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Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. You asked for it and I’m here to give it to you. By popular demand I’m going to review Ro-Kyu-Bu season 2. I gotta say I had no idea you guys loved this anime so much and wanted me to review it. There’s really not that much to say about it but people everywhere have been asking for it so without further ado this is-

(Yume): Hold it! Hold it! This isn’t the anime they wanted you to review. There was a mix up in the voting process. This is the anime they want you to review.

*Yume hands Nitsuj a sheet of paper*

(Nitsuj): Oh thank God. I really had nothing to say about Ro-Kyu-Bu. This makes more sense, Overlord S2. After the success of the first season everyone was crying out for a second season. Why? Because this anime was so good. In a time where we were getting animes that took place in RPG-worlds, this anime came and separated itself from the pact. It didn’t focus on a hero who wanted to save the world and do good things, it focused on a guy who could be seen as a villain and only cared about accomplishing his goals no matter who he had to go through or what he had to do to achieve them. After years of waiting Madhouse finally announced that they were going to make a second season of Overlord and at the beginning of the year we got to see the return of our favorite overlord. How did it do, let’s find out. This is Overlord S2.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening for this season is “Go Cry Go” by OxT who sang the opening for the first season. I was on the fence about this song for like half the season but eventually I found myself really liking it. This one is more fast-paced then the first opening and the drums are great throughout the song. I especially love the energy and vocals of the singers who sound great as well. I think the first opening is better as the flow of the song matches up with the anime more but I still think this opening is good and a good follow up to the first one.

The ending is “Hydra” by Myth and Roid all did the ending for the first season as well (good job getting both bands to come back for the second season). Not only is this ending better then the first one but it’s honestly one of my favorite endings this year. The song just sends chills down my spine (in a good way) just for how mesmerizing and beautiful it sounds. I love how it goes from soft and divine to fast and diabolical throughout the song but never loses you throughout the process. The singer is great here as her voice is just right. It’s not too sharp and not too flat it’s just perfect, and the piano is the icing on the cake.

Episodes 1-5

So there’s not much to say about the first episode. We see the Re-Estize Kingdom talk about getting ready for their annual battle with the Baharuth Empire (a normal season’s greetings if you will). We meet a few characters from the Re-Estize Kingdom such as the king and his lovely daughter who seem to have a good relationship with each other and the king taking an interest in Ains and wanting to thank him for saving Gazef. We also meet a few characters from I believe the Baharuth Empire with one girl being crazy strong and interested in marrying a guy who is stronger than her (she’s nuts). Finally, we focus on Ains who returns back to Nazareth and speaks by Albedo (who is still crazy in love with him. Scene here: and shows her a layout of the world and the various kingdoms. As of right now everything is quiet but Ains believes things will pick up soon and wants everyone to be ready for whatever comes. We then end the episode at a village full of lizardmen where a choronzon appears in the sky ( and warns them of their doom at the hands of the supreme one (aka Ains aka Bone Daddy).

Episode 2 starts where episode 1 left off with the choronzon telling them they have 8 days before the supreme one’s army comes and destroys them like it did another village (wow, that’s a fair amount of time. Usually it’s 24 hours or less). The tribe gathers to discuss their options on what to do. Some say they should fight while others say they should flee. Zaryusu, a lizardman who is the brother of the chief and known as a traveler because he left the village to go on a quest of knowledge, says they should fight and form an alliance with the surrounding lizardmen tribes (it’ll be a cold blooded-pact). He gets put in charge of negotiating with the other tribes, so he heads to the Red Eye Village first where he meets the stand-in chief Crusch Lulu an albino lizardwoman (that’s rare) who Zaryusu instantly falls for (Baron: Can you blame him, that girl got it going on. (Nitsuj): You cannot be serious? You cannot be that depraved. Scene here: She agrees to the alliance and goes with him to recruit the other tribes where they head off to the next tribe which is the Dragon Tusk tribe (said to be the most skilled of the tribes) who will only join after Zaryusu proves his fighting skills.

