00 Otaku Part 23

*As Nitsuj and the others rush to the Mirage, Brian’s plan to infiltrate the VIP room was being set in motion*

(Announcer): And now ladies and gentlemen, welcome tonight’s entertainment the handsome and magnificent Majikku the magic player.

*Brian walks out on stage wearing sunglasses and looking at himself in his cellphone using his selfie stick to fix his hair. As he fixes his hair he pulls the queen of hearts card and tosses it behind him. It explodes into a puff of smoke and Ashlyn appears out of nowhere wearing a red bunny outfit. The the crowd begins to cheer and whistle as Ashlyn begins to blush. Brian then pulls out two more cards. One is the queen of spades and the other the ace of hearts. Brian tosses the ace of hearts card across the stage and it explodes into a puff of smoke just like the other card. Chibi Isis appears wearing a red bunny outfit and smiling happily as the cheers and calls her cute. Ashlyn and Chibi Isis pull out a chamber and open it to show that nobody is inside. Brian puts in a black rabbit doll along with the queen of spades card. Ashlyn closes the door and Chibi Isis spins the chamber around three times. Brian knocks on the door, opens it, and out comes Isis wearing a black bunny outfit. Once again the crowd cheers in amazement*

(Brian): Thank you. Now for the next act I’ll need a volunteer. You gentleman over there.

*Brian points to the weeaboo*

(Brian): Yes, you, come on up. Don’t be shy.

*The weeaboo tries to refuse but Isis and Ashlyn grab him pressing their breast against his arms which makes him submit to their will. He gets dragged on stage where he gets locked into the chamber and disappears*

(Brian): Don’t worry folks. He’s exploring the cosmos of space right now. We’ll bring him back later.

*Isis and Ashlyn quietly walk off the stage as Brian and Chibi Isis continue to entertain the audience. Ashlyn and Isis go to recover the weeaboo who in truth had fallen down a trap door and was now under the stage*

(Ashlyn): Hello.

*Ashlyn holds out her rapier to the weeaboo and he slowly starts to get up*

(Isis): Don’t even think about running away.

*Isis pulls out her pistol and weeaboo puts his hands in the air*

(Weeaboo): Okay, what do you guys want?

(Ashlyn): AIA. You’re under arrest for illegal dealings.

(Weeaboo): Please! Don’t lock me up! I don’t know anything!

(Ashlyn): You’re lying before I even asked you a question. Now, what are the weeaboos planning in San Francisco?

(Weeaboo): I don’t know! I was just told to pass on a message to another agent. That’s it.

(Isis): You must know something.

*All of a sudden the weeaboo gets hit with a tranquillizer dart and falls unconscious. The girls turn around to see that shot came from Silver Knight*

(Silver Knight): Ahh~ the old magic trick routine. A classic.

*Isis takes a shot at his face which hits but doesn’t even put a dent in his mask*

(Silver Knight): Reinforced metal plating. But if it’s any consolation, that did hurt a little.

*Silver Knight takes out his phone and out pops virus ninjas*

(Silver Knight): Attack.

*A fight begins to erupt between Isis, Ashlyn, and the viruses. Isis takes on the viruses while Ashlyn takes on Silver Knight. Back on stage Brian and Chibi Isis are killing it with their magic act*

(Brian): Now for my next act-

*All of a sudden Isis slides across the stage and takes out her sabers to fight against the virus ninjas who have appeared on the stage. Ashlyn appears on stage fighting Silver Knight*

(Brian): I will proceed to open up a can of whoop ass on these guys.

*Brian grabs one of the viruses and punches it. Chibi Isis calls Nitsuj to tell them they need backup and takes out her twin swords to fight. The fight between Ashlyn and Silver Knight spills into the audience and eventually back out onto the main gambling area*

(Ashlyn): You certainly are strong I’ll give you that.

(Silver Knight): Thanks. You’re not bad yourself. So what’s your plan, last until the Dark Samurai arrives and take me down like last time?

(Ashlyn): No. I’ll take you down before he even arrives. Elegant sword style: Tempo step!

