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Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well ever since I posted my review of One Punch Man people have been asking if I’ll take a look at Mob Psycho 100? The answer, what do you think I was gonna do after One Punch Man? Getting started as a webcomic and written once again by One, Mob Psycho 100 is One’s second most popular story which started in 2012 and ended last December. However, unlike One Punch Man which got remade as a manga, Mob Psycho 100 remained as a webcomic (in One’s defense his artwork is slightly better here than in One Punch Man). With One Punch Man being such a big hit in 2015, Bones (FMA: Brotherhood, Space Dandy, Soul Eater, and Noragami) decided they wanted to cash-in on the fame of One and turned Mob Psycho 100 into an anime in 2016 and sure enough it was a big hit with fans saying they actually liked this more than One Punch Man. Is Mob Psycho 100 really that good? Let’s build up our emotions and take a look at Mob Psycho 100.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening is “99” by Mob Choir. I called this the best opening of 2016 and yeah it’s still a great song. This whole song just pumps me up every time I listen to it. It’s hard not to find this song addicting. Probably the best part about this song is the opening animation. The animation for this song is spectacular, it’s constantly moving and there’s so much going on that you’ll find yourself pausing or re-watching the opening time and time again.

The ending is “Refrain Boy” by All Off. This is another good song that has a great guitar, vocals, and is addicting to listen to. Once again the song is enhanced by the ending animation as it focuses on Mob’s mentor and his daily life up until he meets Mob in the streets. It’s actually a good insight into his character and shows us how much Mob means to him as a person.

Episodes 1-4

The anime starts with an amazing scene of animation and action (scene here: After this scene we get told by a narrator that things such as spirits and supernatural stuff does exist in the world (believe me, I’ve known that for a while now and let me just say my perception of it has changed quite a bit) and there are these exorcists who go around trying to help these spirits pass on or eliminate them. But wherever there’s a place to make profit you can expect to see people try and exploit it. Enter Reigen voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (Yuji from Grisaia no Kajitsu) a con artist pretending to be a psychic taking on the case of this couple to eliminate a spirit that’s haunting them (with faces like theirs I’m amazed the spirt wasn’t scared by them). They go to an abandoned building where the spirit appears and Reigen tries to purify it with unholy salt but it doesn’t work so he calls in his secret weapon a middle school student named Shigeo aka Mob voiced by newcomer Setsuo Itou (while he technically got started in 2013 this was his second anime and even in the first anime he didn’t play a major part, he was just a supporting character with only one scene and even then it was in an anime that not too many people watched or heard of). Now Mob is in fact a real physic and a powerful one at that who blindly believes that Reigen is a real physic and has become his student using his powers for good and getting paid 300 yen an hour (3 dollars an hour!? Screw that noise). Anyway, Mob comes in and defeats the spirit easily (scene here: After this we get to see Mob’s personal life where we see he lives with his family who are fully aware of his physic powers and are okay with it (that’s pretty cool. Usually it’s the other way around), he goes to school like a normal kid where he keeps his physic powers a secret from everyone, and has a secret crush on a girl (who likes to hang out with people who have vegetables for heads. I hope she’s not a vegan). In school we see that despite being a physic he’s not all that smart, when it comes to sports he’s quite slow and sluggish, and he does his best to make sure he doesn’t stand out. After school he receives a call from Reigen telling him they have a big job on the outskirts of town. They’re tasked with eliminating the spirits residing in a tunnel which seems to be causing accidents within the area. Reigen and Mob go to the tunnel where Reigen tricks Mob into taking out all the spirits until they come across the boss spirit (that’s literally his name. You know this anime could actually work as an RPG game parodying of an RPG game) where Reigen mistakes him as a heel wrestler but Mob saves him beating the spirit like nothing. Before Mob finishes him off the spirit says that there’s an even stronger spirit down the tunnels who’s even more dangerous than him and Mob decides to go and investigate where he finds said spirit and easily destroys it (he makes it look so easy. Scenes here: and After the evil spirit is defeated the boss spirit and his gang move on to the afterlife peacefully and we end the episode with Reigen treating Mob to some ramen.

