00 Otaku Part 21

*Back in the conference center as everyone was starting to return to their senses, Nitsuj’s team continues to search for McGuinness where they close in on him*
(Yin-Yang): Everyone seems to be calming down now. Even I’m starting to feel good.
(Ashlyn): Which means Chibi and the others pulled through.
(Brian): And it looks like an hour has passed which means the others managed to stop the bombs.
(Nitsuj): Alright, the others did their job, which means we’ve gotta do our part and not make their effort be in vain.
*Nitsuj goes to check a room and sees McGuinness. He motions to the others and together they charge in*
(Nitsuj): Hold it right there you British weeaboo! Grab him guys!
*McGuinness tries to make a run for it but Yin-Yang manages to pull him to the ground. He fights to get away as Ashlyn and Brian try to restrain him while Nitsuj grabs a plant and begins to beat him with it*
(Nitsuj): I’m about to get your ass! Hitting people with plants and shit! Turn him around guys!
*Nitsuj accidently whacks the others along with McGuinness who falls to the ground*
(Nitsuj): Cheerio, motherfucker!
*Nitsuj continues to beat up McGuiness with the plant until he manages to get on his knees and pushes Nitsuj into the wall where his head bounces off it. McGuinness uses this chance to escape out of the room with the others right behind him. As McGuinness runs through the hallway, Brian stops and goes down a separate hallway while Ashlyn and Yin-Yang still pursue McGuinness. Nitsuj catches up with them where they see the hotel is coming out of lockdown mode and McGuinness is making a break for the doors*
(Ashlyn): This is bad. If he gets outside there’s no way we’ll catch him.
(Yin-Yang): Don’t worry, I’m kicking it up a notch.
(Nitsuj): No! We’ve got him. Do you ladies know what time it is?
(Yin-Yang and Ashlyn): Huh?
(Nitsuj): Hey McGuinness! Do you know what time it is?
(McGuinness): What? No I-
*All of sudden Brian comes out of nowhere and clotheslines the hell out of McGuinness knocking him out instantly*
(Brain): It’s Brian-o’clock motherfucker!
*With McGuiness, out cold, Nitsuj grabs his room key and heads up to his room with Yin-Yang while Brian and Ashlyn arrest him. Once Nitsuj reaches the room of McGuiness he knocks the door down with a series of kicks and enters the room*
(Yin-Yang): You had the key.
(Nitsuj): What part of I enjoy doing that are you guys not getting?
*Nitsuj quickly rummages through McGuiness’s bag and finds a flash drive*
(Nitsuj): And I think we’ve found what we’re looking for.
*Nitsuj returns to the lobby area where everyone is there waiting for him. He shows them the flash drive and everyone starts celebrating knowing that they had accomplished their mission*
To be continued
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