*Ashlyn lunges at Silver Knight unleashing a barrage of attacks on him. Some of her strikes land but they do little damage. Silver Knight manages to break through her attack makes a run for the exit with Ashlyn right behind him. Isis, Chibi Isis, and Brian make it out into the gambling area where they continue to fight the ninjas*

(Brian): Guys, go back up Ashlyn. I’ll take care of the viruses.

(Isis): Are you sure?

(Brian): I’ll end it in one punch. . .man.

(Chibi Isis): Wow.

(Isis): . . .Don’t ever do that again.

(Brian): Yeah I agree that was terrible. I’m sorry.

(Chibi Isis): You just embarrassed everyone in the room with that line.

(Brian): Just go!

*Isis and Chibi Isis walk off embarrassed at what they just witnessed*

(Brian): Embarrassing puns aside, I to intend to end this in one punch so come at me.

*the viruses rush towards Brian*

(Brian): Iron Fist style: Rushing Storm!

*Brian begins to throw a series of punches so fast and powerful that they look like illusions and send the viruses flying throughout the area. One crashes into the slot machine and makes it hit the jackpot*

(Brian): I won. And they said the odds were stacked against me.

(Old lady): Getting better.

(Brian): Thank you ma’am.

*Outside Ashlyn was still fighting against Silver Knight who keeps blocking her attacks. Isis and Chibi Isis join the fight where Silver Knight is still able to hold his own against all three of them as they fight near the Bellagio fountain*

(Isis): What’s with this guy? It’s like he knows all of our moves before we make them.

(Silver Knight): I’m very familiar with your attack style.

(Nitsuj): I would think so.

*Nitsuj appears after passing through the crowd*

(Nitsuj): You’ve been watching her style for a very long time now.

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan!

(Silver Knight): So you’ve finally arrived Dark Samurai. Ready for the next round?

(Nitsuj): Enough games. I know who you are now. I just can’t believe I didn’t notice it sooner.

(Ashlyn): Nitsuj, what are you talking about?

(Nitsuj): Ever since we fought in Miami I’ve been sensing something familiar about him. Like I’ve fought him a number of times in the past. You really did a good job changing up your style there Silver Knight. Or should I say Cole?

*The Silver Knight chuckles and takes off his mask to reveal his true face. Ashlyn’s eyes widen as she sees that man she’s been fighting this whole time is Cole her future husband*

(Ashlyn): No. It can’t be. I saw you fight the Silver Knight before in the past a number of times.

(Cole): A stand in. I had to throw off the trail of people leading it back to me. It’s good to see you again Nitsuj. It’s been a while.

(Nitsuj): Yeah. I just wish we didn’t have to meet under these circumstances.

(Cole): So how did you know it was me?

(Nitsuj): That sword of yours is custom made. Enzio did a little investigating with other sellers and found out only three people have your sword. An old British soldier whose retired, a modern day samurai serving the yakuza in Japan, and finally you. I was really hoping it was that yakuza guy but he’s in Japan and got locked up not too long ago which leaves only you.

(Cole): Nice work. You’ve certainly been a busy body.

(Nitsuj): Not as busy as you.

(Cole): True. I faked my own disappearance in order to resume my role as the Silver Knight. My goal was quite simple, make sure the AIA didn’t interfere with our plan.

(Ashlyn): But why? Why would you help the weeaboos? You’re nothing like them!

(Nitsuj): Because he’s an elitist.

(Chibi Isis): Elitist?

(Nitsuj): They’re people who think a particular anime is the greatest anime of all time and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is an idiot. It’s funny, I never pegged you as a Revolutionary Girl Utena fan Cole.

(Cole): IT IS A MASTERPIECE! A masterpiece of animation and storytelling that was poisoned by the dub and western media. It is unforgivable. We won’t let it happen again! I won’t let it happen again!

(Nitsuj): Cole, you have no right to deny people the right to dub and see an anime. It’s not your place to do that. I’m taking you in Cole. You can come along peacefully and tell me who’s behind all of this.

*Nitsuj takes out his swords*

(Nitsuj): Or I take you down ruthlessly and beat you within an inch of your life.

