Project #332: The Top 11 Anime Moms

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Guys, I love my mom, she’s a great lady and someone I hold the utmost respect and admiration for. It’s because of her I’m able to stand on my own two feet and keep moving forward in life. Whenever I’m feeling sad or stressed out from the world, I can always count on her to give me words of encouragement and motherly love to lift me back up. Anime moms or parents for that matter are a rare sighting in anime. They’re usually never around and if they are around, they’re usually just side characters who serve no real purpose, but there have been a few occasions where we get to explore these characters and see the impact they have on their children. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’re celebrating the moms of anime by counting down the top 11 anime moms out there. These are the moms that showed love, compassion, and sacrifice for their children. I’m Nitsuj and these are my picks for The Top 11 Anime Moms.

#11. Shion from Shin Koihime Musou

An overlooked character when talking about anime moms but a character who l like nonetheless. She’s a single mom who raises her daughter Riri all by herself and at a time when war and bandits are running wild, the job is tough. However, Shion makes it work as she makes her living as a skilled archer to provide for Riri and balances her life as a mom by teaching Riri right from wrong and giving her the motherly love she deserves. While their roles in the anime are minor, you can tell that Shion and Riri have a bond with each other and care for each other. Even when Riri gets kidnapped, Shion is prepared to kill an innocent man just to make sure her daughter is safely returned to her. She’s a beautiful lady, a skilled archer, and most importantly a loving mother.

#10. Yukari Takara from Lucky Star

When you see Yukari, it’s easy to see where Miyuki gets a lot of her adorable traits from. Yukari is just one of those moms you can relate to because of just who she is. She can be clumsy and forgetful but at the same time caring and loving just like a normal mom with a good sense of humor and a sweet personality. Unlike some of the other moms on this list, Yukari is just a normal person who lives a fun and normal life with her daughter and her interesting circle of friends. She’s one of those people who could fit in with just about any group of people because of her personality alone and just talking to her makes you feel better. What a great mom.

#9. Inko Midoriya and Mitsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia

I decided to put these two lovely ladies together because I like both moms equally. In a world where superpowers are normal, Izuku was born quirkless and his dreams of being a hero were impossible. Inko did what any mother would do and consoled her son through this rough time even though she herself didn’t know what to say to him. When Izuku does get his quirk, Inko supports her son in his pursuit of becoming a hero, even making his hero outfit herself. Despite worrying about his safety and almost pulling Izuku out of U.A because of it, she still supports her son lovingly in his pursuit to be a hero and will continue to support him no matter how dangerous it gets because she believes he has what it takes to be the best.

While we haven’t seen that much of Mitsuki she left quite the impact on a lot of viewers. For starters, we got to see where Katsuski gets his attitude and hair from (be honest, you all thought he got it from his dad). Second, we got to see a mom who takes a real hard look at her son. While everyone was praising Katsuki for his amazing quirk and skills which gave him an inflated ego, Mitsuki was the one who recognized Katsuki’s shortcomings. She knows her son can be ignorant and isn’t the strongest out there, however, she recognizes that he does have talent and that he’s determined to be a hero. She’s a mom that knows when to be tough on her child but also knows to give him the right amount of credit.

#8. Mari Katsuragi from The World Only God Knows

Here’s another character that didn’t get focused on in the anime nearly enough. Mari is a former biker turned housewife who watches the family café while her husband is away and has to deal with her videogame otaku son and adoptive devil daughter. Let’s be honest, Keima’s behaviors and well-being would make a lot of parents worry about their child’s future but surprisingly Mari doesn’t seem to be worried all that much about her son. Why? Because she knows that despite the way he acts, Keima at his core, is a good person and who has a good hold on life even if he doesn’t show it. She has faith that no matter what situation Keima finds himself in, he’ll be fine. As for Elsie, despite being tricked into believing that she’s the illegitimate child of Mari’s husband, she still shows love and affection for her and treats Elsie like she was her own daughter. She even still loves her husband despite this turn of events. Mari is a mom who shows loyalty and love for her family. Always putting them first and having faith that no matter what happens in life they’ll be fine.

#7. Delia Ketchum from Pokémon

Probably the first anime mom a lot of us have seen in anime and a good one to. Most moms would be scared letting their 10-year-old son venture out into a world of strange creatures with no adult supervision but not Deliah. Despite her husband mysteriously disappearing on her, Deliah raised Ash single-handedly teaching him right from wrong and showing him how to be a proper Pokémon trainer as well as be a shining example on how to raise them properly. She’s a loving mom who’s always there to support Ash in his journey to be a Pokémon master, always there to cheer him on, and always there to greet him whenever he comes home from a journey and needs a place to rest before heading out again. Deliah is definitely the mom we all want to have whenever heading out on an adventure.