In episode 3 Zaryusu proves his fighting skills by taking on their leader Zenburu in a good strategic fight where Zaryusu wins by using his ice sword to cause Zenburu pain (and since lizards are cold-blooded, that frostbite must feel like getting your wisdom teeth pulled out without any anesthetic. Also props to Zaryusu for not killing Zenburu. This was a fight to the death but Zaryusu has the knowledge and awareness to know that killing Zenburu wouldn’t be a good idea. He’s a strong fighter and someone they’ll need in the fight to come. He’s worth more to Zaryusu alive than he is dead). With the Dragon Tusk and Red Tribe joining their cause, the remaining tribes soon follow (forming the Cold-blooded Alliance) and prepare for their battle against Cocytus who is leading the army but has been told not to move out yet (let them build up their morale and then when it’s at it’s highest, destroy them. (Seras): Oh baby, you know just how to get me hot. (Nitsuj): I’ll be sure to hose you down later). The fight begins where Cocytus’s army consist of skeletons and zombies (the undead and living dead fighting together. Never thought I see the day). Despite being outnumbered the Cold-blooded Alliance does a good job holding the line and fighting which even impresses Ains (and that’s no easy feat. This is the same guy who destroyed an angel with his bare hands. If you managed to impress this guy, you know you’re doing something right). Cocytus sends in his reserved forces an elite lich named Igurva who single-handedly turns the tide of war (you know it’s really hard to decide which side to root for. I mean we got Ains’s side who’s obviously awesome but at the same time I’ve gotten to know these lizardmen and want them to survive. Is there any chance we can have these guys join up with Ains, I’m sure he be a fair ruler?). Igurva is too much for the foot soldiers to handle so Zaryusu, Crusch, and Zenburu go out to face him where it all comes down to Zaryusu and Igurva (scenes here: and Zaryusu uses his sword to create a fog all while harming himself (need I remind you of the wisdom teeth getting pulled without any anesthetic) but he uses that fog to get the jump on Igurva and stabs him in the eye with the sword but Igurva doesn’t go down and tries to strangle Zaryusu to death. At first Zaryusus begins to fade but then he remembers Crusch (you can’t die without getting a taste of that albino tail) and that gives him the strength to drive his sword through Igurva’s skull and kill him giving his side the victory (this is not over *looks to side*. . .LIZARDS).

Nothing much happens in episode 4. It starts off with the lizardmen celebrating their victory (you won only because Ains let you win). As for Ains he’s meeting with the guardians where we see that Cocytus has learned from this defeat which is secretly what Ains wanted to test out. He wanted to see if the guardians could grow and learn and sure enough they can (this is a glorious day. AIs learning and growing. Hopefully it won’t turn out like Terminator or I, Robot). While this is all good, Cocytus still lost and must be punished so Ains orders him to defeat the lizardmen himself but Cocytus proposes that instead of killing them they instead bring them under their rule and Demiurge throws his two cents in and says they can use them to test out government systems since in the future they’ll be taking over everyone so why not use the lizardmen as a testing ground for their system (that’s not a bad idea. This way they can see what works and fix any problems that might occur from the start). Ains likes this idea and gives Cocytus new orders. He is to convince the lizardmen to work under Ains but is prohibited to use fear to control them (those ruled by fear will quickly rise up against the one they fear. But those ruled by respect will follow the one they respect). The next day Ains goes to confront the lizardmen by bringing an army of the undead, the guardians, a giant golem monster, and to put icing on this fear cake he freezes their lake, has the golem monster throw a huge sphere in the center of the lake, and does a royal procession to the sphere (clearly, this has been practiced numerous times) with the undead acting as stairs (you know, for someone not trying to rule by fear this is very intimidating). Ains calls out the leaders of the lizardmen and his call gets answered by Zaryusus and his brother Shasuryu where Demiurge makes them kneel before Ains ( Ains gives them his gratitude for helping him with his experiment and then invites them to fall under his rule but knowing they won’t wish to be ruled by someone they gained a victory over (again, a victory you pretty much gift wrapped for them) he decides to give them a fighting chance. In 4 hours Cocytus will show up and fight them all by himself. If they beat him, Ains swears to leave them alone. Shasuryu tries to surrender but Ains won’t let him do something so tedious and takes his leave (scene here:, enjoy your next 4 hours of living). The brothers tell the rest of the leaders and they all agree to have the leaders fight while keeping Crusch behind to act as the leader of the tribes. It’s obvious Zaryusus is preparing for the worst and doesn’t want to see the woman he loves to die in front of him (and yet you’ll let her see you die). Zaryusus and Crusch share a tender moment with each other where we end on a line that just makes you do a spit take. She wants Zaryusus to impregnate her (

