Project #296: Gate Part 2

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj and welcome to the second part of Gate. The second half of the anime was released in 2016 but got delayed due to unknown reasons from A-1. Let’s return to the battle and aim for an obvious victory. This is Gate S2.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening this time around is “GATE II: Sekai wo Koete” by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets. A lot of people didn’t like this opening for some reason but personally I liked this song way more than the first one. While the animation is lazy the song has way more energy and does a good conveying the feelings and motivations of our characters who are each fighting their own battles with themselves and others.

The second ending is “Itsudatte Communication” by Hisako Kanemoto, Nao Toyama, and Risa Taneda. Another pop song on the slow side which is actually a little more relaxing and carefree than the previous ending. I honestly think this should have been the first season’s ending. Once again the VAs sound great here and work off each other well. It’s a tough call but I think the first ending is better than this ending.

Episodes 13-16

Episode 13 has us hanging out in the Imperial Capital. Pina is hosting a garden party and has invited the senators whose family members are prisoners of war (I prefer to call it a slaughter seeing as how if Japan wanted to they could kill you guys in no time). Her goal is to convince them onto her side for talks of peace as she knows that if they fight against Japan they will lose. Itami is there to help her and while at the party the soldiers put on a demonstration of the military power showing the senators what they’re up against (scene here:, witchcraft from another world I say). This convinces the senators to start talking about peace of course Japan will demand a high payment however they’re open to negotiations (the animal girls. Give them to us). As the party goes on Pina’s older brother Zolzal the next in line for the throne (who is a straight up bastard mind you) gets told about the party from the count of the capital and decides to go and investigate. Luckily, Itami gets the senators out of there and takes them to the outskirts of the red-light district just outside the capital (trust me, it’s not as fun as it sounds). Zolzal shows up, eats some of the food, takes it with him, and leaves (he came for a fight, but he left with food). The count goes to tell the king about what happened where he says he has no intention of giving land or money to the Japanese (than you better give us those animal girls otherwise we’re gonna have some problems). We then shift gears and head out to the red-light district which is the outskirts of the capital where people mostly of demihuman descent are forced to live in poverty (yep, we’re in a kingdom where humans rule and animals serve). The Japanese have setup a base in the district and even send medical personal to treat the citizens. That night, a prostitute in the district tells them that she senses a big earthquake is coming and the Japanese get the word out telling everyone to head out into the open fields for safety. Itami gets Pina who doesn’t believe this but once the ground begins to shake it’s clear to her that this is happening.

So, in episode 14 the earthquake comes where luckily nobody is injured. Everyone panics except for the Japanese (ehh, they’ve experienced worse) after it’s done Pina wants to go and warn her father about the aftershocks but she’s too afraid to go alone so she begs Itami and the others to go with her. They go to the palace where the guards are so scared that they don’t even try to stop them (you can fight against armed soldiers, but you can’t handle an earthquake? Pride of the king you guys are). They go to the king and hold a hearing where Zolzal comes in (damn, he survived) and reveals that he has a woman from Japan as his slave (oh hell no! You are so fucked right now) and not just her but apparently there were other people kidnapped as well. Itami is rightfully pissed and punches him which leads to a fight in the throne room where the Japanese pretty much kill all the guards. After that they interrogate Zolzal on where the other survivors are by beating him to a pulp (scene here:, this is so satisfying). He finally confesses that the men were sold to the slave market while the women were kept in the palace as his sex slaves (beat him up again). They take the imprisoned Japanese woman and leave however they expect Pina’s help in helping them locate any more prisoners and to retaliate for this treachery they bomb the senate building however just like at Pearl Harbor they didn’t fire on any of the innocent citizens. They just bombed the building, left, and no one was killed, this was just a warning shot. The next day comes around where the Senate after hearing what happened to Zolzal and seeing the senate building blown up want to start talking peace with Japan (oh I’m afraid we’re past the point of talking). In one scene we get to meet Dabio, Pina’s other brother and Zolzal’s little brother. Unlike Zolzal, Dabio is a thinker and believes that he’ll be the next emperor since Zolzal is an idiot but Zolzal says that won’t happen since their father wants a puppet not a thinker (and Zolzal is the perfect puppet). Back with the SDF they take Noriko back to their base where Itami unfortunately finds out that her family got caught in the attack in the first episode and died unfortunately. They decide to keep this a secret from her for the time being and we end the episode with Itami about to receive some troubling news.

