00 Otaku Part 11

*Nitsuj and the group are in Orlando, after arriving and resting for the day, they go to the con the next day where Nitsuj is doing a solo panel while answering questions*

(Cosplayer #1): Hey Nitsuj, if you had a choice to be in an anime which anime would you choose, School Days or Ikkitousen?

*Nitsuj laughs and pretends to commit seppuku getting a laugh out of the audience*

(Nitsuj): I choose death. No, kidding. Let’s see, School Days is boring as all hell and the girls in it are all tramps and not my type so I’ll take my chances with Ikkitousen. At least there I can try to have sex with Kanu. Thank you for the nightmare.

(Anime fan): What’s one of the hardest animes you’ve ever had to write a review for?

(Nitsuj): This answer might surprise you but Cowboy Bebop. It’s a great anime but it’s one of those animes I wouldn’t recommend you binge watch because there’s just so much to take in and watch. I remember when I was writing the review for this I had to take a break every 3 or 4 episodes because there was so much to take in and collect.

(Female fan): Speaking of Cowboy Bebop how would you rank Wantanabe’s animes?

(Nitsuj): Well I like them all and I usually compare them to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cowboy Bebop is like Leonardo, it’s the leader of the group and the one everyone thinks of when they think of Watanabe. Samurai Champloo is like Raphael, it’s rough and tough and Watanabe’s riskiest work today in my opinion. Terror in Resonnence is Donatello, it’s the weakest of the group but at the same time it’s the most intelligent and finally Space Dandy is Michaenglo it’s the funniest and the most laidback.

*As Nitsuj continues answering questions Mira and Ashlyn watch from the back*

(Ashlyn): Wow, Nitsuj is really killing it up there.

(Mira): Yeah, and he’s having a great time on stage. Too bad Matt and Margaret turned out to be a dead end.

(Ashlyn): It’s okay. Even I had my doubts about them. I’m just glad they aren’t involved in this.

(Mira): Speaking of involvement it seems like you and Isis have been at odds with each other for sometime now.

(Ashlyn): So you’ve noticed. I’m guessing Nitsuj noticed as well?

(Mira): I’m sure he has. But knowing him he’ll feign ignorance and hope you two will work it out yourselves.

(Ashlyn): I want to work it out but for some reason she refuses to let me get close to her. It almost like she hates me.

(Mira): I don’t think she hates you. She’s just unsure of how to approach you. Out of all of us Isis cares the most about Nitsuj. She won’t show it nor will she say it but she cares for him the most, and now here you come into the picture. She’s afraid that you’re going to take Nitsuj away from her. And I have to admit I’m a little worried about that as well.

(Ashlyn): Well you don’t need to worry about that. Me and Nitsuj are just friends and I have no intention of taking him away from you guys. I flirt with him a little bit but it’s all in good fun. Also, *Ashlyn shows an engagement ring around her finger* I’m engaged to Cole.

(Mira): Well that’s an interesting twist.

*While Nitsuj continues his panel, Isis and the other AI girls are at the Pixar panel enjoying themselves while also staying alert for any sneak attacks. Chibi Isis is happily enjoying the panel while the others keep watch*

(Seras): So far so good. Hopefully it stays that way.

(Yume): Don’t go jinxing us.

(Yin-Yang): I say let them come, I’m ready.

(Isis): Yin-Yang I know you want revenge on the AI you lost to but don’t you think you’re becoming a little too obsessive with this guy?

(Yin-Yang): I’m not obsessive, I just want to fight him again. I’m starting to understand how Ahab felt in Moby Dick.

(Shizuku): Between the two of you which one’s the whale and which ones the crazed sea captain?

*Everyone except for Yin-Yang snickers at Shizuku’s joke*

(Yin-Yang): Do you wanna go Shizuku? Cause you are about to receive an invitation to a super kick party.

(Shizuku): Oh good, we’ll have it in Shizuku City. I’ll bring the punch.

*A small gust of wind blows pass them as Chibi Isis turns around with an adorable smile on her face hiding her evil intentions*

(Chibi Isis): Please be quiet, or I will be curb stomp you on the stairs.

*Chibi Isis’s threat actually sends a chill down the spine of Shizuku and Yin-Yang*

(Yin-Yang): I’ll behave.

(Shizuku): Yeah me too. Sorry about that Chibi.

(Seras): She is progressing along so well.

*Isis nods in agreement*

*As the panel progresses the open the floor to questions. One bleak man with silver hair and yellow eyes approaches the mic*

(Bleak man): Uh, buona giornata. Oh, I’m sorry. My native tongue slipped out there. I’m learning how to speak English. What I meant to say was, sleep!