(Cole): It doesn’t matter. We’ve already won. There’s nothing you can do to stop us Nitsuj. Within a few days the anime business of the west will change dramatically.

*Cole prepares to attack Nitsuj until Isis points her gun at Cole*

(Isis): Try and move one step and I’ll shoot you in the knees.

(Cole): Ah~, so you’re Isis. I’ve heard a lot about you. Tell me, how does it feel being Ashlyn’s replacement?

(Isis): What are you talking about?

(Cole): Oh, you mean you don’t know? I can’t believe Nitsuj never told you.

(Isis): If it’s about my DNA coming from Ashlyn I already know that.

(Cole): Oh but there’s much more to it than that. Your whole program was created to suit Nitsuj’s taste. Nitsuj was broken up about me and Ashlyn becoming a couple so he left and decided to create his own version of Ashlyn. AKA you. In the end everything that you do is in the will of Nitsuj. You don’t have a will of your own. You are nothing more than his love puppet that-

*Nitsuj attacks Cole who blocks Nitsuj’s attack*

(Nitsuj): I’m about to snap you like the piece of trash you are.

(Cole): Tempting, but no.

*Cole takes out a smoke bomb and throws it to the ground. Smoke covers the area and Cole uses this to escape without a trace. After taking everything in Nitsuj and the others return to the hotel and Nitsuj and Ashlyn meet with Danny to tell him everything that’s happened*

(Danny): So you mean to tell me Cole is a traitor, working with the weeaboos, and you guys caused a disturbance in the middle of Las Vegas and destroyed property in the Mirage?

(Nitsuj): Yes, yes, and yes. Although that last one you’ll be happy to know wasn’t my fault. But besides the point, I know who’s behind all of this. Nate Dessian is our guy.

(Ashlyn): What. Nate, but why?

(Nitsuj): All his videos contain subliminal messaging. He bashes licensed animes and creates videos to get people to buy his family’s product.

(Danny): And what does that have to do with the weeaboos and elitists?

(Nitsuj): I’m still trying to figure that out but I have a hunch that if I go to Dessian Enterprises everything will come together. The con is only a few days away. I want to go to Los Angeles right now and investigate their company.

(Ashlyn): Danny, I think Nitsuj might be on to something. Maybe we should investigate Dessian Enterprises and make sure they aren’t hiding anything.

(Danny): We will do no such thing. You want to investigate them on what, a hunch that they could be the culprit? No! I asked you to do one thing on this mission. Don’t do anything to jeopardize our deal with them. Besides, I just got off the phone with Mr. Dessian. He and Funimation have put together another dub of Revolutionary Girl Utena. It’s shorter than the original one but it’s the best they could do on such short notice. As of right now the clip is safely in the hands of Dessian and will be in his hands until the con. With that said, this case is now over.

(Nitsuj): Danny come on! Don’t you find this whole thing suspicious? I’m telling you, something is-

(Danny): The mission is over. Normally, I would have you sent back to Cincinnati but you are still a part of the tour and I can’t have you dropping out now but rest assured you are going to be under tight surveillance starting now. You won’t be able to take a piss without us knowing and you won’t be going anywhere without an escort from us. Now, you’ve had a rough night. Get some rest.

*Guards come in and take Nitsuj to his room where the AI girls and the Jack Bros. are waiting for him*

(Nitsuj): Alright guys, Danny won’t listen to me. Which means we’ll have to take matters into our own hands so here’s what-

(Isis): Hold it! Tell me it’s not true! Tell me I’m not just a replacement for Ashlyn.

(Nitsuj): Isis I seriously don’t have for this. Can’t it wait?

(Isis): No! I want answers and I want them now! Or is it all true. I’m not my own person and I’m just a copy of Ashlyn made to fulfill your sexual fantasy like the perverted bastard you are.

*Nitsuj is shocked by what Isis just said*

(Yume): Okay, Isis that was uncalled for.

*Yume tries to grab Isis but Isis pulls out her gun and takes a shot at Yume which brushes pass her face*

(Seras): What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to kill her?

(Isis): Stay out of this! All of you! I’ll ask again. Was I created in Ashlyn’s image?

(Nitsuj): *Sigh* Yes, you were created in Ashlyn’s image.

