Project #47: Sword Art Online (SAO) Part 1

*At an unknown location*

(???): I trust you girls know why I have called you here today? I want you to take out the one called Nitsuj. But taking him out won’t be easy as long as his two AIs are fighting with him. Take them out first and Nitsuj will fall with them. Am I understood? (???): Understood master. (???): Rest assure that the three AI Assassin girls will stop at nothing to achieve our goal. (???): Nitsuj and his small little show might as well be considered dead now that we’re coming for him. (???): That’s what I like to hear. Now go *the 3 AI girls disappear in front of the mysterious man*. There will be no mistakes this time Nitsuj. This time you shall fall.

*Cut to Nitsuj in his home getting ready to review*

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. One of my favorite types of video games to play are RPGs. I love them, these games always have the best stories, fighting systems, themes, and designs that keep you entertained for hours on end. The world that these games create are so creative and imaginative that you wish you could just jump into them and play as the character themselves. I’ve always thought about how cool it would be if we created a virtual reality in which we would be allowed to interact directly with the environment and actually feel like we were in the game world. But what happens when that world applies the rules of the real world to its system? I’ll tell you what happens, you get Sword Art Online. As if I really need to go into much detail about this series. Sword Art Online or SAO is an anime that came out in 2012 it’s based off a light novel series under the same name written by Reki Kawahara. The story follows a group of players trapped in a virtual world trying to escape back into the real world. This anime is often regarded as the best anime of 2012 for its story, theme, and characters and is seen as one of the best animes done by A-1 pictures. This will be the 4th time I’ve review something from them. I’m not doing it on purpose it’s just that A-1 is a division of Aniplex which is one of the biggest anime studios in Japan so it’s only natural that I review a lot of their stuff. This anime was also directed by Tomohiko Ito who was an assistant director for the movies The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars (which I plan on reviewing sometime next year) and even directed the anime Occult Academy. Is SAO really the bee’s knee and the cat’s meow? Let’s realize every gamers dream come true and dive into SAO.

Opening and Ending Theme

Our opening for this anime is Crossing Field by LiSA. At first I didn’t care for the song because the singer didn’t sound all that into it but after a few episodes I found myself warming up to her singing. I also enjoy the instrumental version of the song. The ending is Yume Sekai (Dream World) by Haruka Tomatsu. I really did like this song. It’s nice, peaceful, and sweet. Haruka does an amazing job singing the song and you really do get swept away in her voice.

Episodes 1-5

So our story takes place in the year 2022 MMORPGs have changed greatly, players are now able to dive into the game world, being able to experience it first-hand instead of staring at a screen for hours on end and getting leg cramps from sitting down so much (and yet we still don’t have that flying car that we were promised years ago). Everyone is excited because the newest and latest MMORPG Sword Art Online is going on sale today and people are lining up outside gaming stores all across Japan to get it (just like Japan to hold the coolest stuff for themselves). One of the people excited is our main character Kirito voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Shota from The Idolm@ster) who was a beta tester for the game thus has a copy of the game already, knows the ropes of the game and is looking forward to going back to that world. He logs into the SAO-atrix ( where he meets another player named Klein a newbie who asks Kirito to show him the ropes. He’s voiced by Hiroaki Hirata (Sanji from One Piece. This guy just became very likable in my book). Kirito takes him out to the fields where they fight a wild boar (typical RPG monster) and he drops the bomb for everyone by saying that there’s no such thing as magic in this RPG (okay clearly you guys don’t know the rules of an RPG. You must have a good story, an open world, excellent graphics, and magic must always be included. You got the second and third one down, still waiting on the first one, but the fourth one is a biggie). After a few hours Klein tries to logout but he sees that he can’t (let me make this perfectly clear because I play games on a regular basis. That’s not a glitch in the game. No, no, no, no, no. This is the two finger salute from the creators of the video game). Everyone then gets forcefully transported to the town square where the creator of the game Akihiko Kayaba voiced by Kouichi Yamadera (Spike from Cowboy Bebop) announces that the players cannot logout and if anybody in the real word tries to remove the virtual helmet the players are wearing the player will die and if they die in the game they will die in real life. He tells them that the only way to leave the game and return to the real world is to clear all 100 levels of the game which everyone considers impossible because the beta testers didn’t even come close to clearing the game during testing ( He also gives them a mirror which makes all the players appear what they look like in the real world (you know that fucked up moment when your chatting with someone in a game who you think is a girl or another adult but it turns out in reality they’re actually a 12 year old boy with a brony obsession or some older dude posing as a girl to fuck around with other characters? Well, they do that in this anime and yes it is very creepy and fucked up). He ends with telling them that the reason he is doing this is because he wanted to create his own world that he could observe and admire (why am I having a hard time understanding his plan? (Isis): Because for the first time in your life you are the sane one). After the announcement everyone starts to panic but Kirito grabs Klein and tells him to come with him to the next town ( Klein refuses saying he can’t leave his friends behind and that he’ll survive his own way. Kirito runs off into the virtual sunset swearing to survive and make it out of the game to end the episode.

