00 Otaku Part 14

*It’s night time of the same day. Nitsuj and the others are back at the hotel helping the Jack Bros. get ready for their date tonight with the Cliff Sisters*

(Seras): I still cannot believe there are women out there who fell for you two.

(Baron): Don’t be jealous Seras. No matter what you will always be the fire that burns my loins.

(Seras): You guys really think I’m jealous? You’re crazier than I thought.

(Nitsuj): Alright guys now let’s go over the plan again.

(Corbin): Yeah yeah. We know, get the girls to talk about anything about the dub.

(Mira): Yes, but don’t be so blunt about it. Try to be creative when you bring it up.

(Isis): And try to avoid the perverted antics for just one night.

*Ashlyn and Brian walk in*

(Ashlyn): Hey guys.

(Brian): Woah, looking sharp there guys. I take it Nitsuj hooked you up?

(Nitsuj): Obviously. The stuff they chose would have scared them away. You bring what I asked?

(Brian): Yeah, got them right here.

*Brian hands the Jack Bros. ear pieces*

(Corbin): What’s this?

(Nitsuj): Headsets so we can communicate with you. If things take a turn for the worst, we’ll be there to help you guys out. Just think of us as your shadows or a whisper in the wind.

(Yin-Yang): So it’s like Date A Live?

(Nitsuj): SHUT UP! This is totally different. . .but yes, along the same lines. Now do you guys have flowers?

(Baron): Check.

(Nitsuj): Wad of money?

(Corbin): Check.

(Nitsuj): Rich cologne?

(Baron): Check.

(Nitsuj): Restaurant reservations and chef taken care of?

(Corbin): Cased the place this morning and did a background check on the chef. Nothing major but customers have complained about his cooking. Took him out and replaced him with our boy Montly. He’ll be taking good care of us tonight.

(Baron): And on another note we found out that the girls love mini golf so we’ll be taking them to a nice golf course that I used my magic to fix up. They also like music so the place will be playing some good rock music.

(Nitsuj): Excellent! You’re ready. Go to your date. There’s nothing more I can teach you.

*The Jack Bros. bow their heads to Nitsuj and head out*

(Nitsuj): They grow up so fast.

(Yume): We should get going too.

*Nitsuj and the others also head out to their surveillance van. Brian drives while Ashlyn, Mira, and Yume monitor from the car. Nitsuj, Seras, and Chibi Isis follow the Jack Bros. from behind and Isis, Shizuku, and Yin-Yang watch from the shadows for anything suspicious. The Jack Brothers arrive at the meeting spot ahead of schedule but go off and hide in while Nitsuj, Chibi Isis, and Seras grab a drink at a restaurant across the street and sit on a bench*

(Chibi Isis): I don’t get it, why are the Jack Bros. hiding?

(Nitsuj): They’re doing the classic anime dating routine. First the girls will arrive onto the scene.

*The Cliff sisters show up*

(Seras): Than the Jack Bros. will wait for about one minute to show up.

*A minute passes and the Jack Bros. show up*

(Nitsuj): They’ll than apologize for being late but the girls will say they didn’t wait long.

(Seras): Followed by a compliment and then they’ll be off.

*Everything that Nitsuj and Seras just said happened and the Jack Bros. and Cliff sisters go into the restaurant where they all sit down and begin to chat. Nitsuj, Seras, and Chibi Isis also go in and take a seat at the bar*

(Josie): So you guys work with Nitsuj and his group right? What exactly do you guys do?

(Baron): We’re kind of the executive producers of the show.

(Corbin): As well as the special effects advisors.

*In the van*

(Mira): Yeah, they’re special alright. Special perverts.

*Back in the restaurant*

(Carol): Well that’s pretty cool.

(Corbin): What about you girls, how’d you guys get into cosplaying?

(Carol): Oh that’s a funny story. So one day Josie and I are watching Sailor Moon and then she stands up and says she wants to look like Sailor Mars since that was her favorite scout. I ignore her and continue watching the show. A few days go by and she comes down the next morning for school totally dressed like Sailor Mars. She had on the suit and everything. Mom freaked because she didn’t know what to make of this costume and I was sitting there laughing because she got the make-up all wrong and everything.

(Josie): Hey, it was my first time wearing make-up, cut me some slack.

