Project #280: Date A Live II

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Welcome to the second week of the Sequel arc where we’re taking a look at Date A Live II. Date A Live in my opinion was a good harem anime. It was funny, had a good set of characters, an interesting story, and good fanservice that wasn’t too over the top but just right. So when a second season was announced in 2014 I was excited and looking forward to what would happen next. This time the anime was produced by Production IMS (Shinmai Maou no Testament and Masou Gakuen HxH) a studio who at the time were just getting started but showed a lot of promised. Let’s see if the second season can build off the success of the first season and take and take a look at Date A Live II.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening for this season is “Trust in You” by sweet ARMS. This song was good as there’s a hint of seriousness like things are getting more intense and there’s more to be loss here should Shido fail. I also like the title as trust is a major theme this season. If I had to choose between the two openings of the series I would have to say I enjoyed the first one more. The first opening just sounded so much more epic.

The ending is “Day to Story” by Kaori Sadohara. This another good song that could have easily worked as an opening as well. I like how the song starts off slow and peaceful but then takes off and becomes fast and intense. My only complaint with this song is that the singer does get drowned out by the instrumentals at some parts but I will give Kaori credit and say she sounds good. Between this song and “Save my Heart” it’s hard to pick which one I enjoyed the most but if I had to choose it would be “Save my Heart”. The violin is great, the singer doesn’t get drowned out, and the instrumental is way better.

Episodes 1-5

We start the second season off on a good note by getting reintroduced to the characters. We see that Origami gets off easy for screwing the rules and taking the military’s gundam out for revenge by only getting suspended for two months thanks to Issac the managing director of DEM who seems to have an interest in her (hands off man she’s already in Shido’s harem). For the rest of the episode we focus on Shido and Tohka. After watching a soap-opera with Yoshino (why is she watching a soap-opera that stuff will rot her brain? Put on the Animaniacs) Tohka gets the idea in her head that Shido is tired of her and plans on leaving her for Origami (well they are technically dating so it’s possible). Because of this Tohka’s spirit powers begin to become unstable and when she sees Shido carrying a suitcase and walking with Origami (oh this could not be the worst possible time) she finally snaps, steals the suitcase, and runs away with Shido following her (and people say video games are bad for you? Instead of focusing on something that’s been proven to help relieve stress and encourage creativity and thinking why don’t you focus on something that’s corrupting the youth of the world, like soap-operas). Shido catches up to Tohka who has returned to her spirit clothes which have changed so now her cleavage is covered (boo~ what the hell Japan? You’re the land of the rising perverts, you deliver~) and challenges Shido to a fight for the suitcase (this is so sad and cute at the same time that I honestly just wanna hug her). Shido explains to her that he’s not going anywhere and that the suitcase is preparation for the class trip that’ll be going on next week. This calms Tohka down a little bit but her powers have become too unstable and start going berserk. Unless she’s stopped she’ll cause another spacequake in the city that will destroy her. Shido fights through her berserk power and manages to kiss her restoring her to normal and locking away her spirit powers once again (scene here: We end the episode by seeing everyone’s favorite yandere Kurumi talking about the first spirit that came to the world 30 years ago and how she needs Shido’s power in order to destroy it (have you tried talking to him I’m sure he would like that instead of you trying to eat him).

