00 Otaku Part 16

*It’s the early afternoon of the same day. Nitsuj has just finished doing his panel*

(Nitsuj): Man was that a fun panel.

*As Nitsuj walks out into the hallway he spots a few people buying some Seisen Cerberus merchandise at a booth*

(Nitsuj): Oh hell no! Hey, excuse me. Why are you buying merchandise of the worst anime to come out of 2016?

(Con lady): Was it really that awful? I thought it was good. Especially the main character.

(Nitsuj): That guy was the worst main character ever. He never won a single fight and had to be rescued by everyone all the time. It was ridiculous. Not only that but the story was uninteresting, come on you have to remember it being bad.

(Con man): Hmm~, yeah I do remember it being bad but for some reason I heard Nate Dessian talk about it at his panel and he just made it sound so good and enjoyable that I can’t help but have a new opinion of it and want to buy merchandise of it.

*The con man and lady walk away after spending a large sum of money on merchandise*

(Nitsuj): Is the whole world going crazy, or is it just me?

(Anime fanboy): Hey guys, Nate is getting ready to talk about Kimi no Na wa.

*A crowd quickly gathers in a room and Nitsuj decides to stick close by the door and watch from afar*

(Nate): Hey guys, thanks for coming to the second portion of the panel. Now I know what you’re thinking, Kimi no Na wa was a fantastic movie. I movie worthy of surpassing the work of Hayao Miyazaki. But don’t be fooled for friends for Kimi no Na wa is actually a pretty bad movie.

*Upon hearing this Nitsuj got a killing intent in his eyes and begins to walk in until he gets pulled away by Brian and Danny*

(Danny): Nitsuj, that man is not to be touched remember?

(Nitsuj): No! Just one punch! Please! Just let me get one punch!

(Brian): If we let you get one punch in you’ll keep going until his face is black and purple.

(Nitsuj): It’ll be worth it, come on!

*Danny and Brian continue to hold Nitsuj back and have him sit down where Yume makes eye contact with him and shows him a relaxing illusion which seems to calm Nitsuj down*

(Ashlyn): I think keeping Nitsuj here would be a bad idea.

(Danny): I agree. Take him somewhere else to cool his head.

*Danny’s phone rings*

(Danny): This is Danny. Go ahead. Alright, I’ll be there shortly.

*Ends call*

(Danny): We seem to have a few cosplay groups about to go at it.

(Ashlyn): You go ahead and handle that. We’ll take care of this. Come on Nitsuj, let’s go someplace more relaxing.

*The Jack Bros. help Nitsuj up and the group walks out of the building and gets in a taxi. After a short drive they arrive at the famous River Walk where they’re about to begin a barrel race*

(Nitsuj): Who has the balls to say one of the greatest anime movies to come out in recent years was bad?

(Ashlyn): We know. We know. He’s full of crap, but you have to remember no touching him.

(Nitsuj): Just so you know, when all of this is cleared up and you guys have a steady flow of cash coming in I will confront him and when I do, it’s gonna make Attack on Titan look like a bedtime story for kids.

(Isis): Boy I can’t wait to see that. In the meantime, could you give us some money to buy some ice cream?

*Nitsuj gets out his wallet and gives money to Isis. Isis, Yume, Chibi Isis, and the Jack Bros. go off to buy ice cream with Brian going with them. This leaves Nitsuj and Ashlyn alone where the two decide to walk over to a bridge and watch the barrel race*

(Ashlyn): I really did enjoy your panel today. It was really great.

(Nitsuj): You don’t need to tell me, I was there.

(Ashlyn): *Chuckles* You’ve really become great at reviewing anime. When you first started doing it I was a little worried about you.

(Nitsuj): You weren’t the only one, I was scared out of my mind.

(Ashlyn): Would you say you were more scared than the time you had to parachute out of that plane that caught fire when we were trying to retrieve that stolen manga?

