Project #242: sin Nanatsu no Taizai

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Today we take a look at a generous offer from Seras, sin Nanatsu no Taizai. Now before everybody gets excited this anime isn’t to be confused with Nanatsu no Taizai (trust me, a lot of people made this mistake), it’s a different anime and series all together. Based off the manga under the same name that got started in 2016 by Ururihi and still ongoing to this day, the best way to sum up this series is think of a lesser version of Queen’s Blade with more emphasis on demons and angels. Earlier this year TNK (Highschool DxD) partnered up with the now gone Artland (Senran Kagura) to make this series into an anime. This anime would be the last anime Artland ever created before closing down entirely due to financial reasons. In other words, their animes didn’t sell well so they got shut down and with an anime like this I can see why. Let’s see the swan anime of Artland. This is sin Nanatsu no Taizai.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening is “My Sweet Maiden” by Mia Regina. I actually found myself liking this opening. The singer is great and I like the arrangement of the song as it has this dark Victorian/rock melody to it that matches up well with the series. It’s a perfect blending of music, vocals, and atmosphere. The ending is “Welcome To Our Diabolic Paradise” by Mia Regina. Once again, a good song. This one maintains that dark atmosphere from the opening and goes full gothic rock. Some people have called this one of the best endings this year and yeah I have to disagree with them. While a good song I would not consider it one of the best endings this year. The atmosphere of this song is good and Mia does a good job singing.

Episodes 1-4

The anime starts off with Lucifer who if you know scripture tried to take over Heaven but got stopped by God and was cast down from Heaven. Lucifer is strapped to a cross and falling down to Hell but before she reaches Hell she lands on Earth and in church where she’s greeted by a nun named Maria (of course she is, because if you’re a female who believes in Christianity, your name is Maria) which Lucifer finds hard to believe because humans aren’t supposed to see angels (yeah but seeing perverted spirits and living with them is totally okay). Lucifer decides to give Maria an angel’s life (whatever that is) and continues to fall to Hell where she lands in the coldest level of Hell (9th floor, artic hell for those who always complain about the heat) where she meets Levi who is a sexy devil and seems to have a thing for Lucifer (a fallen angel and a devil hooking up? Why do I feel as if I’m reading one of Baron’s hentai comics? (Baron): Oh, you read Devil May Bang too?). After Levi gropes Lucifer a bit she fights back and gets free dressing herself and Levi pledging her loyalty to her (and trying to get inside her panties in the process). They head out and reach Pandemonium (Corbin: A place that used to be famous for their bitchin’ night parties) home of the 7 mortal sins who rule Hell with an iron fist. They get attacked by the demon lord of wrath, Satan, with Lucifer kicking her through the door and giving them access where we see all the sins (and their beauty. (Corbin): I look forward to seeing you all naked. (Nitsuj): As do I) with Belial the demon lord of vanity standing at the top of the group butbnobody really respecting her. Lucifer challenges her for leadership of the sins and the two fight where Belial activates some magic armor which restrain Lucifer’s movements and the rest of the sins attack her with Belial ripping off one of Lucifer’s wings which is perfect as it nulls her ties to God and allows her to grow demon horns. She uses this distraction to escape and return to Earth with Levi where they arrive back in that church with Maria inside and Lucifer stabbing her (the fuck woman?).

At the start of episode 2 Lucifer takes Maria’s heart (and as the series goes on I’m sure she’ll be taking other things). This in turn makes Maria immortal and forever young however her life is now in the hands of Lucifer who uses her to buy them a suite at a nice hotel. From there we see Levi get jealous of Maria because Lucifer keeps paying attention to her and ignoring Levi (Baron: And there’s also a lot of fanservice scenes which makes me so hard I’m sure I could break a cinderblock in half. (Corbin): Wow, you are hard~). Levi has enough and once Lucifer disappears on them she attacks Maria who in turn escapes into an elevator where Levi tentacle rapes her while she’s riding in the elevator with some guy completely unaware of the situation happening before his eyes (well one thing is for sure this anime knows its hentai situations). Levi tries to break Maria’s mind but when Maria finally figures out that Levi is jealous she tells her to stop worrying and to just be herself saying that Lucifer will notice her sooner or later (Corbin: I hope she notices me too). Maria manages to beat Levi (through the power of goodwill) and Lucifer reveals herself to be the man in the elevator (going through a phase I see) and orders Levi not to lay a hand on Maria again. Once they get back to the room Lucifer makes out with Maria (Baron: Forget the cinderblock, I’ll cut through titanium) where she reveals that something is in Miami.

