00 Otaku OVA

*It’s the same day of the con only nighttime. After accomplishing their mission Danny has taken the group to a relaxing spa with hotsprings for the night. Tomorrow Nitsuj and his team will return to Cincinnati*

(Nitsuj): Now this is the life.

(Brian): Yeah, this has been one tiring day.

(Danny): Hard to believe that only a few hours ago we were being chased and shot at.

(Brian): Speak for yourself, I got tasered.

(Baron): I got tackled.

(Corbin): I got curb stomped.

(Nitsuj): And I got a sword and gun pointed at me all in a span of 12 minutes.

*The guys chuckle at each other as they reminisce about the events that happened earlier in the day*

(Nitsuj): But through it all we managed to accomplish our goals.

(Brian): Speaking of goals. Danny, you disappeared on us when we found a spot to eat. What happened to you?

(Danny): Oh I had to oversee the clean-up at the con as well as attend to some other matters. This one was for the books. We arrested over 80 weeaboos and elitists. Hogan Dessian as well as Cole were arrested as well. Dessian has been charged with stealing property as well as making and planning to distribute copyrighted products without permission. There’s also the issue of a stolen car. An Initial D car if I’m not mistaken. You guys know anything about it?

(Nitsuj): Nope.

(Corbin): No.

(Baron): First time I’ve heard of it.

(Brian): Doesn’t ring a bell to me.

(Danny): That reminds me, you guys did show up in a pretty rare car.

(Brian): It’s just your imagination. I won that car back in Vegas.

(Danny): *Chuckles* Well, whatever. We’ll just chalk it up as something we couldn’t find.

(Nitsuj): What about Cole? What’s gonna happen to him.

(Baron): Well there’s a shock. After everything that happened between you two I’m surprised you’re even thinking about him.

(Nitsuj): Yeah, I know he betrayed me but we did work together. Our friendship may have been fake to him but it was real to me and as a friend and fellow student I want to know what happened to him.

(Danny): Same thing that happens to all traitors. He’s getting locked up along with the other weeaboos and elitists and needlessly to say he’s been blacklisted in the AIA as well as the Dark Syndicate. I talked to him before he got taken away and asked me to relay this message to you Nitsuj. He said: You won this time. I’ll be a good boy for the time being but the war between us is far from over. I will get out and have my revenge, I swear it.

(Brian): Wow, he sure doesn’t mix words.

(Nitsuj): The next time you see him tell him: come at me any time you like. I won’t run or hide and I’ll face you head on no matter what.

(Danny): I’ll be sure to tell him that. Moving on to good news, Funimation was very thankful and impressed with our efforts that they along with Crunchyroll and others have agreed to sponsor us. The amount of cash they’re giving us was more than what Dessian was offering us. Speaking of Dessian his company is in disarray. It’s now in the hands of Nate who obviously has no idea what he’s doing and he even gave us a settlement fee not to leak his company dealings to the media. His Youtube page has also taken a serious hit. After it was exposed that he’s been using subliminal messaging in his reviews, people have started to see how shitty his reviews are and are unsubscribing. We’ll be keeping a close watch over him and his company to make sure nothing like this happens again but it’s safe to say he won’t be doing reviews anymore in the future.

(Nitsuj): Good. With this the anime community can breathe a lot better. Now with all that stuff out of the way let’s get to our man talk. So be honest with me you two, which one of my AIs do you have the hots for?

(Danny): Where the hell is this coming from!

(Corbin): Oh come on don’t play innocent, we know you guys were checking them out. Which one caught you attention?

(Brian): Well. . . I have to admit Mira is kind of cute and cool. I mean I’ve always liked smart girls. Despite the fact that Mira looks like someone who needs protecting she can take care of herself. I think that’s cool and cute.

(Nitsuj): Well that was unexpected but I get where you’re coming from. I do admire how she’s not afraid to fight even though her fighting specs aren’t as high as the others.

(Corbin): So how about you Danny, who wakes up the rocket for you?

(Danny): This is nonsense. I have no feelings for them at all.

(Brian): Aww come on Danny don’t be so shy we’re all guys here.

(Nitsuj): Eh don’t bother. Danny is tight lip when it comes to stuff like this. But given his personality and character I say he’s into Seras. He may act distant and professional but deep down he likes his girls wild and uncontrollable so he can tame them. He ever tell you about Emily? Girl was zombie hot but completely crazy.