We fast forward to one month later in episode 2 where we find out that 2,000 people have died and nobody has cleared the first level (you weaklings! Who plays a game for one month and hasn’t even cleared the first level yet? You have no right to call yourselves gamers). The weaklings hold a meeting saying that they found the boss of the first level and that they’re all going to attack it together (a team attack, eh? Wise strategy, just don’t have too many members or you’ll be picked off easily). They all form parties of 6 but Kirito doesn’t have anyone to party with (wow, that almost sounds sad saying it out loud doesn’t it). Luckily, he spots another lone player in the audience and they form a party of two. The next day comes and they enter the dungeon where they all fight the boss named Illfang the Kobold Lord (who looks like what would happen if you put the head of a kangaroo on the body of a red reptile monster). The large party takes out Illfang’s bodyguards and get him on his last bar but the leader of the group Diabel tries to get the final shot in by himself so he can get the boss’ rare item ( but Illfang strikes him revealing that his final weapon is different from the one he used in the beta test. Kirito rushes to Diabel and finds out that Diabel was a beta tester just like him and Diabel begs Kirito to beat the boss and save everyone. At that moment Kirito realizes that he’s been a douchebag this whole time only worrying about himself and not the other players like Diabel and he develops a new determination to defeat the boss and save everyone. Kirito goes on the attack with his party member who gets their hood knocked off and reveals much to Kirito’s amazement (I think his balls just dropped) that it’s a beautiful girl named Asuna who is one of the most badass females I’ve seen in anime. She’s voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (Morgiana by Magi. Man, 2012 was Haruka’s year wasn’t it? She played Lala one of the hottest anime girls and now Morgiana and Asuna two of the most badass anime girls I’ve seen. Props to Haruka). They defeat Illfang clearing the first level (scene here:, and all it took was 1 month and 2,001 deaths to beat him). But the celebration is short lived when one of the players figures out that Kirito is a beta tester and blames him for Diabel’s death (oh don’t give that shit. Diabel was an idiot for trying to get that rare item for himself and not being a team player). Not wanting to start a fight between beta and new players Kirito pulls what anime fans like to call a Lelouch (when a hero plays the villain to keep everyone together) and tricks everyone into thinking he learned much more about the game than the other beta testers. Everyone falls for this and he earns the title Beater (a beta tester who is a cheater), dawns the new black trench coat he won from the boss fight (woah digging the new look Kirito, makes you look like a badass) and he heads off to the second level alone telling Asuna to join a guild and disbands their party (scene here:, okay it’s official, Kirito’s new theme song is Boulevard of Broken Dreams from Green Day).

