00 Otaku Part 29

*Nitsuj, Isis, and Yin-Yang are looking for Cole*

(Nitsuj): Now where the hell did he run off to?

(Yin-Yang): Don’t worry, I’ll find his trail.

(Nitsuj): Since you guys are here I take it the system is back under our control?

(Isis): Yes. Mira beat Elsa but she didn’t kill her. She’s on our side now.

(Nitsuj): No fooling?

(Yin-Yang): I got his scent. He went that way.

(Nitsuj): What about the others?

(Isis): We split up to help the others. They should all be safe by now.

*As Nitsuj, Isis, and Yin-Yang run through the con they come across Nate Dessian doing a live review and Nitsuj stops to stare at anger because he’s reviewing Ikkitousen*

(Nate): Thanks for joining me here today everyone. Let’s talk about one of the greatest fanservice animes of all time Ikkitousen.

*No longer able to stand it, Nitsuj prepares to fight him*

(Yin-Yang): Please don’t. He’s just an innocent bystander in all of this.

(Isis): Too late, he’s gone.

*Nitsuj hands his swords over to Isis*

(Nitsuj): He may be an innocent bystander but he’s crossed the line of no return. Hey Nate! I was thinking about doing that crossover with you.

(Nate): Oh really?

(Nitsuj): Yeah. It starts off like this.

*Nitsuj punches Nate in the face and he goes down as everyone gasps in shock. Nate gets back up and begins to fight Nitsuj. He manages to tackle Nitsuj to the ground and tries to strangle him but Nitsuj spits green mist in his face blinding him. This allows Nitsuj to get back up where he proceeds to beat the crap out of Nate in front of everyone. As their fight enters the crowd one of them hands Nitsuj his sign asking him to use it. Nitsuj accepts the sign and whacks Nate over the head with it knocking him out. Upon further inspection Nitsuj sees that the sign was actually a stop sign wrapped in paper*

(Nitsuj): Thanks for reading. I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

*Nitsuj hands the sign back and leaves the room as the crowd stands there shocked at what they just saw*

(Nitsuj): Enjoy the con everyone! Let’s go.

*Nitsuj, Isis, and Yin-Yang take off looking for Cole where they manage to find him in an empty room which leads to a stage*

(Nitsuj): It’s over Cole. Give up.

(Cole): Never! Utena may be lost, but the battle between you and I is far from over so let’s end this rivalry once and for all.

(Nitsuj): No.

(Cole): What?

(Nitsuj): I have no beef with you. It was the same way with Miguel and Yin-Yang. I could have fought Miguel and beat him but it’s not my place to fight him. That story belonged to Yin-Yang and I was just a side character in it. Same with this story, I’m just a side character supporting the main character.

(Cole): And who may I ask is the main character.

(Ashlyn): The woman you lied to and betrayed.

*Ashlyn appears from a side door with Yume and Seras*

(Nitsuj): Ohhh~ you are in so much trouble I don’t even wanna be in the same building as you right now.

*Ashlyn draws her rapier and prepares to fight Cole*

(Nitsuj): We’ve got your back Ashlyn.

(Ashlyn): No. This one’s mine. I’m writing the final chapter to this story.

*Ashlyn and Cole charge at each other and clash swords. While Ashlyn has the speed advantage, Cole has the strength advantage and he uses his strength to gain the upperhand. However, Ashlyn counters that strength with her speed and technical skills and is able to get a hit in shocking Cole*

(Ashlyn): I’ve been around you and Nitsuj for a long time now. There’s nothing you can do I won’t be able to predict.

(Yume): So can Ashlyn win?

(Nitsuj): Cole doesn’t stand a chance. She tied her hair up into a ponytail. Whenever she does that she enters the focus. Out of all the members of the syndicate Ashlyn is the most analytical and always kept a data log of all the members detailing their strengths and weaknesses. It’s no exaggeration when I say that if she wanted to, she holds the power to take down every member of the syndicate single-handedly. You ladies are about to witness a very elegant dance.