(Baron): Zombie hot?

(Nitsuj): He had a thing for goth girls.

(Danny): I was going through a phase in my life. But if you must know I would have to say Yume is more of my type. Proper with the manners and appearance of a princess.

(Nitsuj): Don’t be fooled, that girl is a seductress who plays with your mind.

(Corbin): You know, a thought just occurred to me. The girls’ bath is right on the other side of this fall. And I heard some guys in the lobby saying that there’s a secret hole in the wall that’s perfect for peeking.

*The guys go silent. Nitsuj, Brian, and the Jack Bros. swim to the wall and begin searching for the hole while Danny stays where he’s at*

(Brian): Found it!

(Baron): Damn it!

(Brian): To the victor goes the spoils.

*Brian peeks in the hole for a few seconds where he gets immediately shot. He falls backward landing in the hotsprings completely unconscious*

(Corbin): What happened?

*Corbin is about to take a peek until Nitsuj stops him*

(Nitsuj): No, no. Look.

*Nitsuj points to an AI pistol bullet on Brian’s face*

(Nitsuj): They know about the hole. Mira must have discovered it with her perception abilities.

(Baron): Those girls know us very well.

(Corbin): Yeah we’ll they just took out one of men. We must retaliate. Time for a good old sneak and peek.

(Nitsuj): Let’s move out men.

*The Jack Bros. exit the hotsprings after pulling Brian out*

(Nitsuj): You coming Danny?

(Danny): I chose life.

(Nitsuj): Suit yourself.

*Meanwhile on the girls’ side of the hotsprings*

(Isis): Well that takes care of the peeper. Now let’s continue with our talk.

(Mira): Yes, I’m quite curious to know what happened to Elsa?

(Ashlyn): Well after she gave herself up we took her custody. She confessed to all of Dessian’s plans and even presented substantial files as evidence to his dealings.

(Yume): Oh my, so what’s going to happen to her?

(Ashlyn): Well we talked about it and we’re settling on a plea bargain with her. She’s going to be working for the Dark Syndicate helping us track down undercover weeaboos and elitists. She’s locked up right now but once everything settles down we’ll have her team up with our computer expert Chris.

(Isis): The same Chris who helped create me. I would have loved to meet him.

(Ashlyn): I’m sure he would have loved to meet you too.

(Seras): What about the Dark Syndicate? Now that Cole has been found to be traitor, who will lead the group?

(Shizuku): You guys aren’t thinking about hiring the boss again?

(Ashlyn): That was the original idea and we even talked to him about it but he said he wants to remain a part-timer. Instead, he selected me to be the next leader and I accepted.

(Chibi-Isis): So that means-

(Ashlyn): Yep, you’re looking at the first female leader of the Dark Syndicate. Oh and just so you guys know the wedding between me and Cole is off.

(Yin-Yang): Wasn’t that obvious?

(Ashlyn): I guess, I just wanted to make that clear. Looks like I’m back on the dating scene. Maybe I need to try a different approach in my romance life. Instead of going for guys I work with on a regular basis, I should go for guys outside of work. Someone who shares my interest in anime, is funny, nice, and seems to enjoy reviewing anime. But where am I going to find a guy like that.

*Isis drops a bucket of cold water on Ashlyn*

(Isis): Sorry, you looked as if you were overheating so I wanted to cool you off.

(Ashlyn): I’m just teasing. *Whispers* A little. Anyway, I know tearing Nitsuj away from you guys would be near impossible. He’s a guy who wants he decides he wants to do something he’ll go all out. *Whispers* I’m the same way of course.

*Meanwhile Nitsuj and the Jack Bros. are in the forest below the resort trying to sneak up to the girls’ bath*

(Nitsuj): Alright guys here’s the plan, we get through this forest, climb the cliff, spy on the girls, and bring this trip to a satisfying conclusion.

(Corbin): I like this plan.

(Baron): Let’s do it!

(Nitsuj): Charge!

*The Jack Bros. go sprinting full force into the forest with Nitsuj who slows down and stops before entering the forest. As the Jack Bros. run through the forest Baron steps on something*

(Baron): Landmine!

*The landmine under Baron’s foot explodes sending him flying*

(Corbin): Holy shit! They planted landmines!

*Corbin tries to retreat carefully but steps on a landmine and goes flying as well. The explosion sets off the other landmines and the Jacks get caught in the explosions*

(Nitsuj): Just as I thought, this resort is owned by the AIA. These traps and countermeasures are their setup.