In episode 15 Tuka goes off the deep end (had to happen eventually). Okay, remember in the first season where she couldn’t accept her father was killed by the dragon and made herself believe that he was still alive? And to add wood to this fire everyone indulged her and didn’t say a word? Well, here comes Yao (the dark elf. . .with the nice body) to screw that up. She flat out tells Tuka the truth and this causes her to have a short mental break down. Why did she do this? To get Itami’s help in taking out the dragon that has invaded the dark elf territory and slowly killing them (while this tactic may be underhanded and selfish I can understand why she did this. Hell, even Yao admits that this is wrong, but what choice does she have? She came here begging for help and got turned down so the only thing she can do is do things she would never hope to do). After this Yao sticks around the camp and waits for Itami to finally give in to her request. While she waits Itami indulges Tuka who now believes that Itami is her father (man having a hot daughter who’s older than you? What kind of fetish is this?). They do all the father-daughter stuff. They go shopping, eating, live together, and Tuka sleeps with him in the nude (wait what!? That’s not what a daughter does to her daddy! What kind of relationship did Tuka and her real dad- uhh~ I don’t wanna know). Itami knows that this solution won’t really help her out and knows the only way to save her is to fight that dragon but Itami knows in his heart he can’t risk the lives of his men on such a selfish mission. This whole ordeal has Itami stressed out on what to do (fight the dragon. The idea is exciting. It’s like they say in Black Lagoon, what’s the point of life if you can’t get excited?) until Duran an old general and king of Elde (who survived the onslaught in episode 2) comes to talk to Itami and tells him to listen to his heart (Heart: Sleep with the gothic loli demigod. She seems spunky. (Brain): I agree with the heart). On the day he’s about to leave for a mission back to the Imperial capital he abandons that mission and decides to go dragon slaying alone with Tuka (dude, just grab your men and steal fighter jets or something. That’s what I would do). Rory, Lelei, and Yao join them on their quest and they head out. Back in the Imperial capital we find out that Zolzal will be named emperor and he plans on turning against his father (the fool continues to play the fool). Also, Zolzal’s bunny sex slave Tyuule seems to be plotting something. It’s jumping ahead a little bit but her clan was wiped out from the Imperial Empire and now she wants revenge big time.

Episode 16 focuses on a lot of mini stories that have been happening in the background. After finding out that Itami has headed off to Elde to fight the dragon his superiors decide to lend him a helping hand and even Duran helps him out by giving the SDF permission to cross the border to Elde as long as they help him reclaim the throne (than why didn’t you just say so in the first place?). The SDF also get the rights to mine in his region. While that’s going on Tyuule has sent a message to Delilah another bunny girl in Alnus Hill who works at the local bar. She’s been given orders to kill Noriko in the hopes that will spur the SDF to seek revenge and wipe out the Empire once and for all (lady, if you just wait patiently the SDF will take the Empire out in no time). Noriko finally finds out about her family being dead and starts to think she’d be better off dead (I’m sure a certain bunny girl can grant that request). Delilah comes out and tries to kill her but one of the soldiers fights her where he gets stabbed, but he shoots her a couple of times and they both go down (scene here: Somehow, they both miraculously survived (it’s pretty amazing Delilah survived given the number of shots she took) but it looks like they’re going to be down for a while. The SDF fighter jets manage to find the dragon and test it to see what they’re facing. To their surprise the dragon has good maneuverability in the sky and is quite intelligent (can’t be that intelligent if it’s willing to fight them again after losing its arm). After getting the data they need they retreat but not before challenging it to a game of chicken where it nearly roasts one of the jets (scene here: Back with Itami and the others they have reached the hideout of the dark elves where the dragon shows up to attack them (still mad about that arm I see). During the fight Itami tries to get Tuka to face the dragon as well as reality but she just can’t do it and the dragon retreats (you can fly and hide but rest assured we are coming for you. And this time we’re taking your head).