*Ashlyn’s speed begins to pick up as she pushes Cole back completely knocking him off his game. Even when he tries to counter attack Ashlyn stops him in his tracks*

(Ashlyn): It’s useless Cole! I know all of your moves. Out of everyone in the syndicate I studied you the most. I wanted to be the one who could cover up all your mistakes and keep you safe. But in the end all you cared about were your selfish goals.

(Cole): Don’t give me that shit! You were just staying close to me because Kenji told you to.

(Ashlyn): You’re wrong! I really did fall in love with you and wanted to start a life with you. Elegant Sword Style: Forbidden Tango!

*Ashlyn begins to creating a whirlwind that traps Cole inside and he gets slashed up with Ashlyn’s rapier. When the whirlwind vanishes Cole falls to the ground seemingly unconscious*

(Ashlyn): I thought I fell in love with a man. But instead all I got was a selfish boy who only cared about himself and no else.

*Ashlyn takes the engagement ring off her finger and drops it on Cole’s chest. As Ashlyn walks away Cole quickly gets back and tries to attack Ashlyn from behind but Nitsuj is there to block the attack*

(Nitsuj): Attacking a lady from behind? That pisses me off! Dark sword style: Double Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki!

*Within a flash Cole goes flying through the air with his sword broken and his clothes completely torn up. He lands on the ground completely unconscious*

(Nitsuj): Cole! You’ve been excommunicated from the syndicate.

*Nitsuj puts handcuffs on Cole. As everyone takes a moment to relax Hogan comes in with a gun pointed directly at Nitsuj*

(Hogan): You!

(Nitsuj): Oh yeah I forgot about this guy.

(Hogan): You have destroyed everything I worked so hard for and for that you must pay. Rest assured, when I am through with you, I will get back to work in taking over the western market of anime and no one will stop me this time.

(Shizuku): No one except millions of fans who just heard your little speech.

(Hogan): What?

*All of sudden the stage projector goes up revealing that the group was fighting in the back stage of the Funimation panel and everyone just heard Hogan’s speech*

(Baron): Now I know what you’re all thinking he can’t be serious. Well, let’s take a look at all the copyrighted merchandise he’s keeping in the basement of his building.

*All of sudden pictures of the copyrighted merchandise appears on screen for everyone to see.

(Corbin): Oh, and let’s not forget this classic recording from Dessian himself.

*Corbin begins to play the recording of Hogan’s plan when he captured the group and held them hostage. Hogan distressed by this tries to shoot Nitsuj but his gun gets shot away by Danny*

(Nitsuj): Well Hogan, looks like you’ve got some explaining to do.

*Hogan jumps off the stage and begins to run away*

(Danny): What are you waiting for, after him.

(Nitsuj): Don’t worry. It’s that time of the day again.

*As Hogan runs towards he receives a thunderous clothesline from out of nowhere courtesy of Brian which knocks him out*

(Brian): It’s Brian o’clock motherfuckers!

*The crowd cheers*

(Nitsuj): And with that the mission is accomplished.

(Mira): Hold on. You’ve still got to do your panel Nitsuj.

(Nitsuj): Oh yeah, with all everything that’s happen I never got a chance to plan for it.

(Chibi Isis): How about a review?

(Shizuku): Yeah boss! How about you do a review?

(Isis): What do you say guys?

*The crowd begins to cheer and chants for a review. Nitsuj can’t help but smile and says he’ll do it*

(Nitsuj): Alright! Let’s do this. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Thank you all for coming out to the con and as a special treat I’m going to do a review. Seeing as how the Reaper has gone behind my back and uploaded my review of Kuroko’s Basketball.

*The crowd gasp in surprise of Nitsuj’s knowledge*

(Nitsuj): Yeah, I have the internet. I’ve been using it all the on this trip. And I check my blogs and site on a regular basis. How could I not know about this? Anyway, seeing as how he uploaded the reviews and we are in the hometown of our 2017 NBA champions.