(Nitsuj): *Chuckles* Oh man that, that was one of the scariest moments in my life. But it’s nothing compared to you having to go on America’s Got Talent and sing the opening theme of Evangelion while undercover.

(Ashlyn): Oh don’t remind me of that event. I was so embarrassed.

(Nitsuj): You should have kept going, you might have won.

(Ashlyn): Not in a million years.

*Both Nitsuj and Ashlyn laugh as they reminiscent about the past*

(Ashlyn): You and Cole always did love to hear me sing.

(Nitsuj): Can you blame us? You were good.

(Ashlyn): Speaking of Cole, did you get his letter about the wedding?

(Nitsuj): Yeah, I got it. Congratulations.

(Ashlyn): Thank you. So, does this mean you’ll be the best man? We’ve been waiting for your response since we sent the letter.

(Nitsuj): Oh, uh, I’m still thinking about it. You know, with everything that’s happened I haven’t had much time to really think about it.

(Ashlyn): Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about the little fight you guys had a while back before you left?

(Nitsuj): Oh that, no we’re cool. We chatted over skype and got it all straightened out. It’s just that given the situation we were in I just wonder if I have a right to be the best man.

(Ashlyn): You mean your feelings for me? I know that you and Cole were fighting over me before you left and I didn’t say anything to you about it. I’m sorry.

(Nitsuj): No, if anyone should be sorry it’s me. I knew you chose Cole over me but I just couldn’t let it go and kept trying to butt in. I was acting selfish and bitter and I wish I could take it all back.

(Ashlyn): I also share a little bit of the blame as well. I knew about your feelings for me and I never gave you a solid answer or reasoning why I chose Cole.

(Nitsuj): Now’s a good time to tell. I’ll start you off. Nitsuj, you’re a great guy, you finish the rest.

(Ashlyn): *Chuckles* You really are a great guy. Any girl would be lucky to have a guy like you as their boyfriend or husband. You’re kind, caring, funny, cool, optimistic-

(Nitsuj): And I have good fashion and music sense.

(Ashlyn): Yeah that too. You’re a guy who I could see wandering a country for months and be okay without worrying anyone because of how independent and resourceful you are.

(Yume): *Chuckles* Funny she should mention that.

(Isis): Shh. They’ll hear us.

(Ashlyn): But with Cole, I don’t see that. You and Cole are similar in so many ways but your co-dependence on others is what separates you from each other. You’re a lone wolf who can survive on his own yet you run with the pack because you like it but when you feel the need to go off and do your own thing you do and you’ll be fine. But with Cole he needs that pack otherwise he’ll be lost and fall apart. I love you both in your own ways and if I could I would be with both of you but Cole needs me more than you. I know I’m hurting you and I can’t stand hurting one of the people I care for so much but that’s where I stand.

*After hearing, all of this, Nitsuj takes a deep breath and pats Ashlyn on the back*

(Nitsuj): You’ve really thought about this a lot haven’t you? I’m betting it must have been the toughest decision you’ve made in your life?

(Ashlyn): I don’t like it but at the same time I don’t hate it. I just wish there was a way we could all walk away from this happy.

(Nitsuj): We will. Thanks for being honest with me. If that’s how you really feel, I’ll accept it. I’ll be the best man and wish you guys nothing but the best.

(Ashlyn): Oh Nitsuj. *Kisses Nitsuj on the cheek* Thank you! I know Cole will be thrilled to hear this. . . when. . .we find him.

*Ashlyn face begins to go pale*

(Nitsuj): Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s fine out there. We’ll find him for sure.

(Ashlyn): Do you really think he’s okay?

(Nitsuj): If there’s one man on this planet whose skills can stand up to my own its Cole and anyone who can stand up to my skills won’t go down so easily.

*Nitsuj and Ashlyn hear someone clapping slowly behind them and they turn around to see it’s the Silver Knight*

(Silver Knight): Nice performance there Nitsuj. Your best friend is out of the picture and you put on the lame act of caring just to make the girl lower her defense and then take her for yourself. That’s dirty. . .and I like it.

