Project #247: RWBY Season 4

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys, it’s the last week of September, you know what that means? Aside from Ani-ween being around the corner, RWBY will be back soon. Yes, RWBY has definitely become one of the best web shows on the Internet today. It’s great to see that despite the creator himself passing away, the show is still going strong and moving forward just like he would have wanted it and today in order to celebrate and get ready for RWBY’s much anticipated return I’m going to look at the 4th season. With the way the 3rd season ended you could tell the series was going in a darker and more serious direction as opposed to when it first started. Many were shocked by this but personally I was excited by this as they showed not all fairy tales are bright and cheerful. Some are tragic, tough, and have painful moments. Let’s not waste anymore time and continue the fairy tale that is RWBY.

Opening and Ending Themes

The opening is “Let’s Just Live” by Jeff Williams ft. Casey Williams who never disappoint when it comes to music. I have to say out of all the openings so far this is by far my favorite of them. It’s a huge step up from the previous opening and perfectly conveys what we the viewers and the characters are feeling. When we first watched the series it felt like a fairy tale where the girls would save the world and live happily ever after. But, reality came crashing down and pulled them out of their delusion to remind them and us that life isn’t always going to go the way we would like it and that if we want a happy ending we have to fight for it. The visuals are great here, the instrumental is great to listen to, and of course Casey on vocals is just a blessing to the ears. She just keeps getting better and better every time I hear her. As with the other seasons, the endings for this season have a different song showing off the soundtrack of the season as well as the artwork and designs of the characters and backgrounds. Once again, solid soundtrack from Jeff and great artwork from the people involved in the production of the series.

Episodes 1-4

So, the season starts off 6-8 months after the events of season 3 with our villains where we see the Grimm-like woman we saw at the end of season 3 wasn’t Cinder at all but a different person named Salem (kind of a shame, I felt that Cinder was already a strong enough main villain for the series, now we’ve gotta spend time establishing the new baddy). Speaking of Cinder, we see that Ruby fucked her up in the last moments of season 3. I don’t know what she did in that giant flash but apparently Ruby took out one of Cinder’s eyes, gave her a huge scar on her face, and she can barely speak so she needs Emerald to speak for her (damn Ruby, I knew from the short you became more badass but I didn’t know you became a straight-up savage. I like it). We see a few more villains such as Hazal (big strong quiet dude), Tyrian (who sits like L from Death Note and is crazy like The Joker), and Dr. Watts (perfectionist) where they say their next target is the Spring Maiden and they decide to send Tyrian after Ruby (scene here: We then cut to Ruby who is now traveling with Jaune, Ren, and Nora somewhere in Mistral (nice to get out and see what the world of Remnant has to offer) where they are fighting this Grimm called a geist who has the power to possess inanimate objects to fight (and not surprisingly this thing is more creative and terrifying than the ghosts from the latest Ghostbusters movie and the Poltergeist reboot). It possesses a bunch of rocks and their attacks don’t seem to be doing any damage to it. Jaune figures out that it’s weakness is it’s face so if they destroy the body parts (by hitting it harder. Goku’s Second Law) that should force the geist out. Jaune’s plan works and Ruby kills the geist with her scythe rifle (scene here: Why isn’t this a real thing yet? (Seras): Not a day goes by where I don’t find myself asking the same question). After defeating the geist they return to the village that hired them to collect their reward and retrieve Jaune’s new sword which got an upgrade thanks to the metal from Pyrrha’s shield and armor (scene here:, even in death that woman is looking out for Jaune). After they get all they need they head out where their next stop is Haven Academy. The episode ends with us seeing Weiss back at home and her dad summoning her.