*The crowd goes wild*

(Nitsuj): I say we take a look at Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game. A short sequel to the original series. Fujimaki returns once again to give us more basketball goodness. It got started in 2014 and ended in 2016. The whole series is fanservice. No, I don’t mean boobs or seeing the boys walk around shirtless on beaches, we have doujins for that line of thinking. I’m talking about giving the fans what we’ve wanted to see since the beginning of this series. Seeing the Generation of Miracles along with Taiga and Kuroko team up for one big game. The sequel was a huge success as everyone liked it and earlier this year it received its own movie. Now I was originally planning on reviewing the movie but since it hasn’t been released on DVD yet and I don’t like watching raws we’ll have to settle for looking at the manga. So let’s start the 4th quarter and take one final look at Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game.

So the series starts off as you would expect. We get a quick recap of the last game between Seirin and Rakuzen (so epic) and see everyone is hard at work getting ready for next year. While that’s going on we cut to the airport and see the arrival of a famous American streetball team called the Jabberwack (and I’m just gonna say it, I can’t take these guys seriously. What self-respecting basketball team calls themselves Jabberwack? It’s like they’re begging everyone to laugh at them. By the way despite their appearance they’re the same age as Kuroko and the others). They’re in Japan for a friendly international game with a group of college students composed of 3rd years from the original series. Jabberwack dominates looking down on the players and then proceeds to mock and insult the people of Japan saying they’re all monkeys who shouldn’t be playing basketball (you do realize everyone can attack you and the cops would do nothing to protect you right). Riko’s dad pissed by their comments asks them to stay for another week and challenges them to another basketball game which they accept. Riko’s dad calls in the Generation of Miracles along with Kuroko and Taiga to take on Jabberwack and teach them a lesson. They quickly get to training where their team chemistry is good but not good enough to beat Jabberwack according to Riko. We learn that the two aces of Jabberwack are Nash Gold Jr. the team’s captain who was the given the nickname Magician and their center Jason Silver (not familiar with American names are you Fujimaki?) who is said to possess the jumping abilities of Taiga, the speed of Aomine, and the power of Atsushi (he’s the grandson of Wilt Chamberlin). This means that the pressure will be on Akashi and Atsushi to take them down (break his ankles Akashi). While the group is training Jabberwack just spend their time at a brothel where Kuroko goes to see them and the others realizing what Kuroko did go after him. As soon as they arrive they see Kuroko get beat up a little bit (oh big mistake, that is the one character you don’t not want to touch. There are like 3 people there who would gladly kill for him) and are ready to fight but Kuroko stops them and they take their leave all while Jabberwack continues to insult them (more wood! I need more wood for the fire). The next day the game between Jabberwack and the newly formed Vorpal Sword begins where the chemistry is at all time high as Vorpal Sword want to beat Jabberwack no matter what. The team plays good in the first half being up by 4 but they’re almost out of breath because Jabberwack is no joke and have almost pushed our boys to the limit. In the second quarter Jabberwack starts to get serious and Silver goes on the attack scoring over Aomine and Atsushi (damn, that’s like the equivalent of getting pass Lebron James and dunking over Shaq when he was in his prime. It’s not possible). Jabberwack take the lead and Kuroko and Taiga enter the game where with the combine effort of Atsuhi, Aomine, and Taiga they manage to stop Silver and go on a run with Taiga dunking and Kise dunking as well. At halftime it’s 36-40 Jabberwack with Silver pissed that he got stopped twice (who’s the monkey now?) but Gold manages to calm him down and get him refocused. At the start of the third quarter, Gold finally has enough and starts unleashing his true potential by making invisible passes that nobody can stop and Silver stops holding back and starts scoring again and blocking shots at the other end. Jabberwack goes on a run to increase their lead by as much as 19 points and they finally subs in Akashi (you have the emperor’s attention) for Kuroko. Kise and Aomine double team Silver where Kise activates perfect copy and Aomine enters the Zone (oh this is gonna be awesome). With this they manage to shut down Silver and Kise manages to enter the Zone by taking on Silver alone in order to preserve Aomine for the end of the game.

*The crowd begins to cheer*

(Nitsuj): Yeah I’m with you guys. With this everyone has entered the Zone except for Midorima and for those of wondering, no, he doesn’t enter the Zone at all.