(Nitsuj): I’m not as cold-hearted or fake as you.

(Silver Knight): Oh I seriously doubt that. By the way, do you really have time to be flirting? We’ve only got about two more stops until San Francisco and you’re not even close to finding the transporter.

(Nitsuj): I will.

(Ashlyn): What are you even doing here? Don’t tell me you’re so alone that the only people you can socialize with are the ones that despise you?

(Sliver Knight): Feisty. I can see why you like her so much. I’ll cut right to the chase, my clients want their AIs back.

(Ashlyn): Go to hell!

(Nitsuj): What she said.

(Silver Knight): I’m not asking for them without a price. How’s about I give you hint about the transporter your looking for? They’ll be at a special con tonight.

(Nitsuj): A special con?

(Ashlyn): I know what con you’re talking about. NML.

(Nitsuj): NML is happening here? Tonight?

(Ashlyn): Yep, and no, you’re not invited.

(Nitsuj): Like I would want to go to that con.

(Silver Knight): So, what do you say now.

(Ashlyn): I say the joke’s on you, we already knew about this clue. Unless you can tell us who the transporter is I we have nothing more to talk about.

(Silver Knight): Okay, good cop over. Bad cop time. Hand over the AIs or the River Walk will become your watery grave.

*Naruto Cosplayers who are actually weeaboo ninjas in disguise come out and surround Nitsuj and Ashlyn*

(Nitsuj): I knew there was something off about these Naruto cosplayers. So, you’re looking for a street fight huh?

*Just as Nitsuj finishes his sentence Isis shoots two of the weeaboos and Brian hits one of them with a flying forearm while Isis, Yume, and Chibi Isis hand Nitsuj and Ashlyn their swords. Nitsuj charges at the Silver Knight and their swords clash while the others take on the weeaboos. Nitsuj and the Silver Knight are evenly matched as sparks fly between their swords. Both of them jump off the bridge they’re on and land on the passing barrels floating down the river. After regaining their balance, they continue to fight each other while innocent bystanders watch in amazement at their show. Back on the bridge, Yume manages to fight through the weeaboos and chases after them on land. As she runs after them she sees that on the other side the weeaboos are preparing to launch an attack on Nitsuj so she takes out her spear and uses that as a catapult to make it to the other side where she takes out her sword and begins fighting them herself. Nitsuj and the Silver Knight make it on solid land where they fight near a restaurant. Their fight spills inside the restaurant where Silver Knight kicks a chair towards Nitsuj who slices it up but this allows Silver Knight to get the jump on Nitsuj where he kicks him on the buffet table and slides him across the table onto the floor face first. Nitsuj manages to get to his knees and headbutts Silver Knight in the stomach stunning him for few seconds and Nitsuj uses this opportunity to grab a flat pan and hit Silver Knight upside the head with the flat pan. Thanks to his mask the hit had little effect on him but it still hurt him*

(Nitsuj): Dark twin sword style: Shadow Cross!

*Nitsuj swings his swords horizontally and diagonally creating the illusion of a cross and striking Silver Knight in the back which sends him flying out of the restaurant. He soon gets back on his feet and hops back on the passing barrels to get away from Nitsuj. As he’s on the barrels, Isis fires at the barrel he’s on with her sniper rifle and he jumps onto another one to avoid sinking. Isis fires another one but he jumps again to avoid sinking. He jumps up onto a bridge overhead where Isis catches up to him. She takes out her pistols and tries to shoot him but he dodges all of her attacks. Yume comes from behind trying to strike but she misses. However, she does make eye contact with him and sends him into an illusion*

(Silver Knight): It’s not real! It’s not real!