Episode 2 starts with Ruby and the others arriving at a village that was attacked by bandits which attracted the Grimm and they destroyed the whole place with everyone in it (sounds like a house party where your friends invite unwanted guests and their unwanted guests invite unwanted guests). Ren says they should leave since it’s dangerous but as they leave Ren and Nora see a symbol etched into the ground that they are familiar with (ominous foreshadowing). We then cut to Weiss going to meet her father, Jacques, where on the way she runs into her brother Whitley (okay, the obvious name should have been Snow but I’ll accept this) who warns her to be careful because earlier their parents had an argument with each other. She goes to her father’s study where we see he and Ironwood (who has grown out a beard. Who are you trying to impress Ironwood?) are arguing with each other. It turns out that everyone blames Atlas for the fall of Beacon and in order to stop a war from happening with the other kingdoms, Ironwood has ordered a ban on the Schnee Company from exporting Dust which is gonna cause Jacques a lot of money (and he don’t like that). After Ironwood leaves, Jacques tells Weiss that he’s going to be hosting a charity event to boost morale for the military and he wants Weiss to sing (and when I say he wants Weiss to sing I mean he’s ordering her to sing, We then cut back to Ruby who keeps having nightmares about Pyrrha’s death (come on guys don’t bring that up again). She wakes up from the nightmares only to hear Pyrrha’s voice in the distance and goes to investigate where she finds Jaune practicing his sword fighting while taking instructions from Pyrrha in a video she recorded for him before the whole fall of Beacon (she did all that for him?). In the video she talks about how proud she is to be on his team, considers him the hardest working man ever, and even comes close to confessing her love for him (*tears fall from Nitsuj’s eyes* Sorry, dust got in my eyes. Don’t look at me). After a short break Jaune gets back to training while Ruby leaves not disturbing him (scene here:

In episode 3 we get to see how the other two members of RWBY are doing. We start off with Blake on a ship sailing back to her homeland which also happens to be the homeland of the Faunus (guys, I think I know where our next vacation destination is). While on the ship we see that she’s a little paranoid and rightfully so seeing as how someone is following her. The ship gets attacked by a sea dragon Grimm (man the Grimm have been awesome this season. We got a ghost and now a sea dragon Grimm. I’m liking the creativity here) and Sun comes out to help Blake fight it off. We get a pretty cool fight scene out in the ocean as Blake and Sun do their best to keep the Grimm away from the ship and keep it still long enough for the ship to hit the beast with their heavy cannon. Just as the Grimm has them trapped, the captain fires the heavy cannon and shoots the head off the Grimm saving Blake and Sun (scene here: Smile, you son of a bitch). As everyone settles in for the night Blake tells Sun she’s not going after the White Fang (yet) but instead going home to take care of a few things (and also acting like a coward by running away from her friends. I’m just saying, Yang and Weiss have an excuse for why they’re out. What’s your excuse Blake?). Speaking of Yang, we see that she’s not doing so well. That confident girl overflowing with wisdom and a carefree attitude seems to have disappeared and all we have left is a girl who’s now too afraid to fight (to be fair her fear is understandable. She was completely defeated. If Blake hadn’t been there I doubt her arm would have been the only thing she lost). She actually does receive a mechanical arm courtesy of Ironwood but she doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about it. Back with Cinder we see her getting interrogated by Salem who wants to know if she really killed Ozpin to which she says yes. She then tells her forces to double in their efforts at Beacon in search of something called the Relic.

In the first half of episode 4 Yang opens up to Taiyan and the professors of Beacon about her fears (good, we can finally start the healing process). They tell her it’s normal to be afraid but at the same time fear is just an emotion that comes and goes and at the end of it all you decide how it effects your life (you can make all the excuses you want, but at the end of the day you’re the one who decides how to live your life). In the second half Ruby, Jaune, Ren, and Nora continue on their journey unbeknownst to them that Qrow is following behind them and keeping them safe from the Grimm (such a caring man). They arrive at a big town and rest at an inn where Qrow hits up the tavern (tavern girls love them some Qrow) where he has a talk with his sister Raven the first wife of Taiyab and Yang’s mom who is now the leader of a group of bandits and really doesn’t seem all that interested or concerned with Yang and her condition (mother of the year folks). She wants to know if Salem has the Relic to which Qrow refuses to answer and he wants to know where the Spring Maiden is because according to him without her help we’re all going to die (woah, is she really all that?). Raven doesn’t answer and takes her leave (scene here: We end the episode on a good note with Yang finally trying on that mechanical arm and wanting to start training with her dad (my girl is back). Also, at the beginning of the episode we get this odd scene where Ozpin’s spirit speaks to this farm boy named Oscar (scene here:, well at least we know he’s alive and has gone Professor X on us).