Episode 2 starts off with Reigen exorcising a spirit from a client when really he’s just giving them a massage (to his credit he’s quite good at it). After that we focus on Mob’s telepathy club at school which is about to be disowned because they’re short on members. The student council says they have two days to find a new member or disband so they desperately run through the school trying to recruit someone but everyone says no because the club sounds creepy (creepy? You mean to tell me nobody in this school wants to learn how to read minds?). One of the members drags Mob to the club room hoping he’ll join but Mob is unsure of what to do so he chats with Reigen about this and he tells Mob not to join because it’ll interfere with his work and from what Reigen can gather the club sounds totally pointless and a con (said the pot to the kettle. Actually, in all fairness he’s right. All they do is laze around and do nothing. Say what you want about Reigen using Mob as a means to an end but at least he’s using Mob to help people). Mob decides to think about it for a day and leaves. The next day he and Reigen infiltrate an all-girl high school to eliminate a spirit (Mob, get ready to feel puberty in your lower body part). Since they couldn’t get permission to enter the school they’re forced to sneak in disguised as girls. Mob manages to get in but Reigen gets caught by security leaving only Mob to deal with the spirit where he finds it in the gym. Mob fights the spirit and beats it easily (scene here:, the OP must flow) but before vanishing the spirit says that Mob is like him a person who didn’t experience life to the fullest and begs Mob not to become him and live life to the fullest (now this actually is a pretty deep scene. Mob for the most part is an empty-shell of a man who just does what people tell him to do. He doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do with his life and just goes along with whatever everyone tells him to do). The next day at school Mob goes to join the club. No, not the telepathy club those guys are bums, but instead the body improvement club (good for you Mob, you need to get some muscle in that body of yours).

At the start of episode 3 we find out that the reason Mob decided to join the body improvement club was because he wanted to use it as a chance to become popular (well getting pumped will help you half way but in truth it all comes down to one’s personality and character). He faints during a morning run with the club and gets taken back to the club room where the telepathy club are still allowed to use thanks to the body improvement club who just wanted the room to store their equipment. Once he regains consciousness, Toda, the leader of the telepathy club says Mob will never become popular even if his body improves (bitch move Toda, bitch move). Discouraged and sad by this he walks home depressed when a strange woman part of this religious cult called LOL (well you know society’s gone crazy when we’ve got a cult named after internet memes) drags Mob to a meeting. The whole point of this cult is to make people laugh and smile no matter what (for as we all know laughing means winning). One of Mob’s classmates a girl named Ichi is there to investigate the group for the school paper and the leader of the cult Dimple shows up where he puts a mask on Mob, Ichi, and some homeless guy which contains physic powers and causes everyone to forcefully smile and laugh except for Mob. Not finding the meeting helpful he decides to leave but Dimple refuses to let him leave and forces him to face his three leaders in a laughing contest where Mob beats them by literally doing nothing (he’s like Luigi in Mario Party). However, he does lose to Dimple who laced his milk with something yet despite doing this Mob didn’t laugh or smile and Dimple mad about this begins to rag on Mob which makes him reach 100% on his emotional scale. Allow me to explain, Mob believes that his powers are dangerous and shouldn’t exist. So, in order to keep those powers in check he suppresses his emotions (which let’s be honest isn’t healthy for anyone) but nobody can truly keep their emotions in check and the more strain people cause on Mob’s psyche the closer he gets to 100% where his powers will go out of control and the last emotion he feels will surface from his body. Because of Dimple’s comments Mob reaches 100% and figures out that Dimple is a high-level spirit. The enraged Mob fights Dimple (where surprisingly even in his rage mode he still maintains that calm tone in his voice) and manages to beat him freeing everyone from his control (scene here: After these events he goes to tell Reigen what happened to him where he wonders if what he did was the right thing to do where Reigen says he did the right thing, what Dimple offered them wasn’t salvation but just an aversion from reality. He also tells Mob that he doesn’t have to be like everyone, he’s the protagonist of his own story so he should just be himself. After the credits we end with Mob waking up to the sight of a small ghost-like version of Dimple who decides to become Mob’s partner but in truth he wants to use Mob in his quest to take over the world and become a god.