*Nitsuj walks back to resort*

(Chibi Isis): Wow, look at all the fireworks.

(Ashlyn): Oh I read this in the pamphlet, on clear nights like these they have a fireworks show for the guest.

(Shizuku): Wow.

(Yin-Yang): Do you hear cries of pain and agony in the direction of the fireworks?

(Yume): It’s probably the local wildlife panicking from the loud noise. Nothing to worry about. Care for a game of ping-pong?

(Yin-Yang): Sure.

*10 minutes pass and Nitsuj has entered the changing room of the girls*

(Nitsuj): Infiltration complete. They may have stopped me from using the forest, but they can’t stop me from using the vents.

*Nitsuj notices a bunch of baskets with clothes inside*

(Nitsuj): It looks like I’ll be seeing more than just Ashlyn and the AI girls. Lucky me.

*Nitsuj strips down and enters the mist filled hotsprings*

(Nitsuj): And the first one in is me.

(???): Oh my, is that a boy?

(Nitsuj): Oh I’m sorry, is this the girls’ side? I didn’t know.

(???):  Not to worry.

*The mist clears up*

(Linda): I don’t mind one bit.

(Nitsuj): Linda! What are you doing here!?

(Linda): Me and the maids decided to come here after the con was over. You put on quite the show today. I didn’t think I would get a chance to see you in person.

(Nitsuj): Well Linda is was nice seeing again but I must be going. I’m sure Ashlyn and the others are looking for me.

*Nitsuj tries to leave but the door is being blocked by Linda’s maids*

(Linda): If you’re looking for them they got out roughly 5 minutes ago and are now in the gaming area having fun. You on the other hand will be enjoying a fun night with me.

*Linda shows Nitsuj her date voucher*

(Nitsuj): Where did you get that?

(Linda): Trade secret. You’re going to be my model for my next work. But before that, let us celebrate our reunion with some skinship and the washing of your back.


*The next day. 2pm. Nitsuj and the others are at the airport getting ready to leave for Cincinnati*

(Brian): Well Nitsuj this is it. It’s a shame you have to go. This was one hell of a mission.

(Nitsuj): We’ll do it again sometime.

(Brian): Definitely. Baron. Corbin. You guys try to stay out of trouble and not cause any.

(Corbin): No promises.

(Brian): It was nice meeting all of you ladies and it was an honor working with you.

(Shizuku): Same here. You’ve got skills. Maybe next time you and I could go one on one.

(Nitsuj): Well, new leader of the Dark Syndicate, where do you go from here?

(Ashlyn): Well thanks to Elsa we managed to find a weeaboo hideout. After this, we’re heading on the road down to Arizona to take care of it.

(Nitsuj): Sounds like fun. Hey, if you ever need any help, don’t be afraid to be call me.

*Ashlyn steps forward and kisses Nitsuj on the cheek shocking everyone*

(Ashlyn): Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Now go or you’ll miss your flight.

*Nitsuj begins walking towards baggage check in while the others finish up their goodbyes*

(Isis): Well aren’t you little miss smooth. I thought you said you only thought of him as a friend.

(Ashlyn): I do. A friend who has the potential to be a boyfriend and possibly something much more.

(Isis): I really can’t believe a flirt like you is my mother.

(Ashlyn): And I can’t believe a disrespectful brat like you is my daughter.

*Dark auras surround both Isis and Ashlyn as they smile and laugh at each other*

(Isis): Just like I thought, you and I will never get along. But I am glad I met you.

(Ashlyn): Me too. If you ever feel like talking or picking up where we left off let me know. I be more than happy to finish it.

(Isis): Any time. Anywhere.

*Isis and Ashlyn shake hands firmly and don’t let go until the other AI girls come in to break it up. Chibi Isis gives Ashlyn a hug and the AI girls go to Nitsuj who got done checking in his bags. The AI girls hop into his cellphone while no one is looking and head into the airport*

(Brian): I do wonder what Nitsuj will do about his living arrangements?

(Ashlyn): He said he’s got it handled and not to worry about it.

(Brian): You sure?

(Ashlyn): Yep. If there’s one thing we can take away from this trip it’s that Nitsuj is never out even when he’s down. Now let’s get going. We have our own mission to do.

*Ashlyn and Brian hop into the Toyota AE86 and drive off*

The End

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