*Suddenly a few members in the audience stand up wearing gas masks and drop balls filled with gas that puts everyone to sleep*

(Weeaboo #1): Sugoi job Lucio.

(Lucio): Grazie.

(Weeaboo #1): Alright guys, grab the panelist. Once we kidnap these Pixar executives we’ll hold them captive until Pixar meets our demands and stops dubbing over Studio Ghibli’s work.

(Weeaboo #2): Who are you talking to baka? We already know the super kawaii desu plan so why are you giving exposition away?

(Weeaboo #1): To the many viewers out there. Don’t you see them?

(Weeaboo #2): What viewers?

(Weeaboo #1): We are not alone. The walls have ears and the ceilings have eyes.

(Weeaboo #3): Let him be, he thinks he’s Deadpool and can break the 4th wall. He’s kind of special like that.

(Weeaboo #1): I can break the 4th wall you guys. We’re all in a movie like blog written by this guy who’s a fan of anime and-

*Shizuku knocks the guy out*

(Shizuku): And people say I’m insane.

(Seras): You are. But in a good way.

(Weeaboo #4): We missed some. How did they survive the sleeping gas?

*Three weeaboos take out guns prepared to fire at Shizuku but Isis, Seras, and Yume take them out with their handgun, crossbow, and arrow*

(Isis): There’ll be none of that now okay?

(Weeaboo #5): These must be the AIs mentioned in the report nano.

(Weeaboo #6): Oro? Lucio, you’re up.

(Lucio): Good day madams. I am Lucio a member of Les Renegades. At your service.

*Lucio bows his head*

(Lucio): I take it that the one with the blue hair there is the one who defeated Alicia?

(Isis): Yes, that’s me.

(Lucio): Well I must say, I’m impressed. I thought it would have been a team effort but yet you managed to defeat her by yourself. However *takes out a tarot card*, you won’t find me that easy to defeat.

(Yume): Everyone close your eyes!

*Before everyone can follow Yume’s instructions Lucio’s card begins to flash and sends everyone into a dreamlike state*

(Weeaboo #1): You see that folks? Lucio here has the power to trap people in illusions using his tarot card and each card grants him a different power.

(Weeaboo #6): Again, who are you talking to?

(Weeaboo #1): Just giving the folks at home exposition.

(Weeaboo #6): I swear to God I will-

(Weeaboo #7): Let it go. Let’s just get rid of these girls.

*The weeaboo takes out his sword and prepares to strike Yume but Yume attacks him first and knocks him out with the backside of her sword*

(Lucio): Impossible. How did you escape my illusion?

(Yume): You’re not the only one who knows how to play with minds.

*Yume’s eyes glow and she puts Weeaboo #1 in a dreamlike state*

(Weeaboo #1): Holy crap it’s Deadpool. Yeah I know, I’ve been telling them that this whole time but they won’t listen. Can’t you tell them for me? What do you mean Disney won’t let you appear in the blog, since when has that stopped you?

*Everyone stares at amazement*

(Weeaboo #8): Okay, this fight is starting to get way too meta for me. Surround her, she can’t hypnotize all of us.

(Yume): No. But am I really the person you should be worried about? You just pissed off a very dangerous girl.

*Yume points to Chibi Isis who has a white aura surrounding her and has activated her wind priestess mode*

(Chibi Isis): AI Summon: Wind Hounds!

*All of a sudden hounds made of wind appear and scare the weeaboos*

(Yume): I’ll leave them to you Chibi.

*Chibi Isis nods and seeks her hounds on them. The weeaboos runaway in terror as Chibi Isis chases after them. With this distraction, Yume takes this chance to destroy the Fool tarot card and snap everyone out of it*

(Seras): Urgh, what happened? Did you trap us in an illusion again Yume?

(Yume): Not my work this time.

(Lucio): You broke my illusion. Not bad. But *the Fool tarot card reforms* my cards aren’t that easy to destroy.

*Lucio tries to put everyone in an illusion again but Yume counters it with her own illusion powers and they cancel each other out.

(Yume): It appears that I’m only one who can defeat you. Everyone, go after Chibi. I’ll deal with this.

(Yin-Yang): Stay sharp and kick his ass.

*Isis and the others leave the room leaving only Yume and Lucio in it to fight. Lucio takes out an Italian style rapier and the Magician tarot card. He slashes the card and all of a sudden, his rapier catches on fire. Yume and Lucio charge at each other where their swords clash. Despite Lucio’s rapier being on fire the fire doesn’t damage Autumn’s Requiem. The two AIs begin fighting where Yume obviously has the advantage in swordplay thanks to her training with the Anime Monks and Nitsuj*

(Yume): Wiley fox assault!

