Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 19: Squirrel Boy

From the creator of Duckman comes a show that nobody remembers whatsoever. Squirrel Boy was a show that came and went by so fast that even I question whether or not this show existed. Seriously the show is shit, unimaginative shit that should never have existed, next to Sheep in the Big City this was the dumbest most unimaginative show Cartoon Network ever introduced to us. The show follows the odd adventures of boy a named Andy and his pet squirrel Rodney. And that’s it. We just focus on the many adventures of a boy and his squirrel. Talk about a lack of creativity it’s as if Everett had this idea for show and gave it the producers of Cartoon Network but somehow lost all of the creative points and comedy and Cartoon Network just decided “hey, we got a free spot let’s just shove this show into the mix and bore kids to death”. My fucking high school homework was more entertaining than this show. That’s how bad it was.

There was really nothing memorable about the show. Nobody watched it and even those who did remembered nothing about it which is understandable because the show was bland and forgettable. The only person who actually stood out and was somewhat funny was Andy’s Dad who hated Rodney because he annoyed him and the two went at it. He was the only decent and memorable character but other than that everyone is bland and has as much personality as a cardboard box. Andy was always the good and innocent child while Rodney was the wise-cracker and plot man. Just your basic comic duo that add nothing new to the mix. They had rivals who would tease them and also introduced a female squirrel as a love interest for Rodney but even that didn’t make the show interesting. The show just failed and faded out of existence with no one caring about it. Everett Peck, you should have just stuck with Duckman. Speaking of Duckman BRING HIM BACK!

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