Episodes 5-8

In episode 5 we return back to Blake and Sun who have just arrived in Menagerie the home island of the Faunus. You see after the war in order to show good faith and respect (as well as apologize for the prejudice and enslavement) to the Faunus, the kingdoms gave them their own island. While many Faunus liked this setup as it gave them their own land others saw it as a slap in the face (as if the world was basically saying get out. It also has a dessert filled with dangerous wildlife and Grimm so that kind of makes the island crowded with what little land they can call habitable. Scene here: We go to Blake’s house where we find out she’s the daughter of the high chieftain Ghira and his wife Kali. They welcome her back with open arms and while the mom likes Sun the dad is looking for an excuse to kill him (the overprotected father trope. To be fair, given what I’ve heard and seen what a lot of people would like to do with Blake his overprotection is more than welcomed). Their tea time gets interrupted by Corsac and Fennec representatives of the White Fang who have come to talk to Ghira. Once Blake and Sun tell him about the events that happened in Beacon (must we keep bringing up the bad times?), Ghira wants an explanation into what’s going on (explain now before he hangs you on the wall. You guys do that here right?). They explain that yes, what happened at Beacon was mostly the fault of the White Fang but they explain that Adam’s group has become a splinter group and one that the White Fang doesn’t support ( Ghira asks them to leave politely and they do but as they leave we see they’re actually working for Adam and plan to tell him that Blake is here (that’ll be quite the reunion. Scenes here: and As the episode draws to a close we see Tyrian enter the pub that Qrow was staying at saying he’s looking for someone.

Episode 6 starts off with Ruby’s team arriving at another village called Oniyuri (I would make a joke about this but this is a very serious moment). The place appears to be abandoned and according to Ren this was supposed to be the kingdom of some of Mistral’s aristocrats who weren’t happy with the way the kingdom was being run so they chose to leave and establish their own kingdom (and Oniyuri was the best name you could come up with? I mean yeah it sounds cool but think of all the jokes people are gonna make). However, the Grimm showed up, scared everyone away, and the plans for the kingdom were abandoned (but not forgotten). Ren also says that his parents were in on this plan as well. We then cut to Weiss playing the part of her father’s puppet and singing at his banquet (sing puppet sing). At the charity auction where the proceeds will go to benefit Vale (they’re still trying to figure out the percentage of a penny but they’ll think of something) where a few of the guest badmouth Vale until Weiss can no longer stand it and tells them to shut up (yes, cut your strings Weiss). Weiss accidently uses her summoning powers where it almost attacks one of the guest (go summoned beast go) but Ironwood stops it (damn it Ironwood! You ruin everything. Scene here: Back with Ruby and the others Tyrian finally catches up to them where he fights them all and reveals that he’s a Faunus (of the scorpion variety) and manages to beat them all but they get saved by Qrow.

We get 3 stories in episode 7. The first story is Ozpin trying to get Oscar to listen to him but hearing a voice in your head is something Oscar isn’t too fond of and he refuses to listen to Ozpin (Scene here: Listen to the voice boy, it’ll work out for you. Unless your Seras, because her voices are from the devil. (Seras): Oh please, if anything the devil comes to me for advice). While that’s going on we focus on Weiss whose dad is upset with the way she acted last episode (well someone had to say it). She then confronts her father where she reveals that he married into the Schnee family and he responds by slapping her (okay. *Grabs sword* He’s gonna die). Weiss says she wants to leave but he refuses to let her go and places her under lockdown while also removing her as heiress of the company meaning that Whitley gets the company just like he planned (are all the males in Weiss’s family assholes? Scene here: The third story is the fight between Qrow and Tyrian which I have to admit is an impressive fight sequence. It’s fast paced, action packed, and well-choreographed. The two appear to be evenly matched but Ruby tries to help out despite Qrow’s wishes and he gets stung slightly but Ruby cuts off Tyrian’s tail and forces him to retreat. Once he’s gone everyone wants to know why he was after Ruby and Qrow decides to tell them what’s going on (scene here:

Holy shit. Episode 8 starts off at night around the fire as Qrow tells them what is happening in the world. He talks about the God of Light and the God of Darkness (is that what we’re calling God and Trump these days?). These two gods created the world with the God of Light using his powers to create life and beauty in the world but with everything he created the God of Darkness countered it with misfortune and natural disasters (crappy movies and pop idols). He also created the Grimm which share in his destruction for everything good. Realizing that this could go on no more, the two gods decided to create one final creation together as their ultimate creation. Their creation was humans who either chose to follow the path of light or darkness (unfortunately some foolishly chose the path of darkness over light). With the creation of humans, the gods also gave them Relics these powerful objects which when combined can change the world in the image of whoever possesses it. Each kingdom guards a Relic and keeps it safe at their huntsmen academy that way they’re always surrounded by trained fighters (and yet despite this Beacon still fell). Salem now wants the Relics to you guess it, take over the world ( As for Ruby being attacked, it’s because of her silver eyes. Not many people know about the silver eyes but a majority of those that do don’t like it and after what Ruby did at Beacon it’s understandable why Salem would be worried about her. Most of the world doesn’t know about the maidens (and yet it didn’t stop you from making a fairy tale about it) or the Relics because if they did a war would most likely erupt between the kingdoms again (and I’m assuming whatever happened to the moon will be the least of our troubles). After taking all of this in we go back to Blake who has tea with her father and apologizes for staying in the White Fang and calling her parents cowards for leaving when they were right all along. Of course Ghira never held it against her and never hated her (what a loving family). Just when Blake is about to reveal to him why she left Vale and her friends behind, Sun comes in after accidently knocking down the door from eavesdropping (really Sun? Really? If you want to be this cat’s favorite catnip, eavesdropping on her isn’t going to help you). So as Blake slaps and goes off on him they discover a White Fang spy spying on them and Blake goes after them with Sun right behind her. Back with Ruby and the others it’s the next morning and Qrow is succumbing to Tyrian’s poison (no! Don’t you dare die on me you glorious bastard).

Well it’s a full cast story for episode 8 (which is good). We start off with Yang training with her dad and not only does it warm my heart to see her back on her feet and fighting but she hasn’t lost a step (she’s still got it). While training Taiyan tells Yang one of her major weaknesses, her reliance on her semblance (I’ve noticed that too). At the Vytal festival Yang won all of her matches using her semblance, which while strong and reliable in battle it’s a sign that she’s not really good at controlling her emotions. On top of that, there’s a good chance she’ll come across people who are stronger than her and what then (hell, she’s already come across two people where she was outmatched greatly)? Taiyan tells her to keep an open mind and think of ways to get pass her opponents without relying on her anger. They do another sparring match and following her dad’s advice, manages to find an opening and beat him (scene here:, fast learner, I like it). We then focus on Weiss who has learned to perfect her summoning and can now summon and control a knight (I know what your planning Weiss and let me just say, nice). Moving on to Blake, she and Sun catch up to the spy watching them which happens to be a chameleon who was once Blake’s friend (did you abandon her for no reason like you did the others?). She injures Sun and manages to escape (try not to run away from this one Blake). Finally, with Ruby and the others they rush desperately to the next town in order to save Qrow. They come to a fork in the road where Mistral is to the right however in order to get there they’ll have to climb up a mountain and with Qrow poisoned and slightly hallucinating (he’s dreaming about being a short blonde boy with a suit armor for a brother and he has the hots for a girl who’s a mechanic. Also, he can do alchemy) chances are slim that he’ll make it. Luckily, the village of Kuroyuri (ha) is to the west but Ren doesn’t want to go there for some reason so Nora suggest that the team split up. Ruby and Juane will take Qrow to Kuroyuri and see if they can get some help for him while Ren and Nora head up the mountains and try to get help. Both teams go their separate ways to end the episode but Ruby and Juane might have chosen the wrong path as something big is out there.