(Carol): Anyway, Josie wouldn’t budge and begged mom to let her go to school dressed like Sailor Mars and mom caved in. So we get to school and all the boys are all over her. Around this time mom fixed up her make-up. By the end of the day she received so many love letters it was ridiculous. After seeing all of this I decided I would give it a try so I dressed up as Sailor Mercury and boom I became the center of attention.

(Josie): Once high school came around we were practically dressing up as our favorite anime characters each day. People started calling us the cosplay sisters. We actually got in trouble a few times because of outfits being too revealing or inappropriate at times but we didn’t care. We were having fun and enjoying ourselves.

(Carol): After high school a modeling agency found us, liked what we did, and decided to hire us as professional models for cosplaying events and now we make money while also enjoying our hobby.

(Baron): Wow.

(Corbin): I think the word your looking for is hot. Any chance you still have those revealing outfits from school?

*Carol and Josie chuckle at Corbin’s question*

(Corbin): I’m just asking what me and my brother are thinking. Plus, I feel it’s a legit question.

(Josie): So how about you guys. What was your life like? I remember you guys telling us you’re from a different country.

(Baron): Yes, we originally come from the Principality of Jack. Faraway country, very remote, I doubt you’ll find it on any map. Me and Corbin really didn’t watch anime in our youths. We came from a very high ranking family in the country so our parents were pretty strict with our school work and school activities.

(Corbin): We spent most of our days studying and getting into a good college. Once we graduated our parents wanted us to get out and see the world, instead of us being confined to the country. So they put us on a plane to America where we met Nitsuj, became friends, and he hired us for the show.

*Back in the van*

(Ashlyn): Yeah, that’s their story on paper. In truth they were sent to you guys by us.

(Yume): You guys sent them to us?

(Ashlyn): The creatures of the SMT games are quite real. They exist on a different plane of existence we have dubbed the Underworld and Atlus decided to make games based off these creatures. But they needed help so they reached out to the Principality of Jack who were nice enough to help. The Principality of Jack provided them with all the information on the various creatures and beings of their world. Atlus was so thankful that they made them their official mascot. Under the leadership of their new king, they decided they wanted to do a foreign exchange program and send some of their representatives over here and let them experience our culture. We figured that since Nitsuj was the right man to look after them should they do anything reckless.

(Seras): You don’t know just how reckless those idiots can be.

*As the Jack Bros. and the Cliff sisters continue to enjoy their date, their food arrives and they eat. Seras gets up and goes to the restroom as they eat*

(Seras): Ohh~, I hate using restaurant restrooms, they’re always dirty.

*Seras goes into the restrooms to see it’s actually quite nice*

(Seras): Well this isn’t so bad.

*She goes into one of the stalls when all of sudden she hears Carol and Josie enter the restroom and hides her presence to eavesdrop on the girls*

(Josie): Argggh~, Julietta, I don’t know how much longer I can take this.

(Julietta): Relax Juliette, we’re on a mission remember.

(Juliette): How can I. The one with the orange hair keeps trying to a peek at my breast and the other one keeps trying to check out my ass. It’s like they’re undressing me with their eyes.

(Julietta): I know, but we have to stay focused. These guys are close to Nitsuj and must know his weakness. Once we have what we’re looking for we can crush those perverts.

(Juliette): *Chuckles* Yeah. How anyone could possibly like those guys is beyond me.

(Julietta): Tell me about it. They’re so annoying and stupid.

(Juliette): You forgot ugly.

(Julietta): Wasn’t that obvious.

*As Juliette and Julietta continue to make fun of the Jack Bros., Seras’s eyes begin to glow white and her hand begins to shake*

(Juliette): Alright, let’s get back out there.

(Julietta): Hey, what say we trick them into thinking they can get some of this tonight?

(Juliette): Oh that’s a great idea, and then we can kill them after we get the information we need.

*No longer able to tolerate any more of their inconsiderate talk Seras bust opens the door and comes out of the stall pissed*

(Julietta): Who the hell are you?

*Seras takes out her scythe*

(Seras): A very pissed off AI about to rain on your parade for playing with the hearts of my friends.

*Seras begins to attack Juliette and Julietta where all three AIs brawl in the restroom. Their brawl leaks out into the restaurant when Juliette blows open the door with her earth magic trying to hit Seras and Seras flies out of the restroom after Julietta blows her out with her wind magic but Seras does a flip in midair and manages to land on her feet as everyone turns around to see what all the commotion is*

(Nitsuj): Oh boy, this won’t end well. Here, give this to the manager.