Episodes 17-20

Not much to say about episode 17. Itami and the others team up with the dark elves and defeat the fire dragon where Tuka is able to get over her past trauma and we also get to see some cool fighter jets destroy two baby dragons (scene here:

In episode 18 Itami returns to the base where he gets punished and rewarded for his desertion. For starters he is suspended for 2 weeks without pay but at the same time he receives rewards from the dark elf tribe and Duran. He receives a large crystal as an award for defeating the dragon, granted the title of noble and given ownership of Yao (a crystal and a new wife. Nice). He is then put in charge of finding resources throughout the special region and is allowed to go wherever he pleases with his harem. After his 2-week suspension is up he heads out with the girls and goes to the city of Roland the city of magic studies where Lelei is trying to become a master mage and in order to do that she must give a presentation that presents a new idea of magic that must be accepted by those in attendance. We get a few funny moments such as Itami being mistaken as a manservant by the hotel manager and put into a storage closet and we meet Lelei’s sister, Arpeggio. Back in the Imperial Capital the peace talk has begun. . . or they were supposed to happen. Tyuule and her servant pig (who has a foot fetish) poisoned the emperor’s drink and he’s fallen unconscious (this is bad because that means Zolzal is in charge and that idiot has no intention of making peace).

So, in episode 19 Zolzal takes control of the empire and rallies the people to fight back against Japan declaring war on them (that boy is just sending people to their death, isn’t he?). He quickly gets to work trying to get the people to turn on Japan by doing underhanded tactics such as destroy a village while disguised as soldiers (I want somebody to snipe this bastard). Also, Tyuule is planning something once again behind his back (the puppeteer continues her show). For a good chunk of the episode we focus on Itami’s group where we learn that Alnus is considered holy ground to everyone and that all the races came from the gate at some point (so it’s like that one South Park episode where they find out Earth is a reality show in space). Arpeggio jealous of Lelei’s success and marriage to Itami so she challenges her to a magic duel (yeah, according to Lelei she’s married to Itami. In their world if a man and woman spend the night together in the same room three times they’re technically married to each other). Lelei and Arpeggio have their duel (which is pretty good. Mage fights are usually hard to pull off) where an assassin tries to kill Lelei but she gets saved by a knight working under Pina (scenes here: and After hearing the situation Itami’s tactic is to, run.

Nothing much to say about episode 20. Zolzal’s men begin rounding up senators who are pro-peace and throwing them in prison under the allegations of treason (man Zolzal is on his way to becoming the Hitler of his world. Except he’s an idiot). Some of the senators they try to capture are Caseal and Sherry a young girl and her family. Sherry’s parents sacrifice their lives in order to give Caseal and Sherry a chance to escape. The two make their way to the Jade Palace which has become a safe ground for the Japanese diplomats hoping they’ll provide them a safe haven. Sherry has a crush on Sugawara a diplomat who has been working for peace and plans to marry him (too bad she’s 12 and he’s in his late 20s early 30s). While Sugawara would like nothing more than to help them he’s been given orders not to provide a safe haven as this would put the Japanese in a bad spot (help out two and then 4 more will want your help. Then 8, 16, 32, 64, and so on. There would be no end). When Zolzal’s men come to get Sherry and Caseal, Sherry cries out for Sugawara for help and no longer able to ignore her cries for help he goes out to save her saying that he’s going to marry her when she turns 16 (scene here:, lolicon confirmed). With this Sherry is saved (Caseal, you’re on your own).