At the start of episode 3 we find out that the thing they’re looking for in Miami is Asmodeus the mortal sin of lust (she’s in Miami? Why not Vegas?). In the first episode when Lucifer said she would give Maria an angel’s life she gave Maria some of her angel’s blood. Because of this Maria can now detect the mortal sins on Earth wherever they are. They arrive in Miami (where apparently everyone speaks perfect Japanese and they actually animated black people. Now if they could just add in Hispanics) where they see Asmodeus on the beach seducing people into being her followers (Baron: With an outfit like that I be more than just a follower). Later that night they go to a club where Asmodeus does a pole dance (what I wouldn’t give to be that pole right now) and Levi tries to show her up in order to impress Lucifer (take a hint woman, she likes holy virgins) but winds up losing and giving in to lust. Asmodeus becomes interested in Maria since her powers have little to no effect on her, so she kidnaps Maria, takes her back to her villa (Corbin: No! Take me instead) and almost breaks her until Lucifer comes in and the two fight. Lucifer gets doused in aphrodisiac and gets tentacle raped but manages to fight back her lust with love that makes even Asmodeus wet herself. Asmodeus concedes defeat and vows not to get in her way anymore.

In episode 4 Lucifer, Levi, and Maria are in London (God save the country) to fight Mammon the mortal sin of Greed. They break into her house only to fall into a trap where Mammon shows up and offers Lucifer some tea and snacks (well her manners are certainly a lot better than the first sin). Lucifer accepts and they both get teleported to one of Mammon’s mansions and fight where Lucifer loses because of her weaken state but not before damaging the mansion. As punishment Mammon leaves her in the basement while tied to a torture device (a punishment for her but a reward for us). Levi and Maria escape their cage and Levi goes to find Lucifer leaving Maria behind where she gets caught by Mammon. We see Mammon gets followers by creating them potions which grants them whatever they desire and after dealing with one customer she tries to find out what Maria’s relationship is with Lucifer (Baron: Master and servant. (Corbin): Pimp and ho). She manages to get Maria to her side by making her suckle on her breast (Baron: That would break anyone). Levi finds Lucifer and tries to help her but Lucifer tells her not to interfere (stop being so prideful woman). Back with Maria we find out that Mammon had a husband who stuck her with a large debt and abandoned her and her many children (why on Earth would he leave a woman like that?). Because of this Mammon craves money in order to take care of her children and makes contracts with people in order to get them to watch after her children taking everything from them. Maria tells her that this is wrong and the children only desire to be with their real mom not fake moms. Lucifer soon comes in, beats up Mammon, and burns the shop down (damn it, she was still paying the lease on that place). Everyone gets freed from Mammon’s spell and she decides to start taking better care of her children.

Episodes 5-8

In episode 5 Lucifer has set her sights on Astaroh the mortal sin of Melancholy who is probably the best devil by far but has the worst episode of the bunch (it’s a little ironic when you think about it). We see that she gets followers by being an internet idol and as far as demon lords go she’s the plainest one we’ve seen so far (after everything that’s happened so far I welcome a sense of normalcy in this anime). Lucifer declares war on her by invading her house where she raps (scene here:, well at least we know she’s a fan a Samurai Champloo. Also, her rapping is pretty hilarious) and Lucifer decides to beat her at her own game by becoming an internet idol as well. She does a cover of Astaroh’s song which gets a lot of hits thanks to her amazing singing voice. Maria becomes Lucifer’s producer and takes her in the opposite direction of the sad and depressing Astaroh and instead makes her more upbeat and energetic making her an overnight sensation and putting her ahead of Astaroh. Belial (does this woman ever put on clothes? (Baron): God, I hope not) and Belphegor the mortal sin of Sloth decide to help out Astaroh and turn her into a top idol in order to beat Lucifer (this might not work as in some cases internet idols turn out to be more popular than professional idols. Take Miku Hatsune for example). At a live event Astaroh gets cold feet and locks herself in the bathroom so Lucifer takes over the concert. With some encouragement from Belphegor, Astaroh is able to go out on stage and she battles Lucifer in a singing contest where I think it ended in a draw but Astaroh admits defeat. She decides she’s going to continue being an idol but only online.