In episode 2 the class trip begins where the class goes to a moon crescent shaped island call Arubi Island (they’re not going to Okinawa or Kyoto!? What the hell’s going on here?). We quickly find out that the trip was originally meant for Okinawa but DEM used a fake traveling agency to get the school to go to Arubi Island where they plan to take out Tohka (I guess they choose the island to avoid property damage. Pretty smart of them). On the island Tohka senses someone watching her (I always feel like somebody’s watching meeeeeee~) and runs off from the group with Shido following her. Once he catches up to her a large wind storm knocks Tohka out and we see the cause of this storm is because of a fight going on between the new spirit twin sisters (oh twice the fun. I wonder which twin he’ll kiss first). These two new spirits are Kaguya voiced by Maaya Uchida (Hiyori from Noragami) an outgoing girl who speaks highly of herself and her sister Yuzuru voiced by Sarah Emi Bridcutt (Asuka from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?) a blunt girl who speaks in the manner of a robot, hell she even states the emotion/intention of her sentence beforehand. The two are fighting over who will become the true Yamai spirit, apparently these two were once one entity called Yamai who had the power to control wind. One day through unexplained and reasons unknown (in other words, author’s laziness) the spirit Yamai split into Kaguya and Yuzuru and the two have been dueling each other for quite some time with the winner being the next Yamai when they fuse back together and the loser having their personality disappear completely ( As the two are about to fight right in front of Shido he stops them (there’s plenty of him to go around ladies) and they decide that for their last duel they’re going to see who can seduce Shido first (my money’s on the girl with the orange hair). They go back to the class and Reine covers for them by saying that their transfer students (from America) who just arrived on the island and gives them an idea on how to seduce Shido. They trick Shido into going into the girl’s side of the hotsprings (classic sign switch. You gotta love the classic gags) where they press their breast against his body and are about to give him a hand job (well I suppose the hotsprings could use a little more natural minerals) but they stop because they have no idea what to do (oh yes you do now get to hand jobbing). Tohka comes in disrupting the mood along with Origami and the side characters who hang out with that annoying girl who keeps saying gross (or in the version I’m watching lame. Changing up her words doesn’t make her any less annoying) and Shido escapes by getting knocked off the cliff (too cheap to put in guard reels huh?) and falling into the ocean where he returns to Reine’s room (scene here:, you’re not ready for tackling older women Shido).

Not a whole lot happens in episode 3. We start off on a funny note with the Yamai twins sneaking into Shido’s room where he’s alone because he’s recovery from a cold where they both try to warm him up with their naked bodies (scene here:, oh something will definitely be warm and up). The next day Shido spends the day with them at the beach rubbing suntan lotion on them to which they say Shido has god-like hands (yeah I hear the same thing from Isis and the others when they force me to give them massages) and we see that all of the methods they’ve been using to charm Shido are from their instructors Tohka and Origami (and the ironic thing is in hindsight the Yamai twins really do have some similarities between Tohka and Origami. Kaguya is like Tohka, she’s energetic, outgoing, and easily intimidated by other girls while Yuzuru is similar to Origami, she’s blunt, to the point, speaks in a robotic manner and wastes no time in trying to charm Shido. It’s like the author just recycled the personalities of Tohka and Origami and just put orange wigs on them). When Tohka, Origami, and Reine (who has nice pair of big boobs, the clothes really do a good job at hiding them) show up they all play volleyball where Shido and the Yamai twins are on the same team and for a short minute the twins actually act like sisters and work together to score a point and actually act friendly with each other. After that Kaguya pulls Shido to the side to talk to him in private where she tells Shido to choose Yuzuru saying that she’s better and wants her to experience the world more. But Yuzuru also pulls Shido to the side and tells him to choose Kaguya saying that her energetic personality and character makes her more likable and suitable for Yamai (wow, they both want each other to live even if that means killing themselves off. That my friends is true sibling love). They also say that if Shido chooses them over the other they’ll destroy the island and everyone on it (well this complicates things even more). That night, Shido takes a walk on the beach with Tohka (how romantic) where he tells Tohka about the situation (goodbye romantic mood) and the twins appear hearing their whole conversation and become angry with each other that they transform into their spirit forms where they wear. . .bondage outfits (okay these girls are in to some freaky stuff) and begin to fight each other in their final showdown where they won’t stop until one of them falls and never gets back up.

