00 Otaku Part 18

*It’s a sunny day in Chicago. Nitsuj and the gang are at the con where Chibi Isis is excited because she’ll get to sing for everyone during Nitsuj’s panel which he’ll be hosting with Seras and Shizuku. While everyone is excited about this the group can’t help but wonder what the weeaboos and Les Renegades are up to*

(Nitsuj): Sure is a calm windy day here in Chicago. And yet I feel uneasy about today.

(Ashlyn): I still can’t believe those AIs escaped while we were out.

(Brian): Well only one of them escaped. The other was killed off.

(Mira): That’s even more disturbing. Why would they kill off one of their own?

(Yin-Yang): Hey Seras, you’re an expert on sociopathic behavior, any ideas on what’s going on?

*Seras thinks for a few seconds*

(Seras): He’s a sick bastard. Judging from the video we saw he had no remorse for his actions. He wanted to drive Juliette into despair knowing how much her bond with Julietta meant to her. I’m willing to bet he lied to her about Julietta’s death and said we killed her in order to make Juliette more dangerous and unpredictable.

(Isis): But why, what does he have planned?

(Seras): I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, something is going to happen today. Something bad. What should we do Nitsuj?

(Nitsuj): We shall be patient. We’ll let them make the first move and go from there.

*Meanwhile in an undisclosed location on the internet*

(Juliette): You must try these cookies Julietta, they’re simply marvelous.

*Juliette is having snacks while talking to a doll of Julietta*

(Juliette): What’s the matter dear sister? Is the tea not to your liking? Arthur was nice enough to bring it to us so it only seemed right to give a try. I see you’re still giving me the silent treatment. Doesn’t matter, I’m just glad to be having tea with you

*Arthur, Else, and Miguel come in*

(Juliette): Ah sister, we have guests. Please, won’t you all join us for tea?

(Miguel): Eh~, no thanks, not really my thing.

(Else): I don’t handle hot beverages well.

(Arthur): I would love some. By the way Juliette, you and I have a big mission today. Today, we make the people who have hurt you and your sister pay dearly for what they’ve done.

*Juliette gets a serious look in her eye*

(Juliette): That’s right. Today will be a day that I shall never forget. Is it alright if I bring Julietta with us? She tends to get lonely without me.

(Arthur): Of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*Juliette heads off to get ready with the Julietta doll. As she does Miguel and Elsa look at Arthur with disgust*

(Arthur): If you guys have something to say please don’t hold back.

(Miguel): Fine, I find this whole thing disgusting. I knew you were a messed-up kid but this is just wrong even for you. Just what the hell were you hoping to accomplish with this little stunt?

(Arthur): Julietta was holding Juliette back. Juliette has the potential to be great and strong but her concern for Julietta was stopping her from going all out. So I figured I’d eliminate the block myself.

(Elsa): And in the process broke the mind of Juliette. In her unstable condition there’s no telling what she’ll do.

(Arthur): Her unstable condition only serves to make her more beautiful and strong. Besides, are you really one to judge me Miguel? I’ve noticed your interest in the wolf ninja?

*Miguel smacks the cup of tea out of Arthur’s hand*

(Arthur): I was drinking that.

(Miguel): Watch your mouth. . .boy. At least my interest in her didn’t get one of our teammates killed.

(Arthur): All that matters is that we complete our mission and I intend to do that today by eliminating Nitsuj and his team. Something that you and the others so far have failed to do.

*Arthur walks off leaving only Miguel and Elsa*

(Miguel): Some team huh El?

(Else): It’s just like he said, all that matters is completing the mission. As long as the mission is accomplished I don’t care what methods are used to get it done.

*Elsa walks off*

(Miguel): *Sighs* Is this really what a team is supposed to be like?

*Back with Nitsuj and the others. Nitsuj’s panel is just about to begin. His pre-show panel is Chibi Isis singing. Chibi Isis walks up on the stage as everyone cheers for her*

(Chibi Isis): Hello.

(Crowd): Hello!

(Chibi Isis): My name is Chibi Isis. Nice to meet you.

*Crowd cheers*

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan is running a little late today so he’s sent me to cover for him. Now what should I do?

(Crowd): Sing! Sing! Sing!

(Chibi Isis): Sing? Do you guys want me to sing?

(Crowd): Yes!

(Chibi Isis): Okay.

*Chibi Isis begins to sing Lucid Dreaming from the Vocaloid series to the crowd’s enjoyment*

(Shizuku): Chibi is tearing it up!

(Nitsuj): She’s been looking forward to this for weeks. By the way, what’s the situation on our target, Russel McGuiness?

(Brain): Ashlyn and Isis are watching over him.

(Nitsuj): Those two are on a mission together. When did they become good friends?

(Mira): A lot of stuff happened on the mission in San Antonio and they became friends.

(Nitsuj): Good. I knew they would make an excellent team.

*As Chibi Isis finishes up her song and everyone applauds her the PA system within the building gets hijacked by Les Renegades*

(Juliette): Pointless. Simply and utterly pointless. Those are the words my sister would speak if she could talk. As I stand here and watch you all converse among yourselves at this con all I see is nothing.