In episode 5 Ains and the others arrive in a cabin built by Aura (well done little lady) where Ains gives Shalltear her punishment for turning on him last season (make her be Albedo’s servant for a whole month) by making her be his throne to sit on and Shalltear loves it (just how horny and perverted were the members of your guild Ains?). Albedo is of course jealous beyond all reason (scene here: and Ains takes a look in on the lizardmen to see how they’re preparing where he doesn’t see Zaryusus or Crusch and searches for them (Ains! Don’t look for them) where he gets a full view of lizard sex (scene here:

Well this is a first. Here are my top 10 responses to this scene:

10. So lizard porn is finally a thing

9. How is nobody hearing them

8. If he releases outside nobody will notice

7. So this is your fetish Ains? Voyeurism with lizardmen?

6. Be sure to take notes Albedo and Shalltear

5. Good thing Ains is missing the one bone that matters otherwise he be camping right now

4. It’s confirmed, lizardmen like doggy style

3. Next on National Geographic, Lizardmen Gone Wild

2. I see the developers listened to the players and made the game 18+

And my number one response to this scene is:









  1. Looks like Zaryusus is stealing a page from Ains’s book and taking Crusch for a ride on the bone train

After that awkward scene (fun fact, the author of the series fought really hard to put this scene in the anime) we get to see the fight between Cocytus and the lizardmen chiefs (minus Crusch) and a few other lizardmen. I will give Cocytus credit and say he’s a respectful warrior. He doesn’t just outright attack them all, he instead creates a gate saying that whoever passes through it is who he’ll fight giving everyone a choice on what they want to do, fight or live. As you would imagine it’s a one-sided battle with Cocytus going Darth Vader (end of Rogue One) on them and just killing them all while showing them just how weak they are compared to him (scenes here: and–Gs. I see Ains’ sadistic side was implanted into the guardians). After the battle, Ains praises Cocytus for a job well done and gives him complete control over the lizardmen. Ains decides to use the dead bodies as experiments for his undead army but Cocytus suggest that he bring back Zaryusus and Shasruyu saying that they’re strong warriors and will grow under his rule. Ains decides to bring back Zaryusus (scene here: on the condition that Crusch keep an eye on the tribes to make sure none of them betray Ains, making up the lie that if she lies to him or is conspiring something in the shadows than Zaryusus will die on the spot because of a spell. Crusch accepts this condition and Ains brings back Zaryusus in front of all the lizardmen (yes, Ains is your Messiah). Zaryusus pledges his loyalty to Ains and begs him to bring back Shasruyu and Zenburu which Ains says he’ll consider and promises to allow the lizardmen to thrive and prosper under his rule.

Episodes 6-13

With the lizardmen arc finally done, we start a new arc in episode 6 with Sebas who is walking the streets when he sees a man throw out a large sack. Sebas inspects the sack and finds a young woman inside named Tuare with bruises all over her body. Sebas wants to help the girl but the owner says not to take her as it’ll put him in trouble with Eight Fingers a syndicate of criminals who secretly run the kingdom but Sebas doesn’t care and takes the girl back to his mansion where he orders Solution to heal her despite her qualms and objections. After Solution heals her, Sebas feeds her where she cries tears of joy for someone finally helping her (let it out girl. Let it out. Scene here: Meanwhile, in another area of the kingdom we see Brain still traumatized by his fight with Shalltear (it was on that day that he finally realized where he stood on the totem pole of life) and now wants to kill himself but his good friend Gazef won’t let him do it (Gazef: Bastard still owes me money). In another part, we see this female group of mercenaries destroy a village which is producing a dangerous drug called Black Dust which is the main drug created by the Eight Fingers.

In episode 7 we focus on the royalty of Re-Estize. It starts with Gazef sparring with a young knight named Climb who just happens to be the bodyguard of Renner the princess of Re-Estize. While he likes his position there are some who feel he’s unworthy of it because he’s a commoner with no royal ties whatsoever and an orphan (oh they must really hate you). As far as the princess goes she’s actually a very kind girl. She passes laws which help the people and adventurers and as a result many political figures and nobles call her a monster (a politician helping people? What madness is this?). We see Renner meet with Lakyus the leader of the mercenary we saw last episode which is called Blue Rose. It turns out Renner hired them to take out the plantation owned by Eight Fingers since her brother and the other nobles are too busy bickering with each other to do anything about them. When Blue Rose torched the place they found a sheet of paper which has locations of a few of their establishments in the kingdom and they decide to take them out. On the other side of town we see the slave traffickers have come to take back Tuare from Sebas (that or Solution which trust me you don’t want that). They give him a day to think this over and he goes out for a walk where Solution contacts Ains and says that Sebas has most likely betrayed them (that bitch).