In episode 6 Belial orders Belphegor to take down Lucifer (you’re sending the embodiment of sloth to take down your sworn enemy. Oh this’ll work out well). We see that Belphegor gets followers by operating an MMORPG where she tricks players into sacrificing their actual lives and just play the game (wow, talk about getting personal. I mean, there are people out there who are seriously like this). In the game, the players have successfully defeated the final boss so wanting to give everyone a challenge, Belphegor sucks Lucifer into the game and makes her the new demon lord for the players to fight. Lucifer of course beats all the players, even Belphegor herself is no match for Lucifer so she decides to summon a hero and the hero she summons is Maria. She gives Maria a premium sword and armor and makes her the top hero of the game getting quite a following. Maria goes to face Lucifer in the hotsprings where Lucifer beats her with ease destroying her armor and everything. But Belphegor refuses to give up and trains Maria in a tropical forest (putting her through all the necessary training. Such as training in nothing but a leaf bikini, rubbing honey on your chest to get bees to chase you, and the most important, tying yourself to a tree and almost getting raped by some bear monster). After the training and securing new sacred gear, Maria fights Lucifer again where by some stroke of luck she actually manages to bring Lucifer down but doesn’t kill her. Belphegor’s followers begin logging out realizing they have to get to work and their lives and this allows Lucifer to get back up and break the game. Belphegor seeing how this is too much work admits defeat and allows them to return to the real world.

Nothing much to say about episode 7. At the start of the episode Lucifer gets into an eating contest with Beelzebub the mortal sin of Gluttony who is a sweet loli. During the contest, she contracts a stomach virus and has to be hospitalized for a number of days. Belial poses as a doctor and manages to steal Maria’s heart from Lucifer while she was a sleep. Lucifer finds out her neighbor is Beelzebub who also got hospitalized because of a sickness and the two slowly become friends through food. Once they both get discharged they go to a fancy restaurant and have steak. At the end of the episode Belial appears before Maria and takes her away.

In episode 8 we see the return of Satan. After finding out that Beelzebub is now friends with Lucifer, Satan gets jealous (wow who knew Satan was in to lolis. I can’t believe I just wrote that) and heads to the human world to fight Lucifer still in her weakened state. Levi fights her first but because she fights with anger it only makes Satan stronger since she’s the mortal sin of Wrath and Levi winds up losing and sinks to the depths of the ocean (if you find Atlantis let me know). Lucifer finally fights her where Satan uses a navy fleet to attack her and almost beats her but she gets saved by Levi who returns with vengeance (she actually got praised by Lucifer). Satan and Lucifer take their fight to the moon where Satan removes the commandment that’s been draining Lucifer’s powers this whole time bringing her back to full strength (if she dies she dies with no excuses). So the two fight in a subpar fight where Lucifer manages to beat Satan and as a reward she offers to grant one wish to Lucifer (Baron: Sleep with each other! Tell her to sleep with you). Lucifer’s request is for Satan to open the Gates of Hell so that she can regain access into Hell and defeat Belial once and for all.

Episodes 9-12

Nothing much to say about episode 9. Lucifer and Levi return to Hell to fight Belial and Lucifer has bought her followers of 100 million souls to Hell with her. The rest of the mortal sins besides Astaroh have abandoned Belial and sided with Lucifer who informs them that God intends to destroy Hell and the mortal world. Lucifer spoked out against this which is why she got sent to Hell and there’s a good chance Belial is working with the angels in order to save her own skin (or horns). Astaroh doesn’t believe Belial would betray her so she fights against Lucifer where Levi takes her on as Lucifer continues on her way to Belial to face her and save Maria.

Still not much to say about episode 10. Luficer makes her way through the circles of Hell where each of the mortal sins (minus Astaroh who is fighting Levi. FYI, that fight ends in a draw) is receiving punishment from Belial for siding with Lucifer and since they all agreed to let her be the leader they can’t oppose her punishment. She throws Asmodeus in a tornado of pain and pleasure, has goblins force feed Beelzebub, Mammon takes a ride on an S&M horse, Belphegor has to run on a treadmill nonstop, and Satan gets groped by the souls of the dead. Lucifer finally makes it back to Cocytus where she fights ice giants which drain most of her magic and she faints before Belial who found out about the angel blood in Maria and destroyed it.

