00 0taku Part 19

*In another part of the hotel, the Jack Bros., Chibi Isis, and Shizuku were making their way through the air ducts*

(Shizuku): So, where exactly is this magic circle?

(Corbin): Well, a magic spell like this usually requires a big circle therefore a lot of room is needed to make that circle.

(Chibi Isis): If that’s the case than it can’t be in the hotel. The only big open area would be the lobby and as we’ve seen it’s not down there. The only other spot I can think of would be the roof.

*Baron’s eyes light up*

(Baron): You’re a genius Chibi!

(Corbin): That’s our student!

(Shizuku): Non-magic user here. Please explain.

(Baron): Chicago is known as the Windy City. Juliette’s powers are wind based.

(Shizuku): So?

(Baron): So, don’t you think it’s a little odd how Juliette could create such a powerful wind spell with her power alone?

(Chibi Isis): Actually yeah. Given her power level, she should have only been able to control at most 50 people, not the whole building.

(Corbin): Exactly. Juliette is using the wind from the city to strengthen her magic. She gathers the wind from the city with her magic and passes it through her circle which leaks into the building thus creating an infinite spell where she controls people.

(Shizuku): Okay, if you guys can figure all of this out why are you such perverts?

(Baron): Because this is important.

(Corbin): And being a pervert is a personal passion of ours. Point being, we need to get to the roof asap.

*Corbin falls down a vent and crashes through the ceiling of a room*

(Shizuku): You alright there Corbin?

(Corbin): Yeah. Hey, I think I landed in Luci Christian’s room.

(Shizuku): If you take anything I’ll crash you through another ceiling.

*As Shizuku’s team figure out their destination, Seras has her big fight against Arthur down in the lobby area. The two clash weapons as Arthur seems to have a speed advantage but in terms of skills and strength Seras has the advantage*

(Arthur): Why are you fighting? You’re just as twisted and messed up as me so why fight? Wouldn’t it make more sense to join us?

*Arthur lets his guard down and Seras strikes him with a palm strike which sends him flying into the fountain*

(Seras): Me, join you? Don’t give me that crap.

*A possessed mob tries to attack Seras but she fights them off without harming them too seriously. While distracted with the mob, Arthur manages to slash the back of Seras and she takes a knee before slowly getting back up and clenching her fist*

(Seras): Big mistake.

*Seras rushes Arthur as they fight along the fountain where Seras begins to overwhelm him with her attacks. Seras manages to kick him in the stomach and as he falls backwards Seras grabs him by the collar and headbutts him right on the nose which gives him a nosebleed. As blood drips from his nose, Arthur smiles and licks the blood before going on the attack but his attacks just can’t penetrate Seras’s defense. As they fight Seras receives a call from Mira*

(Mira): Seras where are you? Have you found the bomb yet?

(Seras): I’m a little busy right now. Can you or one of the others take care of it?

(Mira): I wish. Isis disarmed her bomb but now she’s busy battling a mob while stuck in a room. Yume disarmed her bomb which was a vending machine and is now hiding in a storage closet for safety. As for me, I’m in the middle of disarming my bomb while holding off a mob. I don’t know what it is you’re doing but you need to get to that bomb. You only have 7 minutes.

(Seras): Shit, that’s all I got? Alright, I’ll take care of it.

*Seras hangs up and re-focuses her attention on Arthur. Upon seeing an opening, she rolls past Arthur and makes it to the pool but he chases after her and begins attacking her by throwing multiple hatchets at her. Seras manages to dodge them and reaches the door to the pool which requires a key in order to open it. Seras tries to open it, Arthur leaps into the air trying to attack her from behind but Seras senses his attack and moves out of the way. Arthur’s hatchet gets stuck in the door and he tries to pull it out but has no luck. Seras uses this chance to attack Arthur and strike him with her punches and kicks. She then grabs him and slams his head into the glass door trying to break the glass. She slams his head into the glass 4 times until she does an overhead suplex which sends him through the glass and lays by the pool with glass stuck to his skin and blood coming out of his arms and legs as well as from his head to the point where he looks like he’s wearing a red mask. As Arthur lies there in pain, Seras enters the pool and makes her way towards the restrooms realizing she’s only got less than a minute to disarm the bomb. She frantically searches the pool until she finds the bomb in the supply closet. Realizing she won’t have time to disarm the bomb she opens up the nearby towel chute and throws the bomb in. She closes the chute and gets down for cover. The bomb goes off and the chute absorbs the blast. Seras takes a sigh of relief that nothing bad happened and they’re still in one piece*

(Mira): Seras, are you there?

(Seras): Yeah.

(Mira): You made it in time I see.

(Seras): No. I just threw it down a towel chute.

(Mira): Smart move. Those chutes were designed to contain a 7.0 earthquake.

(Seras): Huh? Who makes chutes like that?

(Mira): The owner of this hotel was in an earthquake.

(Seras): Oh. Hang on, I’ll call you back. I’ve got some unfinished business to take care of.

*Seras hangs up and gets off the floor as she prepares to finish her fight with Arthur who has somehow made it back to his feet despite the amount of blood he’s lost. He still has a sadistic smile on his face while breathing heavily and is holding a big double-sided hatchet in one hand*

(Arthur): You. . .ruined. . .my fun.

(Seras): Let’s stop this now kid. Walk away right now and I’ll let you live.

*Arthur gathers up all his strength to prepare for one final attack*

(Seras): Before we do this, allow me to answer your question from earlier. You asked me to join you guys and I said no. Do you know why? Because I don’t share your interest. Yes, it’s true, I can be quite twisted but the difference between you and me is that I can control it. You desire to harm everyone around you for no reason. Me, I only wanted to hurt the person who wronged me. I’m not some sociopathic crybaby looking for attention, I just wanted to get revenge on the man I thought took everything away from me but instead gave me everything I wanted and needed.

*Arthur hears enough and rushes at Seras while screaming his head off without realizing Seras’s scythe was inches away from his neck and about to cut through him*

(Seras): AI arts: Red Eclipse Execution.

*Seras cuts through the neck of Arthur and decapitates him. His body falls to the ground as his head lands and rolls around a little before disappearing into dust along with his body*

(Seras): Farewell kid, I hope you find peace in the next life.

To be continued

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