Episode 8 continues at a slow pace (slowly building up the excitement like a well-cooked turkey on Thanksgiving Day). It starts with Climb going to meet Lakyus’ associates part of Blue Rose. The big but kindhearted older lady named Gagaran and the mysterious masked mage named Evileye (that name raises so many flags for betrayal down the road). He tells them to be ready to move at a moment’s notice and they also talk about the exploits of Ains from last season (scene here:, yeah looking back he was pretty busy). After that Climb heads out where he sees a bunch of thugs attacking a poor child who accidently bumped into them. Before Climb can interfere, Sebas takes the stage and scares the thugs away by knocking out their leader (with a nice jab). Impressed by his skills, Climb goes after Sebas in the hopes that he can teach him his technique. Climb catches up to Sebas who inspects Climb’s hands and backup weapon and can tell that Climb definitely has put an effort and is a good man but also recognizes that he doesn’t have talent (and apparently in this world talent is everything). He decides to train Climb by helping him overcome the fear of death. He unleashes a small portion of his true power with the intent to kill Climb as a charges at him prepared to go Saitama on his face. Climb somehow is able to hold on to his nerves and not run away or die from the shock of almost having his face rearranged because he remembered Renner and how much he wanted to protect her (and if possible gain the treasure that is her virginity. Scene here: Brain who also witnessed Sebas defeat the thugs and followed Climb where he witnessed Climb overcome the fear of death comes out of hiding and asks Climb how he was able to do it where he himself couldn’t do it. Climb simply says he just thought of Renner and Sebas chimes in and says his loyalty to her outweigh his fear of death (I’m pretty sure there was something else). Their talk gets short with the arrival of assassins from Eight Fingers who have come to kill Sebas (many have tried and many have failed). Climb and Brain help Sebas defeat the assassins and after finding out that the assassins came from Eight Fingers and they have a hideout in the city, Sebas heads there to take them out with Climb and Brain offering to help him out which he accepts.

Episode 9 gives us some good action as Sebas, Climb, and Brain attack the brothel. Sebas enters through the front door the only way he knows how ( and proceeds to either beat up or kill anyone inside while saving the women. My favorite part is when he corners this fat noble who gets off by brutally punching women (that’s really fucked up) and bitch slaps him multiple times before finally killing him (scene here:, like watching a kid break open a piñata). As for Climb and Brain they take out the bandits in the safehouse and enter the brothel through an underground passage way. Brain goes to scout ahead leaving Climb take on an illusionist assassin. To Climb’s credit he actually does hold his own against the assassin. He figures out his trick and even counters it. But he lowers his guard and gets stabbed from behind but doesn’t die and keeps on fighting long enough for Brain to come in and take out the assassin himself with ease (Climb softened him up for you. Scene here: The brothel gets shut down and they also caught a high-ranking member of Eight Fingers named Succulant ( They all go their separate ways where Sebas returns to the mansion where Ains is waiting for him (because someone decided to be a bitch). Brain goes to eat and drink with Gazef, and Climb goes to inform Renner of his activities where we see she’s actually yandere for Climb as she thinks of ways to kill a maid who made fun of him in an earlier episode (scene here:, you’re a lucky man Climb).

So, in episode 10 Ains goes to meet with Sebas where he tests his loyalty and orders him to kill Tuare (sweet God man, that’s a little extreme). Sebas complies and prepares to kill her but his punch gets stopped by Cocytus who confirms that Sebas was prepared to killed Tuare meaning that he’s still loyal to Ains (scene here:, was there ever any doubt?). With Sebas’s loyalty confirmed, the question now comes to what to do with Tuare (well she’s clearly into GILFs so give her to Sebas). We get a good scene where Sebas and Demiurge bicker with each other which gets a good laugh out of Ains because it reminds him of his friends and how they used to bicker all the time over the littlest of things (scene here: Ains decides to allow Tuare into the guild and puts her under the watch of Sebas which he happily accepts. We then cut away from Ains and go to Renner where she’s making plans to attack the other hideouts of Eight Fingers but needs more soldiers for this operation to be a success. She goes to her brother and a noble where she shows off her yandere side to them and makes a weird deal where the brother will allow her to marry Climb when he takes the throne (a happy yandere leads to a long life) and the noble’s son (who is 5 by the way) will be betrothed to her so that they can say she married nobility when in truth she’ll be draining everything within Climb if you know what I mean ( Back with Sebas, Tuare gets kidnapped by Eight Finger and they make plans to rescue her where Ains plans to unleash an army upon them for bringing harm to a member of his guild (you have unlocked Pandora’s Box).