In episode 4 as the Yamai twins are fighting in the sky, Shido and Tohka have to contend with Ellen said to be the strongest wizard in the world (I think Gandalf might disagree with you there) and the secretary of Issac. She shows up with an army of androids (ripping off Stars Wars much?) to take Tohka with her. But Tohka refuses to go quietly and fights against Ellen where Tohka completely loses and falls unconscious. As Shido watches helplessly as Tohka is being taken away, he channels his inner man and summons Tohka’s sword to slice through the androids and save Tohka (way to go Shido. That was more impressive than Chibi Isis training the neighborhood cat to do a trick). After Ellen falls into a trap hole (nice shout out to Team Rocket from Pokémon) Shido and Tohka make their escape. While those two are escaping up in the sky an airship battle is ensuing between the crew of Ratatoskr and Ellen’s support crew from DEM. The two crews have an air battle where we see that Kyouhei the vice-commander and straight up masochist is a battling genius ( I know right, the guy is apparently a tactical genius in the art of combat. He counters all of the enemy’s attacks, sees through their plans, thinks 2 steps ahead of them and forces them out into the open where he delivers a critical shot to their ship forcing them to retreat. I gotta be honest it was a pretty badass moment from Kyouhei (this explains why the guy is kept around. He may be a perverted masochist but the guy knows how to fight). Going back to Shido, he and Tohka use the sword to split the clouds of the Yamai twins (this sword is the sword that pierces the Heavens. Who the hell do you think we are?) which gets their attention and Shido tells them to stop fighting (yeah, if you’re gonna fight do it correctly. Get in the mud pit) and that he’s choosing both of them to live saying that they both have their good points and that instead of fighting they should have Shido seal their spirit powers away allowing both of them to live. They think about this for a minute (what’s there to think about!? Either one of you dies or you both live this shouldn’t be that hard of a choice) talking how fun it would be to go to school together and just be friends with each other. They both admit to each other that even though they want the other live they themselves want to live too and they decide to believe in Shido’s plan and trust him (thank you. I swear half the problems in this anime could be solved by just trusting Shido). But before they can do that they have to deal with DEM’s airship (guys read the room, we’re having a moment here) where their captain is embarrassed by his defeat and says he’ll make up for it by capturing the spirits himself (dude, you’re embarrassing yourself just stop right now and fight another day. A man must know when to accept defeat). Kaguya and Yuzuru combine their weapons to create a drill gun cannon (insert Gurren Lagann line here) and fire it at the ship destroying it completely. The episodes ends with the Yamai twins kissing Shido at the same time and getting their powers sealed (scenes here: and Man, Shido got to live the dream this episode. Got to swing a badass sword around, killed some androids, saved the girls, and got kissed by two girls at the same time. Just have an orgy with all the spirits there along with Origami and Reine and his day will be perfect).

In episode 5 Shido’s school is getting ready for the Tenjou Festival a culture festival held by the 10 high schools in the city and Shido is the unfortunate bastard who has to serve on the committee as his school’s representative ( On top of being busy with that he has deal with a new spirit who has an amazing singing voice but has a deep hatred for men (and this is a serious hatred. Like she actually finds being near a man disgusting so much that she won’t even bother touching them). We find out that this spirit is Miku voiced by Minori Chihara (Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) a spirit who is in fact a well-known idol (ironic, the idol character in this anime shares the same name as another popular idol in our world) but she only allows women to watch her perform meaning she’s a lesbian (okay shit just got difficult in this anime). After finding out that she’s a student and representative for one of the schools participating in the Tenjou Festival, Kotori and her crew disguise Shido as a girl (, give him a voice changer and send him on his way to work his way into Miku’s ranks. The plan works as Shido and Miku hit it off pretty well and quickly become friends to the point that Shido actually comes out and tells her that he has the power to seal away a spirits power and wants to do this for Miku so the AST will stop chasing her but Miku doesn’t want her powers sealed away. It turns out that the reason Miku is so popular is because she’s been using her voice to brainwash all the girls she likes into being her followers (the boy band affect in a nutshell) and in fact doesn’t really care about them whether they live or die (and you became a bitch real quickly). Shido goes off on other and says that he doesn’t agree with her way of thinking so Miku proposes a challenge to him. On the first day of the festival Miku is going to participate in a stage performance and she wants Shido to participate as well (it’s the battle of the bands all over again). If Shido can outperform her she’ll allow Shido to seal her powers away but if she wins Shido as well as the spirits he’s sealed will all belong to her (and she’ll receive a rather fun gift when she decides to sleep with Shido who she believes is still a girl).