We fast forward 4 months in episode 3 where Kirito joins a guild named Moonlit Black Cats but hides the fact that he is level 40 while the rest of the members are level 20 something. We also find out that the weaklings have started to become real players now and have already cleared 28 floors of the game (well I’ll be damn 28 floors in just 5 months this calls for 2 sarcastic claps of praise *clap clap*. Hardcore gamer here folks. So far the only players who have earned my praised are Kirito and Asuna). He bonds with the members of the guild especially a girl named Sachi who is afraid of dying (that’s a fear everyone has baby) and wonders why they’re in SAO and why so many people have to die (because some game programming asshole has a god complex and probably enjoys pounding his meat sack watching people die like the sicko he is. Actually that reminds me, why hasn’t anybody in the real world found this asshole yet or figured a way to remove the virtual helmets? Is everybody in the real world just sitting around patiently and just hoping the players beat the game. Lives are on the line people do something). Kirito promises Sachi that she won’t die and that he will protect her (ah~ virtual love, where you can make up stuff about yourself and not have to worry about the repercussions until a later time in life). We also get to see Sanji I mean Klein again who’s in charge of his own guild and everything (I know this sounds crazy but every time I see the guy I keep expecting him to throw his sword away and use his legs to beat his opponents while cooking up dinner). With the money the guild has earned the leader Keita decides to buy a house for the guild and goes off to purchase it. While he’s off the rest of the members decide to go to the 27thlevel and get quick cash to buy furniture for the new house. Once there they find a secret door ( and get trapped inside the room where everyone except Kirito of course dies (oh~ I kinda liked Sachi too). We also find out later that after Keita finds out about their deaths he commits suicide. We fast forward to Christmas Eve (this anime jumps around more times than Frogger) where Kirito blames himself for their deaths and becomes obsessed with trying to bring back Sachi (two words: Phoenix Down). He finds out that there’s a special boss named Nicholas the Renegade who shows up on Christmas Eve and drops a rare item that can revive players but other guilds want the item as well and are prepared to kill Kirito for it. Thanks to Klein and his guild Kirito is able to fight Nicholas by himself and defeat him (Kirito is overpowered as shit in this series). He gets the item but it turns out that the item only works on players who have been dead within 10 seconds (that is bullshit! You hear me!? Bullshit! What kind of fucked up item has a fucking time limit on it!? Pricks! Pricks). He goes back to his room and receives a pre-recorded message from Sachi before her death saying she doesn’t blame him for her death, that he needs to keep on living, and she ends her message by humming a Christmas song (, not gonna lie I actually cried a little during this scene).

Episode 4 centers around a beast tamer girl named Silica voiced by Rina Hidaka (Airi from Ro-kyu-bu). After leaving her party she gets attacked by monsters who kill her pet dragon Pina. Kirito comes in to save her and tells her that Pina can be revived if she reaches a placed called Hill of Memories on the 47th floor within 3 days of the dragon’s death. Since Silica is under leveled and she reminds Kirito of his little sister who is really his cousin, (Overpowered Sister/Cousin-Complex Badass Kirito shall be his nickname from now on) he decides to help her out (scene here: When they get to town we see that Silica is quite popular because she’s so cute that men in this world have even proposed to her (I would normally encourage this and say that the men have good taste in women except Silica is a 13 YEAR OLD GIRL! I don’t care what the age of consent is in Japan that is wrong! Wait until she’s 18. . .or at least 16). They go to the Hill of Memories (which is the hotspot for couples since it’s covered in flowers), fight their way pass the tentacle raping plants (Plant 1: Isn’t it wrong that we’re tentacle raping a girl who’s only 13? (Plant 2): Age of consent is 13 so it’s technically legal. Plus, according to her file she’s a sexy 16 year old girl so it’s okay in my book. (Plant 1): Good point. Hey who’s that guy with the sword down there?). They find the revival flower and start to make their way out of the garden but they get confronted by Silica’s old party member Rosalia who is the leader of a guild known as Titan’s Hand which goes around killing people (really guys? We have enough problems as it is in this world and you guys go around killing for the fun of it saying that there’s no proof people die in the world. Fuck you all). They attack Kirito with a 400 hit combo ( which does little damage because he is overpowered and badass. He reveals that the reason he escorted Silica was to draw out Titan’s Hand and send them to jail. Not wanting to be killed and scared of how overpowered Kirito is they turn themselves in (scene here: Pina gets revive and Kirito makes his way back to the frontlines.