*The crowd begins to boo*

(Nitsuj): Now, now. Calm down. Now, I know some of you are mad about this but here’s the deal, Midorima doesn’t need the Zone. Midorima has proven that he can make a shot from anywhere on the court and as long as it’s not contested it’ll go in 100% of the time (the guy would make even Steph Curry call BS). On top of that, Midorima goes on record saying that he always plays at 100%. Something that everyone else can’t comprehend or rather they don’t know how to start off at 100% like Midorima. So when you really stop to think about it Midorima is always in the Zone whenever he plays basketball. He’s just not as flashy as the others. Anyway, thanks to Kise the group gets a little momentum going and Kise exhausts himself and has to be taken out of the game. With Kise out, Akashi takes the stage with his other persona (the one who breaks ankles and throws scissors at people). With the Emperor’s Eye he manages to stop Gold’s passes and at the end of the 3rd quarter it’s 62-72 Jabberwack. In order to catch up to Jabberwack the group relies on Midorima’s threes and in order to get those threes off Akashi and Midorima use the Midorima and Takao combo and they do it perfectly (aww, I feel little bad Takao. Someone took his tactic and performed it better than him). With Midorima droppin’ threes (and making it rain) the team is back within 3 points but Gold isn’t done yet as he reveals that he too has an eye similar to that of the Emperor’s Eye called the Demon Eye and with it he manages to get pass Akashi. Unlike Akashi’s eye which focuses on one player, Gold’s eye focuses on the whole court whether it be his fellow teammates or opponents. Gold manages to break Akashi’s ankles (is the world ending because the emperor doesn’t break his ankles he breaks ankles) and Atsushi ties up his hair getting serious and going one on one with Silver on offense and defense. Silver wins their first match but from there Atsushi goes on a run and overpowers Silver on offense and defense (the sleeping titan is finally awake). Silver slips up Atsuhi causing him to fall on his wrist and break it so he has to be taken out and Kuroko steps in ready to play (give them hell Kuroko). After seeing Atushi’s amazing resolve both Taiga and Aomine enter the Zone (Akashi, get in on this action) but even with their combined power and Kuroko’s passing the team is still down by 4 points and Akashi still can’t stop Gold until he speaks to his other self and the two merge as one combining the power of the Emperor Eye and bringing out its full potential. Akashi manages to stop Gold, get a steal, and pass it to Midorima (you know what happens next. The rain). This brings them down by one point with only a few seconds left and Jabberwack decides to run the clock out but Kuroko gets a steal and Taiga and Aomine do a double dunk to win the game for Vorpal Swords. In the end Gold accepts their defeat, the team goes back to their original teams, and Japan can brag that they beat us in a game of basketball (something a lot of countries can’t say they did).

*Nitsuj gives his review of the series much to the crowds delight and they cheer*

(Nitsuj): So that was Extra Game and it gives us everything we wanted. It’s our game, it has everything we love about the series and more. No complains, whatsoever. Well except for not exploring Gold’s past. It seemed like he went through some bad stuff in the past but they never touch on it. Other than that everything I wanted to happen and more happened in this series and I couldn’t be happier. This was a great way to the end the series on a high note and I look forward to seeing what Fujimaki writes next. From what I heard it’s going to be a golf manga. The final score for Extra Game is a 9/10. With a must read stamp of approval. If you were a fan of the original series you’ll love this sequel. Will I do I review on the actual movie? Maybe. When the sub comes out I’ll watch it and probably do a side blog on it if I have enough material. Thanks for listening, enjoy the rest of the con, and I’ll see you in August where Project Nitsuj returns with an all new arc. Look forward to it.

*The crowd cheers as Nitsuj leaves the stage and rejoins the others backstage*

(Danny): That was. . .good.

(Nitsuj): Naturally. Now let’s get something to eat I’m starving.

(Seras): Ohh~, food sounds good right about now.

(Yume): A bath would be good as well.

*As everyone walks away Nitsuj turns around and points his finger out like a gun while smiling*

(Nitsuj): Bang.

(Isis): What are you doing?

(Nitsuj): Nothing.

*Nitsuj catches up with the others and heads off to get some food and rest*

The End

*Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the OVA*

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