*Silver Knight stabs his hand with a hidden knife which seems to snap him out of the illusion but has hurt him greatly*

(Yume): Inflicting pain on yourself to get out of my illusion. Not many people are crazy enough to do that.

(Silver Knight): Those people aren’t crazy enough for victory then.

*Isis and Yume try to attack him together but he takes out a flash grenade which blinds Yume and Isis and he tosses them into the water. Back with Nitsuj he fights through the weeaboo ninjas until he comes across a big one wielding a giant mallet*

(Nitsuj): Brian! Tag in!

(Brian): Buster Wolf!

*Brian at lightning quick speed punches the giant weeaboo ninja in the stomach which pushes him back a little but the ninja grabs Brian and is about to throw him until Nitsuj jumps off the back of Brian and hits the ninja with a high knee to the jaw which knocks a tooth out. After Nitsuj lands he and Brian prepare for a double punch*

(Nitsuj): Warlock Punch!

(Brian): Falcon Punch!

*Both Brian and Nitsuj strike the ninja and knock him out. As they marvel at their feat, Silver Knight comes in to attack them both. He kicks Nitsuj into a wall while Brian managed to dodge his attack. Brian tries to use his rapid punches to take out Silver Knight but he dodges all of his attacks. Silver Knight tries to hit Brian with a sword slash but Brian dodges and hits him with an uppercut which puts a crack in Silver Knight’s mask. Silver Knight gets a worried look on his face and begins to run away. Nitsuj and Brian go after him but get stopped by some more weeaboos. Luckily, Isis begins sniping them off with her sniper rifle on a bridge*

(Nitsuj): That’s my Isis.

*Nitsuj and Brian continue to move forward with Isis providing cover fire for them. Yume also provides cover fire by rolling down the river on a barrel and takes shots at Silver Knight. Her shooting leads him up to a bridge where he tries to reach the other side but standing in his way is Ashlyn. He tries to retreat backwards but the Jack Bros. set up a barrier cutting off his escape route and Chibi Isis sets up another barrier behind Ashlyn*

(Ashlyn): There’s no escape now Silver Knight. Now reveal your true self!

*Ashlyn lunges at Silver Knight who takes out his sword to defend himself. Ashlyn’s quick and fluent slashes seem to push Silver Knight to his limits as he can barely keep up with her. Ashlyn finally manages to knock away his sword leaving him defenseless*

(Ashlyn): Give up?

*Silver Knight pulls out a gun and points it at Ashlyn*

(Silver Knight): Not by a long shot.

*Yume fires her arrow and knocks the gun away while Isis takes a shot at Silver Knight which managed to hit him right in the face destroying a part of his mask. Not wanting his face to be seen, he covers it up with his hand. He presses a button on his wristwatch and a drone comes flying in fast taking shots at the group. Silver Knight grabs onto the drone and flies away.

(Brian): Damn! He got away.

(Nitsuj): It’s not all bad. We got his sword. You alright there Ashlyn?

(Ashlyn): I’m fine. But why did he run away and why was he so concerned with hiding his face?

(Corbin): Maybe he’s ugly and he knows it. I’m just saying the guy wears a mask, so he’s got to be aware of it.

(Nitsuj): It because he’s someone we know.

(Brian): A former member of the AIA perhaps?

(Nitsuj): Maybe. He was very familiar with my move set. Not many people are that well prepared against my dark arts.

*As Nitsuj and the other ponder this, Mira, Shizuku, Yin-Yang, and Seras pop out of a laptop owned by a woman eating outside of a restaurant and fall on the ground*

(Isis): Look what popped out.

(Shizuku): Hey there guys.

(Yin-Yang): Fancy meeting you here.

*As they get up the detonator falls out of Shizuku’s pocket and hits the ground. All of a sudden a loud explosion goes off in the distance as the explosion can be seen from the River Walk for everyone to see. As everyone watches it in silence Shizuku quickly turns to the group*

(Shizuku): Tell me that didn’t look awesome?

To be continued

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