*Nitsuj hands the bartender a card with a number on it*

(Nitsuj): Also, more strawberry lemonade and can I please get some popcorn chicken and a plate of fries?

(Chibi Isis): I’ll have some chicken fingers with a coke.

(Baron): Seras what the hell are you doing?

(Seras): Saving you from that.

*Seras points to the restroom as Juliette and Julietta come out to reveal their true identities*

(Corbin): Woah cosplaying as AI girls. That’s pretty hot.

(Seras): You know goddamn well what they are.

(Corbin): I know, but can’t a guy dream for the best scenario?

(Juliette): Enough playing around. You’re going to tell us everything you know about Nitsuj and his investigation or the white-haired bitch gets it.

(Nitsuj): Hey! Watch the language, we got children here.

(Chibi Isis): Yeah.

(Seras): You guys really think you can beat me? I haven’t even gotten serious yet.

(Julietta): How’s this for serious!

*Julietta fires a wind slash attack at Seras but Baron stops it with his fire attack*

(Baron): Hey! Nobody hurts or threatens our friends and gets away with it.

(Corbin): You mess with our friends you mess with us and trust me, we aren’t the guys you want to mess with. We’ll take care of this Seras.

*The Jack Bros. get up*

(Baron): Just want you ladies to know you are really ruining your chances of a fun night with us.

(Juliette): You guys never had a chance in the first place. We never liked you.

(Corbin): Ouch. That’s alright, we also haven’t been truthful with you as well.

*The Jack Bros. return to their original forms*

(Baron): Yoohoo! It’s the colorful and delightful mascots of Atlus. The Jack Bros.

(Julietta): A pumpkin and a snowman? No wonder I didn’t like you. I hate pumpkins.

(Juliette): And I hate snowmen.

(Nitsuj): Alright everybody, this scene is about to be rated PG-13. Everybody who values their life or well-being please leave right now.

*Everyone quickly gets up and leaves except for Nitsuj and Chibi Isis who continue eating and Seras who gets to a safe spot*

(Ashlyn): Nitsuj, what’s going on in there?

(Nitsuj): Our date just turned into a fight. The Cliff sisters are AI girls and the Jack Bros. are facing them.

(Ashlyn): Oh no. Hang on, we’re coming in.

(Shizuku): No, don’t bother. We would only just get in the way.

(Mira): Yes, it’s best to sit this one out.

(Ashlyn): Guys I know you don’t really care that much for the Jacks but can’t just leave them in there to die.

(Isis): Those two, die? *Chuckles* If it was that easy we would have done it a long time ago. Let me tell you this, those two might be perverts but when it comes to magic they won’t lose to anyone.

*Juliette and Julietta attack the Jack Bros. but their attacks miss. As they begin chanting for their next attack they get interrupted by the Jack Bros. with Baron throwing a fire punch at Juliette and Corbin throwing an ice punch at Julietta. Both of their attacks strike and stun the AI girls*

(Corbin): You girls are very slow on your chants. Those chants were for a basic earth and wind attack. It should have taken you no more than 5 seconds to complete it.

(Juliette): Don’t you dare mock us!

*Juliette claps her hands and slams the ground summoning a rock snake. The rock snake charges at the Jacks but Baron does a quick chant which lights the rock snake on fire and melts it*

(Baron): My fire is strong enough to melt through solid rock.

(Julietta): Why you-

*Corbin grabs Julietta’s arm*

(Corbin): Cold burn!

*A part of Julietta’s arm gets frozen*

(Julietta): Ahh~! It burns, it burns!

*As Julietta writhes in pain Corbin spanks her butt and then licks his fingers*

(Corbin): Nice and firm. Just the way I like it.

*Juliette focuses on Baron where she creates rock armor for herself and enhances it with magic to make herself stronger and more resilient to Baron’s fire attacks. The plan works as Baron’s fire can’t pierce through the armor so Baron creates a ring of fire trapping himself and Juliette in the center of it with no way out. Juliette continues to attack Baron but keeps missing and tiring herself out*

(Baron): Hey Chibi, you watching this?

(Chibi Isis): Yes.

(Baron): Good, take note of this. Juliette is trying to use this armor to out power me. Not a bad strategy, however, magic users aren’t that well built in physical strength. Notice how the armor is taking a toll on her body. Her movements are becoming slow, clumsy, and dull. I’m actually hurting her without really doing anything.