Episodes 6-10 and OVA

In episode 6 Shido gets a band together consisting of himself (still in girl form), Tohka, Origami, and those 3 side characters who have that one girl who keeps saying “that’s so lame” (oh great I gotta hear her all throughout the episode. Either I’m gonna hang myself or someone’s gotta kill her. *Seras appears* (Seras): You know I know a guy who knows a gal who can take care of your problem if you be interested. (Nitsuj): You’re talking about yourself aren’t you? (Seras): Okay you’re the guy. So will take my services or not? (Nitsuj): Well I’ve seen your prices so I’m gonna have to say no. (Seras): Very well, but the offer is always on the table whenever you need it *Seras disappears*). They decide to make Origami they’re singer with Shido on the guitar, the three side characters on bass, keyboard, and guitar and Tohka on the tambourine (basically telling her her services won’t be necessary). While at work Origami’s captain blatantly tells her that DEM is planning on attacking the Tengu Festival to capture Shido and Tohka and if she wants to do something she should go to hangar 2. On the day of the festival we see that Miku has used her powers to make the side characters back out of the competition and not help Shido (you bitch! *Isis, Mira, Shizuku, Yin-Yang, Yume and Seras appear with their weapons pointed at Nitsuj* (Isis): What did you say about us troll? (Nitsuj): Not you ya crazy AI girls the blue-haired big breasted girl in this anime who uses her powers to control people and treats them like trash! (Shizuku): Oh her. (Seras): Yeah she is a bitch isn’t she? (Mira): Quite so. (Yin-Yang): Our bad. (Yume): Please be more specific next time). Luckily, Kaguya and Yuzuru step in to help out and Tohka takes over for the singing that Origami would have done (and she does a great job singing). While that’s going on the DEM forces show up prepared to attack but Origami shows up with that Gundam equipment from last season to take them on. At first she does well but as the fight continues the equipment starts to take its toll on Origami’s body (scene here:

Episode 7 starts off with the announcement of the battle of the bands results. We see that Miku came in first place and thinks she’s won the competition and makes her way over to Shido to claim him ( but it turns out that Shido’s school is in first place over all in the Tenjou Festival so by technical standards (the best kind of standards) Shido wins the bet (Ha! In your face bitch! Miku takes the lost pretty seriously and uses her powers to bring everyone in the building under her control including Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Kotori and the others on the ship (scene here:, well fuck me in the Alps while yodeling). The only one who manages to escape Miku’s control is Tohka who was wearing earplugs and Shido who Miku discovers is actually a boy and she’s mighty pissed about being tricked (scene here:, she wants the V not the D). Back on Origami’s fight she reaches her limits but gets saved by Mana who takes out the leader from the squad and tells the others to scram (scene here: Back in the building Tohka tries to stop Miku but her fight gets interrupted with the arrival of Ellen who shows up and captures Tohka leaving Shido alone in the city to be hunted by the Miku’s fans (man he is screwed). Shido hides out in a building where he runs into the most unlikeliest of allies Kurumi (yes! She’s back., *Noir voice* And there she stood in front of me again. I left trouble in the rain and somehow it found its way back home. What’s a guy to do?) and she agrees to help him save Tohka. But before they can go save Tohka, Kurumi says they should take care of Miku first (I agree with the hot yandere) so they sneak into her mansion, raid her panty draw (not bad for breaking and entering), and Kurumi uses her powers to discover Miku’s secret (scenes here:,,–8). With this information they return to the concert building to have their final confrontation.

