00 Otaku Part 24

*After a night of driving Nitsuj and the others are in Los Angeles. It’s the morning and the group is eating breakfast at an IHOP while discussing their plans to infiltrate Dessian Enterprise*

(Corbin): Boy that sure was a good ride.

(Baron): And we got here quick.

(Ashlyn): It would have been quicker if somebody didn’t get all those speeding tickets seeing how fast the car can go.

(Brian): Totally worth it.

(Seras): You know I’m surprised. After everything that’s happened what with you finding out your husband to be is working with the enemy and Nitsuj going through all this Isis stuff you two seem to be fine.

(Ashlyn): Who says we are fine? This whole thing has really thrown me for a loop. I have so many questions I want to ask but the only person who has the answers for them can’t be found but I know that I have to stay focused on the mission. As far as Nitsuj goes, his situation is worse than mine. His best friend has betrayed him, his loyalist AI girl doesn’t trust him, and he’s dealing with the stress of trying to save a con. Knowing him, there’s no doubt he would love to call it quits. Go home, click on a good anime and watch it but he can’t or rather he won’t. He loves the anime industry and respects everyone in it so much. If he were to give up right now and not do anything knowing that he could have made a difference, he’d never forgive himself.

(Yume): Last night as we were driving, I actually managed to take a peek into Nitsuj’s dream. He was dreaming about Isis. He was chasing after her but couldn’t catch up to her at all. No matter how much he called out to her she wouldn’t respond.

(Shizuku): Damn. That’s sad.

(Brian): Has this ever happened before?

(Mira): Nothing like this. The two have had their argues a few times but they’re usually quick to make up and it’s usually over pointless stuff. But last night was different. I wish you guys could have seen it. Out of all of us Isis was the last one I thought would act out against Nitsuj like that.

(Yin-Yang): Yeah, I always thought it would be Seras to act out first. No offence.

(Seras): None taken, even I would have taken that bet against me.

(Chibi Isis): Nee-chan must feel so alone in the world right now. She’s confused on what she is and who she is. She’s questioning everything she’s ever done and unsure of what to do about it.

(Baron): Oh shoot, Nitsuj’s coming back. Act cool.

*Nitsuj returns and sits back down*

(Nitsuj): Hey guys, what were you talking about?

(Shizuku): Fighting.

(Mira): Yaoi novels.

(Chibi Isis): Anime.

(Corbin): Hentai.

(Nitsuj): Alright, all good conversations except for the yaoi one. Now, let’s get down to business. The con is tomorrow and Funimation’s panel starts at 1pm. That gives us only 27 hours to find what we’re looking for and save the con. With that said, our plan is to infiltrate Dessian Enterprises, find the flash drive and escape.

(Brian): Assuming it’s there.

(Nitsuj): It’s there. I’m sure of it. Now the flash drive is most likely in Hogan’s office which is on the top floor. He’s the only one who has access to his room but there is a way to get inside and that is by hacking the door panels. Mira, you be able to do that easily. The only problem is the door panels have a security system so anything irregular such as hacking or unauthorized use will be immediately detected and alert everyone in the building.

(Mira): So the central hub must be taken down before we can act.

(Nitsuj): Correct.

*Nitsuj takes out his phone and shows everyone a virtual map of Dessian Enterprise*

(Nitsuj): The central hub is located outside on the roof of the building. Once we’re inside the building one team will have to work their way to the roof and destroy the central hub. I’m sure Les Renegades will be there to guard the place. Are you ready to face them again Yin-Yang?

(Yin-Yang): I’m ready. I won’t lose to him again.

(Nitsuj): Alright. Now there are a few other things we need to prepare for.

*Nitsuj begins explaining everything in detail to everyone. Once everyone knows what they’re doing and go over the plan one more time they all decide to get some rest and prepare for their operation in the evening. 6:00pm comes around and the group arrives outside of Dessian Enterprises*

(Nitsuj): It’s go time everyone. Jack Bros., you guys are up first.

(Corbin): Right. Operation distract bodyguard and replace camera footage with our footage is ago.

*The Jack Bros. get out of the car and go to the side of the front door remaining out of the sight of the security guard. As they do that Brian drives the group to the parking garage where they’ll enter through the employee side*

(Seras): Now why aren’t we entering the building with the Jacks again?

(Mira): Too many bodies for this part. Once the Jacks are in, they’ll open up the doors for us.

(Shizuku): Say boss, question.

(Nitsuj): What’s up?

(Shizuku): What’s that building off to the side over there?

(Nitsuj): Oh that Dessian’s car museum. He’s created a museum housing some of the greatest cars ever put into anime. It’s the quite the site. If we had time I would have loved to check it out.