#6. Isabella from The Promised Neverland

The mother of Ray and caretaker for our main characters in the series who has been secretly feeding the children to these demon-like creatures. However, I honestly do believe that she really did love and care for all the children at the orphanage she was at. I think that if she could she would do everything in her power to keep them alive and safe but unfortunately didn’t know how so the only thing she could do was give them a proper and loving life until their appointed day came. Always smiling and loving each child like her own, Isabella shows us the hardships of being a mom as well as the strength to keep smiling in the toughest and most hopeless of times but still holding on to the hope that your children will find a way to succeed where you failed.

#5. Aki Hinata from Sgt. Frog

In a comedy anime about alien frogs you would think the last thing you would see would be a great anime mom. Aki is the single parent of our two main leads and despite keeping up with them while also dealing with aliens and her job as a manga editor she manages to balance out her life perfectly. She has the respect and love of her children, she’s recognized as the head of the house, has a job that she loves to do and is good at it, and still has energy to spare to help her children and others with their problems. She’s like a super mom, she has all of her priorities in order and is just a cool person to be around. Along with the comedy, Aki was definitely the highlight of this anime and still remains to be one of the best moms out there.

#4. Junko Kaname from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Speaking of hard-working women, you can’t forget Junko, the mother of our main lead Madoka. Despite her strict and business aura she gives off, Junko is actually a very approachable person as well as a sweet and caring mom. Some of the best moments in the anime are of her and Madoka talking in the morning before going to school and work and seeing the dynamic between the two. Madoka is always going to her mother for advice and Junko is always to happy to help but here’s the best part of their conversations, Junko doesn’t always give Madoka the answer. She knows that in order for Madoka to grow into an independent and proper lady, she has to figure things out on her own and that’s what Junko does. She drops subtle hints for Madoka to pick up on and then gives her time to figure them out herself and only jumping in when she needs to. Despite her busy schedule, Junko was always there to lend a helping hand to her daughter and it’s because of her that Madoka was able to make a lot of the correct choices in her journey. Way to go Junko.

#3. Sanae Furukawa from Clannad

No mother is perfect, Sanae is a prime example of that. Sanae can come across as being childish and a crybaby at times but despite all of this, she’s a strong-willed and independent woman who loves her husband and daughter. While she had a hiccup earlier in her life choosing her career over her daughter, she did receive a wake-up call and ultimately decided that her daughter meant more to her than her career and took the correct steps to be there for Nagisa before it was too late. Throughout the anime, Sanae was always there for Nagisa to lean on and even served as a mother for Tomoya at times. Sanae may not be the perfect mom but she is a mom who recognized her mistakes, corrected them, and made the right choice in the end for herself and her family and I think she’s more than happy with her decision.

#2. Hana from Wolf Children×398.jpg

Normally, I try to leave movies off these lists but keeping Hana off this list would be a sin against every mother out there, she’s that good. Being a single parent is never easy and when you’re the single parent of two hyperactive children who are half-wolf half-human you know you’ve got your work cut out for you. Having her children at a young age and losing her husband shortly after they were born, Hana bravely takes on the struggle of raising these two children by herself all while keeping their secret from getting discovered by society. Throughout the movie we see all the hardships, struggles, and sacrifices Hana goes through to provide for her family and keep their secret from getting discovered out of fear of what will happen to them if it does. Despite all of this, Hana holds no resentment to anyone because of her predicament and is totally devoted to her children and making sure they have a happy life. Hana’s life is all about sacrificing for the betterment of her children and her reward is knowing that they’re happy and living life with no worries. She’s a great mom that brings a tear to my eyes.

And number one. . .



#1. Yasuko Takasu from Toradora

Talk about never judging a book by there cover. The mother of Ryuuji who when we first meet her comes across as an irresponsible drunk who is airheaded, childish and makes her son clean up after her messes and maintain the house. It’s easy to assume that she’s a terrible woman and mother to Ryuuji but you couldn’t be more wrong. She’s a single mom who after the death of her husband takes on the sole responsibility of raising Ryuuji right and sending him through school all by herself. She takes on various jobs to meet expenses and put Ryuuji through school all while asking nothing in return. She wants Ryuuji to follow his dreams and enjoy his school life without having to worry about money. Even when Ryuuji tries to get a part-time job to ease some of the pressure off of her she gets mad saying that she wants him to concentrate on school and that she’ll provide for him because in her mind she believes that as a mother she should take on the burden of hardship so Ryuuji has a chance to focus and enjoy his school life so he can succeed in the future, find a stable job, and live a better life. Even with her hardship of working two jobs, Yasuko always makes time for Ryuuji and give him advice and love when he needs it. Just like all the other mothers on this list who sacrifice, show love, and support their child, Yasuko does all of this and then some to make sure that Ryuuji can have the best life possible and it’s because of that, that I put her as number 1 on my list.

And that’s my list. Were there any moms I left out? Let me know in the comment section below and be sure to make your mom feel loved on this Mother’s Day. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj when things get digital.

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