00 Otaku Part 12

*It is now nighttime on the same day of the con. Nitsuj and others are relaxing at the pool while also going over the notes of what happened today*

(Nitsuj): Well guys a lot happened today, but I just wanna say good job everyone.

(Ashlyn): You’re here for only 24 hours and already you destroyed a room, put Pixar executives in danger, and got into a bareknuckle fight with Naruto cosplayers.

(Nitsuj): Not bad for a kid up north. Also, those Naruto cosplayers started it.

(Brian): Anyway, let’s get back at the task at hand. With today’s activities we’ve defeated yet another member Les Renegades and have eliminated another possible suspect. Which means we’re still down.

(Isis): Not entirely, thanks to capturing the weeaboos we now know they have a base somewhere in San Antonio so we head there and I’m sure we’ll find what we’re looking for.

(Ashlyn): And if not?

(Mira): Than we can at least blow up the base and disrupt their operations.

(Nitsuj): Still though, this whole setup just seems strange. The weeaboos have never been this organized before.

(Brian): What are you saying?

(Nitsuj): I’m saying that there might just be stronger powers at work here. A third party is involved in this case and that third party is up to something big. What it is I can’t say but I think we better keep our eyes out for anything suspicious at cons. Now that being said, our next destination is Atlanta and for this trip I would like to try and focus on two potential suspects this time around. The first is P.J Terks. On the surface he’s a reviewer of JRPGs and games exclusively from Japan, but after looking through his records I’ve discovered that he was a former member of the AIA.

(Brian): Oh yeah I remember him. Officially he was kicked out for behavior issues but in truth he’s was kicked out for leaking vital information on the Internet.

(Nitsuj): And what better way to get back at the organization that fired you than by screwing them over like this.

(Ashlyn): Okay, that seems practical. Who are the other reviewers you wanted to focus on?

(Nitsuj): The Cliff sisters, Carol and Josie. Southern born and country raised these girls are anime lovers and cosplayers but they also love money. It wouldn’t surprise me if the weeaboos paid them off. The problem is getting close to them.

(Baron): No problem, leave that to me and Corbin.

(Corbin): Yeah we’re kinda seeing them now.

(Nitsuj): What?

(Corbin): We’ve been seeing them at the cons and have really gotten to know each other.

(Seras): Someone actually took a liking to you guys? The world truly is ending.

(Baron): Leave them to us Nitsuj, while you focus on P.J.

(Carbon): We’ll be sure to inspect both figuratively and very literally.

(Yume): You guys have yet to tell them that you’re a pumpkin and a snowman have you?

(Baron): Nope, but we will break that ice soon I assure you and hook up with them.

(Corbin): Speaking of hooking up, Heinz is still expecting a call Seras.

(Seras): That’s not going to happen. So just tell him to move on from it and-

(Baron): You will call himmmm~!

(Seras): Alright fine, geez, I’ll give him a call later on tonight.

*Nitsuj chuckles*

(Chibi Isis): By the way Yu-chan, what did you do with those tarot cards that you got from Lucio?

(Yume): I still have them. I was hoping I could find a way to harness their powers and make them mine but I’ve got nothing.

(Corbin): Let us have a look at them, I’m sure we can come up with something.

(Baron): Yeah after all, we’ve had a lot of experience with tarot cards.

(Ashlyn): Well then, I say we’ve all got an idea of what we’ll be doing at the next con. So let’s turn in for the night and head out early tomorrow morning.

*They all nod in agreement*

(Nitsuj): By the way where’s Yin-Yang and Shizuku?

(Mira): They went off to go train a little bit over in that secluded area.

(Nitsuj): Alright. You guys head on up and I’ll get them.

*Nitsuj goes off to see Yin-Yang and Shizuku who are panting from training hard*

(Nitsuj): You two just don’t skip a day of training do you?

(Shizuku): Just want to be ready for whatever the future holds for us boss.

(Nitsuj): Yes, well we’re done talking and we’re heading back to the rooms now so let’s go.

(Yin-Yang): Wait. Before we head back there’s something I want to show you. I’ve been working on a new move to give myself the edge over Miguel. It’s still in tryout mode but I want you to see it.

(Nitsuj): Alright sure. What do you need me to do?

(Yin-Yang): First, take up a fighting stance. I won’t hurt you but pretend like you’re about to fight me.

*Nitsuj takes a fighting stance as Yin-Yang activates her lightning mode*

(Yin-Yang): Alright, here I come.

*Yin-Yang dashes at Nitsuj with lightning speed and vanishes. As Nitsuj wonders where Yin-Yang is he finds himself for a split second inside another dimension. It was only for a split second but Nitsuj felt it and knew that he was at the mercy of Yin-Yang. Nitsuj falls backwards as Yin-Yang appears from behind him deactivating lightning mode*

(Yin-Yang): So, how was that?

*Nitsuj just smiles and laughs*

(Nitsuj): Holy shit! That was amazing!

(Yin-Yang): Did you see it?

(Nitsuj): I felt it. I don’t know what you did Yin-Yang but once you’ve learned to master this new skill, nobody will be able to escape your grasp. Even if they know it’s coming nobody will be able to defend themselves from this attack.

(Yin-Yang): Yes! I’m on the right path.

*Shizuku helps Nitsuj back up and the trio head back to the hotel with Nitsuj impressed at the strides Yin-Yang has gone in such a short amount of time*

To be continued

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