*Corbin picks up a rock and throws it through a glass window getting the attention of the guard. He gets up from his seat and goes to check it out. The Jack Bros. take this chance to get inside, go behind the security counter and switch out the camera footage with yesterday’s camera footage*

(Baron): Phase 1 complete. Moving on to phase 2.

*The Jack Bros. begin making their way down to the employee parking lot entrance. Nitsuj and the others have arrived outside of the parking garage. They hide their car in the bushes and enter the garage where they see some employees leaving and talking. They hide and listen to employees talk and Nitsuj takes out his camera to record them*

(Employee 1): Man what a day. Feel like getting a beer?

(Employee 2): Oh God yes. What’s with Dessian and these licensed products being made? We don’t even own the rights to these products.

(Employee 1): Yeah we’ll rumor has it that by the end of the week we will. I don’t know the full details but apparently after tomorrow’s con the anime market will belong to Dessian and no one else. Funimation and all those other guys will be dead which means more money for us.

(Employee 2): I also heard he’s planning on taking out this anime agency.

(Employee 1): Haven’t heard anything about that.

(Employee 2): Apparently Dessian is working with this agency that’s going through hard times and asked him for money. He’s just using them to further his own goals. I heard when this is all done he’s going to disband that agency once and for all.

(Employee 1): That’s cold. This is why I wouldn’t wanna be on Dessian’s bad side.

*The employees get in their car and drive off*

(Ashlyn): So all this time he never intended to help us.

(Brian): That bastard! He’s been using us as his puppets.

(Nitsuj): Yep, played like a game. But not anymore.

*Nitsuj sends the video to Danny with a message attached to it*

(Baron): Hey guys, this way.

*Baron let’s everyone into the building*

(Nitsuj): Alright guys let’s get started. Yin-Yang, Seras, and Chibi. You guys work your way to the roof. The east staircase should take you all the way there. Don’t use the elevator the guards use it to check floors. Baron, Corbin, and Shizuku. I need you guys to check out the basement. I wanna know what Dessian is up to down there. Everyone else, we’re going to Dessian’s office. The west stair case will take us to floor 8. From there we’ll switch over to another staircase on the east side which will take us to the 15th floor which is Dessian’s floor. Once there, we wait for Yin-Yang and the others to take out the central hub. Let’s do it guys.

*Yin-Yang’s group makes their way over to the east staircase while Nitsuj’s group takes the nearby staircase leaving Yume’s group behind*

(Shizuku): So, any ideas on how to get down into the basement without being noticed?

*Shizuku and the Jack Bros. look at the vents and smile*

(Shizuku): Hello darkness my old friend.

*While that’s going on Nitsuj’s group takes the stairs and arrive at the 8th floor a little out of breath. They open the doors and start making their way over to the other side when all of a sudden the elevator dings and a security guard comes out. Luckily the group scatters and hides to avoid being seen except for Yume who stands there and uses her eyes to send the guard into an illusion. The guard gets back into the elevator and proceeds to head down to floor 7*

(Mira): Good work Yume.

(Yume): It’s a talent. Now let’s go.

*Nitsuj’s group enters the staircase and arrive just outside the door leading to floor*

(Brian): Alright, now we play the waiting game.

*As they wait Yin-Yang’s team finally reaches the top of the stairs and out of breath*

(Seras): Beat you.

(Yin-Yang): I’m carrying a damn arsenal of weapons.

(Seras): Still beat you.

(Yin-Yang): Okay, I guess we’ll just call you the stair master.

*Chibi Isis opens the door and the guys go out onto the roof. As they take in the nice view and enjoy the summer night breeze they hear a guitar being played. Using their ears they detect the music coming from the direction of the central hub and run towards it. Yin-Yang prepares herself because she knows what’s to come. They finally see that the source of the music is coming from Miguel playing the guitar and is standing between them and the central hub. He finishes playing his song and puts the guitar away*

(Miguel): Boa noite (Good evening). I assume you are here for this?

*Miguel points to the central hub*

(Yin-Yang): I would ask you to move but I know you won’t.

(Miguel): And I would ask you to leave but I know you won’t. Which leads to only one option.

*Miguel draws his katana as does Yin-Yang*

(Yin-Yang): Guys, stay out of this.

(Chibi Isis): Must you do this on your own?

(Yin-Yang): Yes.

(Seras): Take back your lightning Yin-Yang.

*Miguel and Yin-Yang begin to circle each other before finally running towards each other and beginning their fight. While this is all happening Danny receives the recording from Nitsuj and plays it*

(Danny): Damn it.

*Danny also reads the message that came with the recording which reads: I told you so! Now do me a favor and go talk to Isis*

(Danny): Goddamn it!

To be continued

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