*As soon as Nitsuj said that tears begin to fall from Isis’s face*

(Isis): I see. So that’s how it is. Move.

(Nitsuj): Isis it’s not like that.

(Isis): Move!

(Nitsuj): There’s more to this than you think.

(Isis): Move!

(Nitsuj): Just sit down and let me explain.

(Isis): I said move!

*Isis shoots Nitsuj in the chest and he falls to the ground writhing in pain*

(Isis): I don’t want nothing to do with you ever again.

*Isis walks out of the room. Nitsuj slowly gets back up and sits on the bed where he gets inspected by the girls to make sure he’s okay*

(Nitsuj): It’s alright guys. I’m fine.

(Chibi Isis): I’ve never seen Nee-chan that mad before.

(Shizuku): Yeah me neither. Let’s go after her.

(Nitsuj): No. Let her be.

(Shizuku): But boss she-

(Nitsuj): She’s just mad and confused right now. The best thing we can do is give her some space to cool down. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to wait for her to cool down and talk. The con in San Francisco is only about 2 days away and this whole Dessian thing is suspicious. We have to investigate. We’re going to Los Angeles tonight. So here’s what we’re doing.

*Nitsuj tells everyone his plan. After a few minutes go by some agents from the AIA sent by Danny come to take Nitsuj to a different room where he’ll be monitored 24/7 until the con*

(Agent): Mr. Nitsuj. We’re here to take you to a different room.

*The door opens and the agents are treated to a surprise of seeing a wet Yume wearing nothing but a towel*

(Yume): Oh hello boys. I was just grabbing a quick shower before the move.

*The agents blush heavily as Yume lets the guards into the room*

(Nitsuj): Evening gentlemen. Just using the restroom. Be out shortly.

*As the agents wait, Yume dries herself off in front of the guards. She puts her underwear on while still wearing the towel. Once her panties are on she drops the towel in front of them and puts her bra on while winking at the agents. The agents are mesmerized by Yume’s alluring body*

(Yume): Excuse me, could you pass me that kimono on the bed. I would really appreciate it.

*Both agents scramble for the kimono. As soon as they turn around to hand the kimono to Yume she’s right in front of them and uses her eyes to show them illusions*

(Nitsuj): Good work Yume.

(Baron): That was hot. Like, hentai hot.

*Yume puts her kimono on as everyone else comes out of hiding*

(Yume): This illusion should buy us plenty of time to make our escape. I suggest we use it wisely.

*Nitsuj and the others grab their stuff and exit the hotel secretly without being caught by any agents from the AIA*

(Nitsuj): Okay. Now all we just need is a car and we’re on our way.

(Ashlyn): On your way where?

(Nitsuj): Ashlyn. Let me guess, you’re here to stop me aren’t you?

(Ashlyn): Stop you! I’ve been waiting for you. What took you guys so long? I’ve got a car and everything waiting for us. Besides, I want to find Cole, get answers, and slap him in the face for everything he’s done.

(Nitsuj): Alright. Let’s go. We’re gonna need something fast to get to Los Angeles though.

(Ashlyn): I think I’ve got it covered.

*Ashlyn shows Nitsuj and the others a Ford Mustang V6 Convertible. Everybody stares in amazement as Brian comes out of the car*

(Brian): Hey, where to strangers?

(Corbin): Damn! Where’d you get this car?

(Brian): I won it at the casino.

(Nitsuj): You sure you wanna do this? It could get you into some serious trouble.

(Brian): For my friends, it’s worth it. Plus, someone I looked up to once told me that if I wanna be a good agent I better be prepared to piss a lot of people off.

(Ashlyn): I wonder who told him that?

(Nitsuj): *Smiles* You’re a good man Brian. Let’s do this.

*The AI girls get into Nitsuj’s phone. Nitsuj, Ashlyn, the Jack Bros. and Brian enter the car*

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan? Are you sure you want to leave Nee-chan behind?

(Nitsuj): Don’t worry Chibi. We’ll see her down the road.

(Brian): Everybody buckle up. It’s gonna be a good ride.

*Brian drives off at top speed*

To be continued

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