Project #250: Diabolik Lovers More, Blood

*After attending to his bat bites, Nitsuj goes into Souji’s study*

(Nitsuj): Hey there Mr. Jack. Sorry for the delay, so what’s up?

(Souji): Well you see Nitsuj, I found this particular game in the attic. It belonged to our daughter before she moved out and for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

*Nitsuj inspects the case and watches the game*

(Nitsuj): Well for starters it’s not a game it’s an anime and a really bad one at that. Diabolik Lovers.

(Souji): Seriously? This is an anime? With the way it played out I thought I was making all the wrong choices or playing as the wrong character.

(Nitsuj): No, it’s not your fault it’s the anime’s fault. Diabolik Lovers for the most part is a pretty good game series. It’s like this dark romance story of a girl thrown into a situation where she has to earn the love and affection of a vampire. In other words, Twilight done correctly and better. The anime, not so much. It was a disaster, one of the worst animes I’ve ever seen in my life that it made me laugh for how awful it was. What could have been a decent dark romance anime turned into an uninteresting, bland, and boring show with a main character who earns no sympathy and is dumb as rocks. Along with a bunch of hot vampire boys who have only one characteristic to their personality, they’re assholes. Despite this failure it didn’t stop Zexcs (Omamori Himari) from continuing their shit parade on this series by making a follow up season called More, Blood. Coming out in 2015 (I swear I’m not doing this on purpose), More, Blood serves as the sequel to the original Diabolik Lovers and adapts the second game of the series which came out in 2013. With the feedback they got from fans and viewers bashing the anime you would think the second season would be better right? Not even close. Let’s re-sink our teeth back into this awful anime series. This is Diabolik Lovers More, Blood.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening theme is “Kindan no 666” by Kou Mukami (Ryouhei Kimura) & Azusa Mukami (Daisuke Kishio). We’ll give them credit, this opening is decent (probably the only decent thing in this anime). Not as good as the first opening but still a good song. I love how the visuals match up with the song perfectly. The ending theme is “nightmare-2” by Yuuki Hayashi. Just like the first ending the song here is just an instrumental giving us time to take everything in (which unfortunately is nothing). What always gives me a laugh is that this ending is under the impression that we just saw something dark and traumatizing. You’re a dark romantic anime, you’re not Monster, Death Note, or Attack on Titan. There’s nothing traumatizing about you.

Episodes 1-4

We start the season off with Yui having a dream where she’s in the middle of nowhere and the only thing she sees is a tree (I can’t help but wonder if this is the animators’ cry for help) and hears a mysterious voice calling her Eve (and this is the director telling them to get back to work). She wakes up from her dream to the sight of Ayato, Kanato, and Laito who are thirsty for her blood (oh good, you guys are still assholes. Glad to see somethings haven’t change). Just before they can engage in the vampire foursome (something I think every Twilight fan dreams about) it gets interrupted by Reiji who tells them all to get ready for school. On their way to school they get attacked by other vampires who crash their car into a tree. The boys and Yui escape unscratched (it’ll take more than that to kill a vampire) and consider this a declaration of war from the four new vampire boys (who look like they just came from Hot Topic. Actually they all like that). They return to the mansion where Yui can’t sleep so she decides to take a walk in the garden where those four vampire boys surround her calling her Eve and knock her out (I’m sure this is how they get all their dates).

In episode 2 Yui wakes up in a different mansion belonging to the four vampire boys that caught her. We get a formal introduction to the boys who are all brothers. We the eldest brother Ruki (the smart one), Kou the playboy who works as model, Yuma the tough one (who has a personality very similar to Subaru meaning we won’t be able to get a read on this guy), and finally Azusa who is a masochist and the strangest one of the group (you and Kanato seem like the kind of people who would get along with each other). Together they’re the Mukami brothers and even though they’re vampires they’re not pure-blooded vampires, they were once humans but through some bizarre series of events became vampires (surprise Yui hasn’t turned into one given how many times she’s been bitten). With this knowledge you would think they be a little nicer to Yui but no they’re just as bad and abusive as the others and force her to live in their mansion from now on (out one hell and into another). Why do they want her so much? Well it’s because they’re convince that she carries the blood of Eve (whether that’s Eve from the Bible or just some powerful woman named Eve is a mystery to me. This anime makes as much sense as the choices in the Death Note movie) and that it is her duty to find Adam which they believe is one of them. She says no and wants to return to the others (why? They were assholes to you. Is this what they call Stockholm syndrome?) but they refuse to let her leave and put her in her room for the time being. She leaves her room and tries to find a way out but can’t find one (oh that’s easy sweety. Grab a chair and chuck it at a window. I know you’ve had a lot of your blood sucked away by vampires but THINK). She eventually gets found by Ruki who brings her to his room and tastes some of her blood (I’m beginning to think she enjoys having her blood sucked by these guys).