In episode 4 some delinquents from Mob’s school are in a turf war with this other school (turf wars in middle school? Save that for high school kiddies) and get defeated by the other school’s dark leader Teru. Wanting revenge, the delinquents go to the body improvement club for assistance, but they refuse to fight saying their muscles aren’t meant for violence (they’re meant for showing off and oiling up). But the leader of the delinquents refuses to give up, so he concocts a plan to use Mob to get the club to fight. He tricks Mob with an obvious fake love letter that even Dimple says is fake, but Mob goes to the meeting spot just in case it really was a girl (Mob, I like your naive mind but there’s a limit to one’s naivety and stupidity). He gets kidnapped by the rival school and held hostage where Dimple tries to get him to use his powers but Mob refuses to use his powers for evil. Once the club finds out about Mob’s kidnapping they go to save him where they pretty much destroy all the delinquents until Teru shows up and beats them revealing that he has physic powers like Mob except he uses them for his own evil ways (

Episodes 5-8

So episode 5 is pretty much the fight between Mob and Teru where Mob refuses to use his powers to harm people (and the person who ironically told him to do this is Reigen. Yes, the guy who pretty much has complete control over Mob told him not to use his powers for evil. Respect for Reigen). Even when Dimple gets exorcised trying to defend Mob he still refuses to use his powers to harm Teru. The closes he comes to harming Teru is when Teru throws knives at Mob and he had no choice but to use his powers to defend himself and he accidently deflected one of the knives back at Teru which shaved some of his hair off. As the battle continues it escalates into a battle of beliefs between the two as Teru wants Mob to use his powers to fight him because he believes that these powers are him and it gives him the right to rule over others (that’s ridiculous. That’s like me saying I have a gun, I have a right to shoot anyone I please) but Mob sees through him. In Mob’s eyes he’s just like him, a background character who lacks confidence and without his psychic powers would never be given the time of day by anyone and would be totally lost on what he wants to do in life. Teru rejects Mob’s way calling himself the chosen one and begins strangling Mob hoping he’ll finally give in and use his powers but Mob still refuses to use his powers despite his emotional percentage rising and just before it reaches 100% he passes out (well shit Teru you just killed a man). As Teru walks away Mob gets back up totally unconscious and destroys the school they were fighting in as well as hurls Teru through the sky naked where he apologizes and accepts Mob’s way of thinking. After the fight, Mob regains consciousness and sees everything he’s done where he cries out in sadness for failing to change because apparently this situation happened again when he was younger. In the past he and his little brother Ritsu got attacked by some thugs and Mob awakened some dangerous power where he not only beat up the thugs but might have also attacked Ritsu in the process (we see later that Ritsu denies Mob doing anything to him in the past but rather something inside of Mob that hurt him and the thugs). In his sadness Mob repairs the school and leaves hoping to find any trace of Dimple but has no luck and returns home sad (scene here:

For the most part of episode 6 we focus on Ritsu who pretty much is the exact opposite of Mob. He’s good at sports, good grades, popular, and is part of the student council (he’s essentially everything Mob wants to be). The only thing Mob has that he wants is psychic powers. While Ritsu loves Mob, deep down he’s jealous of the fact that Mob has powers while he doesn’t and it eats away at him any time someone brings it up (the one with psychic powers doesn’t want them and the one who has everything you need to get ahead in life wants the one thing he doesn’t need). In a student council meeting the president Shinji wants to improve his image so he gets Ritsu to help him frame Tenga the leader of the school’s delinquents who for the most part is actually a pretty good student. He’s never been late for school, he studies as hard as he can, and even apologizes for what he did to Mob (he’s an okay guy in my book). We also see that Shinji is kinda going through the same thing as Ritsu (sort of). Shinji pretty much suffers from living up to the expectations of his older brother who was also student council president but was also an all-around student who did it all (geez, these kids are only in middle school. Stop putting so much pressure on them Japan). Because of this Shinji has a desire to reach the same level as his brother if not surpass him. So the next day before school Shinji and Ritsu steals the mouth pieces of all the girls’ recorders, stick them in Tenga’s desk and bag, and falsely accuse him of taking them home and licking them (Corbin: Okay, even I find that weird and disturbing and that’s saying something). The class quickly turns against him calling him a pervert and everything. While Shinji feels good about himself (you’re an asshole) Ritsu feels like shit (as you should damn it) and it shows in his afterschool club. During the episode this wealthy man wanting to study psychics in order to become one himself mistakes Ritsu for Mob and recruits him to join his project to discover his powers. Ritsu desperately wanting to become a psychic joins the project but at the end quits accepting that he doesn’t have psychic powers but apparently he does as in a fit of rage he bends a spoon like a pretzel and when he gets home he’s able to see Dimple who somehow against all odds survived his encounter with Teru (man, this guy comes back to life more than Krillin from DBZ).