Episodes 9-12, World of Remnant, and RWBY Chibi

Episode 9 is a pretty sad episode. Ruby and Jaune arrive at Kuroyuri where the place is abandoned and destroyed (Qrow’s misfortune continues to plaque him). Once here we get a flashback of Ren as well as the reason why he didn’t want to go to Kuroyuri in the first place, he used to live there. Yeah, back in the day Ren lived there with his parents, he had a loving mother and brave father who was a huntsman. Too bad Ren fell far from the tree. As a kid, Ren was a scaredy-cat who couldn’t fight worth shit. Even when he saw a young Nora, who was an orphan and lived on the streets get bullied by other kids he just stood there and did nothing (wow, it’s like looking at two separate people). Ren’s life change however when the Grimm attacked his village killing his mother right in front of him (like something out of Attack on Titan. It just came in and just ate her right in front of Ren) and killing off his father. With no one to turn to and hiding for his life Ren takes a step forward and decides to be brave awakening his semblance which gives him the power to hide his presence. He uses his semblance to save Nora and the two become friends promising to protect each other from now on (I can’t help but feel that with all this attention their giving Ren and Nora, something bad is going to happen to one of them). Speaking of Ren and Nora they find a cave while climbing the mountain and discover that the Grimm were there and something big is out there waiting for them (their past). In another part of the story Oscar leaves home listening to Ozpin despite knowing that everything that he’s doing is crazy (sums up all the voters from last year’s election).

We get the 4 main stories again of our main characters in episode 11. We start with Yang (starting with the best, I like that) who has given her metal arm a paint job (it’s way cooler now) and is planning to leave the island soon but the question is where she’s headed. Will she go to Mistral in the hopes of finding her sister or will she go looking for her mom (who may or may not be evil) since she knows where she is thanks to Qrow. We then focus on Weiss who has decided to run away and with the help of her butler she manages to leave without getting caught. As she leaves she overhears Ironwood and Jacques talk/argue with each other. Winter has reported some strange sightings happening in Mistral so in order to protect Atlas, Ironwood says they’re closing their borders where nothing gets in or out (he’s trying to cease control again. Didn’t you learn your lesson at Beacon?). Moving on to Blake she tends to Sun’s wound where once he wakes up she finally confesses that the reason she ran away is because she doesn’t want her friends to get hurt because of her believing it’s best to have her friends despise her rather than care for her (that is the biggest loud of bull I’ve heard since the Jack Bros. told me they didn’t try to peep on Mira taking a shower this morning. (Mira): WHAT). Sun says her thinking is ridiculous and says that if it meant protecting her he would have took that shot again (the point is friends will protect friends no matter what. Even if it means getting hurt in the process because that’s what having friends is all about). After their moment Blake’s parents come crashing in (the mom literally does crash in) where they reveal that Adam plans to take over the White Fang and launch an attack on Haven. Finally, with Ruby and the others, Ren and Nora catch up to Ruby and Jaune where they come face to face with the Grimm that destroyed Ren and Nora’s village (and it’s honestly the scariest Grimm we’ve seen thus far in the series).

In the final episode it’s Ruby, Jaune, Ren, and Nora against the powerful Grimm which I have dubbed The Horseman. We see that The Horseman has the ability to stretch out its arms (that’s not the only thing that can stretch out. Had to be done. Let’s continue). Ren starts to fight recklessly almost getting himself killed until Nora pulls him back to reality (I will not lose another ship). Thanks to Nora, Ren calms down and fights with everyone where they pin the arms of The Horseman down and Ren exacts his revenge in a pretty badass scene where he takes out his dad’s dagger, walks up to the beast, cut its arms off, and then decapitates it (scene here:, badass). After defeating The Horseman they get picked up by Mistral soldiers who take them directly to Mistral and give Qrow the proper medical treatment. Once Qrow is safe and resting, Ruby decides to write a heartfelt letter to Yang about everything that’s happened, how hard it’s been, and how at times things seem at their bleakest and it seems like giving up is their only option but she says we must continue to fight for those that we still care for (it’s a very nice letter and it’s probably the first time we’ve seen Ruby in a vulnerable state. Keep in mind she’s younger than a lot of characters in this show so she feels that she has to be twice as brave as them in order to keep up with them. She puts a lot of pressure on herself and even though she may try to hide behind her carefree smile and determination I think deep down there are times when she wants to just cry and breakdown but won’t because she’s the leader and has to endure it in order to keep morale up. When all is said and done, Ruby is a selfless and brave girl). As she writes the letter we see our other heroines do their own thing. Weiss paid off a pilot to get to Mistral, Blake is preparing to take on the White Fang with Sun, and Yang is also on her way to Mistral on her motorcycle. Yep, things are looking up for the group. But this ain’t no fairy tale and the show reminds us of this at the end where we see Ozpin’s friend Lionheart is meeting with Dr. Watts. After the credits, Oscar meets up with Qrow who hands Ozpin’s cane to him sensing Ozpin’s spirit inside of Oscar.