Episode 3 focuses on Azusa. While Ruki, Kou, and Yuma go to school, they leave Azusa behind to keep an eye on Yui (is that really necessary? She’s already proven she can’t escape). Azusa shows Yui his knife collection (oh you just keep getting creepier and creepier Azusa) and asks if she loves him (she just met you son. But then again you are the one with the knives so she may not have a choice in the matter)? He wants her to prove her love by hitting him (dude, trust me, masochist and masochist relationships never work out, one of you has to be the sadist it’s the rules) but she refuses to hit him (I’m sure she doesn’t even know how to slap a person). He then hands her a knife and has her cut him which he enjoys. When Azusa was still human he would always get beat up by these kids and that was his proof that he was alive. To him, pain is existence and existence is pain, if he’s not feeling pain he’s not alive (okay, okay, we’ll let you be the masochist. Yui, whip him till his name’s Tobi). He then presses her against the wall and gets a tastes of her blood (wrong idea but right execution. Next time more slot a into slot b). He keeps sucking her blood until he gets stopped by Yuma and she passes out from blood lost (lightweight, you didn’t even let him finish).

Nothing much happens in episode 4. It focuses on Yuma who we find out has his own garden and grows his own vegetables all by himself and uses this to feed his family (wow, these guys maybe assholes but give them credit, they at least care for each other). Yui also finds out that they used to be humans (again, a strange series of events turned them into vampires) who were all orphans and lived terrible lives until someone saved them. Yuma then gets his turn to try some of Yui’s blood (you know, at this point, I really do worry about that girl’s health. How is she not dead right now?). Later on the boys are concerned because despite sucking her blood, Yui has yet to awaken to the power of Eve (would you guys please explain to me what the hell is going on here? We’re four episodes in and you haven’t so much explained what you’re after).

Episodes 5-8

Still nothing much in episode 5. It focuses on Kou who we find out was beaten and raped by aristocrats when he was a kid because he was so beautiful. He drinks some of Yui’s blood and forces her to sleep with him where nothing happens (she doesn’t even lose her clothes or anything. These guys have got the right execution but the wrong idea when it comes to Yui. It’s getting kind of sad at this point). Also, that tree in Yui’s dream begins to bloom quite beautifully (this is the animators realizing that they’re halfway done with the anime).

In episode 6 the boys allow Yui to go back to school (what did she do to deserve this kind of punishment?) where she runs into Reiji, Laito, and Kanato (wow, we haven’t seen these guys in a while that I almost forgot what they look like and what they’re like. They’re all assholes right?) where they’re mad at Yui for leaving them and believe she willingly went with the Mukami brothers (yep, they’re assholes), abandoning them and everything (so you guys can get jealous). Subaru on the other hand takes a more direct approach by dragging her to the roof and asking her directly if she went with them willingly or if she’s being force against her will (she was force to go with them, what do you think?). Before she can answer Kou pops up and messes with Subaru saying that he loves her (if he does, then he has a terrible way of showing it). He denies this so Kou decides to take her away for himself but Subaru grabs her and drinks some of her blood calling this whole thing stupid and leaves (dude, you’re just gonna leave her, what the hell?). Kou also takes a sip of her blood biting her deeper so that she’ll forget about Subaru (shouldn’t be a problem. He has no personality to speak of) all while saying he won’t let them have her (than treat her better. If you want her to stay with you, stop being assholes and charm the pants off her).

Nothing much happens in episode 7 (look, I know you’re adapting a dating sim game but can we at least try and make it interesting). Yuma and Shu have a bit of a confrontation in the school hallway because Shu refused to move while Yuma was carrying Yui to the nurse’s office (at least I think that’s where he was going. It wouldn’t surprise me if he tossed her into the school pool). We see that Yuma has a deep dislike for aristocrats like Shu and in order to get one up on Shu he sucks the blood of Yui right in front of him (jokes on you, he tasted her first) and takes his leave. As Shu walks away he realizes that Yuma is actually Edgar an old friend of his when he was a child. Back with Ruki he starts to worry that he and his brothers can’t become Adam despite having sucked so much of Yui’s blood (I say that’s a fair assumption).

In episode 8 Ruki has enough and decides play time is over (this was considered play time? Kidnapping a girl against her will for some unexplained plan was considered play time?). He wants to become Adam so he locks Yui up in some solitary room and only comes to visit her to drink her blood. He leaves her in there for a few days where she grows weak and even the others start thinking this is too cruel (then get her out. It’s 3 on 1, you can take him) but Ruki won’t listen to them. She finally gets saved by Ayato who easily breaks into the mansion, takes Yui, and escapes without any resistance whatsoever (nice security work guys. The easiest thing in the whole mansion to protect and you guys lose it). As soon as they’re at a safe enough distance Ayato sucks Yui’s blood where in his own oujidere way confesses that he missed her. Back in that dream world we see the tree that was once in a beautiful full bloom has begun to wither away (and this represents the animators finding out that there are more games and they’re under contract to animate them).