(Chibi Isis): What if I’m fighting a magic user who has good strength or a well armored foe?

(Baron): A good question. Do what I’m doing right now. Wear them down. I’ve created this ring of fire to trap her. On top of overexerting herself physically, the heat is wearing her out. In time she won’t be able to stand let alone fight. Also, taunting the enemy is a good way to keep their attention on you instead of their surroundings.

*Baron explains all of this to Chibi while still dodging Juliette’s attacks and taunting her until she can finally move no more and nearly collapses from the heat. Baron dissolves the ring of the fire*

(Corbin): Check this out Chibi. Now Julietta here uses the same kind of magic you specialize in, so pay close attention to what she does. As you can see Julietta has shrouded herself in the whirlwind to stop me from attacking her. A nice strategy.

*Corbin begins throwing ice balls at Julietta but his attacks do nothing*

(Corbin): As you can see, my attacks aren’t penetrating her defense but that doesn’t mean she’s invincible. Coating your entire body in a wind-like armor takes a lot of concentration and magic power so that means there’s bound to be a chink in the armor for you to exploit. In Julietta’s case, that’d be her right arm that I burned. Notice the little traces of snow in that area.

*Julietta looks at her right arm and sees the traces of snow Corbin was talking about*

(Corbin): Now watch as I focus all of my attacks on this particular area.

*Corbin begins firing his attacks on Julietta’s right arm which slowly begins to freeze half of her body up and soon her whirlwind armor falls apart and she lands on the ground next to Juliette with about 3/4th of her body completely frozen*

(Julietta): Juliette, I can’t move. Help me.

(Julietta): I don’t even have the strength to pick myself up.

(Baron): And like that we have easily defeated them.

(Nitsuj): Nice lesson guys. I’ll take it from here.

*Nitsuj gets up and takes out his phone like he’s about to take a picture*

(Nitsuj): Smile!

*Nitsuj taps a button on his phone and both Juliette and Julietta get transported into Nitsuj’s phone and put in a cybernetic cage that they can’t break*

(Juliette): What is this thing?

(Nitsuj): It’s a pocket dimension. A little something I created in case I need to keep an AI under control. Get comfy until we can get you back to base. Let’s go guys.

(Manager): Hey! What about the bill?

(Nitsuj): Just send it to the name on that card.

*After they’re outside, the Jack Bros. use their magic to transform back into humans and apologize to the onlookers for ruining their dinner*

(Nitsuj): Sorry your dates tried to kill you. At least you’ll never forget it.

(Corbin): Yeah I guess. Hey Seras, why did you get into a fight them in the restroom in the first place?

(Seras): They were saying some rude things about you that I didn’t like.

(Baron): And you defended us?

(Seras): Don’t think this means anything. Let me just say this. You two are the most perverted individuals I have ever met in my entire life. How you have not been arrested or thrown in jail remains a mystery to me. But, despite all of this, you’re trusted allies and friends and I won’t let anybody talk bad about you.

(Nitsuj): Wow, I think that’s the nicest thing she’s ever said about you guys. I think she likes you.

(Baron): Shut up boy. We know it.

(Seras): No I don’t! I just tolerate them for Chibi’s sake.

(Chibi Isis): You guys gonna be okay?

(Baron): We’ll live. I just wish we could have done the second part of our date.

(Corbin): Yeah I was really looking forward to it as well.

(Chibi Isis): . . .umm~, Corbin? Will you go on a date with me right now?

(Corbin): Chibi?

(Seras): Hey Baron. I don’t want Chibi being alone with Corbin so accompany me with them. I’m interested in seeing what this miniature golf is all about so take me there.

(Baron): Seras?

(Corbin): I can’t believe two cute girls just asked us out.

(Baron): Dreams do come true.

*Baron and Corbin rush over to a trash can and begin puking into it*

(Nitsuj): Puking out of happiness? So it is possible.

(Chibi Isis): Care to join us Nii-chan?

(Nitsuj): Nah. It’s best if I get these two back to base plus I don’t wanna be a fifth wheel. You guys have fun. Be back 10 alright.

(Chibi Isis): Yes.

*Brian drives up in the van to pick Nitsuj up. He gets in and the van takes off. After the Jack Bros. are done puking, all four go off to play miniature golf and have a fun night*

To be continued

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