We open episode 5 with Asuna who is now the vice commander of the guild Knights of Blood Oath discussing a meeting with other guilds to take down a boss. She plans on luring the boss out to the fields where it’ll be distracted killing the NPCs that it’ll allow them to sneak up from behind and kill it. Kirito is against the idea of using NPCs as bait and bails (that’s the heart of a true gamer right there. Even if they are NPCs they are still alive). Later on he convinces Asuna to take a nap with him and enjoy the nice weather (now if Kirito can just move it to a room than we’ll have some fun). He watches over her as she sleeps so nobody will kill her and she decides to repay him by buying him a meal (scene here: While in town they hear a scream and see that a player has been impaled with a spear (I once used to play SAO but then I took a spear to the chest) and is hanging from a tower dying. The player dies but there’s no winner notification screen which means someone has found a way to kill players without challenging them to a dual. Kirito and Asuna decide to team up to solve this mystery and talk to Yoruko the one who screamed to get information. She reveals that the player was Kains an old guild friend and that she saw someone push Kains out the tower. They escort her home and take the spear to a blacksmith friend of Kirito named Agil who is an African American (an African American representative excellently in anime? My dreams come true) and was one of the players who helped defeat the first level boss (scene here: He’s voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto (Germany from the Hetalia series). Agil says that the spear is called Guilty Thorn a player made weapon created by a blacksmith named Grimrock. After informing Yoruko about this she tells them that Grimrock is the in-game husband of her guild’s former leader Griselda. 6 months ago her guild came across a rare item and they put it to a vote whether to sell it or use it. 5 to 3 voted to sell it and Griselda left to sell it but died. Yoruko believes that Grimrock is killing the members who went against his wife’s wishes and is coming after her and another player named Schmidt who along with Kains wanted to keep the item. Kirito and Asuna bring Schmidt back in town who thinks that it’s really the ghost of Griselda come to take revenge on them (yeah because ghost exist in this world just like in the real world). As they’re talking a dagger stabs Yoruko in the back through the window killing her (I once used to play SAO as well but then I took a dagger to the back).

Episodes 6-10

The mystery continues in episode 6 with Kirito figuring out that Kains and Yoruko are still alive and instead they faked their deaths using a teleport crystal when their armor broke from the damage over time to give the appearance of a player’s death (ingenious). Kirito bets his virginity that this was all Grimrock’s plan to expose the true murderer of Griselda (and I bet Isis’ well-toned and sexy body that he’s right). It turns out he’s somewhat right. We find out that the person who killed Griselda was actually Grimrock himself. He hired a guild of murderers to kill Griselda who it turns out was really married to Grimrock in real life. He had her killed on account of she was becoming a fearless and independent leader which was much different from her real world personality (so we can safely piece together that Grimrock is a complete nut job who never really loved his wife and was instead very possessive). Asuna tells him this and Yoruko, Kains, and Schmidt take Grimrock into custody.

Nothing much to say about episode 7. We meet Asuna’s best friend Liz voiced by Ayahi Takagaki (Yui from The World God Only Knows), a blacksmith who is said to make the best weapons around. Kirito goes to her because he wants a second sword to have on him. After breaking Liz’s best sword they go up to level 55 which is a snow mountain to defeat a crystal dragon which drops a rare crystal that Liz will use to create Kirito’s new sword (scene here: They find the dragon and get thrown into the dragon’s nest where the two get stuck for a night. The next morning they find the rare crystal and ride on the back of the dragon to escape the nest. While in the nest Liz starts to develop feelings for Kirito since he saved her from the dragon and they share a moment in the dragon’s nest with each other. Back at Liz’s shop she makes the sword and is about to confess her feelings for him but Asuna comes in and Liz notices that Asuna likes Kirito as well. Having great respect and admiration for Asuna, Liz holds off on her confession and decides to root for Asuna instead (how noble). Even though heartbroken she asks Kirito to make her his private blacksmith which he agrees to do (man Kirito has swagger in this world. He’s already got 3 girls falling for him. Two more and he’ll have a full harem).