Episodes 21-24

Episode 21 picks up where episode 20 ended. Pina’s knights protect Sherry and Sugawara from Zolzal’s men forcing them to retreat since they’re amateurs with weapons and not as skilled as real knights (so they reflect the aspects of the current emperor). Once the defense force hears about this they want to send troops out immediately to protect the senators, but the new Prime Minister won’t allow them to take action because they have media and representatives from other countries visiting the special region for a week and the Prime Minister doesn’t want to be criticized by the world for setting a bad image for Japan (dude, screw the rest of the world. Look at America, we don’t give a damn what the world thinks of us. Like us or hate us at the end of the day when you’re in trouble we’re the ones you come crying to for help). Another reason why he’s holding them back is because he believes they don’t have the power to take over the empire (what! Have you read their reports!? Just give me a gun, a tank, a fighter jet, or a helicopter and I’ll destroy the empire for you. Hell, I’ll even bring you back an animal girl just for the fun of it). We return to the special region where the representatives from other countries try to get information about the region but the SDF stops them and there’s a Japanese cameraman in the region who instead of showing how hard working the SDF is wants to badmouth them and screw them over by taking pictures of them doing nothing and being lazy (if there’s one thing this anime has taught me is that no matter where you go in the world the government and the media are always trying to screw you over). Back with Itami and the others after traveling around a bit they return to Rondel so Lelei can continue her quest to be a master mage where they also get attacked by the workers at the inn they’re staying at. After capturing and interrogating them the group believes that the person trying to assassinate Lelei is an assassin known as the Pied Piper a mysterious person who manipulates the hearts of others to assassinate his/her targets (probably should have named him the Puppeteer instead). Near the end of the episode Zolzal tries to convince Pina to tell her guards to stand down so that his men can capture Sherry and Caseal (dude, it’s just one girl and an old man. Let it go, you got bigger things to worry about such as a nation that could destroy you within 5 minutes if they felt like it). Pina refuses so Zolzal arrests her. The defense force finally get the Prime Minister to crack and let them take action to protect the Jade Palace and just in time because Zolzal’s men have arrived with at least 1000 troops (I’m starting to think Zolzal is a lolicon as well. Why else would he do all this to get one little girl back?).

We got a lot going on in episode 22. Zolzal’s men attack the Jade Palace but Pina’s knights manage to hold them off however if the fight continues fatigue begins to set in and then they’ll be done for. Back at the palace, Pina is labeled a criminal for refusing to tell her knights to stand down and as a result gets thrown in a dungeon cell (keep it up Zolzal. When the time comes and you get your ass kicked it’s only gonna be that much more satisfying). Back with Itami and the others they go to Lelei’s master trial where they manage to stop two assassination attempts on her life however they weren’t able to stop Shandy’s attempt on Lelei who stabs her but she survives thanks to wearing armor under her robe. Despite all of this Lelei still gives her presentation which went off well however their decision on whether or not she’ll be a master will be put on hold until they can get this whole assassination thing worked out. They take Shandy into custody where we find out she wasn’t being controlled by the Pied Pipper but was doing this all on her free will to protect Pina. It turns out Zolzal wants Lelei’s head (you jealous punk ass bitch) and Shandy wanted to complete this mission in order to save Pina (who as we all know is now locked in a dungeon cell). Shandy tells them about the situation going on in the capital and at the Jade Palace and Itami and the others receive a message telling them that they have the go ahead to defend the Jade Palace so the SDF load up and Itami’s team head to the Jade Palace as well to end the episode.

In episode 23 we finally get the action we’ve been waiting for (about time. Teach these assholes what war is all about). The SDF manage to break into the Imperial Capital and rescue the senators who were pro-peace and defend the Jade Palace as well as get them to safety. In the process the SDF kill a lot of soldiers and make Zolzal look like an idiot who has no idea what to do (actually, he really does have no idea what to do. He pretty much ignores the opinions of his men and does everything Tyuule tells him to do. Sure, listen to the bunny girl who wants to kill you). A few of the knights try to invade the capital to rescue Pina but there are too many soldiers and they’re forced to retreat (we’ll give them this win) so now it’s up to Itami and his harem (or wives technically) to rescue Pina themselves (scenes here: and .