Not much to say about episode 8. Shido and Kurumi go to face Miku again where Kurumi transports Shido and Miku into her shadows where they can be alone and talk. Shido tries to get Miku to help him in saving Tohka but she doesn’t believe that Shido would risk his life for another girl because she believes all men are selfish beings who care about themselves more than others (said the girl who hypnotized everybody in the city to love her. Scene here: Shido and Kurumi are forced to retreat (scene here: and have no choice but to attack DEM headquarters themselves (so it’s a lone high school boy and one crazy hot yandere with the powers to stop time, multiply herself, and who is a pretty much immortal taking on an organization that has been trained to kill spirits and has an army backing it up. I say Shido’s chances are pretty good). They arrive at DEM headquarters where Kurumi uses her clones to fight against DEM’s attack droids while Shido and her infiltrate the building. As they’re infiltrating the building they run into Mana who has decided to help him out and Kurumi takes her leave because she has a score to settle with DEM herself. As Shido and Mana get inside the building Mana gets attacked by Jessica one of the elite soldiers working for DEM forcing Shido to go on without her (sure, abandon the girl who may or may not be your real sister). He makes it inside where he gets captured by the guards but his determination to save Tohka allows him to summon her sword again and knocks out the guards with it and continues through the building to find Tohka and save her (and badass Shido is back. How I’ve missed him).

In episode 9 battles continue to go on throughout the episode. Kurumi keeps destroying androids, Origami shows up to take on Ellen, Mana takes on Jessica, and Shido continues to climb the stairs hoping to find Tohka (just use the elevator man). When Shido is surrounded Miku shows up with the others to save him and she decides to join him on his quest to save Tohka (Miku has joined your party). As the two are climbing Shido asks her why she hates humans so much even though she herself was once a human being (, I know I was shocked when I heard it to). We find out in the past she was a popular idol loved by all that is until one day a scandal unbeknownst to her ruined her stardom and everyone from her agency to her fans turned their backs on her without hearing her side of the story. The pain was so much for her that she lost her voice and began developing a hatred for men (this still doesn’t explain the whole lesbian vibe you got going on). Shido says that he’s sorry for what happened to her in past but he also says that not all humans are like the ones he knows (yeah check out our idols. They all have a porno video lying around somewhere and yet we still love them). They finally reach the floor Tohka is on and find her where they run into Issac who is so thrilled to meet Shido (okay we need to kill this guy right now). Issac releases Tohka but puts up a glass wall between them where Ellen comes in and stabs Shido through the chest from behind (thanks for having his back Miku ya bitch). Tohka regains her powers and tries to break through the glass to save Shido but her attacks aren’t working (um you do know Issac is right behind you right? Kill him). As Ellen is about to finish Shido off Tohka begs anyone or anything to save Shido (we could try to the man-hater who’s just standing off to the side doing nothing but screw it she’s not gonna do anything) and before we know it Tohka gets consumed by some mysterious force and Issac marvels at its glory saying it’s the return of the demon king (is this guy high or something because this really would explain his frame of mind right now).

In the final episode Tohka does an inversion (whatever that is) and transforms into a being we as fans are dubbing Dark Tohka (yeah, we need to call her something better). Rather than stick around and face the Dark Tohka, Issac and Ellen decide to call it a day and leave (oh hell no! He doesn’t get to leave until he gets a nice hard Falcon Punch in the face! That, or a Fist of the North Star) leaving Shido and Miku to deal with the Dark Tohka. Shido tries to talk her down but the Dark Tohka doesn’t remember him and sees him as the enemy (at first green was the enemy but now blue is the enemy. Look up Vocaloids to get this reference). Dark Tohka tries to kill Shido but Miku protects him (about time you did something. Where was all of this when he got stabbed?). Miku tries to restrain Dark Tohka but Dark Tohka escapes and somehow takes away Miku’s voice and tries to kill her but Shido is there to protect Miku just like he promised and it is right then and there that Miku forgets her hatred for men and falls for Shido. With Miku’s voice gone the spell she put on the others wears off and Mana defeats Jessica where the new battle equipment takes its toll on Jessica’s body and she dies in the arms of Mana (truly this one-time, hotheaded, and overconfident bitch will be missed). Shido continues to get Tohka to remember him and with the help of the others he’s able to kiss her and Tohka remembers him returning to her senses forgetting what she did as Dark Tohka. After that Kurumi disappears (no! Come back! Join the harem! You, Tohka and Origami are the only true girls in Shido’s harem). The day comes and Miku kisses Shido sealing her powers away and begins to call him “Darling” (scene here: We end the season with Miku doing an encore performance and singing one of her original songs (oh! Please sing the “World is Mine”. Scene here:

We do get an OVA which focuses on Kurumi (aka the best girl in the series). Shido, Tohka, Kotori, and Yoshino are at a Tanabata festival where Kurumi spots Shido and forces him to spend the day with her. Shido thinks Kurumi is up to something but no, she honestly just wants to have a fun and memorable day with them. They check out the stands and even do a wedding ceremony with each other (scene here: which pisses Kotori off (scene here:, we’ve awaken the imouto with a big brother complex). Shido and Kurumi then go to write their wishes on the Tanabata tree when another Kurumi comes out. It turns out the Kurumi that Shido was hanging out with was a clone from Kurumi’s past (the one who Shido spoke with on the roof of his school) and ran away from the real Kurumi to spend one day with Shido. The real Kurumi kills the clone Kurumi just as the others appear and she takes her leave with Shido feeling miserable that he couldn’t save Kurumi again. When he sees that the clone Kurumi didn’t leave her wish on the tree, he runs back to the tree and puts on the highest branch possible (the higher it is on the tree, the more likely it’ll come true. Scene here: This was a good OVA. It focuses on our favorite character, had some funny moments, and a good twist at the end. The ending is quite sad as this was a look at what could have been a possible future for Kurumi’s character if she didn’t die last season and actually accepted Shido’s kindness. It’s clear that in Kurumi’s twisted mind there is a part of her that wants to accept Shido’s kindness and is still trying to fight her way out to receive that kindness.

Final Thoughts

So that was Date A Live S2 and much like the first it has it’s good points and bad points. The story is still the same, find the spirit, date her, kiss them, seal their powers, and have them join the harem. While that’s alright it would have been nice to get more information such as how these spirits came to be as Shido learning how to use the spirit powers of the spirits he’s sealed as well as the inverse. The characters are good, but only the ones that they focus on. The new characters are good, I like how the Yamai twins are the polar opposite of each other but care so deeply for each other that they’re willing to kill themselves just so the other can live and enjoy life. While their personalities may share slight similarities with Tohka and Origami, they have enough personality where they stand on their own. Miku’s backstory was quite tragic and understandable as to why she became the person she is in the show. She was betrayed and abandoned by the people she cared about, and it messed her up big time. Her change from hating Shido to falling in love with him was done well and her arc switched up the formula and gave us something new to watch. Unfortunately, outside of these three characters the rest of cast are done poorly. Shido and the others have zero development in the story. Situations or stories from the first season never get bought up or resolved at all. A few new characters aren’t developed all that well either such as Issac who’s being made to be the big baddie of the series but we never learn that much about him or what his plans are. Jessica was also a poorly done character as I honestly didn’t care for her whatsoever. Even when she died I felt nothing for her as a character.

The animation varies throughout the anime. The first episodes were poorly animated but as the season went on it steadily got better although there were a few anime slip ups such as Miku’s lips not syncing up with her song. The fight scenes however did look good as the range of colors created some well-done fight scenes for a harem anime. The main soundtrack is no different from the first season. Aside from adding in Miku and Tohka’s song I couldn’t hear anything new but the songs were great to listen to as Minori and Marina do an excellent job singing their respected songs. While the soundtrack and character songs are good I do wish they would have added in more tracks. Finally, there’s the humor and fanservice. The season had it’s fair share of comedy and drama, that they balance out amazingly well just like in the first season. The fanservice was also good. While this season has a bit more fanservice than the first season in my opinion, it never goes completely overboard. The fanservice is tamed, never overstays its welcome, and is executed well.

Is this season better than the first

Honestly, I think the first season is slightly better. It focused more on the characters while still advancing its story, setting up future events, and having a good balance of comedy and drama. The second season while good, just didn’t pull me in as much as the first and dropped the ball with it’s characters big time as well as not expanding on it’s story.

Final Score

Date A Live S2 earns a 6/10. Slightly lower than the first season but still an okay anime to watch. If you like the first and want to continue with series than go ahead and watch the second season. There are a few problems but nothing that’s majorly distracting. A third season has been greenlighted and I think will be premiering this year or next year and I’m interested in seeing what happens next. Till then, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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