World of Remnant

Just like the last two seasons, this season saw the return of the World of Remnant specials this time narrated by Qrow himself. This season, we got 8 of them where I think they read my blog on the 3rd season because they did exactly what I told them to do and did videos talking about the 4 kingdoms and how each one is different from the other. For example, Atlas is more technologically advanced due to their harsh environment and run by the military as opposed to Vale which has a more peaceful setting and welcomes all. Mistral is known for their fashion, theatre, and architect and has the most control over land but it also houses the biggest black market in the world and there’s a bit of tension between the high and low class. Vacuo has the mentality of survival of the fittest. You want respect, show everybody you can survive and earn it. The other four remnants talk about the land between kingdoms such as how there have been numerous settlements established up but they usually don’t last very long due to the Grimm attacks. We learn more about Fanuses, the Schnee Dust Company, and the Great War. All of these Remnants are interesting, informative, and offer us something new to the world of RWBY. If you haven’t watched them yet definitely check them out.

RWBY Chibi

RWBY Chibi also made a return this summer. After a successful first season, RWBY Chibi came back to offer us more laughs and joy that we may have missed in the 4th season. This season much like the first one was a hit as it offered us more laughs and added in more characters such as Ozpin, Winter, Qrow, Taiyan, talking Grimm, and others. I think it’s clear to say that RWBY Chibi is going to be a permanent stay and I’m all for it. The main series can focus on the serious and important stuff while offering us a laugh every now and then while Chibi can focus on the laughs and fun stuff we loved in the first two seasons. It’s a good balance and it works out wonderfully here. If you liked the first season of RWBY Chibi you’ll definitely like the second one.

Final Thoughts

So that was RWBY season 4 and. . .it was freakin’ awesome. This season was definitely a season of healing and moving forward which makes sense given what happened in the 3rd season. The four stories that focus on each of the main characters are done well and each one has enough time given to them for us to follow and understand them. The weakest story of the bunch had to be Yang’s story. It’s not bad as it’s nice to see Yang get back up and fight and I’m glad they didn’t waste time with her moping around and feeling sorry for herself. It’s just that when compared to the other 3 stories this one didn’t offer us as much as them. Blake’s story was good as we got to meet her parents, Sun tagged along so we got a few laughs there, and we finally get to learn why she keeps others at a distance and learning to open up and let others be close to her even if that means they get hurt in the process. I also liked her parents. I like how the first thing they do is welcome her back with open arms. They don’t scorn her or give her the cold shoulder despite what she did and said about them. They hug her and let her know that no matter where she goes or what she does, she’ll always have a place to call home with them. It was also funny seeing how upfront Blake’s dad was with Sun and openly admitting he didn’t like him and Sun has no choice but to accept it. Weiss’ story was by far my favorite as it was good character development on her part. We first see how she’s falling into the role of being her dad’s puppet but standing up to him, cutting her strings, and choosing to follow her own path. It’s great and it shows how much Weiss has grown since the first season where all she was, was an heiress who everyone didn’t like but now she’s become a huntress we all want to cheer for and can be proud of. Jacques and Whitely are both assholes and I am interested in seeing what they’ll do with Whitely now that he’s become the new heir to the company. As far as the main story with Ruby goes it was alright. It moved the plots forward while also giving us more insight into our characters. While I wish they would have focused a little bit more on Ruby and tell us what her goal is and why she headed to Mistral in the first place, I am glad they focused on Jaune, Ren and Nora as these three took a harder blow than Ruby and the others. They lost a member of their team and are doing their best to move on while still honoring her. Jaune has become more of a strategist while doing his own private training to get stronger and be a better asset to the team so that he doesn’t feel helpless again like last season. The backstory of Ren and Nora was also quite sad as they both lost their home and only had each other to give the other one the strength to keep on living and it was satisfying to see Ren get his vengeance on the Grimm who took everything away from him. If I had to name my biggest complaint this season it would have to be the introduction of Selem. I don’t hate this character, I just wish they would have kept Cinder as the final boss because she was doing so well in the role and that’s how they were building her up. Now, we have to start all over again with Salem who as of right now hasn’t caught my interest or seems all that interesting when compared to Cinder. The other villains are fine for now and hopefully in the next season they’ll expand on them more.

