Project #225: The Top 11 Trap Characters

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. As the year moves forward I take a look back at my top 11 hottest anime girl list and realize that there are a lot of girls that I didn’t name such as that darling blonde Hasuta from Haiyore. She was cute, kind, and. . .wait a minute she was a guy. What the hell am I thinking?! Okay well how about Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish? She was cute and her fashion sense was. . .no! No! That was a guy as well. Alright focus. How about Haku from Naru- goddamn it! What’s with all these trap characters?! Yeah today we’re talking about trap characters. What once started off as a simple joke has now become a part of the anime community. It’s gotten to the point where we not only want to see a trap character but we expect to see a trap character in our anime and can you really blame us? Trap characters are usually the best characters in the anime and the one characters we can always count on to like. That’s why today, in honor of the trap characters I’m going to name the top 11 best trap characters. Why top 11? Because just like someone else I too like to go one step beyond. Get ready to have your sexuality questioned, these are the top 11 trap characters.

#11. Nagisa from Assassination Classroom

An obvious trap character but still one that’s easy to fall into. We didn’t find out he was a guy until the end of the first episode and even then we still couldn’t believe that someone as cute as Nagisa was a guy. He had a very soft and feminine voice, his hair was in the style of a girl, and he had a figure that resembled that of a female. Even the class points out his feminine characteristics with some of them jokingly mistaking him for a girl. The fact that Nagisa only crossdressed twice in the course of the series and still managed to make you fall for him is a testament to how good of a trap character he was.

#10. Nagihiko Fujisaki from Shugo Chara

Between Ikuto and Tadase many people forget about Nagihiko as one of the pretty boys that captured a lot of girls’ hearts. Through the first part of the anime we’re led to believe that Nagihiko is actually a girl. He carried the title of queen, dressed like a girl and acted like one to all because of some family tradition. He has the audience fooled big time. I honestly did believe that he was a girl. Hell, Amu goes through the entire series believing that Nagihiko was the twin brother of her best friend Nadeshiko. He may have had a minor role in the series, but the fact that he had everyone believing that he was girl in the first part of the series is a testament to not only how good of an actor he is but how good of a trap he is.

#9. Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa

We have a sleuth of odd characters in Danganronpa with one of these odd characters being Chihiro the computer wiz of the class as well as a trap character. Chihiro is a good trap character because right from the beginning you honestly do believe that he’s a girl. He’s quiet, shy, sympathetic, and just looks like someone you want to protect from the world but no, we find out that this was a defense mechanism he created as a way to run from his problems of getting stronger and facing others. When he finally decides to be true to himself and get stronger he meets his end at the hands of one his own classmates and the last we see him is as a trap character who captured our hearts because he was a trap character we never got a chance to fully embrace.

#8. Honjō Kamatari from Rurouni Kenshin

You never forget your first trap character and for me, my first trap character was Honjō from Rurouni Kenshin. Honjō was one of those characters who completely has you fooled into believing that he’s a girl and he fully embraces his trap character unlike the previous characters on this list. He flirts with guys, he talks in a feminine voice, and is very prideful about his skin being damaged. While the series goes on record that he’s transgender Honjō says that he was born a man so it’s fair to say that Honjō was born with the mind of a female but born with the body of a man.

#7. Gasper from Highschool DxD

Highschool DxD is home to one of the best harems in anime history so the last thing you would expect to see is a trap character and a vampire one at that. Despite being a boy Gasper is probably one of the most feminine looking vampires I’ve seen. He dresses like a girl at almost every chance he gets and his speech and mannerisms are like a shy girl you just wanna hug because he’s so adorable and cute. While he may not have a major role in the anime as of yet there’s no denying that seeing a vampire trap character holds your interest.

#6. Hime Arikawa from Himegoto

After getting his debt paid off by his school’s student council he agrees to join the student council and spend the rest his school life dressed as a girl. Despite his resentment at first Hime shows sign that he actually enjoys crossdressing. Not only that but he actually pulls off the look amazingly well. He has you completely fooled that he’s a girl and he fools a number of boys throughout the series because of it. This whole series is strange and the person who serves as the straight man to all this strangeness is Hime himself. He’s the best character in the series and hands down the best looking.

#5. Saika Totsuka from Oregairu

The true prince of tennis if you ask me. There was no doubt the highlight of this series with Saika a cute boy with the features of a female that made every guy fall for him. Even though we know he’s a guy very few of us can resist his charm. I mean just look at this guy, he has a smile that just makes you wanna protect him at all cost. When you’re shipping the main character with the trap character in a slice of life series you know you’ve stumbled across a great trap and you don’t care.

#4. Mariya Shidou from Maria Holic

Well this is a bizarre combination. Mariya is trap but at the time he’s a sadist who enjoys torturing the main character as well as others. Usually a trap character is quite docile, kind, submissive, shy, and peaceful but here it’s the exact opposite. He knows full well he’s a trap and using it as a means to an end to get what he wants and along the way torture a few innocent souls. You’re one messed up individual Mariya but damn it do I respect your work.

#3. Tsukimiya Ringo from Uta no Prince-sama

Getting one of the hottest VAs in Japan to voice a crossdressing idol is an idea that could have easily backfired but Yuuichi takes this role and makes it work. This guy just pulls the look off perfectly. For half the anime I was in denial that this character was a man because he just crossdresses so perfectly but when I finally saw that the VA for this character was none other than Yuuichi Nakamura the same guy who voiced some of the hottest male characters in anime I knew I had to face reality and admit that Tsukimiya was a boy a very feminine boy who might just be the perfect crossdresser.

#2. Ruka Urushibara from Steins; Gate

Well no surprise here. Ruka is a trap character who was cursed with the appearance of a cute feminine boy but his mind works like a girl. He’s fully aware of how much discomfort he causes himself and everyone around him. Hell, he’s been described as someone who’s more girly than any girl, and more feminine than any female out there and they’re right. Everything about this guy just screams female, he even has a crush on Rintarou. There’s no doubt in my mind that Ruka was meant to be female but due to some twist of fate he was born a very feminine guy. He even tries to fix this screw up by becoming a female in one of the world’s timelines but even when he becomes a female the curse of his trap aura still remains. If not for this next character Ruka would be the best trap character of all time in my opinion.

And the number one trap character is. . .






















#1. Hideyoshi from Baka and Test

That’s right, you knew this character was coming. Give yourself a round of applause. Hideyoshi is the ultimate trap because for starters you know he’s a trap yet you still fall for him. Usually when you find out a character is a trap you back off from them and just admire them but with Hideyoshi you fall for him and don’t back off. This character made everyone feel so awkward with their sexual preference that they had no choice but to give him his own gender just to make everyone feel normal. But it doesn’t matter. Even if you do give him his own gender we all know that deep down Hideyoshi is a trap character who always looks good in women’s clothing and is someone you want to take home and get inside his pants.

Well that’s my list. Did you enjoy? Did I leave anyone out? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj where we take a look at reverse trap characters.

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