*Using her tail as a springboard Yume lunges at Lucio while thrusting her sword forward. Her attacks land and push Lucio out into the hallway where he takes out the Priestess tarot card to heal himself. Yume takes out her bow and arrow and tries to shoot Lucio but he dodges, gets back up, and takes out the Chariot tarot card which grants him speed. Yume continues to chase after him while firing her bow and arrow at him but he continues to dodge her attacks. They eventually arrive in the lobby area where he takes out the Lovers tarot card to bend everyone in the vicinity to his will just as Yume catches up to him*

(Lucio): Get her.

*Everyone charges at Yume where she takes out Fox’s Fang to hold them off. Not wanting to harm innocent bystanders Yume uses the backside of her weapon to knock them out and her magic to put them in illusions but it has no effect on them.

(Yume): Illusionary Haki!

*A shockwave goes out which knocks everyone out except for Lucio*

(Lucio): Not bad.

*Lucio takes out the Hierophant tarot card which summons shadow people. Just when Yume gets backed into a corner until Brian comes in with Shizuku and Yin-Yang to fight off the mob*

(Brian): Thought you might need some assistance.

(Shizuku): Keep going, we’ll cover you.

(Yin-Yang): Sure you can handle this Brian?

(Brian): Hmph. Now you’ll see why they call me the Iron Fists.

*Brian aims for the nearest shadow man and punches it so hard it disappears. He then proceeds to go on a rampage punching out every shadow person he comes across. Shizuku coves his back while Yin-Yang takes out a group herself*

(Shizuku): Damn Brian, nice punches. And here I thought you were a pushover.

(Brian): Yeah well back in middle school I got picked on quite a bit. So my parents signed me up for boxing class and I stuck with it. Who’s the tough guy now Chad?

*As Shizuku, Brian, and Yin-Yang clear out the shadow people Yume makes it to Lucio where she does a downward slash with Fox’s Fang to strike Lucio but he takes out the Hanged Man tarot card which protects him from the attack. He then takes out the Justice tarot card which gives him wings followed by the Emperor and Empress tarot card and he begins throwing lightning rods and ice spears at Yume where she uses Fox’s Fang to deflect the lightning rods and shatter the snow spears. Using Fox’s Fang as a catapult, Yume delivers a drop kick on Lucio which sends him crashing to the ground. While trying to get back up Yume rushes at him with her sword*

(Yume): AI sword style: Fox Rush Claw!

*Yume unleashes a multitude of quick slashes on Lucio which would have destroyed him but the Lucio she hits is just a clone the real Lucio created using the Hermit tarot card. The real Lucio comes out from behind a pillar and makes his way outside with Yume hot on his trail. They arrive once again in front of a large group of people who believe they are putting on a play for them*

(Lucio): I must say Yume, you’re a fox full of surprises. No wonder the engineers were mad that they lost you.

(Yume): So you were created by the same people huh? This explains so much.

(Lucio): I was designed for the sole purpose of beating you should the time come. In other words I’m the worst AI you could have hoped to fight.

(Yume): I believe you have those roles reversed. You may have been designed to fight me, but you weren’t created to destroy me. I on the other hand won’t hesitate to fight and destroy.

(Lucio): Is that so? Than how about this, I’ll end your life with my next hand.

*Lucio takes out the remaining tarot cards he hasn’t used yet and activates all of them gaining a godly appearance and glow*

(Yume): Busting out your trump card now huh. I guess it’s time I do the same. Activate Fox Goddess mode.

*Yume soon gains a gold aura around her. Her hair grows longer and turns gold and her tail turns into 9 golden tails*

(Yume): Eyes cannot help but be drawn to my celestial beauty.

*The two godlike AIs clash swords with each other where a huge flash erupts blinding everyone. When it settles down the crowd sees Yume and Lucio return to their original forms. Yume takes a deep breath and puts her sword away as Lucio falls over defeated*

(Lucio): It would appear that you were right about me. My powers were only meant to contain you, not stop you.

(Yume): My creators really did value my power. I was one of a kind and they would do anything to get it back. You may have had the powers to contain me but you just didn’t have the power needed to destroy me, and that was your downfall. Just chalk it up to one of life’s mysteries.

(Lucio): *Chuckles* I guess you’re right. Before I disappear, I will tell you something good. I am not sure what the weeaboos are planning, but they have a base in San Antonio that might be helpful to you. That is all I know. Farewell Yume. My life was short but I learned much more about it than I thought I ever would.

*Lucio than explodes as the crowd cheers still believing that this was all a play while Yume takes a bow, grabs Lucio’s tarot cards and quietly walks away hiding her tears. She goes to meet back up with the others who have caught the weeaboos*

To be continued

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