In episode 8 Kirito catches a rare food item and gets Asuna to cook it for him since her cooking skills are maxed out (so does AI girl wanna make me a sandwich? (Isis): Does troll want another crowbar to the head? (Nitsuj): AI say want?). After dinner Asuna forces Kirito to form a party with her since it’s been so long (she wants him. (Isis): I want him). They meet up the next day with Asuna literally jumping on Kirito (scene here:, way to get some action Kirito). After she arrives her escort Kuradeel from her guild shows up demanding she come back with him since Kirito is a beater and doesn’t think Kirito is strong enough to fight with her (oh no he did not just call Kirito weak? Dude this is Overpowered Sister/Cousin-Complex Badass Kirito. If he wanted to he could break your weapon and shove up your ass). Kuradeel decides to challenge Kirito to a dual to embarrass him in front of Asuna and other players but Kirito just uses his sword and breaks Kuradeel’s sword with ease without breaking a sweat (oh shit! You just got Kiritown’d). Humiliated and discouraged Kuradeel retreats back to his guild with his head between his legs (scene here:, like a scolded dog). Kirito and Asuna go to the level’s dungeon and find the boss room where they enter it and see that the boss is the monster named is Gleam Eyes (well that doesn’t sound frightening at all. *Goes to see monster* woah! Damn! Is that a snake for a tail? It looks like something out of a Shin Megami Tensei Game).

We open episode 9 where episode 8 left off with them seeing the beast and running away (why the hell are you guys running away for!? You two are arguably the strongest characters in this series you guys can beat this thing easily). When they get to a safe area Klein and his gang show up along with another guild called The Aincrad Liberation Force who wants Kirito’s map of the level ( He hands over the map but warns them not to face the boss of the level and like dumbasses they ignore his warning and a good chunk of them die (all because you didn’t listen to Kirito~). Not wanting to see more people die Kirito, Asuna, and Klein’s guild rush the boss to protect the remaining survivors. Seeing the boss too powerful to defeat in his current state Kirito unleashes his new fighting skill Dual blades and takes on Gleam Eyes himself (scene:, cutting it close there eh Kirito? Also, no don’t use a healing potion on him it’s not like he needs it or anything let’s just leave him there to die). He wakes up a few seconds later and Asuna tells him she’s going to leave her guild and stay in his party for a while longer (you two should just have sex and get it over with. Seriously, it’s obvious you two want each other so just do it). News quickly starts to spread about Kirito’s special skill and it reaches the ears of Heathcliff the leader of The Knights of Blood Oath. He’s not happy about Kirito taking Asuna from his guild and he challenges him to a duel saying that if Kirito loses he has to join The Knights of Blood Oath (and if Kirito wins he gets Asuna’s virtual virginity).

They have their fight in episode 10 with Kirito losing to Heathcliff and being forced to join the guild (cheater! There’s no way in hell you could have beaten Kirito without cheating). He gets an official outfit of the guild (which looks awful on him. White is definitely not his color he needs to go back to black). He goes on an assessment test with fellow members Godfrey and Kuradeel where Kuradeel drugs their drinks with a paralysis poison and reveals that he’s a member of the criminal guild Laughing Coffin (that sick fuck). He kills Godfrey and is about to kill Kirito but Asuna comes in and starts slashing away at him lowering his health into the critical zone. He begs for mercy lowering Asuna’s defense and causing her to get her sword knocked away (foolish girl. Never show mercy in an RPG when dealing with criminal players). Kirito comes in and kills Kuradeel and we get this nice scene that we’ve all been waiting for since episode 2 (scene here: They go back to Asuna’s place where she misinterprets Kirito’s message and starts undressing (scene here:, Kirito you idiot! When a girl you like undresses in front of you, you go with it). Later on the two decide to take a break from battling and Kirito pops the big question to Asuna (scene here:, I now pronounce now man and waifu).

Episodes 11-14

Episode 11 turns out to be a peaceful episode. Kirito and Asuna go on their honeymoon in a secluded village where they find a little girl named Yui voiced by Kanae Ito (Elsie from The World God Only Knows). She has no memories of her past and starts to call Kirito and Asuna, papa and mama (scene here: Only married for a short time and they already have a child. Actually that be a cool feature in an MMORPG. Marry another player and have the option to have a child or adopt a child and raise it as your own. You can teach the child how to fight, use magic, cook, and anything else the game allows you do with it, this would be an interesting feature to a video game I’m not gonna lie). They take Yui back to the Town of Beginnings where they hope she’ll remember something about her past. After watching Asuna save a group of kids from soldiers she realizes that she was never in the Town of Beginnings to begin with and a mysterious static sound starts to affect everyone before she faints (a static sound affect in a video game? That’s never a good sign).