In the final episode Itami along with his harem and his old squad infiltrate the palace to rescue Pina and her father. They spilt up into three teams. Itami, Lelei, and Rory go to confront Zolzal and rescue Pina, while another team goes to get the emperor (the real one not the idiot one), and another team goes to secure an escape route for their jeep. The plan works amazingly well. It starts off with Zolzal bringing Pina in front of him where he calls her knights traitors since they abandoned the capital (well yeah, did you see what they did last episode? I’d be running away too; I am not dying for some dumbass emperor who has no idea what he’s doing) but Pina just mocks him for idiocy. Zolzal than tells her how he knows they’ll come back for her and he intends to fortify the palace before they return and kill her right in front of them. Once he finishes that sentence Itami, Lelei, and Rory break into the throne room much to Zolzal’s shock and he orders his guard to attack them but the guards surrounding the palace have all been knocked out and nobody wants to take on Rory (yeah, that act alone is suicide). He then unleashes the ogre (aww how cute he thinks he can scare us) which easily gets taken down by Lelei and Rory (scene here:, well that was a good way to burn 1 minute. What else you got Zolzal?). Itami takes Pina and puts fear in Zolzal by telling him that the SDF can find him wherever he goes and they can reach him. He also tells him to stop targeting Lelei or the next bullet he fires will go through his head. They then take their leave with Pina, pick up everyone along the way, and escape the palace where the emperor wakes up and says he’ll agree to peace talks with Japan and names Pina the new empress of the new Imperial Empire. Back in the capital Zolzal fearing for his life runs away like a coward (or bitch) from the capital along with a few senators and even though Tyuule has achieved her goal of destroying the empire that took everything away from her she still feels empty inside (revenge will always leave you empty). About 10 days later in Italica Pina is named the official ruler of the new empire and a new government is formed under her rule (finally, a smart ruler. Scene here: As all this is going on Itami returns to our world and goes to his con that got cancelled last year by himself (he’s a man dedicated to his hobby) but Lelei, Rory, and Tuka are there to greet him which causes a big crowd to gather and Itami gets arrested for this missing the con (noooo~. Scene here:

Final Thoughts

This was a good anime. The premise is cool and unique as it was one of the only animes to show the modern world interacting with the fantasy world and pulled it off rather well. I do like Itami’s character. What makes this character work out so well is the fact that he’s an adult rather than your typical teenage boy who’s the chosen one. Itami is just your average otaku who at first glance looks like a slacker with no redeeming qualities but when he puts his mind to something and you spend more time with the guy you see that he’s a badass who can do some pretty amazing things and has achieved so much in his life. I also like that he’s divorced but there’s no bad blood between him and his ex-wife. Our three heroines are good as well. My favorite is Rory, she’s just a great character. Her speech against the elitist in the first season was just great and could honestly be applied to almost any military force in the world. Lelei was cute but I feel that she didn’t get nearly enough screen time as she deserved and her story in season 2 really goes nowhere. I will say however that her fight against her sister was awesome. The weakest of the three has to be Tuka as her story seems to drag on longer than it should of and doesn’t really seem like she’s fully recovered as she still keeps seeing Itami as her father. Honorable mentions also go to Pina and Zolzal. Pina’s growth in the series is small but well done as we see her go from being this girl who didn’t really know that much about the world around her to a woman who was able to quickly grasp the situation she was in, make her choices, and work to make her empire avoid destruction. Zolzal plays a good villain in this series. On the surface he’s an idiot who has no idea what he’s going up against and that’s what makes him such a good villain. He doesn’t know what he’s going up against and continues to cling to his belief that his glorious empire is unbeatable when really it’s not and is going up against an enemy it has no chance at beating. Because of this, whatever actions he takes come across as despicable and when he finally gets his comeuppances it’s satisfying and brings a smile to your face. While he may be an idiotic villain who doesn’t pose that big a threat he’s the only villain I could really see working for this story. The rest of the cast is good and unique. I like how each character has their own personality so that when you see them you instantly know who they are and like how the author makes the defense force to this competent military who care for their country and the people they’re fighting for.

There are of course three major problems I have with this anime. First up is the battles are too one-sided. It’s Japan all the way with the empire having no chance to retaliate whatsoever. I get that the author served in SDF and he has every right to be proud of it, but he could have at least made the empire a little bit stronger and not make the anime so one-sided. Because of this, the empire comes across as weak throughout the anime, there’s never any real sense of danger or suspense for the SDF. We know they’re gonna win no matter what so while the fight scenes look cool and are well-animated, the level of suspense is low or not there at all. The second problem is the political views presented in the anime are graceless and heavy-handed. The author makes it clear as day about how he feels about politics and their views on the SDF. I wish he would have handled it with more tact as he makes it come across that the entire country looks down on the SDF which isn’t the case as a lot of Japanese people praised the series. In fact, the reviews were so positive that the actual SDF used the characters as mascots for their recruitment campaign. The final problem is some of the stories presented in the anime range from being good to poor. The main story is good but a few of the substories come across as weak, rushed, not explored as much as they should, or just pop up out of nowhere with no explanation.

