Project #286.5: Trinity 7: Eternity Library to Alchemic Girl

Hello everyone. Nitsuj here and welcome to the side blog the blogs between the blogs. This week in the side blog we’re taking at the Trinity 7 movie Eternity Library to Alchemic Girl. Trinity 7 is one of those animes that has a strong underground following. While you may not hear that much about the series or see it on anyone’s recommendation list, Trinity 7 is one of those harem animes that has an interesting story with great characters, good action, and well-executed fanservice. The movie was released in 2017 and got pretty much everyone from the original anime to come back and do the movie. Let’s see how this movie holds up. This is Eternity Library to Alchemic Girl.

The movie starts off with a quick recap (and Arata giving us the measurements of the girls). Then Arata tells Lilith about a dream he had last night where he and the others were in danger, he grabs Lilith’s butt, and her grimoire spoke to him (so you had a dream about your everyday life? What’s the problem?). Lilith is also curious about this dream as her grimoire is glowing as well and wonders if there’s a connection (I’m gonna say. . .yes). Arata touches the grimoire and the room gets enveloped in a bright light where the grimoire transforms into a little girl looking like Lilith only with white hair (and still an adorable little child). Arata names the girl Lilim who begins calling Arata and Lilith, papa and mama (sounds about right. This is like the second time Yoshitsugu has had an illegitimate child out of thin air. I say keep it in his pants but he hasn’t taken it out yet) and was created through the combination of Arata and Lilith’s magic. The girls are shocked by this and jealous that such a cute girl exists (a student and teacher having a forbidden relationship. The set up for a good doujin) but her existence has also put Arata and the world in danger. With Lilim’s presence that means the Eternal Library the workshop of Hohenheim (wow, the Elric Brothers didn’t fall far from the tree. This guy does more research than them) has returned which houses the white demon lord, Last Trinity who plans to you guess it, destroy the world ( But, in order to be known as the true demon lord he must defeat Arata (and then you shall claim his harem for your own). Knowing about this danger the principal has called in the help of the Iscariot members Liber, Lugh, and Hijiri who agree to fight and take down Last Trinity.

Arata awakens after having his magic drained from him by Lilim and goes to have a bath with the girls where he just walks in (like a boss) and joins them. They’re fun together is cut short when Arata tells them about the dream he had involving Last Trinity and they get pulled into the world of the Eternal Library and attacked by spirits. They easily defeat them and meet up with Hijiri and Lugh who tell them that Last Trinity was created by Lilith’s progenitor mage who was doing research on how to create an artificial demon lord (how does creating the demon lord have anything to do with lust? Unless. . .destruction of the world is your fetish in which case you have serious issues) and in her research she created Last Trinity. Arata, Lilith, Yui, Ajin and Hijiri head out to face Last Trinity while the others stay behind and fight a dragon named Code D where they defeat it with style. Arata and the others find Last Trinity where he absorbs Arata’s powers by just looking at him (he’s got the looks that kill). The others try to fight him but whatever they throw at him he regenerates and fires their magic back at them. With Arata down and out of magic, Lilith tries to protect him with her body just like in his dream. He grabs her butt (just like in the dream) and then grabs Lilim where he and Lilith get transported inside Lilim where Arata says that if he uses her powers he can fight however, this means that Lilim will lose her consciousness and return to just being a grimoire (and then Yui will reclaim her throne as the moe one). Lilim gives her magic back to Arata which allows him to activate his paladin armor, ancient armor that’s powerful (and looks badass. Now he really looks like a demon lord). With their combined powesr Arata and Lilith use Lilim to create a giant rail gun cannon and blast Last Trinity away yet he still stands trying to fulfill his purpose of becoming the demon lord (dude, you don’t meet the MC credentials). The others arrive and they blast him with everything they got and this time it destroys him for good. With Last Trinity gone, the Eternal Library returns to its slumber and Lilim returns back into a grimoire but they all vow to meet again someday (hopefully you’ll get to meet your siblings). With everything resolve, Arata releases the paladin armor and it strips him and the others of their clothing ending the movie right there (perfect ending for this movie). Of course, if you’ve been watching Marvel you would know there’s always something after the credits and this movie is no exception as we see two girls talking about Arata and wanting to meet him.

Final Thoughts

This story is all over the place. You really find it hard to get invested into the story and follow it as it’s so rushed and poorly explained. Once again the characters are good as it’s such a fun cast of characters working off each other and I did like the family relationship Arata, Lilith, and Lilim had going on and does make me curious to know if the other grimoires will transform into girls as well. The animation and soundtrack are impressive, the fanservice is good but the story just holds this movie back big time and it’s a real shame when you’ve got so many great things to work with here.

Final Score

Trinity 7 movie earns a 5/10. It would have been lower if not for the characters, sound and animation as I mentioned before. If you like Trinity 7 and want to watch this movie I say go ahead but don’t expect to be impressed or have high expectations going into this movie as you will be setting yourself up for disappointment. There’s been no word of a second season set to come out yet but with a strong fanbase the chances are high that it might come. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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