The story continues in episode 12 when Yulier the second in command of the army comes to Kirito and Asuna in the hopes that they’ll help her save the army’s leader Thinker (he’s probably off in a dungeon thinking on a stone. Don’t bother the man while he’s thinking) who is trapped in a secret dungeon on the first floor. They go into the dungeon and find Thinker but they run into the boss of the dungeon who happens to be The Reaper from Persona 3 (oh shit! Get the Armageddon spell ready! Anybody who’s played Persona 3 will get this joke). The Reaper is about to kill Kirito but Yui jumps in to stop his attack where we see that Yui is immortal ( She makes a giant red flame sword appear out of thin air and destroys The Reaper with one slash (overpowered, unbeatable, and indestructible. She really is Kirito and Asuna’s child). She takes them to a room after the battle and reveals who she really is (scene here:

In episode 13 Kirito and Asuna receive a message from Heathcliff telling them to come back to the frontlines (Kirito: Oh come on man I’m on my honeymoon. I haven’t even had virtual sex with her yet). They return to the frontlines where they team up with a number of guilds to take down a powerful boss monster which destroyed a recon team not too long ago. They all enter the boss room of the dungeon where we see that the boss is the brother of The Reaper, The Skull Reaper (and we just used are Armageddon spell we’re fucked). The Skull Reaper begins to attack everyone killing them in one hit (well we have an overpowered player so it’s only natural to have an overpowered monster). We end the episode with everyone combining their strengths to fight the monster even though their attacks seem to be doing little damage (scene here:

In episode 14 they finally beat the bastard but lose 14 people. While everyone is resting Kirito attacks Heathcliff and it gets reveal that he’s indestructible. After seeing this Kirito quickly deduces that Heathcliff is Akihiko in disguise (why watch from the sidelines when you can play the game yourself. Plus, become a strong leader, lead all the players to the final level and then it gets revealed that the leader is the final boss. A well done story). Akihiko paralysis everyone in the room except Kirito and decides to fight Kirito one on one saying that if Kirito wins he’ll free everyone from the game. Kirito takes him up on his offer and the two have their sword fight with the sword Liz made getting broken (you cheap ass bitch). This leaves Kirito wide open for an attack but Asuna breaks her paralysis, takes the sword slash for Kirito and dies (use the revival item). Heartbroken at the sight of his love dying before him (um, hello, revival item) Kirito goes all Shinji from Evangelion on us and turns into an emo pussy who’s lost his will to fight. Akihiko stabs him and as he’s dying Kirito remembers Asuna’s belief in him (believe in the me who believes in the you who believes in the Sword Art Online) rematerializes and kills Akihiko (scene here: They both die and after being stuck in the game for two years an announcement goes off saying that the game has been cleared. Kirito then wakes up above the game world where he sees that the world is being destroyed. He also sees Asuna and Akihiko there as well who informs Kirito and Asuna that the other players have been logged out and have returned to the real world but those who have died in this world are really dead in the real world (and that number is 4,000 who died in the game). And why did Akihiko do all of this? What was he hoping to gain from this? All the lives put in danger and the people who lost their lives trying to leave the game, what was it all for ( I shit you not that is exactly what he says. He says that he completely forgot the reason why he killed all those people in the game (*raises middle finger*. . . everything I want to say can be summed up with this gesture). He disappears after that and Kirito and Asuna tell each other their real names and age (Kirito aka Kazuto Kirigaya age 16 and Asuna aka Asuna Yuuki age 17. Alright, Kirito hooking up with an older girl, he’s the man). They both disappear and Kirito reawakens back in the real world much to his surprise. Even though he has a weak body he pulls himself up and goes off to search for Asuna (scene here:

Whew! This was a long one. I’ve never seen an anime end on 14 episodes. I can see why so many people liked this anime. Well time to get to the Final Thoughts. *Isis appears* (Isis): Um, master you do know that this was a 25 episode series right? (Nitsuj): Really? But it ended so perfectly right here. You mean there’s actually more to this anime? (Isis): Yep. (Nitsuj): Alright. It appears there’s still more SAO to review. I’m gonna stop here for now and watch the remaining episodes and come back next week to finish up. Until then thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Ntisuj.

To be continued

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