The animation has improved greatly this season. The characters move more realistically now and the detail in the designs and backgrounds stand out more. The action was a huge improvement over last season’s action. While not up to the level of Monty, it still looked good and was enjoyable to watch. You can tell they borrowed ideas from Monty’s fights and I think he would proud of their work. The music, as always was great as Jeff Williams just sets the tone and atmosphere perfectly with each scene whether it be a tense, action, or emotional scene, his music goes perfectly with it.

Is it better than the last seasons

I say this season is on par with the second season. I enjoyed the balance between the 4 stories and how each of our heroines were moving forward in their own way.

Final Score

The final score for RWBY season 4 is a 8/10 with a must watch stamp of approval. This season showed us the serious tone of our fairy tale and how all the characters are steadily growing and moving forward. I can’t wait to see what happens in the 5th season. What new challenges and foes will our heroes face, what mysteries will they uncover, how will they overcome the challenges set before them, and most importantly, will we see a reunion for team RWBY? All I can say is great job to everybody at Rooster Teeth who worked on this show and keep up the good work. Here’s to another good season of RWBY. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

*Nitsuj gets up and goes to the living room where Mira is torturing the Jack Bros. while everyone watches*

(Mira): Talk!

*Mira whips the back of Corbin*

(Corbin): Ahhhhhh~!

(Mira): Talk!

*Mira whips the back of Baron*

(Baron): Ahhhhhhh~!

(Mira): How are you guys peeking on us?

(Corbin): We’re not peeking! I swear to God!

(Mira): Don’t swear to God. I talk to God all the time and God happens to be the one who told to torture your asses. You lying, sneaky, perverted bastards! You’re going to tell me how you keep peeping on us. I know that much.

*As Mira was about to continue the torture a portal opened up in the middle of the floor. The energy of the portal frees the Jack Bros. from Mira’s torture and out comes Heinz with two other Jacks. Both of them being females and Pyro Jacks*

(Nitsuj): Heinz? What are you doing here?

(Heinz): Important family business. Baron! Corbin! You’re coming home for the holidays.

(Baron and Corbin): What!

(Heinz): It’s your choice. I can’t force you.

*The two female Pyro Jacks take out guns which fire electric nets and shoot them at Baron and Corbin capturing them both and electrocuting them enough to knock them out*

(Heinz): Whoops. Sorry. I meant to say: You don’t have a choice. I’m forcing you to come.

(Nitsuj): Hey Heinz, can we come?

(Heinz): No.

(Nitsuj): Aww~.

*Nitsuj than gets trapped and electrocuted in a net and passes out*

(Heinz): Damn it! I messed up again. I meant to say sure. Grab the AI girls as well.

*The female Pyro Jacks prepare to fire their guns when AI girls take out their weapons and point them at the Jacks*

(Shizuku): Don’t. Even. Think about it.

*The female Pyro Jacks lower their guns out of fear and the AI girls walk through the portal quickly followed by Heinz the female Pyro Jacks dragging the unconscious Nitsuj, Baron, and Corbin*

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