(Nitsuj): Mira, what’s going on?

(Mira): She jacked the PA system. I can’t even get in.

(Juliette): To the people who have harmed my sister, know that today is the day you will pay for your sins. Within this con a bomb has been planted and within the next hour will go off. You’re probably asking yourself, why get everyone else involved, it’s me you want. Because that would ruin the game. I want you to see the faces of your fans as they perish and blame you for what has happened to them. Oh, and don’t bother escaping, this whole building has been put on lockdown. All exits have been locked but I shall make a deal with everyone in this building. All I ask is that you capture the people I am about to show you *A screen pops up showing Nitsuj, the AI girls, Ashlyn, Brian, and the Jack Bros*. Find them, torture them, and kill them. You’re all probably against the idea of harming others but I shall fix that for you. Simply listen to the sound of my wind.

*A gust of wind spreads over the entire building. Everyone’s eyes become filled with malice as they talk amongst themselves about how this is Nitsuj’s fault and that he should be the one to pay instead of them*

(Baron): This is bad. She enchanted her wind and put everyone in a spell.

(Yume): Is that bad?

(Corbin): On a scale of 1 to 10 we’re fucked. Basically, everyone here is a lifeless body who wants to kill us.

*The crowd in Nitsuj’s room rushes toward Chibi Isis who is too afraid to act and fight so Nitsuj jumps onto the stage to defend her. The others jump in as well with their weapons out and ready to go*

(Nitsuj): No weapons!

*After hearing Nitsuj, Yume and Mira back down and put their weapons away while Shizuku, Yin-Yang, Seras attack the crowd with their fists knocking them out. The group leaves the room and meets back up with Ashlyn and Isis who are running away from a mob. Yin-Yang rushes toward the mob like a bolt of lightning and takes them out in a flash using just her fists. She beat them so fast that nobody saw her hit anyone. Once Ashlyn and Isis are reunited the group goes to hide in an empty room from the mob. They barricade the door to hold the mob back*

(Nitsuj): Great, it’s like Dead Rising out there.

(Ashlyn): That’s a pleasing image.

(Brian): Where’s McGuiness?

(Isis): He got away. As soon as the crowd started attacking he ran away quickly.

(Nitsuj): Which means the spell didn’t work on him. McGuinness is our guy!

(Ashlyn): We’ve got to catch him.

(Shizuku): In case you forgot, we’re stuck in a building with otakus trying to kill us and in less than an hour a bomb is going to go off killing us all. I think McGuinness is the last thing on our mind.

(Nitsuj): No. Ashlyn is right. If we let him get away right now the weeaboos will win. We have to catch him now. Now work with me people, what can we do to save the con and catch the bad guy all while looking cool doing it?

(Baron): I suppose we could counter Juliette’s spell with our spell. A spell like this requires a powerful magical circle. We find it, rewrite it, and that should take out the mob problem.

(Mira): I’m up for tracking the bomb. If we can find it, I can disarm it.

(Nitsuj): Now that’s more like it. Alright, we’ll split into teams of 4. Me, Ashlyn, Brian, and Yin-Yang will go after McGuiness. Isis, Mira, Seras, and Yume. You guys find the bomb and stop it. Jack Bros. and Chibi will find that magic circle and rewrite it. Shizuku, go with them for protection.

(Shizuku): Got it.

(Nitsuj): We’ve come this far together. Now let’s finish it.

*After a few minutes the barricade falls apart and the mob rushes in looking for Nitsuj and the others only to see that the room is empty. Nitsuj and the others used the air ducts to escape and each team went their separate ways to do their mission. Isis’s team exits the air ducts on the second floor of the hotel*

(Isis): All clear.

*Isis, Mira, Seras, and Yume exit the air ducts*

(Isis): Alright Mira. Where do we go from here.

(Mira): According to these readings, there are four bombs within the hotel. One is on this floor, one on floor 5, another on floor 8, and the final one is in the pool area.

(Seras): The pool area is sure to have a lot of people around. I’ll handle that area, I’m the only one among us who’s good at hand to hand combat.

(Yume): That sounds good. I’ll head up to the 8th floor.

(Mira): Leave this floor to me.

(Isis): I guess that leaves only the 5th floor. Alright. Let’s go.

*As everyone heads off, Seras jumps from the railings of the second floor and lands on someone. After landing she takes out anyone that gets in her way until she gets stopped by someone throwing a hatchet at her. She looks up to see that the person who threw it was none other than Arthur*

(Seras): Oh good the son of Johan Libert shows up. Go home kid I don’t have time for you.

(Arthur): That’s a shame. I wanted to play a game with you. It’s called, kill the AI. It’s a lot of fun and I never lose.

(Seras): *Chuckles* You know, I’ve played that game before and I’ve never lost either. I guess I could give you a quick game.

*Seras takes her scythe and prepares to fight as Arthur goes to grab his hatchet*

(Arthur): The devil is speaking to me. He tells me it’s time to kill.

(Seras): You’ve certainly got a lot of issues kid. Unfortunately for you. . .I was born with the devil’s voice in my head.

To be continued

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