Alright the action returns in episode 11 as a bunch guardians and maids from Nazerek come together and get ready to attack all of Eight Finger’s bases with Demiurge leading the group. While that’s going on we also see Renner’s army getting ready to raid the bases of Eight Finger as well (you guys won’t be needed. Stay away unless you wish to die). Climb and Brain’s group go to the same location Sebas is going where they’re holding Tuare and they agree to work together. Sebas will head inside and keep them distracted while Climb and the others rescue Tuare. Sebas goes inside where he’s welcomed by the remaining executives of Eight Finger who plan to kill him and make a show out of it for everyone to see (*laughs* you guys seriously think you can beat my Sebas. Sebas, knock their heads off). They all fight Sebas where he literally punches them so hard that their heads blow off and he kills them all (scene here: Wow, that was very Saitama-like). Climb and the others find Tuare but I think something might be wrong with her ( We then cut to a mansion where Mare and a maid named Entoma capture a woman named Hilma who is another high-ranking member within Eight Finger. What makes this kidnapping so great is the fact that Mare maintains his shy and polite demeanor (it’s both cute and a little scary at the same time). Mare takes off with the woman (scene here: but Entoma stays behind and fights against Gagaran and Tina of Blue Rose. What made this fight enjoyable is Entoma’s fighting style. She’s some kind of insect monster and actually uses insects to fight for her as well as use them as weapons. It’s both disturbing and cool at the same time. Entoma is clearly stronger than Gagaran and Tina and controls a majority of the fight but all that changes when Evileye shows up who quickly figures out Entoma’s weakness, insecticides (who knew this world had Raid bug spray?). It takes Blue Rose a while but they manage to turn the tide of battle against Entoma (keep in mind that it took 3 highly skilled and leveled adventurers to take her down. That’s a testament to her power) and close in to finish her but Demiurge shows up wearing a mask which allows Entoma to retreat to safety while he fights Blue Rose in her place (we’ll they’re gonna die. Our time was short but I’m going to miss them). Evileye can sense just how powerful he is and tells the others to retreat but Demiurge kills them with blazing fire and then takes on Evileye who’s magic has no effect on him whatsoever. Just when it seems like this is the end for Blue Rose, Ains shows up (in adventure form) ready to fight Demiurge (scenes here: and

Episode 12 starts with Ains fighting against Demiurge where Evileye is so impressed with Ains fighting that even she falls for him (Ains sure knows how to attract the scary ladies. Beautiful yes, but scary nonetheless). We cut away from the fight (you cocktease) and focus on Climb and Brain’s group who have come face to face with Zero the leader of Eight Finger and a Monk class villain. We also see that Tuare was Succulant in drag (called it) who Climb defeats by kicking him in the balls. Brain takes on Zero where they prepare to unleash their ultimate attacks, but it gets interrupted by Sebas who has found the real Tuare safe and sound (he just wanted to tell everyone). Insulted and humiliated by Sebas’s antics, Zero puts his fight with Brain on hold and takes on Sebas who kills Zero with one swift kick to the head (scene here: Well. . .that was a thing). We return to Ains and Demiurge’s fight where Ains protects Evileye from an attack (that’s it Demiurge, build that ship up) and Demiurge retreats but vows to cover a section of the city in flames (scene here: No, get back here and fight). Evileye gathers up the bodies of her comrades where her plan is to have Lakyus use her magic to revive them (Phoenix Down asap). Ains of course follows the typical male trope and doesn’t realize that Evileye is in to him (well this is the first normal crush Ains has experienced in his life. However, this also gives us a good idea about his social life with the ladies) and as they wait for Lakyus to show up they see that a section of the city has been surrounded by a ring of fire courtesy of Demiurge. The adventurers gather outside the kingdom to hear a briefing from Renner about their situation. The fire surrounding the section of the city is harmless however Demiurge has unleashed an army of demons inside the ring to hold all the citizens hostage. The adventurers now plan to mount an attack with the intent to save everyone inside and defeat Demiurge once and for all (and also Renner wants Climb to get killed so Lakyus can revive him and then Renner can look after him all by herself. The girl is slowly stepping outside the realm of yandere and stepping into the realm of demonic bitch).

