00 Otaku Part 22

*A few days have gone by and the group is now in Las Vegas. There’s no con here, it’s just a rest stop before the tours final stop in San Francisco and is a chance for everybody on the tour to relax and have fun. That is unless you’re Nitsuj and the others who are busy racking their brains out. It turns out the flash drive wasn’t the drive they were looking for. While it contained weeaboo dealings there was no data of the Utena dub on the drive and after intense questioning McGuiness said he knows nothing about the Utena dub. So once again Nitsuj and the others are back to square one on who has the data*

(Nitsuj): There must be something we are missing. Some kind of clue or motive we overlooked. Something. . .bluh. Think! Somebody is working with the weeaboos! Somebody who benefits from all of this!

(Shizuku): But who? Who could possibly benefit from this?

*The Jack Bros. come in with drinks*

(Corbin): We got some cola. How goes the investigation.

(Mira): Uh~ Baron. Corbin. What are you guys wearing?

*Everyone stares at the Jack Bros. who are wearing t-shirts from the series Chaos Dragon*

(Baron): Oh this? It was on sell at stand and we bought because the anime was good.

*Seras punches Baron in the chest*

(Seras): Are you guys drinking the piss? That was hands down the worst anime of 2015 and you actually liked it? Tell me what you liked about it.

(Baron): Well the characters were. . .the action was. . .and the story. . .oh my God, this anime does suck!

(Corbin): What have we done?

(Yume): What possessed you guys to buy those shirts in the first place?

(Corbin): Well, we were getting drinks. As we were coming up we saw a kid watching one of Nate Dessian’s videos. He was talking about Chaos Dragon and how good it was and then we just found ourselves going to a vendor outside and buying the stuff.

(Yin-Yang): That doesn’t make any sense.

(Nitsuj): Or does it? Guys, leave the room. We’re going to do an experiment. When I leave this room I want you guys to follow me and stop me from doing anything I might do out of ordinary.

(Seras): That could pretty much be anything.

(Nitsuj): Just watch me closely and stop me if I do anything crazy.

*Eveyone leaves the room and Nitsuj grabs his laptop. He goes to sit on his bed and goes to Nate Dessian’s site.

(Nitsuj): Alright you dumbass, let’s see what you have to say about anime.

*Nitsuj begins watching Dessian’s reviews. While that’s going on Ashlyn, Brian, Isis, and Chibi Isis were staking out a weeaboo dealing about to happen at the Mirage hotel*

(Isis): *Sigh*

(Brian): Patience Isis. It’s one of the key virtues of a stake out.

(Isis): I know, I’m just thinking.

(Ashlyn): About Nitsuj and the others? Yeah, I’m worried too. This whole case seems to have thrown us all in a loop. Just when you think we’ve figured everything out we find out it was all a lie. Even Nitsuj is taken aback by this. I can’t help but wonder what he’s doing now.

(Chibi Isis): Knowing Nii-chan he’s hard at work trying to figure everything out. He keeps saying that there has to be a conductor. Someone who’s running things behind the scenes and benefits the most from this.

(Brian): I’ve been thinking along those same lines but every time I do I come up with nothing. I honestly can’t think of anyone who would benefit from this act except for weeaboos. I wonder if-

(Ashlyn): Oh oh, there’s our guy.

*Ashlyn points to a man walking through the lobby. Everyone gets up from their table and follows him doing their best not to be noticed. The man stops at the front office where the attendant hands him a briefcase and he walks off. As he walks off everyone spots Silver Knight who goes to shake the man’s hand and leads him to the VIP area*

(Ashlyn): That was Silver Knight! Chibi, call for backup. Isis. You, me, and Brain have to find a way to get into that room.

*Brian notices a bunch of girls exiting a dressing room*

(Brian): What’s your take on bunny girls?

(Isis and Ashlyn): Oh no.

*As all of this was going on Nitsuj had emerged from his room after watching an hour of Dessian’s videos and feeling normal*

(Nitsuj): Man that guy has some lousy reviews. Everything feels forced and scripted. Feeling a little lightheaded. Let’s get some fresh air.

*Nitsuj takes the elevator downstairs and heads outside where after taking a deep breath he feels better. He spots an anime store across the street and out of curiosity decides to go and check it out. He walks into the store and is immediately drawn to the School Days merchandise despite seeing One Piece merchandise. Nitsuj picks up character figurines, posters, and shirts of the series and heads to check out ready to purchase them. Before he can reach the counter he gets speared by Shizuku as the others rush in as well*

(Nitsuj): Ohh~. What the hell are you doing?

(Shizuku): What the hell are you doing? Snap out of it!

*Shizuku slaps Nitsuj*

(Nitsuj): Huh? Where am I? Why do I have this crap in my hands?

(Mira): You were about to buy all that stuff.

(Nitsuj): What! That’s crazy, I would never buy School Days stuff.

(Seras): Well you sure were about to. What were you thinking?

(Nitsuj): I don’t know. I just felt compelled to buy School Days merchandise right after I watched Dessian’s crappy review of the series and he praised it.

*Nitsuj takes out his phone and plays the video*

(Nitsuj): Yume! Is anything off in this video?

*Yume watches the video*

(Yume): Wow, that’s some good subliminal messaging in there.

(Nitsuj): What about this video?

*Nitsuj shows Yume another video*

(Yume): Even more subliminal messaging.

(Nitsuj): Just like I thought. Nate is using subliminal messaging in his reviews.

(Yin-Yang): Oh that’s low.

(Corbin): But why, what’s he getting out of this.

(Nitsuj): Hey you, who makes this merchandise?

(Store clerk): Oh that would be Dessian Enterprises all the merchandise in this store comes from them.

(Nitsuj): Mira, who runs the merchandise stands at the cons?

(Mira): That would be Dessian Enterprises.

(Nitsuj): And the animes they have merchandise for?

*Mira pulls up a list*

(Mira): All the animes they have merchandise for are animes not licensed by Funimation.

(Baron): What about Chaos Dragon? That’s licensed by Funimation.

(Mira): True. But they don’t own the merchandising rights to the show.

(Nitsuj): And all the reviews Nate does he talks positive about animes not licensed by Funimation even when they’re obviously bad and talks negative about licensed animes even when they’re good.

*Nitsuj thinks this over for a few second*

(Nitsuj): Dessian is the culprit! It all adds up!

(Seras): It seems that way but why would he do it?

(Nitsuj): I don’t know, but he’s definitely the prime suspect in this case. We have to confront him.

*Nitsuj’s phone rings*

(Nitsuj): Nii-chan! Come quick! We saw Silver Knight and we’re engaging him and the weeaboos in battle. We’re at the Mirage and-

(Nitsuj): Chibi! Chibi come in! Guys, we’re going to the Mirage pronto!

*Nitsuj and the others leave the store and run to the Mirage. As Nitsuj runs he receives a text message from Enzio and reads it*

(Nitsuj): I have the identity of Silver Knight.

*Nitsuj strolls down and sees the name of Silver Knight’s true identity. Nitsuj’s eyes widen and he begins to speed up leaving the others behind. Yin-Yang manages to catch up to him*

(Yin-Yang): Nitsuj, what’s wrong?

(Nitsuj): We have to hurry! Isis the others are all in danger.

(Yin-Yang): Why?

(Nitsuj): Enzio just texted me the real identity of Silver Knight. If he’s right, then everyone’s life is in danger.

To be continued

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