Episode 11 starts off with half of Lucifer’s body stuck in ice (Corbin: If that ice was my dick I be happy) and Belial before her (finally putting her clothes back on. (Baron): Damn). Belial begins torturing Lucifer and reveals that she’s really Satanael who used to be an angel until she was sent down to Hell courtesy of Lucifer. Why, because she spread nonexistent miracles. In the past Satanael did acts of miracles in the name of God for a group of people. Okay, that’s all good, I be okay with that, if she didn’t do it all the time. Satanael kept performing miracles for the people and they became so dependent on the miracles to do everything for them that they got lazy and didn’t do anything (depending on God is good but you also have to do work as well). When she stopped performing miracles the people soon fell to the mortal sins and this act instead hurt God rather than helped Him. Because of this she was sent to Hell and is now determined to reclaim her angel status which she intends to do by selling out Hell. Once Belial says she doesn’t need to be leader of the mortal sins anymore (you dun fucked up) this releases the other sins from their torture (or pleasurable depending on how you look at it) situations and they free Lucifer and try to fight Belial but now that she’s combined her powers with Lucifer’s powers she’s too powerful for them (I would say I’m surprise but everyone in this series has proven that they’re weak when compared to Lucifer). Belial forces Maria to stab Lucifer which she does and this works in Lucifer’s favor as through the power deus ex machina this restores Lucifer’s powers and allows Maria to get her heart back (I don’t know and I don’t care). Lucifer than defeats Belial and the episode ends with the arrival of an angel (just how many fallen angels are there?).

In the final episode Michael has arrived in Hell to destroy it (and I have to ask, what the hell is she wearing!? She looks like she’s going to a high school pep rally. All the seriousness of this character is gone just like that. I guess Heaven has its fetishes too). So, we get our phoned-in climax where Lucifer takes on Michael who we find out is actually in love with Lucifer and always wanted to fight her seriously (an angel’s idea of love is truly insane). During their fight we find out why Lucifer rebelled against God, it was because God planned to restart the world because we weren’t following Him and Lucifer didn’t like this plan. So she rebelled, got captured, and was sent to Hell (and 11 episodes later we’re here). Lucifer gets stabbed with the spear of Longinus which kills her but Maria sacrifices herself to revive Lucifer and then she defeats Michael but doesn’t kill her. In the end Belial gives up her seat and after being double-crossed by Heaven she resigns herself to the world and goes to live in the real world with Astaroth following her and giving up her seat. This allows Levi to take Astaroth’s seat and Maria gets revived thanks to the remaining angel blood in Lucifer’s body. And what of God, the angels, and the great battle with Hell you ask (

Final Thoughts

So that was sin Nanatsu no Taizai. As you can imagine the anime is crappy. The story is unoriginal, the characters are bland and generic, fight scenes aren’t all that good, the music is barely memorable, and. . . it’s what I expected in a series like this. I know a lot of people bashed on this series because it’s nothing but fanservice and their right but were you really expecting anything else from the series? This series falls into the same category of Senran Kagura, Daimidaler, and Masou Gakuen HxH, it’s a series that knows it’s nothing more than fanservice and not to be taken seriously at all so how I can really get mad at a series I knew was going to be crappy from the beginning? The animation is decent and the fanservice is done exceptionally well but as for everything else it’s a crappy anime. If it was shown in the past it probably would have been a short lived hit like Queen’s Blade but in today’s culture where we have fanservice animes like Highschool DxD and knowing that this anime obviously was just made for laughs and fanservice it was doomed to fail from the first episode.

Final Score

Sin Nanatsu no Taizai earns a 3/10. If not for the enjoyable fanservice and a few laughs here and there, this anime would have been a 2/10. There are other more enjoyayble fanservice animes that I would highly recommend over this series but if you do want to check it out my advice is that you turn off your brain and just enjoy the fanservice. That’s the only way you’ll get a level of enjoyment out of this anime. Thanks for reading and tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of the fanservice arc on the next Project Nitsuj.

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