In the final episode it’s one big battle as the adventurers take on Demiurge’s army and try to rescue the citizens. Even the king himself comes out to give everyone fighting moral support along with Gagaran and Tina who return to fight (injuries be damned). We do get one funny moment courtesy of Brain who runs into Shalltear again and manages to clip her nail with his sword and just ravels in it to the point where he comes across as a mad man (it’s silly to others but to him this was a big step forward. The first time they met Brain couldn’t touch her but here, he actually got a hit in. It’s an insignificant hit but still a hit nonetheless and it shows him that he’s gotten stronger). Shalltear doesn’t pursue him and takes her leave (scene here: We then focus on Ains, Nabe, and Evileye who take on Demiurge and 5 maids (you had trouble with one maid, what makes you think you can take on 5?). Nabe takes on 3 of the maids where they just go off and chat with each other while Evileye takes on 2 maids who back her into a corner. This leaves Ains to go against Demiurge where the two go off and talk about Demiurge’s plan and what they’ve accomplished. For starters, they gathered up all the materials in the area which will do wonders for their money situation (we gots that money), they found a rare demon artifact which can summon a hoard of demons anywhere at anytime (that’s cool), they’ve captured a few humans to make them followers of Nazerick, and finally Demiurge will take the fall for Ains giving him the credit for saving the kingdom. After their talks are done, Ains and Demiurge fight each other for a little bit until they agree to call the match a draw and Demiurge retreats with the maids giving Ains the victory and the glory. The season wraps up nicely with us getting to see Evileye’s face (which is cute I’m not gonna lie. Scene here: and a prince and mage taking an interest an Ains.

Final Thoughts

And that was Overlord S2. Let’s start by looking at the Lizardmen arc. While I did like the lizardmen especially Zaryusus and his relationship with Crusch I do feel that the arc went on longer then it should have. While it’s great to see Ains gain control of a tribe of strong characters it did feel like an over the top way to test out a theory when there were better ways it could have been done. I will admit their fight with Cocytus was good. I liked how respectful he was to them despite being way more powerful then them and even sad he had to fight them under these conditions. It actually shows the good character of Cocytus and reflects just what kind of person his creator was. Nothing all that great but an okay arc in the end. The second arc much like the lizardmen arc was longer than I felt it needed to be. However, this arc was much more exciting and interesting. Once again we got to focus on other members of Nazerick and see them interact with different characters. Sebas was a badass as you would expect from a butler serving Ains. It was cool to see Brain and see him slowly recover after his encounter with Shalltear. The new characters that I liked in this arc were Climb as he reminded me a little bit of myself. A guy who works hard to achieve the things he wants, never gives up, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him even though everyone around him thinks he doesn’t deserve what he has. The other character was Evileye as I just found it cute how this powerful mage by human standards turns into a giddy girl when she’s around Ains. The fight against Eight Fingers left much to be desired. While it was badass seeing Sebas just own them all by himself, I was hoping to see Ains get in on the action. Speaking of Ains, that’s probably my biggest complaint this season, the lack of Ains. I know the anime is following the light novel but still he is the main character of the series and we never get a chance to see him or explore his character as much as we would like to. I was also disappointed in the lack of character development with the other characters of Nazerick. While their fight scenes are good I wanted to explore their past more such as their interactions with their creators. There’s also the lack of world development and exploration as we don’t learn that much about the kingdoms.

The animation is once again solid as is the music, and the fight scenes were once again brutal, gory, and fun to watch. I like how the other members of Nazerick carry Ains’s sadistic side in them when they fight.

Is it better than the first season

No. I think the first season was better. The main downfall of this season was the lack of Ains and making the arcs longer than they needed to be. The arcs weren’t bad and worked in Ains’s favor, but they just dragged on longer than they should have.

Final Score

The final score for Overlord S2 is a 6.5/10. Not a bad season but doesn’t live up to the standards the first season set. Again, I liked this season and it did a good job following the novel. The third season is coming out next month and I hope in that season they explore Ains’s character. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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