Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 20: Class of 3000

This was one of the last created shows Cartoon Network did that was actually entertaining. The show was created by Andre 3000 from the Hip-hop group OutKast. Well you already got my attention Andre is downright awesome and entertaining. In the show Andre plays a famous musician called Sunny Bridges who becomes tired of stardom and decides to go back to his old school in his hometown of Atlanta, GA and teach music to a group of kids who are fans of his and help him remember that spark for music that he once had but somewhere down the road lost. The show itself was entertaining, funny, and provided good lessons for kids about the world and the world of music as well. In one episode one of the kids sells his soul to a record company and they change his image completely to the point where not even the kid himself recognizes who he is. The sad truth is record companies do this to almost all of their agents, they force them to change their image entirely and become something that they’re not but the show does it in a clever funny way and the way they help the kid get out of it is great. The kids in the show were easy to identify with and each one had a different characteristic for the viewer to relate to so chances are there was one character you liked. You got Madison the air-head of the group, Tamika the black girl with attitude, Eddie the rich kid from the side of town, Philly the smart guy, the twins Kim and Kam where Kim was the girl of fashion and style while Kam was the refine and classy guy, and finally Lil D who is basically the childhood version of Andre.

Probably the best part of the show was the songs. Andre himself made the songs for the show and each of them are diverse and a real joy to listen to. My favorite was “A Rich Shade of Blue” for its good instrument accompaniment and cool feel from the song. It also took a good look at the rich and wealthy and how people are blinded by their jealousy of them that they don’t even see the real them. I also liked the “Crayon Song” for its hidden message on racism, “Luna Love” for its energetic Mexican-like feel, and “Kim ‘n’ Kam Jam” and no it’s not for the innuendo sounds you hear throughout the song it’s because the piano in the song is very good and addicted. I may not show it but in truth I’m actually big fan of songs that have a great piano accompaniment, it just adds that extra zing that makes the song better. Unfortunately the show ended abruptly because Tim McGee threaten to sue the network saying that Andre stole his idea for the show and Cartoon Network didn’t want to risk going to court so they abandoned the show, what a load of shit. But for the short time it was on Class of 3000 had some good animation, excellent songs, some good morals and themes, and even managed to make you laugh so whether Andre stole the idea or not, one can’t deny that it was an overall good show and if you’re a fan of Andre 3000 or music it was worth watching and chances are you can find it online if you look hard enough.

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