volleyball girls and their moms go into the showers. As the Jack Bros. are about to go in the door closes in their face and they get locked out*

(Pyro Jack): Hey! What’s going on here?!

*Yume appears*

(Yume): Oh my. Your credit card limit has reached its climax. I’m afraid this dream ends now.

(Jack Frost): NO! No! No! No! No! No! Nooooooooooooooooo~!

*The Jack Bros. try desperately to open the door but all their efforts are in vein as the door won’t budge*

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