At the start of episode 7 Ritsu brings Dimple into the house where he tries to exorcise him by kneeing him multiple times (in his defense these are some pretty good knee shots) but it doesn’t work. After he stops, and they talk, Dimple begins to teach Ritsu how to use his powers which he deduces came out based on Ritsu’s unstable emotions (the unstable fact that he framed a student for something they didn’t do). Dimple possesses him but finds that he can’t control him because he’s lost so much of his powers however he can help bring out Ritsu’s latent powers. At school Shinji and Ritsu continue their immoral purging of the school’s delinquents (you know sometimes the bullies in our schools are the people you least expect and the ones you often don’t hear about) which causes Ritsu’s latent powers to grow stronger and his personality begins to change. One day a delinquent from another school comes looking for White T Poison (aka Mob). Apparently, word spread about Mob defeating Teru and now all the delinquents in the surrounding areas want to face him to prove they’re stronger than him. And since nobody saw the actual fight thus not knowing it was Mob who beat Teru, the delinquents start with Shinji and Ritsu. Ritsu beats up the first delinquent but this attracts the other delinquents to the area who attack Shinji (he deserved it) and he hides away in his room. Teru (wearing the most ridiculous wig I’ve ever seen) eventually comes face to face with Ritsu and warns him to stop this but Ritsu refuses to listen and continues on his path of destruction (scene here: until one day all the delinquents come after him and he beats them up. Teru tells Mob about all of this and Mob sees the monster his little brother has become (scene here:

In episode 8 Mob comes face to face with Ritsu where instead of being upset or mad he instead congratulates his brother on becoming a psychic (man, you really are a good brother Mob). Ritsu can’t stand this and orders Mob to fight him saying that he’s always been afraid of Mob (understandable. If you two have one of your sibling fights I think Mob will win hands down) but now that they’re on equal footing (that arguable) Ritsu intends to prove he’s the superior brother. Mob refuses to fight Ritsu and apologizes to all the delinquents where they demand Mob get on his knees and beg for forgiveness (you guys just got the crap beat out of you and now you’re trying to piss off the strongest person in the alley way? I don’t know if this is youth or stupidity. All I got to say is they’re lucky Mob is a pacifist because if it had been me I would have slammed one of them to the ground). Mob gets on his knees when all of a sudden a hooded figure comes out of nowhere and takes out Ritsu (mistaking him for Mob) where Mob fights the mysterious hooded man who is Koyoma. Koyoma reveals that he too is a physic and a pretty strong one as he beats the crap out of Mob much to everyone’s shock and disgust. Ritsu begs Koyoma to stop in order to save Mob’s life but Koyoma refuses and hits Ritsu which causes Mob to reach 100% and he takes it to Koyoma overwhelming him with his power and almost beating him until Koyoma got scared, used some spray to knock Mob unconscious on his feet, and escapes with Ritsu (scene here: Dimple ran away halfway through the fight and got Teru to come help where Teru takes Mob back to his apartment and explains to Mob that the guys who kidnapped Ritsu are an organization known as The Claw an organization that kidnaps psychics in order to create their own army of physics to take over the world ( While these physics aren’t as strong as Teru and Mob their sheer numbers are more than a match for them. Mob is determined to rescue Ritsu and Teru agrees to help him out. As the credits roll we see Ritsu and the other psychic kids (who no doubt came from Stephen King’s books) from the research lab get taken to Claw’s base.