The action is good. Like I said before it well-animated and the use of weaponry is accurate and represented well here but the fights are too one-sided. I wish we could have seen more magic battles as it was shown that the author actually does know what he’s doing. The animation is vivid with good character designs and backgrounds. There are a few mistakes in the background where we can see A-1 ran out of budget or just didn’t have to go back and fix it. The soundtrack is great, hands down one of the best soundtracks A-1 has ever done so I’ll give them praise for that.

Final Score

The final score for Gate is a 7/10. If not for the problems I listed about it would have been a 7.5 or 8. Overall, I was very satisfied with the way the anime ended and enjoyed it a lot. Is this a fair battle between modern and fantasy warfare? No. But it is a good take on the modern world meeting the fantasy world and seeing the two sides interact off each other. The anime did leave out a few things so if you liked the anime I highly recommend checking out the novel and manga as well as check out the author’s other work Gate: Weigh Anchor. A sequel to the Gate series that started last year and judging from the title it’ll be focusing on Japan’s navel fleet which I’m interested in checking out and seeing the series explore the oceans of this fantasy world. Will this series get turn into anime, I think so. Well guys that brings the-

*A blast can be heard from outside Nitsuj’s house. Nitsuj gets up and goes to the window to see the Jucks from the Principality of Jack are in his yard*

(Dirk): Hey Nitsuj you motherfucker! Get your ass out along with those Jack bastards! This is the rematch!

(Jeremy): Yeah! It’s rematch time. You think you can humiliate us like that and walk away?

(Nick): Get out here right now before we burn down your house and piss on the ashes.

(Nitsuj): Well looks they want me. Ladies, hand me my swords. I’ll make this quick.

(Isis): No, that won’t be necessary. We’ll handle this.

(Shizuku): We still owe those guys for last year.

(Nitsuj): You guys sure?

(Chibi Isis): Yep. I perfected the ultimate spell and I’ve been meaning to test it out.

(Nitsuj): Alright. I guess those guys will have to learn the hard way. Be my guest ladies.

*Isis, Shizuku, and Chibi Isis go outside to face the Jucks*

(Shizuku): Remember us punks?

(Dirk): I said I wanted Nitsuj not his skanks! Get back in the house and make me a sandwich!

(Isis): You a trespassing on private property. Leave now or AI law will go into effect.

(Nick): Or how about this. You and me find a nice room and I’ll make you scream my name for the next two hours.

*Dirk and Jeremey laugh at Nick’s statement*

(Isis): *Sigh* Very well. Chibi, do the thing.

*A green aura begins to surround Chibi’s body*

(Chibi Isis): Get ready to face the strongest spell in my arsenal.

*Chibi fires a wind blast at them which seems to have no effect whatsoever. The Jucks just stand there looking at her*

(Dirk): My God, how did you know we were ticklish. Come on bros, lets take these sluts ouuuuuuuuttttt~!

*The minute Dirk takes a step forward he slips and falls to the ground face first*

(Jeremey): Dirk! You okkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaay~!

*As Jeremey and Nick go to check on their big bro they slip as well and fall on top of him. They all try to get back up but each attempt results in them slipping over and over again*

(Nick): What the hell is happening!?

(Chibi Isis): It’s my newest spell. For the next hour each step you attempt will have you slipping over your own feet. I call it, Wind slip.

(Shizuku): Which gives us plenty of time to teach you boys some manners in how to treat and speak to ladies.

*Shizuku cracks her knuckles and neck while Isis takes out her guns and Chibi Isis takes out her swords*


*As the Jucks scream in pain at the merciless beating they received from the AI girls, a small explosion could be heard and a tower of dark smoke could be seen off in the distance. When the girls were done beating them up the Jack Bros. came by to open up a portal to the Principality of Jack and Shizuku threw the Jucks through it*

(Shizuku): Well that was refreshing.

(Isis): Yes. Good job on the spell Chibi. I have a feeling that spell’s gonna come in handy down the line.

*Chibi Isis chuckles and smiles at the praise from Isis*

(Nitsuj): And with that the Isekai arc is complete. Thanks for reading everyone and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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