Episodes 9-12

Episode 9, we see Yui return to the Sakamaki household where Laito is there to greet her and taste her blood (well glad to see these guys haven’t changed). He gets stopped by Reiji who wants to ask what she knows about the Mukami brothers to which she says nothing (all that time she’s been there and she learned nothing about them. She is just he walking definition of useless). We see that Kanato and Subaru are pissed about her leaving (than why didn’t you go after her. You knew where she was, you could have gotten her any time). The only thing she can tell Reiji and the others is that they called her Eve, they’re trying to become Adam, and they’re following the orders of someone (who we will probably never see). Later that night, Yui goes to Reiji’s room and asks him why the Mukamis called her Eve and what they’re planning (yes, please tells us). Reiji just chuckles and says it’s nothing to worry about because he says what they’re planning won’t work at all (okay. But for the sake of all of us at home who are forcing ourselves to watch this pile of crap, please explain what the hell is going on and why I should care?). He then throws her on the desk and sucks her blood (you know what would be a good drinking game? Taking a shot every time they suck Yui’s blood. Of course you probably pass out around episode 6).

Episode 10 starts with Shu sucking some of Yui’s blood in the garden where he calls her a masochist slut who enjoys getting her blood sucked by anyone (I would normally oppose this but truer words have never been spoken about Yui’s character). She has that dream again with the tree where it finally dies and disappears entirely (and this represents the animators embracing death). Once she wakes up from her dream she’s greeted by Kanato who wants to suck her blood but his fun gets interrupted by Azusa who has come for Yui because he needs her help (her? What can she do?). Apparently, he and the others were attacked by wolves (oh God help me if they bring in werewolves) and Ruki received the worst injuries of them all. Worried about Ruki, Yui tries to go with Azusa but Kanato stops her (honestly speaking her situation is going to stay the same no matter who she chooses to go with) and even tries to choke her out for actually considering going with them but Azusa distracts him by throwing his teddy bear into the fireplace and burning it which causes him to breakdown (this could have a serious impact on their potential friendship).

In episode 11 Yui returns to the Mukami mansion which is in shambles (gone for one day and look for what happens, the whole place turns to shit) and we see Ruki got seriously injured protecting Azusa from the wolves. While Ruki rests the boys tell Yui about the Apple of Adam plan the plan that one of them was supposed to be Adam by drinking the blood of Yui who is Eve (and? We already knew this, that’s why you kidnapped her so there’s no need to explain that part to us. The part you should be explaining is what Adam and Eve is, why do you want to be Adam, what does this plan accomplish, how did you find out about this plan, what’s the origin of the Apple of Adam, the list goes on. You finally have a chance to redeem this series if only a little and you screw it up). Ruki finally wakes up and expresses his sadness and realization that he and the others can’t become Adam because they’re only half-blooded vampires and only full-blooded vampires can become Adam. Yui manages to cheer him up (with a half ass speech that was phoned-in and we’ve heard a million times) and he thanks her by sucking her blood (yes, take those teeth you pale-skinned slut). As the episode draws to a close we see that wolves are being controlled by two new vampire boys (who the hell are these guys?).

In the final episode the Sakamakis get attacked by the wolves and thanks to the lunar eclipse their power has decreased greatly (personally I don’t think they were strong to begin with. All they do is pick on a girl who gets off having her blood sucked by others). They manage to fight them off and realize this attack came from the two vampire boys who are the last remaining remnants of The Founders (and no, they don’t explain who these guys are at all, be shock). Realizing that The Founders are after Yui they agree to an unlikely alliance with the Mukamis to protect Yui and the season ends with Ruki and Ayato fighting over Yui and being too proud to say they love her (it’s just lust for her blood).

Final Thoughts

Asinine. Asinine and a waste of time. That is the best way to describe this anime. Nothing has changed in this anime. Yui is still a masochist who does nothing and is useless throughout the entire anime. It’s like her only purpose is to have her blood sucked and give an excuse to call this anime a reverse harem. The boys continue to be assholes and uninteresting ones at that. While the Mukamis are a little nicer to Yui they’re still assholes and uninteresting characters. The story and plot are never explained clearly and throughout the anime you keep asking yourself what is everyone trying to accomplish and why should I care? The only decent thing is this anime is the music and animation as it sets the tone for this dark atmosphere the anime is trying to build. Too bad, everything else sucks. It does everything wrong in a reverse harem and instead plays out like a look into an abusive relationship.

Is it better than the first anime

No, it’s actually worse. While the first anime was bad, I at least got a good laugh at how awful it was. This one, just pissed me off. There’s nothing redeemable about this season. Nothing gets explained, the characters are uninteresting, and you don’t care about anything going on in the anime

Final Score

More, Blood earns a blood-sucking 1/10. It is a disastrous anime just like its predecessor and does the game no justice at all. It’s clear that Zexcs doesn’t care about this series at all and are just doing this to make a quick buck off the fans or anyone who loves vampires. Don’t fall for it guys, watch something else. Trust me, there are better vampire shows out there. Ones that have the old school vampires who are scary, badass, and serve as the perfect antagonist to the hero. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj for conclusion of Ani-ween. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-

*All of a sudden balloons come falling down*

So much for floating.

*The balloons suddenly explode and give Nitsuj a blood bath*


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