Episodes 9-12

In episode 9 a member of Claw named Terada goes after Mob and Teru where he lowered his guard and gets captured by them (see, like I said. Weak). He tells them everything and they force him to drive them there where he tries to take them out but gets beaten by them once again (scene here: Teru, please lose that wig I can’t take you seriously with that thing). They knock out a few more guards where Dimple takes over the body of one them and make it inside where they get quickly discovered and Koyoma goes to face them only this time Mob is serious and quickly disposes of him (scene here: This is a crucial moment in Mob’s character as it’s the first time we’ve ever seen him use his powers to willingly hurt others. It’s proof that Mob is growing and understanding that there are times when he must use his powers and times he mustn’t . If he wants to save his brother than he has no choice but to fight). As for Ritsu and the others they manage to escape their cells and are trying to find a way out while also rescuing one of their own.

In episode 10 Mob, Teru, and Dimple split up to look for Ritsu and the others where we get a slew of battles. First up is Dimple who takes down a few goons but meets his match when he fights against Matsuo a guy who can take control of spirits and use them to fight his battles for him (a spirit tamer if you will. Scene here: Teru takes on Miyagawa a pyrokinetic and beats him but gets taken out by other members of Claw who ambush him from behind (scene here: Mob takes on a couple more members of Claw where he beats them all (scene here: Wow, and these are the guys who are gonna take over the world? They can’t even defeat two middle schoolers and a spirit) but gets knocked out by an illusion of seeing Ritsu on the ground unconscious but in the process takes out the guy who created the illusion (scene here: Speaking of Ritsu, we see that he and the others find the other kid and try to escape but run into another psychic kid named Sho who’s pretty powerful and manages to beat Ritsu (and you were doing so good these last few episodes).

Episode 11 starts off with Mob, Teru, and Ritsu locked up in a room which nullifies their powers and they have no way to escape leaving their only means of escape in the hands of Reigen who has just showed up looking for Mob since he didn’t show up for work. It’s this episode that shows us how even though Reigen has no physic powers and is a complete con artist only using Mob as a way to keep his business flourishing he possesses one of the greatest powers in the history of mankind, the ability to influence other people. Upon arrival the lower grunts of Claw mistake Reigen as the actual boss of Claw and he influences them by having them question the actions they’ve done so far and even getting them to release Mob and the others peacefully. As they’re making their way out they get stopped by the remaining psychics of Claw and have no choice but to fight where Reigen finds out everything that Mob had to endure and comes to his defense telling everyone to back off of him and to stop pushing everything onto him since Mob is the kind of guy who doesn’t do well in these situations and decides to fight in Mob’s place (Reigen you are just one amazing guy you know that?). Reigen tries to fight them peacefully and talk them out of it but his talks don’t work on them (they’re basically a bunch of adults who never grew up. Reigen is basically fighting a group of kids throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store because their mom won’t give them a snack). This causes a fight to break where Mob tries to fight but Reigen keeps telling him not to do it while Ritsu and Teru tell him to fight. Eventually Reigen gets hit from behind and falls to the ground knocked out in front of Mob by one of the Claw members. Also, they show when Mob met Reigen who could tell that Mob was seriously feeling down because of his powers and gave him some words of wisdom to let him know he’s not alone in the world (scene here:

In the final episode Mob is about to fight but Reigen gets back totally okay thanks to Mob who transferred his physic powers over to Reigen when he told Mob it’s okay to run away at times. All the power welling up in Mob transferred over to Reigen making him have Mob’s powers at not 100% but 1000%. So Reigen fights and with Mob’s powers where he easily crushes everyone in Claw with just his words (Scene here: and After the fight things return to normal. Shinji and Ritsu go and apologize to Tenga for their actions as well as to the other delinquents, Teru meets up with other psychic kids who were captured with Ritsu and offers to teach them self-defense should Claw come after them again, Reigen awakened to his physic powers so now he can see spirits but as far as fighting them that’s out of the question, and as for Mob and Ritsu they’re finally on the same page and are now closer than ever as brothers. After the credits we get a short of Reigen and Mob going UMA hunting in the mountains where they exorcise a spirit as big as the mountain (scene here:

Final Thoughts

And that was Mob Psycho 100. How is it? Well, it’s fantastic and a great series to watch from beginning to end. I have to admit I was skeptical of this series at first but when you get done watching you can’t help but love every minute of it. Mob, unlike Saitama is emotionally weak. While Saitama isn’t afraid to express his feelings openly, Mob on the other hand is because his powers are based off of his emotions and one slip up could cause harm. He’s almost the exact opposite of what you would expect a shonen character to be. He’s quiet, uninteresting, doesn’t stick out at all, weak, naïve, and while not stupid he’s not all that smart either. And that’s what makes him so interesting. Despite Mob having incredible physic powers which could easily make him popular and get the respect he deserves, he doesn’t use them for his own gain because to him that would be like cheating to get ahead in life and doesn’t want that. If he wants something, he knows he has to improve himself and work hard for it. That is some deep and true stuff right there.

The rest of the characters are also good as well. I love the body building club and their relationship with Mob. They know that Mob is slowing them down but instead of kicking him out of their club they instead welcome him and encourage him every step of the way. They respect Mob for not giving up and getting back up whenever he gets knocked down. Mob pushes himself to keep getting better and stronger and they respect that. Teru was also good. He’s the complete opposite of Mob, he uses his powers to make himself popular only to have it all taken away from him and realize that what Mob said about him was true. His transition from a guy who only used his powers for himself to a guy who recognizes his mistakes and changes his way, was good and seeing him become a good friend and ally of Mob was great. Mob’s relationship with Ritsu was interesting and well-done. Ritsu has everything Mob wants while Mob has everything Ritsu wants. I love how Mob still loves and cares for his brother despite the person he’s become and in the end is able to reconcile with him and become closer with each other. Dimple was funny and just like Teru him slowly making the transition from villain to friend was done well. But the best character of them all has to be Reigen. Good God, do I love this guy. When I first saw him, I honestly thought I was going to dislike him but instead he wound up being the best character. Yes it’s true, he’s using Mob for his own personal gain, but at the same time he really does care for Mob. He could have just told Mob to use his powers for his own benefit but he instead teaches him to only use his powers for good, not be ashamed of them, and not use them to harm others. That was a cool thing to do. While Reigen may possibly be the weakest character in this series it’s his unwavering charisma that puts him ahead of everyone. He has confidence in everything he says and does that you can’t help believing him and follow him.

The animation in this anime is out of this world, this is hands down the best animation I’ve ever seen Bones do. While it may look downgraded and poor from a causal viewer in truth it’s beautiful and flows amazingly well. The choice of colors and the way they’re displayed just captures you. I especially love the animation when Mob reaches 100% as it just comes bursting out and becomes a spectacle of colors you won’t forget. The fight scenes while good do feel short and one-sided at times. Yeah it’s true that Mob gets beat up quite a bit but that’s only because he refuses to fight in the first place. If he was serious and started fighting from the beginning these other characters wouldn’t stand a chance. The spirits are also creative and a perfect mix of humans and otherworldly beings you would see in movies. The soundtrack is mostly instrumental but very mystical and mysterious at times while also modern, fun-loving, and intense at other times to match up with the scene. The comedy is also good in this series. There’s a lot of funny situations and moments that made me laugh, my favorite being in the final episode where Reigen uses his words about life to defeat Claw and making them realize that while they’re psychics they’re no different than him who has no powers whatsoever.

Final Score

The final score for Mob Psycho 100 is 9/10 with a must watch stamp of approval. While I really did enjoy Mob Psycho 100 for it’s characters and stories I still prefer One Punch Man as I related more to Saitama and enjoy the take of the superhero world that One has created. Don’t let this take away from the fact that Mob Psycho is still a great series that I can understand why so many people prefer this over One Punch Man and you should definitely watch it if you haven’t seen it yet. With One Punch Man getting a second season I’m really hoping to hear news of a second season for Mob Psycho 100 as I think it really deserves one. One has definitely changed the way we view shonen protagonists and I hope to see more of his great work get recognized and turned into great anime for everyone to see and enjoy. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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